h m walker

Here are the books I decided to take away with me on holiday! (I also sneaked in After You - Jojo Moyes and Harry Potter and the Cursed Chid) ft. my bedroom.

Mum: “you’ll never read all of those…”
Me: “challenge accepted.”

it starts when Renee gets them a succulent as a moving in present

  • Neil and Andrew’s first apartment starts off so small and bare - made up of all of the same shades of off-white and generic ikea furniture, with no hint of their personalities at all
  • and even though this is the first place that they’ve ever really been able to do what they want with
  • (perhaps BECAUSE this is the first place that they’re able to do what they want with)
  • they’re hesitant at first to break the showroom-like spell
  • and then Renee, the last fox to see the apartment because she’s been away on business, shows up with a succulent.
  • and the spell is shattered

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