h o w dare you

  • Me: *sees someone call Maya "Ms.Matthews"* ah yes my beautiful gay child i love you and your sunshine girlfriend
  • Also me, seeing it was referred to Josh: whaT THE ACTUAL FUDGE H O W DARE YOU IM NOT DKDKJDDJFKFK
  • Mitch: Come on boyler, the math thing isn't the problem, OT is keeping you and Marty apart, you two just need to bone
  • Auston: *Startled squeak*
  • Brian: Whatdyousay?
  • Auston, whispering: don't say it again
  • Mitch: I said you two need to bone
  • Brian: ....h o w dare you mitchell marner

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My headcanon is that Peter's eyes are blue because he killed the people in the basement to end their suffering. Because they were trapped there, burning to death, and those who were werewolves kept healing but not fast enough and they kept screaming and crying and he was the only one capable of doing it, of killing his family to stop their suffering.

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no but Chekov watching Mean Girls and saying "boo you whore" whenever something happens which he does not like. and everybody lets it continue on because its hilarious until one day kirk finds it in his heart to finally pull chekov aside and explain to him that "Boo, you whore is not actually a saying of dismay but an insult etcetcetc." and chekov is mortified "HIKARU HOW COULD YOU SHOW ME THEES MOVIE WITHOUT TELLING ME THEE MEENING OF THIS PHRASE HOW DARE YOU HIKARU H O W D A R E "

imagine during chekovs freak out sulu looks him dead in the eyes and whispers ‘boo you whore’ and chekov freaks out even more AND HES FLAILING HIS ARMS AROUND AND SULU IS LAUGHING JIM IS WONDERING HOW???? THEY GOT ONTO A STAR SHIP GOOD LORD