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Vista de una fachada lateral, Edificio para ofincinas y taller de arquitectos, Campos Elíseos 432, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo Ciudad de México 1950

Arqs. Augusto H. Álvarez, Enrique Carral Icaza y Manuel Martínez Páez

View of a side facade, Offices and Architectural studio, Campos Eliseos 432,  Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo Mexico City 1950


I saw at least one lithuanian giving 12 points in the comment section of every single eurovision video and I imagined Toris being really intense about the whole thing.

I don’t think the baltics still live together, but I like to think they all stay at one of their places for every eurovision event as if it was Christmas. They take turns, this year it was Latvia’s.

Edificio Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz de la Unidad El Rosario I (Álvarez, Meza y Álvarez, [plan maestro: Legorreta Arquitectos] 1974-75), 1975 x Julius Shulman

© J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles (2004.R.10)


Quick Recap of Infinite H at KCON Mexico 2017, for those who didn’t watch the livestream:

•The remaining 5 members of Infinite appeared on a video recording before H performed, greeting Mexican Inspirits and asking them to welcome Infinite H!

•Hoya gave us a stunning solo dance performance to Lukas Graham’s Seven Years Old, and then Dongwoo followed with his own upbeat performance of Bruno Mar’s Perm , which was befitting of our energizer Dino.

•The duo then performed several of their songs, including Special Girl, Pretty, and Without You!(Right as I type, there are fancams that have already been uploaded from the concert, so feel free to check them out!)

•Lots of interactions with the audience and beautiful laughter from our Dongwoo that healed my soul.

•DONGWOO’S GREEN HAIR(what shall be the ice cream flavor named after this one..? :3)

•Lots of random dance outbreaks from the two, even when they weren’t performing. They were legit just dancing on stage after performances ended, and they looked like they were having so much fun!

•Bonus anecdote: When it was time for all the artists to gather on the main stage and bow, the performers were all supposed to return when it was their song that was playing. Dongwoo mistakenly started walking back when it was Red Velvet’s turn, leaving Hoya by himself on the front stage waving to fans. When Dongwoo noticed, he ran back to where Hoya was and was wondering why Hoya wasn’t going with him. Hoya told him that it wasn’t their turn yet haha aww and then Dongwoo just continued waving to the fans. <3

All in all, it seemed like such a fun time; I honestly wished I could have gone to see them perform. I’m wishing for an Infinite H comeback now!! :D


I GOT DUCKLINGS!!!ヾ(@°Д °@)ノ

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170330 KCon Mexico: INFINITE H - Pretty