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@destinyapostasy‘s gorgeous rendition of Astraeus/Arlu’vunen, and their immense mane of hair [x]



yup, well, he’s a total dummy who accidentally pushes peoples buttons, steps off on the wrong foot with almost everybody, and trips over himself all day. how does anybody HANDLE HIM??? :^/ 
despite that, he’s real dorky and sweet… loves dogs and sleeping and prefers to sneak away from fights while his companion handles it :^) 

Guys, don’t worry.  Yuzu’s got a long history of redeeming himself in the free skate- he’s been competing for a long time, and his mental state only gets stronger and more mature with experience and time.  

Even if he doesn’t get gold, he is still very likely to make it onto the podium.  If you take a look at his past competitions, you’ll see a trend.  At Skate Canada International 2016, he was 4th after the short yet still managed to win silver overall; at SCI 2015, he was 6th after the short and silver overall.  At Worlds 2012, he placed 7th in the short program, then went on to earn the bronze medal (with one of his most amazing, memorable performances to date, IMO).  Just recently at 4CC 2017, he placed third in the short and then got a season’s best, breaking the 200 point barrier, to earn the silver. 

The point is, we should all have faith in him.  One less-than-ideal skate with a few mistakes doesn’t dictate the success of someone’s season or their career.  Don’t forget, this is the Yuzuru Hanyu who won the Olympics and the World Championships at age 19, was the first man to break the 100, 200, and 300 point barriers, and has won 4 consecutive GPFs- and that’s only naming a few of his illustrious achievements.  We, his fans, of all people, know better than anyone what a trooper and a fighter he is, and how he thrives under pressure.  And above all, even if the judges decide to give him less-than-satisfactory points, that’s not what truly matters.  As Yuzu himself has said, a score is just a score, whereas a performance is a performance, and something completely different altogether.  Who else gets the crowds fired up like he does?  Who else can skate with such finesse, passion, and prowess?  He’s a brilliant performer, through and through, and that’s something that can’t be defined by any number of medals or awards.

So come on, fellow fans!  Don’t let the doubts and worries get you down!  The free skate is yet to come, and with it, another precious chance to see our genius at work!  Let’s direct our most positive energies to him, spread plenty words of encouragement, and have faith in the man who has proven, time and time again, that he is worthy of being a champion!

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You know what's underrated?? That cute lil 'hatutututut' Hunk says when he points out that Keith is driving towards a cliff in s1e1,,, it is too pure and unappreciated

I WENT BACK TO WATCH THAT SCENE AGAIN AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED,,,, he stuttered so much, the poor boy was so scared T°T




@krullish was literally the FIRST Krul I ever interacted with and honestly the first OnS muse I had a serious thread with that we kept alive and going (others kinda burned out on me since that was around the time Lest was still p unknown and not so liked etc. etc.) 


jhjfdkhglskejhglk I really love her Krul and her writing style it’s so BEAUTIFUL and her Krul is AMAZING - AND SHE’S BAAAAACK!

Please go check her Krul blog out!!! SHE’S AMAZINGGGG!


I doodled too much sumeragi shakira stuff…. Imma just dump here and go back to my college assignments :/ *ded*

The hogwarts au was @aquilalyra‘s idea, she’s v good at sorting characters… and everything in general … thank u bb <3

From The Dining Table

warning: smutish - there’s mentions of it but mostly fluff

word count: 1300+

summary: Harry relives the past

hiii, I’m Milan but you can call me M, this is my first harry smut/fluff that I’m uploading onto this blog, I’ve written smut before so I’m not new to the game but this is my first harry writing. This is the first to my album series where I write something based off of a song on Harry’s album and hopefully one day I’ll have written something based off of every song on his album. Hope you enjoy my writing! x

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Harry woke up hard. He had for the past week and there was nothing he could do about it, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Even though they had been broken up for a while now, 7 days, 8 hours and 23 minutes to be exact - Harry had been keeping count - he couldn’t keep her out of his mind.

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Can you believe I had never drawn these four all together before

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6/27/15: The Astros can’t stop celebrating after Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve hit consecutive home runs to tie the game. (◕‿◕✿)

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After reading what you wrote for Werewolf!McCree, it gave me this weird imagination about Hanzo changing into a dragon from seeing his s/o become badly injured by the members of Talon. He loses himself in a blinding rage from what he's seen but later his s/o would try to calm him down- DEAR LORD I'm starting to get all these different feels and its too much for me! Can you plz make a short fic or a list of h/c's THIS MAN NEEDS MORE LOVE LIKE HIS BROTHER

Anonymous said to luvleekaotix-imagines:

I really loved your headcanons/scenarios for for were!McCree!  They’re the perfect mix of saccharine and angst :’)  love that big ol pupper, but what I was wondering if you could whip up some similar headcanons for dragon!Hanzo?  idk what kind like naga or shape-shifter dragon?? is that a thing idek, but whatever strikes your fancy!  Thank you for everything you’ve done so far!!


Okay, okay, I see you. I’ve got you in my sights. BUT I raise you one generic powerful Dragon!Hanzo right, right and giVE YOU cursed dragon Hanzo because he is a fucking bitter asshole and his ancestors are all like ‘oh dear lord, Hanzo Shimada you need to learn a lesson in LOVE you little punk BITCH.’ Bam. Cursed Hanzo, right? Right, now lets throw some like Didney shit into the mix, because everyone loves some Didney, so Hanzo only gets to be human Hanzo in the evening like the beautiful dragon prince he is and in the day time he is—

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suddenly winfan hit me like a truck

to me, winry and lan fan would be the best of friends bc both of their boyfriends are total idiots but they’re fabulous queens

actor au they are best friends and take selfies on set and lan fan helped winry pick her dress for the red carpet (lan fan also gives winry piggyback rides when they’re on break)

also don’t even try to tell me lan fan DOESN’T have abs.

Hunk and Lance Things I Need for Season 2

So from that preview thing it looks like Lance and Hunk arrived at the same place? So these are just some things that would be super great if they happened/ head canons  I have: 

  • Hunk and Lance are both super smart and don’t get the credit they deserve, I need them build things out of what seems like nothing / them working together to outsmart enemies! 
  • The two of them being silly and having friendship /bonding moments but also serious talks and maybe crying/hugs? please. 
  • Hunk and Lance talking about missing their families/earth.
  •  BACKSTORY!!!!! I want to know how they met before the garrison, it seemed like they were friends before

.This is really small but I just had to share, I love them so much :”O

Fic Rec

Read what’s on the label, folks, I’m not your mom.

Not Your Average Prostitution AU

Il Traviato by kedgeree
This is a Pretty Woman au, need I say more?
Dr. John H. Watson, Sexual Surrogate by smurff
The lovely cutteroo brought this fic to my attention, and I am so glad. You have to squint to fit it into this category, but it’s worth putting it in the mix
Bought and Paid For by wendymarlowe 
John is a sub for hire, and you can guess where this fic goes
Let’s Play Doctor by beautifullyheeled
Again, another fic that you need to squint a bit to make it fit the list. However! I take any chance I get to rec this amazing work
The Virgin and the Prostitute by cheshirecat101
I love this take on the escort story, it has a few twists that make it interesting

Sherlock is a Prostitute for Reasons

For Rent by sexxicawrites
A nice little pwp to get you through the day
Deflowered - Director’s Cut by Lorelei_Lee
I first read Deflowered and was left wanting more. The Director’s Cut gives the extra bit to fill out an interesting story
Filthy/Gorgeous by mirabilelectu
A long one if you need to drown for a bit in rentboy hell before coming up for air
First Time for Everything by KeelieThompson1
Feelings, angst, more feelings
Rented Out by tenderly_wicked
Ok, folks, this one hurts. A lot.
Hooked by foolsdance
Angst. Just angst.

John Has a Heart of Gold and a Crotch of Gold

The Orchard by dancinggrimm
You really should read this, because it’s good and a favorite of mine? Have I convinced you yet?
Roosters by Sexxica
Sherlock and Lestrade unwind after a case … and honestly has Sexxica ever led us astray?
Proves the Rule by brighteyedjill
This just feels good
Rentboy in Red by janto321 (merindab)
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
A Brief History of House Calls by Regency
I don’t like to rec WIPs for secret reasons, but this is just too good to pass up. Vignettes of John’s life as an escort
I Don’t Buy It; It’s Not For Sale by BrighteyedJill
Not what I was expecting, but good none the less
Ilium by janto321
I’m not sure how this one missed the first round! Here’s a nice long one to fuel the burn