házi veréb

When he’s being needy and wants your attention

the zi-a-co edition

*you’re both sat at home on a sunday afternoon… you’ve got a good book and a cup of tea… and Jiho… well he is clearly bored*

[ZC] *loud sigh* *fidgeting* *another sigh*

*you look up from you book*

[Y/N] …you okay there?

[ZC] …oh yeah, yeah I’m cool…

*you turn your attention back to your book… until you hear weird noises coming from the side of you*

[Y/N] *you poke his face* can you be quiet… mr pufferfish…?

[ZC] oh, sorry Jagi… *big sigh*

*you roll you eyes and return to your book… you suddenly feel a hand on your thigh… you turn to look at Jiho*

[Y/N] *laughing at the pabo* why can’t you sit still? if you’re bored surely there’s something you can do?

[ZC] *wiggles eyebrows suggestively* well…

*you push him playfully* 

[Y/N] just go entertain yourself… pabo… 

*after a few blissful moments of silence… you instantly regretted your decision*

[ZC] am i sexy Jagi?

*you give up on reading and decide to turn the TV on*

[Y/N] *manic laughter* WILL YOU MOVE? i’m trying to watch this…

[ZC] i’ve come to a decision…

[Y/N] *you raise your eyebrows* …what?

[ZC] we can either go out… or go to bed… *smirk*

[Y/N] fine…

*you stand up and put out your hand*

[ZC] i knew you couldn’t resist this…

[Y/N] come on let’s go out… *smirk*

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