h son

Matt Cross shared this incredible photo from this past weekend of a lovely young girl, Payton, and her Lucha Underground cake. In the ring are two wrestling figures, one of which being her favorite, Son Of Havoc. Payton’s father commented with the following story:

Payton is a huge Lucha Underground fan and she’s been a big Son of Havoc fan since she started watching the show. A friend showed me a picture of a Seth Rollins cake that his friend had made for someone and we came up with the idea of getting an LU cake done for her ninth birthday. We sent over pictures and the lady who made it did an incredible job.

For Payton’s big birthday treat we booked tickets for both nights of the WWE UK Championship Tournament and we were booked into the same hotel as the WWE crew. During Saturday afternoon we were sat in the hotel bar waiting for our friends to arrive with the cake and Triple H came through. I asked if he had a moment to have a picture with Payton and he said he didn’t have time but he would come back. Well, he was a man of his word and came back… while I was outside the hotel meeting my friends with the cake.

He was leaving when I stepped out of the lift and I didn’t know if she had got a picture with him, so I asked and he said, “Is your little girl Payton?” When I said yes, he said that he’d had a chat and a picture with her - her Mum (Michelle Bradley) told me he went straight to her as soon as he walked into the room! I was completely gutted and just said, “so I’ve missed it”. With that he said, “you’re going to get your picture and then we’ll have a picture with the cake”.

He stayed for a little while longer after that, even took a picture with our friends. I can’t say enough about the man - he went out of his way to make Payton’s birthday special and he went out of his way to ensure that a father didn’t miss out on one of the most amazing moments of his daughter’s life.

And now she’s on the Facebook wall of one of her favourite wrestlers - when I show her she will be blown away. Her ninth birthday is one she will NEVER forget!