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crush him.png oikawa needs to be careful about what he puts on snap

this was inspired by a conversation i had with @notallballs abt kageyama’s killer thighs. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a list of your fashion essentials/favourite pieces with where to buy and things?

I will make a master list rn!


  • forever 21 (you pay for what you get! super cheap!)
  • pull and bear (omgg great styless)
  • zara (my favorite store)
  • uniqlo (basics)
  • mixxmix (gr8 place for k-fashion but the shipping is sorta expensive in my opinion)
  • monki (very simple but so well designed)
  • asos (for brands that don’t regularly ship to the US)
  • gmarket (everything but the shipping)
  • yesstyle (for chuu and icecream12)
  • stylenanda (vv trendy)
  • h&m (basics! @ reasonable pricing)
  • lululemon (workout clothes esp leggings)
  • abercrombie (been a favorite since day 1)
  • urban outfitters (trendy and basic)
  • brandy melville  (vv nice quality. The clothes are so soft!)
  • michyeora (awesome pricing)
  • do-op (quality)
  • gossister (pricing!!!!)
  • who au (very nice sweatshirts)


  • adidas (shoes, sweatshirts etc)
  • nike
  • Fila
  • stussy
  • birkenstock (sandals)
  • champion (sweatshirts, sweatpants)
  • roots (sweatpants)
  • fjallraven (kanken)
  • new balance (sneakers, jackets)
  • patagonia (outerwear)
  • anti social social club


  • beauty blender (I use the reg. one and its just a++)
  • maybelline (all, specifically baby skin line)
  • innisfree (all, skincare is good, and indv. eye shadows)
  • mac (refills allow you to get good pricing)
  • bobbi brown
  • benefit
  • etude house (all)
  • missha 
  • skin food 
  • too cool for school (lip line)
  • tony moly (all esp. masks, and skin care)
  • the face shop (all esp. skin care, indv. eye shadows)
  • laneige 
  • jung saem mool (all!)
  • dr jart (masks!)
  • mediheal (masks)
  • stylenanda (shadows)
  • bbia (eye)
  • holika holika (eye)
  • VDL (lip and eye)
  • peripera (ink lip)
  • banila co (cushion pact)
  • aritaum (mono eyes!)
  • pony effect
  • hera (cushion)
  • ellipse
  • glossier
  • &otherstories
  • mario badescu
  • olive young (basically like a korean ultra but better)



“We believe in you.”

*wipes away tear* Me, too, Strawberry Man. Me, too. 

detailed blogrates ✨ CLOSED

i have a surprise day off today!! i’ve hardly moved all day and it’s been wonderful 💕 i only have tomorrow at work before a three day weekend for easter! so, i thought i would celebrate finally having some time to be on tumblr with some detailed blogrates since i’ve been so absent and ily all 💕

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hiya, everyone! so, it’s my birthday today (if you couldn’t guess by the banner) and to celebrate i’ve decided to do a mixture of a few things for a bit of fun! also, a quick thank you to everyone who follows me but a proper appreciation post for that is on its way!


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  • must get at least 20 notes or i’ll throw myself into the void
  • there’s no limit on how many you can ask for (but it would be appreciated if you didn’t pick all of them!)

posts will be tagged #daisy’s bday if you want to blacklist!


  • 💖 - for a promo
  • 🌼 - for a simple blograte
  • 🌷 - for a detailed blograte
  • ⚡ - for a URL edit (must be harry potter related)
  • ✨ - for a make me choose

blacklist ‘daisy’s bday’ if you don’t want to see anything related to this!

format below!

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I hit 2.2k earlier today and thought I’d do a celebration!! I’m going to do a few different things so you just have to be following me, reblog this post and send me (one or more I don’t mind):

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  • 🍂 + a request for any edit (find my fandoms here)

please be patient as some of these may take a long time but I will do them!

blacklist ‘james celebrates’

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nem jön fel a 42es nadrág? célozgat a faszid, hogy dagadt vagy? (hát ne tegye,baszd ki a picsába) eleged van abból, hogy nem veheted fel azt a h&m basic nagyon tapadós ruhát, ami nagyonjól néz ki azon aki nem dagadt és 2990 ft? ezerszer elkezdted a fogyókúrát de a második reggelire tk kenyér, epédre csirkemell, vacsorára túró nap végén sírógörcsöt kaptál és kisütöttél bő olajban fél kiló sültkrumplit? hát én is! eldöntöttem, hogy eszem továbbra is ugyanazt a fost amit eddig is csak mondjuk nem zabálok be egyszerre 2 zacskó chipset és nem eszek meg 2tányér tésztát. ezt a diétát annak ajálom akit chipsen neveltek a szülei és pizzával jutalmazták és képtelen megválni tőlük vagy még annak aki idő előtt megakar halni, egyébként senkinek.ám nekem ez nagyon bevált  mer fogytam 12kilót így nyáron már simán felvehetem azt a kibaszott ruhát és láthatja mindenki a kibaszott jó testemet! na húzzatok csipszet enni meg carbonarat dagik

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i need a distraction and i did these a couple months back + it was fun sooo 💕✨

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sooo…. i hitted 900 and i was so busy i didn’t do a thing. then i hitted 1k almost without realising it, and today I got to 1.1?! In that time i also turned 18 (wohooo!) so i thought i would make a massive celebration bc i’m so thankful for you guys, you don’t even know.

What you have to do:

As per usual, you’ll have a ray of options to choose from;

- 🍌=  joy my fandom family (in the ask add who you’d like to be, a quote and 3 adjectives)

- 🍍 =a url edit (only for the first 15, must be hp related)

- 🍑 =a compliment/promo (in groups of 5)

- 🍓= imagines (specify character/situation)

- 🍉 =detailed blog rates (format bellow)

- 🍋 =name playlist

that’s all folks!

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So, my birthday is coming up and I wanna do something to celebrate it here! Since school just started where I am and I have been banned from my laptop during school days unless it’s for homework, I’ve decided to post this a few days early. So tada! Here it is.

To join:

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So, I managed to reach 1k followers earlier this week which is crazy. I feel overwhelmed, incredibly thankful and grateful to all of you. It’s incredible and I love you all so much even if we might not talk. Since I’ve never celebrated any followers goal, I’d thought I’d go big and do a bunch of things because why not. Also, big thanks to Ty @softpatil for the blograte template. 



  • 🔥 for a make me choose edit of anything (character/ship/house/etc)
  • 🌙 for a moodboard (character/ship/house/etc)
  • if you would like to get a promo + compliment
  • ♥ for a detailed blograte
  • ✨ for blog advice 

more info under the cut

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Blogrates + more!

HEY! I just recently got 100 followers, which has now been turned into 125 somehow. Thank you all so much for all 125 of those follows. As most of you probably already know, I already did a mutual appreciation and follower forever! I thought I should do something to appreciate all of my followers more! So here a few rules for these blog rates:

must be following ME!

reblog this post (likes are bookmarks)

optional: check out @ravenclawdefensenet and @dadefensenet!!

send me an ask with any of the following!

check out @lunalovey @nerville and @tonqs (who gets the credit for the detailed blog rate

🌺 for a blog compliment + advice ( you can ask for either!) 

🌼  for a blog rate

💐  for a detailed blog rate

🌸 for a recommendation in a certain genre (movie/show/anime/manga/book) (specify whic one)

The format is down below!!!

and blacklist #tydoesstuff if you dont want to seee this!

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i’m too amused of the banner lmao anyway aaaAAAA YOU GUYS I HAVE 200 FOLLOWERS HOW?????? THANK YOU GUYS??? SO IMMA HAVE A CELEBRATION!! :DDD in the midst of chaos


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  • check out @hogwartshousesnet, @lightningeranet, @hpshipnet, @validationnet, and @hogwartsschoolnet (optional)
  • can this get at least 10 notes or it didn’t happen
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* under the cut

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My outfit from the other day… as promised. Skirt: Stein Mart. Shirt: H&M (simple basic tee). Bracelets: H&M, Charming Charlie. Belt: White House Black Market.

My manager said I looked like I was ready for church. 😂😂😂 Don’t have to be in all white to feel godly. I did feel very pretty and lady-like though. I always say that I’m a woman first and a lady second. ✌🏽