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[adopts gruff old man voice]

Yeah. Yeah I was there in the wars of ‘05 and '06.

They were gruesome. Name calling, sanity questioned.

We were laughed out of the war, but we were loyal to our cause even still.

We hid, went underground- occasionally emerging for each movie adaptation, soaking in the sight of a ship we knew should have sailed.

When it was all said and done, we re-emerged into the fandom- a squadron of submarines in our command.

We lurked under the water, proudly living with our convictions- no matter what the epilogue said.  

And now we arrive at 2014, seven years after the war, and a strange thing happens…

The submarines surface, there are whispers of regret in the air…

Suddenly each sub transforms into a glorious man-of-war, speakers blasting O Children. 

They should have never counted us out.


Dancing In A Downpour | tennisgirlxoxo

spartanninja  asked:

How would you feel if JK did rewrite the last book or two so Harmony could happen.

this may just be my personal opinion, but i honestly would not want her to rewrite the last book or two.

yes, i’m a diehard harmony shipper and jumped for joy learning J.K. changed her opinion on Romione/Harmony. but no, that doesn’t make it okay to change something in a series that ended 7 years ago.

it’s written, it’s in the books, and rewriting it now would just take away from an otherwise excellent series. could you imagine any author doing that? like pull yourself away from HP and go to THG. imagine tomorrow that Suzanne Collins calls a press conference and says that after distancing herself from the series she know sees that Galeniss makes more sense and Everlark was the capitol’s idea and shouldn’t have happened. now, while this would also please me, i still wouldn’t expect her to rewrite the series. that would discredit her as an author and make her somewhat of a laughing stock

so yes, some people can call J.K. a ‘bitch’ or yell for misleading them or whatever, but at the end of the day, she can have an opinion. and she can change that opinion. so while she did once like romione (yknow, her first abusive relationship was the basis of it), she now likes harmony (which, her current marriage is based on). everyone has opinions; that’s what makes reading what it is. but when you start getting into ‘rewriting’ terrority, that’s when you start getting into dangerous waters. not only with your readers, but your writing future

so while i don’t feel she should rewrite the series in any manner, i wouldn’t mind an alternate ending of some sort. that would just put the bow on this lovely revelation.

TLDR; no me gusta J.K. rewriting any part of the books; me gusta an alternate ending if she so chooses we deserve one :3