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Okay but I just can’t stop thinking about Allen and hugs. Imagine Allen now being really nervous about hugs, he gets tense and uneasy whenever someone hugs him because all he can think about is Mana, but not pretty thoughts, all he can think about is “Mana used to hug me like this. Mana’s hugs were fake. Is this fake? Are they gonna leave me just like Mana did?” So now Allen avoids hugs, because he feels scared, scared to know if those hugs are real or if they just want something from him.
Now imagine everyone finally going back home, the family is finally complete again. And Allen is just entering, but the first one to hug him is not Lenalee or Komui or anyone from the science division, no. It’s Timothy. And he doesn’t know what to do, he feels uneasy and for a moment he hates himself for being like this. But then he feels something warm at the height of his stomach and he realizes the young boy is crying and he feels those short arms tightening around his waist at the same time the boy stutters “You’re back Allen! You’re home!” And then Allen finally realizes. This is real. This is his family. This is what he fought for. This is home. And he just cries and hugs the boy back, whispering “I’m home”, and Timothy barely heard it but that’s enough. That’s enough…

Here are the books I decided to take away with me on holiday! (I also sneaked in After You - Jojo Moyes and Harry Potter and the Cursed Chid) ft. my bedroom.

Mum: “you’ll never read all of those…”
Me: “challenge accepted.”

it starts when Renee gets them a succulent as a moving in present

  • Neil and Andrew’s first apartment starts off so small and bare - made up of all of the same shades of off-white and generic ikea furniture, with no hint of their personalities at all
  • and even though this is the first place that they’ve ever really been able to do what they want with
  • (perhaps BECAUSE this is the first place that they’re able to do what they want with)
  • they’re hesitant at first to break the showroom-like spell
  • and then Renee, the last fox to see the apartment because she’s been away on business, shows up with a succulent.
  • and the spell is shattered

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