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Vintage Fringe Science Illustrated Prints.

1. Dark Matter
2. Cryonics
3. Parallel Universe
4. Nano Technology
5. Mutation
6. Psychokinesis
7. Reanimation
8. Hive Mind
9. Transmogrification
10. Hypnosis


oh i knew this bitch reminded me of someone but i couldn’t put my finger on who it was


Hannibal parallels  |  Read these recaps by @wellntruly

Oh you know what’s lovely: that Alana is so urgent that what happened to Will be a matter of record. It’s the same sentiment Will was expressing after Georgia was killed, that he can’t bring her back but he can make sure her narrative is as clear as he can manage. This urge is one of Alana & Will’s strongest similarities I think, a facet of their Tiny Awful Angel of Judgment thing.

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“The psychiatrist is attracted to Starling because of her physical beauty, but he also comes to savor her for other reasons: Lecter wants the details of Starling’s tragic adolescence so that he can digest her anguish and make it his own. Her personal pain – the screams of the lambs – becomes his pain, and this is why he dines on lamb chops after listening to Starling’s narrative about the spring slaughtering. It is Starling’s simultaneous vulnerability and strength in the face of her lingering childhood memories that establishes whatever respect Lecter is capable of summoning toward another human being – particularly one he does not intend to eat.”

Tony Magistrale: Transmogrified Gothic (The Novels of Thomas Harris)

If we accept Mr. Magistrale’s assessment above, then we can draw a parallel between Hannibal’s “digesting” of Clarice’s anguish and Red’s sin-eating practices. Moreover, at the end of episode “103″, after Liz needles him about why he chose her, Red is also shown dining on meat chops:

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Tagged @monachro ! (Where did u find me :0 ? I don’t remember that I had ever met you ? But I’m looking forward to !)(Or you might just be someone I already know)

A - Age: 17
B - Biggest fear: Bugs, the real ones, they suck
C - Current Time: 11pm
D - Drink you had last: Water too
E - Every day starts with: Me wondering whether I’m going to get out of my bed or just sleep for ever
F - Favorite song: I don’t have any “favorite” thing of all time but right now I’m into an indie guy (or girl ?) named in love with a ghost
G - Ghosts, are they real: They better be nice
H - Hometown: An exotic parallel world would be nice but actually I’m from France
I - In love with: A ghost ? (Not true)
J - Jealous of: The other’s friendship, they do look really cool
K - Killed someone: I don’t think so
L - Last time you cried: Yesterday because of Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue
M - Middle name: None
N - Number of siblings: A half little bro
O - One wish: To find some ambition
P - Person you last called/texted: @prunif
Q - Questions you’re always asked: “Are you really Chinese or.. ?”
R - Reasons to smile: Cat memes
S - Song last sang: Rise by Boyce Avenue
T - Time you woke up: 7am due to school
U - Underwear color: Who told I had an underwear ? (jk)
V - Vacation Destination: Scandinave countries seem nice
W - Worst habit: Overthinking too
X - X-Rays you’ve had: I got some of my teeths
Y - Your favorite food: Noodles & eggs & not so sweet cakes
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius