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The Sun: Your Guiding Light

Your sun sign represents your pride, ego, and what you like about yourself, as well as what qualities you admire in others. All the planets in our solar system revolve around the sun; this celestial body gives our world structure, stability, life, and light.

When you do things for the right reason, you are more likely to find happiness and success. Your sun sign, the constellation that rules your inner guiding light, indicates what that (right) reason might be.

You should do things…

Aries: for yourself, because you fucking feel like it.

Taurus: because you want to, and only because you want to.

Gemini: because you want to know more about the world around you.

Cancer: because they make you feel safe, cared for, and comfortable.

Leo: because they bring you attention, love, and recognition.

Virgo: because they help you become a better person, and help others too.

Libra: because they bring you inner peace and sate your thirst for justice.

Scorpio: because they make you feel deeply and resonate with your inner truth.

Sagittarius: because they’re fun, and make you smile and laugh.

Capricorn: because they pave the way to your future.

Aquarius: because they help you genuinely feel connected to other people.

Pisces: because they help merge your internal fantasies with external reality.

Example/explanation: If a Sagittarius uses, say, Cancer’s reason as their ‘guiding light,’ they are likely to end up feeling trapped and stuck. With Virgo’s reason, they might feel bored, anxious, and burdened. With Pisces’ reason, they may feel lost. A Sagittarius who does things just for fun, instead of to establish future security (like a Capricorn) or to get attention/recognition (Leo) is more likely to accomplish their chosen goal, and have a good time doing it. Things come to you more naturally if you approach your goals with the correct mentality.

*also applicable to your rising sign



  • aang: you have 12 apples, but you give 6 away to a friend. what do you have left?
  • zuko, in tears: a friend

just some baesthetic photos passing by, hoping to bless your day with the way chanbaek smiles at each other. 💛

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Rules: Tell us your ten favorite people from ten different fandoms then tag ten people 

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1. Lena Luthor (supergirl)

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 2. Lois Lane (smallville) 

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 3. Franky Doyle (wentworth)

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4. Claire Fraser (outlander)

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5. Chandler Bing (friends) 

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6. Jessica Jones (jessica jones) 

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7. Gail Peck (rookie blue) 

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8. Kalinda Sharma (the good wife) 

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9. Morgana (merlin) 

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10. Hawkeye (M*A*S*H) 

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who gets sick more often:

who is the better caretaker:

who is the most needy when they’re sick:

who gets startled/worried every time the other sneezes:

who stocks the house with cold medicine and orange juice:

who is more careful not to spread their illness and who doesn’t care:

who gets cuddly when they’re feverish:

who tries to pretend they’re fine:

who tries weird/old-fashioned remedies:


crush him.png oikawa needs to be careful about what he puts on snap

this was inspired by a conversation i had with @notallballs abt kageyama’s killer thighs. 


Ella Enchanted | Directed by Tommy O'Haver | Starring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy
↳ “Don’t go breaking my heart. I couldn’t if I tried. Honey if I get restless. Baby you’re not that kind.”