h&m legging


Katrinne - re-wearing a coordinate from 3 years ago [here]. I was just supposed to run errands today, pick up some necessaries, etc. so I wasn’t going to dress up at all, but then I came across this dress again, and it was easy enough to coordinate under 30 minutes. I tried to incorporate some of the concrit from the Closet of Frills FB group, and switched out my heavy RHS for something a bit more elegant.

The problem is the bag. My go-to for black coordinates is the ahcahcum muchacha bunny bag, which was too casual; I had a moment of panic and picked up this rectangular bag, which once held workman’s tools.

Maybe one day I will find the time to decorate it properly.

  • stripe velvet OP - offbrand
  • underskirt - Ray-Mo
  • neck ruff - offbrand/bread n butter miniskirt
  • neck ribbon - borrowed off another top
  • fascinator - SM department store
  • tights - Leg Love; the only picture I had was really blurred [link]
  • boots - modified H&M
The Body | An Chorp


  • BODYcorp
  • HEADceann
  • NOSEsrón
  • HAND(S) / ARM(S)lámh(a)
  • FINGER(S)m(h)éar(a)
  • LEG / FOOTcos
  • EAR(S)cluas(a)
  • EYE(S)súil(e)
  • MOUTHbeal
  • STOMACHbolg
  • KNEEglúin
  • TOEméar coise (”foot finger”)
  • INDEX FINGER corrmhéar (”point finger”)
  • MIDDLE FINGERméar fhada (”long finger”)
  • RING FINGERméar fáinne
  • THUMBordóg
  • ARM PITascaill
  • BOTTOMtóin
  • ANKLEcaol cois (”narrow foot”)
  • BACKdrom
  • BACKBONE cnámh droim
  • BREASTcíoch
  • CHESTbrollach / ucht
  • BRIDGE OF NOSEcaol srón (”narrow nose”)
  • CHIN smig
  • EARLOBEbog cluaise (”soft ear”)
  • ELBOWuillinn
  • EYEBALLmeall súile
  • EYEBROWmala
  • EYELASHfabhra
  • EYELIDcaipín súile (”eye cap”)
  • HAIR gruaig
  • KNUCKLEalt
  • LIP  — liopa
  • NAIL ionga
  • NECKmuineál
  • NOSTRILpoll sroine (”nose hole”)
  • PALM bos
  • SHOULER gualainn
  • TONGUE teanga
  • TOOTH fiacail
  • WAISTcoim
  • WRISTcaol lamh (”narrow hand”)
  • LIVER ae
  • KIDNEYduán
  • APPENDIX aipindic
  • BLOOD VESSELfuileadán
  • BRAIN inchinn
  • HEARTcroi

                                              ~The Morrigan~

“Badb is Macha mét indbáis,
Morrigan fotla felbáis,
Indlema ind ága ernbais,
Ingena ana Ernmais”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything Strega Fashion related. Now that my life has settled down a bit, I’m going to be posting as much as possible. Today I really felt the influence of my Patroness (The Morrigan) and it reflected in my clothing choice. xoxo Batty


-Scarf/Cardigan: gift

-Leggings: H&M

-Tunic: Forever 21

-Boots: Thrifted