Hey everyone! It’s the team!! We’ve been together working on the game for a year and one month now! 

Thank you @aohoshiart for taking the time to draw this of all of us!

Back left to right: Kaila, Jeeplite, AJ, Emily, Dino, and Brennan.

Front left to right: Jude, Morgan, Laura, Catherine, Grace, Bethany, and above her Cassi.


A year and seven months ago, I joined a team of people who wanted to make a Markiplier fan game. A few months later, that team was dismissed and the game was canceled. I was left in a group chat on Facebook with a few other more people. Over time, these people became one of my best friends. So on June 23rd 2015 we were like “Let’s make the game! But bigger! Better!”

And just like that, Hearts and Heroes was born.

But sure, we needed some more people. We made a tumblr post and waited for applications and we were really surprised by the interest. On June 24th, our team grew from 5 to 15. Over time, we’ve had people leave and new people come in. But now, as we’re 1 year into the game’s development, I can look back at all the fun times we had. We’ve all become close friends who talk almost every day about anything.

Our game has gone from a way to get Mark to notice us to something personal. It has evolved into an expression of us, an expression of our friendship and our thoughts and feelings. We have poured our blood and sweat (well, we’ve also procrastinated at times, but hey, you gotta have some of that too) into this story. And we really can’t wait for all of you to see it.

I’m sitting right now on Skype with most of the team (some people couldn’t join) and I am certain - this game and this team have been one of the best decisions in my life.

Cheers to another great year!



Paintings by Lu Chao

Born in Shenyang, China in 1988

To live in China is to be part of a mass society even though dreams might appear remote and individual. There is no way of escaping the sense of being part of a crowd. I like to watch and depict live crowds; this allows me to observe myself and my life from another angle. Each time I look at a crowd, I see that everyone is different, unique, and at the same time so small and identical. I love crowds, I fear them and I am curious about the life of each member.

Dear CumberCollective,

July 23rd 2016 is a big day for our fandom. Our boy is going into Hall H to promote his movie, Doctor Strange, for a packed house of fans from all genres of geekdom, from all over the world, who waited more than 24+ hours to get a chance to see him with his new marvel family. I know that a good chunk of you have been fans for many many years and you have waited just as many years for Bc to take this step in his career.

I have only been a fan since August of 2015 but trust that I am just as excited and proud as if I had been right there with ya when you saw that first episode of Sherlock

or when you saw him play the baddie in the big budget blockbuster, Star Trek Into Darkness 

or when you watched the Oscar Nominations and heard his name read out loud for Best leading actor

I feel all of what you are feeling and I am so glad and happy to be sharing these moments with you. I love this fandom, I love the way it unites so many different people from all corners of this world on a daily basis to celebrate, elevate and admire this man’s body of work, with your art, your gifs, your edits, your written words and picture sets. We know the value of this man, we know the talent and commitment he puts forth into his projects are more than just 100% its something magical. We saw it in his Alan Turing, in his Smaug and in his Richard iii. We were given a small taste of his Steven Vincent Strange when the teaser trailer came out and in Hall H we will see it again, and all of us will be just as blown away for a 2nd time. 

The swagger of Doctor Strange walking up those steps to the sanctum santorum with the billowing cloak that left us all with goose bumps through out our body and tears of joy in our eyes because we knew there was a reason the director, the creators, the entire marvel company waited for Bc, they KNEW he was the right and true choice to play this character.

What a time to be alive, my friends!

What a time…