h&m belt


also full ootd from the other day, gap sweater brandy skirt, h&m belt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (30 dollars from 100+!!!)
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Rewearing outfits from the time when my shooting spot was a puppy nursery. This one was for a city festival which got a small medieval faire as a part of it. That part was hosted by a fantasy medieval club I was once in and I’m still good friends with many of the members. Because the event was more fantasy than history styled and I had to work later that day, I didn’t wore my historical garments but took the advantage to get dressed up all witchy 😄

Fairy medallion: some (now closed) esotericshop
Antler rune necklace: medieval faire
Hair clip: selfmade (embroidered)
Turtleneck: StreetOne
V-neck pullover: colors of the world
Crochet top: thrifted (Divided by H&M)
Cardigan: bargainshop
Belt: bargainshop
Beltbag: selfmade (crochet)
Skirts: thrifted
Boots: Mustang Jeans
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Jeans, cardigan - M&S; t-shirt - Primark; belt - H&M; socks - Fenwicks; boots - Debenhams

Between the brilliant red cardigan, turned up jeans and stompy boots, this look made me feel like Rosie the Riveter. Everyone should own buy more red clothing.

So many dots! An outfit from this week that I really liked. And I’ve dyed my hair again! I’ll change my profile picture accordingly …sometime.

Here’s a little rundown as always!
♡ Top: H&M
♡ Belt: Sheinside
♡ Skirt: Cubus (kid’s section)
♡ Tights: Tights4u
♡ Shoes: Demonia
♡ Lace cat ears: Primark
♡ Tote bag: H&M