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1D Hiatus: Day 591

* Louis does interviews/promo, meets fans in Leeds and keeps asking them for opinions on his new haircut

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram with the caption “On the road again”

* Harry will perform in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge on September 13

* Pictures and videos of Liam at the musical.ly HQ in LA yesterday come out

* Liam arrives in London 

* Liam posts a video on Snapchat

* Pictures of Harry, his mum, Cindy Crawford, Rande Gerber and their children having lunch somewhere in Canada yesterday come out

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

It’s Jul 26th, 2017.

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anonymous asked:

I really want to buy grunge clothes but I don't now where do you now some shops?

Check out your local thrift stores, they always have great deals and you won’t feel like you wasted your money if you distress them. Otherwise stores like H&M, Cotton:On, and online shops can be good you just really have to search for the good pieces 

anonymous asked:

How to i build up my wardrabe for sugaring? Also what are your favorite brands? Love your blog so much! Keep killin it!!

I mainly wear American Apparel, H&M, I shop online a lot or go to boutiques in Miami or Orlando.I dont wear prints too much. Im more simple when it comes to my wardrobe. My closet has reds, whites, blacks, tans. No bright colors. Sugars should always have a nice heel collection. I dont shop like a millionaire…I get my heels from Nordstrom, Macys (amazing return policy). My wardrobe consist of pencil skirts and crop tops, high waisted jeans, and fitted dresses. I work for a clothing company so I love getting dolled up..
Your style is what makes you unique so if HotTopic is your store make it work for you. SDs are everywhere and they love confidence over your choice in shoes. As long as your confidence portrays sexiness you cant lose.