h m skirt


also full ootd from the other day, gap sweater brandy skirt, h&m belt and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. (30 dollars from 100+!!!)
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I am in love with this skirt. 😍😍 I am from Hawaii, so this print totally reminds me of Aloha prints and a little bit of home. 🌴🌴

It’s a great transition piece for this weird weather right now. I’ve paired it here with a sleeveless blazer and tank. It could also be paired with a sweater, either cropped or tucked in.

Blazer & Clutch: Target. Tank: H&M. Skirt: Asos Curve. Heels: Dillards.


👗❤ On Wednesdays we wear Pink 👠❤ (let’s pretend it’s Wednesday bc every day is a pink day let’s be real) 💕💕

•Sweater: H&M
•Skirt: Storedogdog
•Bag: Taobao
•Scrunchies: New Look


got a lot of requests for this ootd so here we go;
sweater: h&m (but from depop)
skirt &shoes: forever 21
tights: kohls
necklace: andie’s initials
bag: eBay
camera: canon rebel t3

my momboots were four dollars at Goodwill
this blouse was seven at Rag-A-Rama
and the necklace was four fifty there
fifteen dollar H&M skirt
I borrowed that army shirt from K Fox and beaded those bracelets on the plane
black lipstick is a dollar fifty

so yeah
fashion week


Is it spring again? Pittsburgh’s doing that wishywashy cold yesterday, warm tomorrow, never jam to-day thing- anyway, let’s not talk about the weather! I felt super cute today so you get a blog update!

Seasons’ changing some I’ve decided to start working on my makeup skills. Don’t know if you can tell (or if it looks good), but top photo has simple black eyeliner and mascara. Let me work on it and eventually I’ll be able to do liquid wings… In my dreams.

I’ll hit yinz with another set later this week of the roommate and I as the Snicket siblings (it was his birthday- that’s right, we had a Series of Unfortunate Events themed party- be jealous).

OOTD details:
Black top, cardigan, and dress are all H&M
Doc Martens are Doc Martens
Leggings are Rue 21
Red Skirt is Wet Seal (R.I.P.)
Pendant is the Neverending Story Auryn from an Etsy shop.

Stop letting me go this long without posting!! Love to everyone! Welcome to the new followers :) oo! Make sure to listen to me on last week’s episode of Alohomora from MuggleNet- Harrrrry Potttter!!!