h ngm n

I can’t remember
if I mentioned the sun.  I’m afraid to look back

& check.  I’m afraid to stop.  The workings
a mystery, the feelings of hunger & heat.
People, here are the results.
Today, I’m left or leaving. Would I have stayed
a few more minutes if someone had tricked me
into thinking those minutes repair & build?

—  Nate Pritts, “How To Say Goodbye Early Morning,” Right Now More Than Ever: Poems (H_ NGM_ N BOOK, 2013) 

The landscape will change. I know it will.
There’s a dream to believe in about not falling down.

I can hold comets in my hand, grab each star out of
your eyes & make new pictures by connecting

those SOS dots & dashes, but the only thing
I can’t do is something I haven’t done.
The brightest
words I can think of are grey & lonely.

—  Nate Pritts, “Icicles Glinting in Sunlight,” Right Now More Than Ever: Poems (H_ NGM_ N BOOK, 2013)