h&m 2012

finally! here’s Day 3 of my 31 DIY’s Til Halloween! Wednesday Addams is a slightly predictable but classic and super easy costume to DIY. I’ve had some variation of bangs/fringe for almost 10 years so this hairstyle was a bit out of my comfort range…i’m not used to seeing my forehead! O_O

As always, I’m wearing my Orchard Corset CS-426 authentic longline underbust in size 22” black satin. I’m wearing a black velvet dress and opaque tights from my closet, and those same shoes my hubby gave me for my b-day…they’re so comfortable, I’m obsessed. The dress was originally from H&M Fall 2012 but you can probably find a similar one there these days. EVERYWHERE sells black opaque tights.

The collar and sleeve cuffs are cut off from a men’s white button down shirt that I thrifted for about $2. I like to attach them to random tops and dresses I already have, to make a whole new dress, at no cost! Just cut the collar and cuffs each a little wider than the part you want to show, and tuck it in. You can sew or pin it but I never bother.
This is my real hair, not a wig, btw, but I am wearing my extensions. Lipstick is MAC Velvet Teddy.
The skull is from Michaels and usually sits on my coffee table. His name is Anthony, after St Anthony the Abbot, patron saint of gravediggers. :)