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its been fucking years and i can’t believe i’m about to shitpost about naruto but here we go kakagai post-series headcanons lets get into it:

  • kakashi and gai are old disabled loving ninjas who end up living under one roof and thats just a fact, a plethora of ninken, a plethora of fucking turtles, just dogs and turtles all the way down
  • de-facto babysitters for…… literally anyone and everyone, where would ur children be safer, go ahead and tell me i’ll wait 2 see if u can come up with anything more convincing than Proficiently Murderous Grandpas
  • not 2 say their rivalry goes anywhere because they’re honestly probs competing till their last breath lbr
  • their most heated competition is actually trying 2 come up with something the dingdang children will eat that is also a balanced meal like gai overshoots and goes FULL GOURMET
  • but kakashi is craftier and u kno what i mean one of those parents thats like “if i blend the broccoli in2 the cheddar the shitty little fucks won’t know there’s veggies in their grilled cheese” shit making veggie portions tiny and sneaking them in bcs for fucks sake this is a man that continually encouraged naruto to get some damn fruits and vegetables in his diet during the entirety of his tutelage u think he hasn’t picked up Tips and Tricks by now????
  • kakashi wins, obviously.
  • gai is devastated but i mean……… gai’s the same man who thinks super-spicy curry udon is the peak of cuisine (which it is) and Tiny Child Tastebuds aren’t cut out for that
  • gai loudly and proudly proclaiming that kakashi is his rival until the end of his days
  • gai says “rival” like he’d say “life-partner”/“lover” @ this point honestly they’re in it forever
  • none of the kids they babysit want husbands, wives or s/o’s when they grow up they all want rivals it looks way more fun
  • naruto is concerned
  • “my rivalry cost me a DAMN ARM”
  • unbelievable.

KakaSaku - Complete 

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,471 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 64 - Follows: 22 - Updated: Jun 20, 2012 - Published: May 11, 2012 - Kakashi H., Sakura H. - Complete

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@hlm-ff-x @beyondthemoor

anonymous asked:

Hey I adore your writting style can i please get one with Kakashi being in a lowkey relationship with a fellow jounin, Fetus Team 7 not knowing that think their "interactions" are signs of unconfessed mutual attraction. Whenever they ask Kakashi about her he brushes it off. Team 7 comes up with some stupid convoluted mess of a plan to set them together, not knowing both already are in a relationship. Just some fun and fluff.

Aye, I finally got this one done! We’ve got a few more Kakashi requests in the works so if you’re a fan of his character get excited because you’ll be getting a lot of content in the next few days :D 

(Including a continuation of one of my personal favorite works)

Hope you enjoy anon!

~Mod Whipski

Keep reading

miss-fandoms-shakespeare  asked:

Since it seems like Kakashi h/c hour I'll throw mine in. I personally think that Kakashi does his mission reports immediately. ((That one time in cannon happened cuz he had a new book)) However, just because he finds it just a tad amusing to piss off the desk chunkn, he always turns it a day late or smth.

Headcanon accepted!

anonymous asked:

Hey! Since you did a request with sukea could I have one where kakashi is disguised as sukea and talks to his crush, but she ends up kinda falling for sukea and he has to figure out what to do? Please and thank you - Bin Bag

Kakashi had been interested in Y/N for months now. And when he says ‘interested’ what he really means is ‘hardcore crushing on.’ But he doesn’t want to sound like a teenage girl, so instead he sticks with ‘interested.’ He wasn’t afraid to admit this. What Kakashi was afraid to admit, however, was that he had conveyed approximately ten words to Y/N among three conversations, all of which ended with him running away like a bumbling idiot.

Sukea, however, had had many a chat with Y/N. The two of them were quite close, as a matter of fact. Kakashi found it much easier to talk to Y/N when it wasn’t actually him talking to them. They had been friends for a while now… and that was Kakashi’s problem.

He suspected Y/N had a crush on Sukea.

If he thought about it, Kakashi would come to realise that them having a crush on Sukea would equate to them also having a crush on Kakashi. Although, it took some time for Kakashi to actually think about this. As smart a man he is, when it comes to love, he could be incredibly dense.

He knew it would only make matters worse if he continued this charade, but he didn’t know what to do. He went to Guy and asked him what to do, in as vague terms as possible (“What would you do if, say, you had been lying to somebody to months and you had to fix it?”) where he was told that “Honesty is the best and most youthful policy.” As the only piece of advice he had received, Kakashi thought it best to follow it.

That was how Kakashi found himself waiting outside a small café, peering through the window at Y/N, who had been invited by Sukea but was actually going to be receiving Kakashi. He checked the time, and he was already ten minutes late, due to how much time he had wasted outside, so he took a deep breath, but on his big boy boots, and stepped through the door.

He clenched and unclenched his pale fists anxiously as he made his way over to Y/N’s table. “H-Hi, Y/N,” Kakashi stammered, putting on a fake smile under his mask while a bead of sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Hey… Kakashi, right?” Y/N smiled back innocently.

“Yeah… Can I sit?” he asked, indicating to the chair across from them.

“I’m actually waiting for somebody, sorry.” Y/N smiled apologetically and Kakashi let out a nervous chuckle.

“Yeah, about that… I should explain,” he said, and took the seat anyways, leaving Y/N with a confused and utterly bewildered expression. They remained silent, and Kakashi forced himself to give his explanation, not enjoying the awkward silence one bit.

“It’s a funny story, really. I think you’re going to like it,” he stalled, his nerves getting the better of him. ‘Funny,’ he thought to himself, ‘I can easily complete an S-rank mission but I can’t even talk to my crush without wearing a disguise.’

“What are you talking about?” Y/N asked, appearing both perplexed and worried.

Kakashi let out one more nervous laugh before falling silent. “Well, you see, I’ve actually been wearing a disguise and pretending my name is Sukea in order to talk to you this entire time,” he spilled, barely taking a single breath.

Y/N stared. Kakashi stared back. Nobody moved.

It had to be minutes later when Y/N finally exclaimed, “What?”

“I’m sorry! I really am, it’s just… whenever I tried to talk to you my mouth would dry up and I couldn’t get the words to come out of my mouth so… So I just thought it would be easier to…” Kakashi trailed off with a shrug.

“But… But why?” Y/N asked, dumbfounded.

Kakashi groaned, putting his face in his palms and mentally thanking his mask for hiding his blush. Well, most of it.

“You have feelings for me?” Y/N asked quietly. Kakashi raised his head and nodded, directing his line of sight toward the table rather than at the person sitting across from them.

“Well, this is a surprise. I’ve been crushing on you for years. If I knew Sukea was actually you I doubt I would’ve been able to say more than a few words to you,” they revealed courageously, although a blush did taint their cheeks.

Kakashi almost jumped physically at the confession, his heart pounding like crazy and his hands sweaty beneath his gloves.

“I… really?” was all Kakashi could say, finally raising his eyes to peer at Y/N. They gave him a small nod, and he swallowed. He didn’t ever think he’d been so relieved in all his life. “So… you aren’t angry?”

“Well… this is definitely strange,” Y/N admitted. “I don’t really feel as though I know you. I feel like… you and Sukea are still separate people in my mind. I think I may have to get to know you again, as Kakashi this time.”

“Of course! That’s completely understandable,” Kakashi said, flustered. “Thank you so much for giving me a second chance.”

Y/N giggled, a light sound that rang like a bell. “Of course. It’s nice to meet you, Kakashi. My name’s Y/N.” They gave him their hand to shake.

“The pleasure is all mine, Y/N,” he said, taking her hand and sharing her laugh.

Kakashi could’ve dropped to the floor and fainted under the weightless feeling of relief.

i had so much fun with this wtffff, thank u sm bby

-Admin Will

Honestly, I believe this is my only hetero ship .-. (Forgot the others)

For all those who can’t read my crappy writing clearly, here:
S: Hyuuga.
H: Uchiha-san.
S: Kakashi-sense told me to give this to you.
H: Thank you.
S: I’m quite surprised you still haven’t fallen for me.
H: Please don’t flatter yourself, Sasuke-san.
S: You called me Sasuke. I’m not gonna stop now.