Twilight Princess || Starters

If there is anything you desire then I shall desire it , too .  
Are you sure you want to be doing that ? Snarling & glaring at me ?
❝ He told me he wanted me to be strong like you .   
You must use your courage to seek power … & find it you must .
❝ No matter what , a fake is a fake , & no matter how much you try to dress it up , the real thing always wins !
Your current power would disgrace ____ .  
Your people had some skill, to be sure … but they lacked true power .
Go & do not falter !
I was planning on helping you … if you were nice .
 I believe I understand now just who & what you are .
 I … see you later . 
 So you choose . & so you shall feel my wrath ! 
 What ? Say something . Am I so beautiful you’ve no words left ?
It was your eyes . All saw it , a lust for power burning in your pupils …
The history of light & shadow will be written in blood !
Can you at least promise me this ? Just come home safely .
An impressive looking blade … but nothing more .
He/She who wields such power would make a suitable king/queen for this world , don’t you think ?
This world … ALL worlds can be cruel .
 I want to thank you for being so kind to someone like me …
❝ No matter how much you may desire otherwise , you will never be more than a shadow in their world .
So , you’re … ____ . I’ve been dying to meet you !
Wait , are you … The savior ! It’s you , the savior !
❝ I follow the strongest side … That is all I have ever known .
 Those who do not know the danger of wielding power will , before long , be ruled by it .
Sorry , but as romantic as this is , I’m not going to stay here with you , I’m getting out !
What an honor you know my name .
This gift was meant for you .
Shadow & light are two sides of the same coin , one cannot exist without the other .
Tell me … Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls ?
 So , you’re not absolutely stupid after all !
This village is full of idiots .
 I … I knew you once …
A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage .
Welcome to my castle .
Your heart & mine were as one .
Would you hear my desire ? To take this foul blade … & use it to blot out the light forever ! 
Not just for me , but all our people … lend me your power !
❝ Ha . Such conceit .
 Ewww … That wasn’t good for my appetite …
 Light & shadow can’t mix , as we all know
You don’t have to look so sad !
Hmm - what to order , what to order … I do believe I will start with meat .
❝ A question for you & all the people of ___ : Life ? Or Death ? 
 … You were imprisoned ? I am sorry .
You still live… How astonishing .
Your words are kind & your heart is true .
Shadow has been moved by light , it seems .
 When we were young , you & I … You were always there … You were always beside me …

#1083 of “things not to do”

don’t tell queer folks, folks with mental illness, POC folks, etc. not to be upset about their poor representation and acknowledgment in the media. just don’t do it. I see you thinking about it - ah ah, stop that. if they’re upset, I promise you there’s probably a good reason why and instead of telling them to get over it, check yourself, drink some ice water, chill, then ask yourself: