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Johanna once had a nightmare so bad that she video called Bones to talk to him about it (they're allowed certain things during holidays when they can't get home) and he told her "nightmares can't hurt you as long as you have a teddy bear because they protect you. Ask anyone, sweetheart." So when she found out that they didn't have teddybears on the enterprise, a very peeved Jo insisted on some calls and long story short the ship received their holiday gifts with like 500 teddybears that week

imagine jo receiving  tons of ‘thank you’ messages from the crewmembers 

and in every single one of them, a picture of their bear on a bed, or dresser, or in their arms is included 

h-p-mccoy replied to your post: “And just what are we all up to today?”

“I am counseling a young SHIELD agent, grading papers and plotting pleasant things for a lady of my acquaintance. And you?”

“Plotting pleasant things for a lady, hm? Might I ask who this seemingly deserving woman is? Curiosity, Hank darling. It gets even to me. Now, as for what I’m up to today, well, something worth mentioning it yet to happen I’m afraid.”

I’m pleased to finally announce that Disruption will be officially released this July! That’s only a month from now so hold on to your butts!

We’ve reached the final stages of the project at last and we’re almost certain you’re going to love what we have in store. Make sure to be on the lookout for more updates in the very near future.

In the meantime get acquainted with the contributors before the anthology is released: