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Dude, i don't know anything about suits but wtf is that type of suit called and where the hell did you get it

I just paired an h&m blazer w a blouse I left untied and some fake leather pants

It helps when your girlfriend is as good at putting things together as jaxx is she’s got an eye for that shit and she helps my outfit-challenged ass out all the time

Intro to Business Formal/ Casual

HELLO! I don’t know if you remember me because it’s been so long but hi im Sam! Sorry for the 3 month hiatus, I’ve been focusing on other things lately and it’s been tough to keep up this blog D: 

Anyway, today we’re going to switch things up. A lot of people have asked me to give a brief primer of what exactly “business-casual” or “business-formal” is. To be honest, I’m not too sure either… But I thought I’d attempt to drop some knowledge on yall, based on what I wore during my past internships. <- This COULD be the blind leading the blind so please take all of this with a grain of salt.

So what I’ll try to do is give a couple outfit ideas for Business-Formal & Business-Casual, apart from the usual black blazer-black skirt uniform people usually go with. And yes, I did wear all of these outfits in the office at some point, and I never got yelled at by HR so I think we’re good..?

Business- Formal

- Good for interviews, important meetings with your boss, presentations, etc. Also, I think it’s a good idea to show up on your first day wearing Business-Formal, just to gauge what the rest of the office is wearing on a day to day (it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!)

Outfit 1

Black dress- Zara

Cardigan- Zara

Flats- Chanel

Necklace- China

Outfit 2

Blazer- Banana Republic

Shirt- F21

Trousers- Banana Republic

Heels- Zara

Business- Casual

- Good for everyday office-wear. 

Outfit 1

Top- Zara

Peplum Skirt- F21

Flats- Chanel

*Notes: You can also wear a cardigan over the shirt, and make different permutations of the same outfit with different colored tops/ cardigans and the same skirt.

Outfit 2

Blouse- H&M

Pink Blazer- Zara

Olive Green Trousers- Zara

Pink Heels- Zara

Rabbit earrings- Hannarae (lol)

*I got complimented at the office the day I wore this actually (;

Outfit 3

You don’t always have to tuck in your shirt into your skirt! 

Peplum Top- Express

White Cardigan- Banana Republic

Floral Skirt- Thrifted, J. Crew

Flats- Chanel

Necklace- China

Outfit 4

Pink Blouse- F21

White Cardigan- Banana Republic

Blue Trousers- Banana Republic

Heels- Zara

Here are some general rules/tips I follow when picking what’s appropriate to wear:

- If you wouldn’t wear it to church, you shouldn’t wear it to work.

- Your skirts/ dresses don’t need to fall to the knee, but to they should be slightly longer than your fingertips when you put your arms to your side.

- Stay away from extremely tight pants, skirts, dresses.

- I wear a cardigan or blazer over sleeveless tops, but that’s just me.

- If you lean over and you can see your bra in the mirror, your shirt is either too low or loose for the workplace.

- Stay away from platform heels, those are for a night out, not for the office.

- Banana Republic & Zara do great business casual! I also thrift for skirts because I’m cheap, and I’ve found cute ones from Ann Taylor & J.Crew, so don’t be afraid to thrift!


Today’s outfit for going to roller derby (in the pouring rain)

Wig - Mermaid Cherry Pink from lockshopwigs
Stars - Chocomint, bought from lolitabutiken.se
Blouse - thrifted
Skirt - H&M
Necklace - meltychocolatemoon
Leggings - Teefury
Shoes - Buffalo


We got our burger fix today at Capella’s The Grill Room - chef Frank Ruta is as legendary as the Palena days! The duck egg is still my favorite. Thanks Leticia for snapping these after food coma!

Emilio Pucci blouse // H&M skirt // Chanel In the Business bag // Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 pumps // Ksubi eyewear // Cheap Monday earrings

Passion for obnoxiously large scarves 💕
• Aztec print infinity scarf (Charlotte Russe $7.50)
• cream sheer sleeveless high low blouse (H&M)
• grey stonewashed leggings (TJ Maxx)
• cream knee socks
• tan combat boots (delia*s)
• gold geometric pendant necklace (Charlotte Russe)
• green military jacket (F21)