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I need your help!

I’m Aya & I’m a student at AU taking a class called Black Popular Culture in D.C. For my final project, I’m looking at the ways Black Tumblr offers information and critique in response to the lack of accurate information and coverage provided by mainstream media. (ex: Michael Brown & Ferguson, Jennifer Lawrence/Jill Scott nudes, etc.)

I also want to look at the way race/Blackness is constructed digitally on Tumblr – this includes anecdotes, IG screenshots, videos, community events, links to articles, random text posts… I want to know how someone becomes a “part” of Black Tumblr, what online activity is made/recognized as Black Tumblr.

Looking for D.C.-specific material, but I’m interested in anything related to Black Tumblr. Anyone active in the Black Tumblr community or anyone who can speak to any specific events in the DMV area: signal boost/hit me up and let’s have a conversation!