Unrelatedly, I’m a bit ????? about the convention that Luke is SUPER TINY.

Mark Hamill is 5′9″. That’s certainly not tall, but except for stormtroopers it’s not really short, either. He’s the same height as Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, and only an inch shorter than Diego Luna, Ewan MacGregor, and Ian McDiarmid.

Of course, we mostly see him around tall men (Harrison Ford is 6′1″, Billy Dee Williams is 6′, David Prowse is 6′5″ w/o the suit), so between that and the coming of age narrative, it’s understandable that he seems small and boyish. But he’s not tiny! Really!

whenever you find a great artist and you think ‘man i wish i was that good,’ keep in mind

that artist probably made a ton of shitty art before they got that good

so make shitty art

keep making it until it’s not shitty

and then make it some more

because that’s how you learn how to make great art


Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon

Ban Ryu’s not feeling well these past few days. He can’t talk to anyone without them getting yelled at and he get irritated easily for no apparent reason. Not that it’s something new but there is something inside of him and he can’t fathom the reason why.

“Yah! What’s wrong with you? Why are you so quiet?” He automatically massage his temple when he heard Soo Ho’s voice. He’s really getting on his nerves lately.

“I’m always quiet.” He replied adamantly.

“You’re not planning something ridiculous, are you? Ban Ryu, I’m warning you.”

He sighed. He’s getting sick of Soo Ho’s accusation and he knew that there’s nothing he can do to change his opinion about him.

They’re in their dormitory right now after such a long tiring day and he just want to rest peacefully. However, he is well-informed that that wish is impossible since all of his so called roommates are present right now.

“Soo Ho, leave the poor boy alone. You just can’t get enough of him, eh?” Said the narcissistic Yeo Wool.

He gritted his teeth. His head is already throbbing for goodness sake! He didn’t even have the strength to change his robes. Why can’t these punks can’t stay quiet?

“Ah, no. I’m just making sure he didn’t get us into trouble again. We don’t know, maybe his father is planning something. Oh, who’s that father by the way? Your biological father or the adoptive father?”

“Why, you!” He’s ready to land a punch on Soo Ho’s face when they heard a noise from the other side of their room.

“Is she really alright? She’s not going to die, right?” he heard the frantic voice of Master We Hwa’s assistant, Pi Joo-ki. He knows him since he’s the one who delivered Soo Yeon’s letter for him for a couple of times.

He shake his head. This is not good. He thought to himself. He’s thinking about her again.

“Aigoo! I know you and Miss Soo Yeon are crazy, but I didn’t know that you will go that far.”

“Woah! My sister’s in trouble again?” He heard Soo Ho’s bewildered voice. He noticed that all of them are paying attention now to whoever was talking on the other side. He’s becoming anxious already especially now that he knows it involved Soo Yeon.

“What if she’ll never recover?” Pi Jo-ki asked again nervously. “You shouldn’t have drunk if you know that will happen!”

“Aish! Keep it down, will you?”

“That’s Miss Ah Ro’s voice!” Han Sung shouted excitedly. “Hmmm… I wonder what happened.”

That’s exactly what’s he’s thinking right now. She’s not sending him her letter anymore and maybe that’s the reason why he’s becoming more and more hot tempered as the days passed by. She’s her angel. He may not say it but she is. And so, he doesn’t know what he’ll do if something bad will happen to her.

“What will you do if one this is Master Soo Ho’s room? He shouldn’t know what happened to Soo Yeon or else we’ll both going to die. Arasso?”

None of them stopped Soo Ho when he opened the door and grab Ah Ro and Pi Jo-ki inside. Shocked is evident on their faces when they realized that it’s their room after all.

“What do you mean by I shouldn’t know what happened to Soo Yeon? Wae? She’s my sister I have every right to know.“Soo Ho asked calmly, however, it’s really obvious he’s only controlling himself to not to explode.

“I.. Uh.. Uhm…”

“Spill it already!”

“Yah! Don’t shout at her.” Said the overprotected Sun Woo while standing up.

“Do you want to die a miserable death? Treat her right or your else…” Warned Ji Dwi as he moved forward to emphasize what he meant.

Ah Ro raised both her hands, “Guys, calm down…”

Ban Ryu almost laugh with what she said. How can he calm down when they are talking about Soo Yeon here? She must be joking.

“Uhm… She’s okay. Nothing bad happened to her.” She laughed awkwardly, “Pi Jo-ki is just overreacting.” She nudged him to agree with her. “Hmmm… Right?”

“I can sense that someone is lying.” Yeo Wool encircled Ah Ro and Pi Jo-ki while fanning himself as he was inspecting them just like what he did with Ji Dwi.

“I can sense that as well.” Han Sung agreed while nodding.

Everybody is staring to the both of them now. The tension is very thick nobody wants to speak first

Ban Ryu folded his arms in front of him. He’s very nervous he can’t think about anything. The moment he heard Soo Yeon’s name he became uneasy. He knew deep down that something is wrong. He just hope that it’s not something serious.

Soo Ho turned his attention to Pi Jo-ki, “What happened to her?” He can sense anger in his voice and he can’t blame him if he’s being an asshole again. Well, he’s always an asshole but for the first time in forever, he’s thankful that he’s like that. Because if not, he might kill them himself for not answering their questions.

Pi Jo-ki stuttered, “I t-think s-she’s going to die.”

Ban Ryu took a deep breath, “What did you say?” He really can’t take it anymore. They have no idea how hard it was for him to stay put without doing anything knowing that Soo Yeon’s life is at stake. He was expecting an acceptable answer and this is what he got? They really want to die, huh?

“Aish! You’re so annoying. “Ah Ro interjected. She gave Pi Jo-ki an annoyed expression before continuing. "Soo Yeon and I went out for a drink.” She glared at Sun Woo and Soo Ho when they tried to interrupt her. “It’s not like it’s our first time drinking. Anyway, we finished four buckets of alcohol. Huh! Don’t act so shocked. Girls can be like that, you know.”

“When we decided to go home I noticed how pale she is and she’s also sweating so hard. She said she’s alright so I thought it was nothing. And then suddenly, she started vomiting. At first, I thought it’s normal since we drank a lot of beer, but no. The moment she fainted I know something is wrong. Mind you, she has a high tolerance for alcohol.”

She stopped talking to breathe in some air. “I brought her in our house so father can check her up. Father said that the alcohol acted as a poison to her body. Yes, it is possible when the alcohol content is greater than the water content in your body. We’re lucky Pi Jo-ki and I brought her on time there because it might be too late for her if we didn’t.”

“So, she’s really okay?”

“Yes, she’s okay. I told you, Pi Jo-ki is just overreacting. She’s resting in our house now. She didn’t want to go home because she didn’t want to worry your father.”

They all sigh in relief when they heard her story.

“My sister is such a troublemaker.”

“She got it from you."Han Sung commented that made all of them laugh except for Ban Ryu.

He stormed out of their room and started running before either of them can stop him. He ignored their shouts of warning. He didn’t care if they will get punished tomorrow or if he will be punched to death by Soo Ho.

All he care about is her. Knowing that she’s okay is not enough for him. He wanted to see for himself that she’s really alright.

Soo Yeon is his beacon in the darkness. He needs her in his life so much because she is good and functional. And she is the first person who genuinely tells him how awesome he is and believes in him. Unlike his family who only keeps on demanding and using him as a mere means to an end-gaining power which he clearly didn’t want.

All he ever wanted is the ability to protect his biological father. With Soo Yeon, he doesn’t need to reach some impossible standards. She is not ordering him anything; she doesn’t care for him because he is a powerful true bone. In her, he finally finds someone who likes him the way he is.

So he needs to be with her right now no matter what the consequences will be. He needs to be with her before it’s too late. To hell with rules, it’s there for you to break.


Soo Yeon can’t sleep. She kept on rolling from side to side of Ah Ro’s bed. She’s still not feeling well though but she’s getting better.

"I’ll never drink again…” She said to herself.

She decided to go out of bed when she realized that she’ll never fall asleep. She checked herself first in the mirror before going out. She knew that no one is at home right now since the royal guards fetched master Ahn Ji awhile ago. But still, she wanted to look presentable if someone will see her.

Silence welcomed her when she opened Ah Ro’s door. She took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air before she went straight to where she found Ah Ro and her brother writing before. It’s also where they used to play when they were still kids.

She sat at the edge of the bench and she let herself enjoy the sound of silence. The sky is full of stars tonight. How she wish she’s with someone whom she could cuddle and enjoy the beautiful view together.

Without any second thought, Ban Ryu automatically came to her mind. Just the thought of him makes her heart flutter and she realized that misses him so much.

It’s been a week since she stopped sending him her letters. It’s not like she wanted to do it, she just didn’t want Ban Ryu to get annoyed by her. But damn! She missed him.

She wants to see his face even from far afar. She wants to hear his voice. She wants to see his rare smile and hear his rare laugh. And she wants to be with him right now.

She sighed. What is she thinking? She must stop thinking about the impossible. “You’re such an idiot Soo Yeon. Stop that or else you will lose him eventually.” She squeal out of frustration and just to prove how crazy she is, she starts slapping herself from left to right. “You’re such an idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.”

“What are you doing?”

She laughed sarcastically, “And now you’re hearing his voice? God! Stop that Soo Yeon.”

“Why are you here?”

When she realized that she’s not imagining things, she slowly turned her way to where the voice came from. And there he is, looking handsome as ever. She stand immediately when she saw Ban Ryu just to feel nauseous by her sudden movement.

Before she hit the ground, strong arms held her in place. “Are you okay?” He laid her slowly on the bench and how much she wanted to cry by how gentle he did it.

Without even thinking, she cupped his face. “You’re really here?” She asked hopefully. She’s afraid that she might be dreaming, but if this is just a dream she doesn’t want to wake up.

Ban Ryu just nodded. “Why are you outside at this hour? It’s cold.” He sat down beside her. She smiled. Her heart is beating so fast she’s afraid it will burst out from her chest.

“I can’t sleep so I decided to get some fresh air.” He just hummed in agreement. Ban Ryu is really quiet, he’s also cold and arrogant sometimes but she knows deep down that she’s a good person. And she will never complain or wish that he will change because she just loves him the way he is.

She looked at his way and that’s when she noticed that he is still wearing his robes in Hwarang. She panicked when she realized what that means. “You’re not allowed to leave Hwarang house, right? Why are you here? Do you want to get punished?"She’s really worried about him now.

He bite his lips. That lips. Soo Yeon shake her head. She shouldn’t be thinking about that right now. "Oh… I’m just here to check on someone.” He looked at her with that eyes that can pierce through your soul. She looked away because for some reason she is hoping that she is that someone.

“You’re not sick, are you?” She touched his forehead and compared it to hers. “You’re hot.”

“Yeah, I know.”

She rolled her eyes and laugh. “Not that kind of hot.” Her heart skip a beat when he smiled, she wants to see that every day. “If you’re here to see Master Ahn Ji, he’s not here right now. Ah Ro’s still at Hwarang house so you should let her check you up instead of risking your life here.”

He laughed. She heaves out a sigh of contentment when she heard it. She’s happy that she’s making him laugh however she’s afraid that he will get into trouble.

Ban Ryu look her in the eyes, and before she knew it he’s patting her in the head already. “Silly. I’m here for you.”

Did she hear it right? He’s here for her? She is that “someone”? “What did you say?”

“I heard what happened.”

“Oh…” Funny how it might sound but she knows what he meant by that simple words already. Embarrassments field her system. She knows that drinking with Ah Ro awhile ago was not a good idea but she still insisted. If she only knew this will happen, she’ll never drink even a drop of alcohol. But she just wants to forget him even for awhile and she thought that drinking is the answer. She just didn’t expect that it will turn out this way. Ah! She will really kill Ah Ro for telling him what happened.

She raised her right hand and she turned her attention to him, “Master Ban Ryu, I will promise that I will never drink again.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Promise?”

Even if he didn’t find out, she already promised herself to not to drink so it’s not that difficult for her to let out this kind of statement. “Promise.”

They both smile. How she wish they can be like that forever.

Silence field them after that embarrassing moment. It’s that kind of silence that makes you feel secure and she really didn’t mind if they just stay there like that.

However Ban Ryu break the silence. He cleared his throat first before speaking. “This has been bothering me lately, but are you mad at me?”

Shocked was an understatement with what she felt when she heard his question. “What? Of course not!” She will never get mad at him. “I should be the one asking that.”

Confusion was over Ban Ryu’s face, “Why?”

She looked away, “I’m afraid I’m annoying you by sending you my letters. I’m sorry. I just want to check if you’re okay without even thinking if it’s bothering you or not.”

She heard him sigh. She wants to scold herself for being such a nuisance. And then suddenly she felt her chin being lifted up by him.

“Look at me.” He ordered. “Listen, I’m not annoyed by you or your letters. I even enjoy reading it. Don’t feel bad about yourself.” He smiled.“Believe it or not, I miss it the moment you stopped sending me anything.”

“So can I send you letters again?” She asked.

“Of course.”


He touched her cheek. “Yes.”

She smiled widely after hearing his words. She’s glad it’s okay with him that she’s like that.

She stand up, “Let’s drink some tea first before you go back to Hwarang house. I’ll brew a tea that will make you feel better.” She held his hand. “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” His only answer and after that he let himself be dragged by her.

She’s happy, like really happy. She’s okay with their situation right now. She’s not asking for more. She’s contented that he’s by her side right now talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. This is the kind of man that she loves, and she will never regret loving him.


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honestly the most unrealistic part of rogue one is when that inspection team heads out and into the cargo shuttle, where they are promptly dispatched with and replaced by jyn, cassian, and k2so in disguise. this is difficult to believe because who on that base would have missed the fact that some boring, crusty old guy walked into that shuttle and out of it emerged actual deigo luna. how do you just miss that. i don’t understand.