h ulks


Happy birthday to VIXX’s youngest (and arguably evilest) member! Thank you for bringing an additional avenue of laughter to the group with your antics (although it wouldn’t hurt to rein them in just a little)! Even though you’re much younger, your perseverance and willingness to learn are admirable, and just charting your growth throughout these years is incredibly encouraging. Knowing how much you’ve to sacrifice, but still being willing to take the leap to achieve your dreams has imbued me with the confidence to try and pursue my own too. Thank you for being born! #HappyHyukDay

I was trying to remain objective! He looks good in a tux but if we’re going throughout the era he suits the midnight blue best. Just stick him in any blues and they’ll work well because of his eye colour. It’s something he’s been doing for years so I can’t understand the decision to put him in the white. It’s a style no-no.

And as much as I know you’re all for the butt (and 80% of Spectre is his butt)… each film they seem to be getting tighter. He’ll end up bursting out of the next one like the H.ulk or something.