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Emotional Cheating

“Hiya love.”

Harry greeted from the doorway of your shared bedroom, his eyes looking discreetly at the clock that stated it’s 1 AM in the wee hours of morning.

“Told you not to wait up for me.”

He took his polo off that was slightly damp from his swear along with his jeans, leaving him in his boxers, going to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth, feeling the extra fatigue come to his system once he felt fresh from having been tired in the studio and having a few drinks in the bar.

He went to your side of the bed and pressed a kiss on your cheek, a downgrade of what used to be a long kiss on your lips or a hug in where he’d nuzzle his face on the crook of your neck, completely inhaling your scent before pressing little kisses.

“How was your day?”

“’S good, finished some backing vocals. Had a few drinks with Nick and Kendall.”

Your stomach slightly felt queasy at the mention of her, but the feeling lifted for a second to realize that Harry’s your boyfriend, not her’s.

You weren’t blind to not see the older pictures of Harry and Kendall every time you scrolled down your feed of any social media account, nor the times Hardy made clear and evident that she was just a friend yet with him being a bit more talkative when she was there.

Yet deep inside you, you had the assurance that Harry loves you, yet not eaxactly as much as expressive as you are.

“You tired, baby?”

You asked, your hand going through his hair which made him release a sound of comfort, his head pressed upon your palm, humming out an answer you expected.


You immediately relaxed once you heard Harry’s voice the moment he accepted your call, the bass of the loud music as his background not going unnoticed.

“Where are you, love?”

“O — oh! I forgot to tell you this morning! It’s Kendall’s birthday today!”

The plan of spending a special night with Harry crumbled underneath your fingertips, making you take a deep breath to control yourself.

It was supposed to be a night to be spent completely between the both of you, especially now that you were promoted a rank higher in your job, something that you’ve hoped for ever since the start.

“What time are you going home, H?”

He hummed, the image of Harry probably looking at his watch striking in your mind, making you wait anxiously.

“Maybe a few minutes after midnight? And Y/N, baby, I told you not to wait up for me. ’S the reason why you’re always tired in the morning.”

“God forbid I get tired, Harry. Wish her a happy birthday for me, will you?”

“Will do, love,” he almost shouted since he couldn’t hear himself through the music, the sound of his name being called by probably one of his friends being heard by the both of you.

“Okay. I love y-…”

You were cut short with the line being completely dropped, upsetting you maybe a bit more than it should, making you turn your attention to the drink in front of you.

“Cheating. They call it emotional cheating.”


Harry’s eyebrows immediately furrowed from what you were saying, stopping himself from putting some clothes in his duffel bag that would last him for a day and in his toiletries, his attention completely turning towards you whose arms are crossed and standing in the doorway.

“Love, what the hell are you saying?”

He asked, nearing towards you and putting his hands on your shoulder, a concerned look on his face.

“Is this about your birthday tomorrow? Baby, I told you I would make up for it. You know I promised James I would come to his baby shower. Which happens to be in a yacht for a day.”



“I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t notice how invested you are in Kendall. Every time you see her, the picture; the conversations.”

Harry breathed out since he noticed you lately of you changing your habits slightly, of how your eyes looked tired.

Yet beyond that, he didn’t seem to notice on how much you compromised. On how much you adjusted your life around him so you could be simply with him.

“Love, it just happens that James invited Kendall too. It isn’t my decision.”

You stared at your feet, feeling the hollowness in your heart for what felt alike in the past few months, your hands being put on top of his shoulders.

“You love me, right?”

“I do.”

It was obvious.

The moment Harry appeared on the door from the night after James’ baby shower, he already knew that you knew it.

And in fact, you already knew it, if it wasn’t for the people tagging you on posts numerously that your phone blew up with notifications, nor the text James sent saying that he’s sincerely sorry because if he knew, he wouldn’t invite either of them and even scold Harry.

He was looking at you expectingly, the tears already flowing out of his eyes as his heart dropped on the sight of you sitting silently on the couch, cussing himself silently of how much he messed up.

“Please say something.”

His voice cracked, pleading for you to say anything, whether it would favor him or not because at that moment, the silence was killing him slowly. He knew how well you could give a silent treatment and remembered a promise to himself long ago that he wouldn’t cross you again because he hates it.

He hates every single bit of it.

“That’s a nice birthday present.”

His heart tightened of what she just said, regretting the things he’ve done faster than when he did it, fully knowing that you can’t and you’re not looking into his eyes.

“I’m giving you a choice. So you wouldn’t think of me as being selfish.”

You stood up, looking down the floor until your feet was a good ruler away from his shoes, making it as a basis so that you wouldn’t get close to him.

“Five days. First choice is I stay here and not talk nor do anything that has to do with me interacting with you. Second is that I stay in a hotel and we could talk. On the phone, one call. Five minutes a day.”

“Love-…” Harry cut himself short, clenching and unclenching his fist at the weight of the moment he carries.

“It would kill me to not either see you nor talk to you.”

You wanted to fight him with what he said, but you took off the urge, your gaze still fixed on the floor.


Harry gulped, desperately wanting to fix what he caused in the first place.


“Fucking pick.”

He knew it. He knew it better than anyone should to not break your trust. Especially when you cussed at him while fighting. And yet again, he brought it upon himself. The both of you suffering.

Harry hiccuped out his answer amidst his tears, feeling the pain sear right through his seams that he felt shitty to say the least.


Would he use his five minutes now?

It was less than thirty minutes after you left the house on the same day he went home, bringing yourself and nothing else but your car, your keys, your phone and your cash.

You figured that you would buy clothes in the mini boutiques the hotel has once the air gets too suffocating in your room.

You figured that you would rely on the hotel’s complimentary incentives for the toilteries.

You figured that you would have a drink or two from the mini bar they consider that’s in their mini refigerator.

Harry thought of it for a moment if it would be a good time to use his five minutes. Even better is what’s he going to say.

Your commitment is hanging on by five phone calls he’s going to make, your judgement, and maybe includes his prayers for you to be back on his arms.

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Sterek Vampire AU

“A vampire saved my life once, ya know.” Stiles said.
“W-What? A… vampire?” The woman asked.
“Yeah.” Stiles hummed.
“H-How do you know that it was a vampire..? I’m not saying that you’re a liar but-”
“I saw his eyes.” Stiles whispered.
“I saw his eyes-” Stiles repeated and 
turned to look at the woman straight in the eyes.
“… they were full of death.” He whispered. 

C R E D I T👻: @thehouseofsterek

Some of them end a little naughty, some end fluffly, hope you like this!^^

RFA + Saeran with a MC on her period during a make-out session (NSFW-ish)


  • You guys were getting hot and heavy, with a lot of groping here and there
  • He slipped his fingers inside your panties and… you were wet, but not in the usual way you get wet with him… hum…
  • S H O C K E D expression for a few seconds, he’s clearly trying to figure out if you’re hurt or something.
  • But then he puts 2 and 2 together and you look at him with an embarrassed face and… ohhhh
  •  “I’m sorry, Zenny…” “It’s fine, babe. Let me just wash my hands, alright?” you nod, still too embarrassed to look at him.
  • “I can’t stain your clothes when I’ll take them off, right?” you finally look at him, only to find a sensual smirk, that you promptly mimic.



  • You were making out and he managed to get your shorts off
  • Then he saw an unusual volume down there…
  • Oh… OHHHHHH his face is as red as… no, won’t make a period joke in here.
  • He saw the package with sanitary pads in the bathroom early, and… well, he’s pretty impressed at his own knowledge in this, honestly.
  •  “Yoosung… sorry…” “No need to be sorry, MC. Are you okay? Don’t you have cramps? I can cook something for you…”
  •  “Oh, sure, but… are you sure you don’t mind if we don’t…?” “This can wait a little, and I like taking care of you not only in this sense, you know?” your blushing face is so adorable he’s not even flustered by his suggestive remark.



  •  She was kissing you deeply, running her fingers through your hair
  • Even letting some small moans in your mouth
  • She grabbed your leg to make you wrap it around her waist
  • Until you both widened your eyes and remembered
  • “Are you…?” “Yep, what about you? “Ugh, me too…”
  • So yeah, neither of you are feeling the mood that much anymore, but maybe cuddling while eating some sweet treats and watching a Zen’s DVD will bring the mood back?


  • He had you on his lap, grinding slightly against his thigh
  •  And he was so ready… until you widened your eyes and stopped the friction
  • You looked down, then at him with a mortified expression. Oh my god, what happened?
  • He looked at his pants and saw the little red spot. Oh… is that it? For a second he thought you were sick or something judging from your face.
  • “Jumin, I’m so sorry…” “Nothing that the washing machine can’t solve, my love, don’t worry over such trivial things.” He kisses your forehead sweetly, and you look down again, only to find a not subtle volume in his pants.
  • “Ah yes… we can solve this together if you’re still interested…” the hell you aren’t.


  • He pins you under him in the bed
  • And you know where this is going as he trails his lips down further
  • Until you remember and stop him
  • He immediately stops, looking at you with a worried expression. Did he cross a line or something?
  • “I’m… I’m on my period…” “Oh… oh, that sucks! Are you okay? Do you have cramps?” “A little, yes…”
  • “Oh, I heard about this really good remedy for cramps, can I test it?” he asks teasingly, playing with the waistband of your panties and chuckling as you just nod a “yes”.


  • You were getting heated when you met in the bathroom after waking up
  • You were kissing his neck and he couldn’t hold a moan back
  • He slipped his fingers in your panties, until…
  • He’s so embarrassed, not about your period, but about the possibility of letting you uncomfortable by his surprise.
  • “Oops, Jihyun, I’m so sorry…” he chuckles and kisses you deeply again.
  • “Since we’re already in the bathroom, maybe w could take a shower, how does that sound, darling?”


  • You were basically starting a dry humping session
  •  And then you stopped him. He immediately wondered if he was doing something wrong.
  • You reassured him he didn’t, it was just… “I’m on… how can I explain? There’s that time of the month when I…”
  • “You get a period, right?” oh? Yes, he’s right… “Yes… yes! How do you know about that?”
  •  “I’m not stupid! And I… did my research when we started dating…” oh, he’s so sweet… “Well, uhm… what else did you find in your research?”
  • “That ice cream will help you feel better.” Ice cream usually solves everything for him, anyway…
Fucking Stoned// Stoner Stiles AU Smut

AN; Hi! I’m back from a very long hiatus that i apologize for. Im sorry. Anyways, this is my first Stiles Stilinksi/ Teen Wolf imagine let alone smut. Hope you like it!

Word Count: 1,859

Warnings: Smut; smoking weed, dirty talk, oral (girl receiving), teasing, fingering, dry humping, I don’t know??

Note: I call this an AU because in this Stiles is a stoner and there are no supernatural things so yeah

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

  You sensed Stiles watching you with rapt attention as the smoke swirled around your tongue and you inhaled, trying to hold it in as long as you could before blowing it out. You turned to face him, a grin on your face. Over the past year since you and Sties started getting high together you’d often noticed him gazing at you, sometimes with his bottom lip between his teeth. 

  He stared into your eyes, making sure not to break the eye contact as he took the joint from your hand. Now it was your turn to stare. Never had you been so turned on by watching how his perfect plump lips wrapped around the tip of the blunt as he breathe din the smoke and blew out. You shuddered, pressing your thighs together for some friction when you felt his cold hand rest on your thigh, his thumb rubbing small circles. You looked over at him, his eyes glazed over as he watched the baseball game on the T.V. He was unfazed by his action, he was fucking high as a kite by now.

  You took this moment to look at him. A layer of scruff from not shaving had formed along his chin and jaw. Fuck. His hair was peeking out on all sides, but still managed to make him look sexy as hell. You took the blunt from his mouth to your own hoping to gain some confidence from your high.

  You breathed in the smoke, capturing it in your mouth as you got up, Stiles’ eyebrows furrowing in confusion as you slowly sat on his lap. He stayed silent as your  hands  reached up to open his mouth and you leaned in just barely leaving enough space between both of your lips. You opened your mouth, the smoke blowing into his as he gladly sucked it in, a sly smirk on your lips.

  “I'ma get some juice. Want some?” You spoke nonchalantly as you got up. He nodded no and as you left you barely heard the whispered ‘fuck’ that left his mouth. 

  I stumbled my way up the stairs, fuck i was buzzed. As i looked for some orange juice in the fridge i thought about what had just happened. Did he get the message or was he too fucking high? I filled a glass with juice and took a sip when i heard Stiles’ footsteps behind me.

  “I thought you didn’t want any juice?: My voice was muffled as i took another sip and his footsteps sounded nearer. I nearly jumped when i felt his hands grab my waist.

  "That’s because i don’t want any juice.” His voice was deep and low, it was enough to make the hairs at the back of my neck stand up.

  “What i want is to bury my cock deep inside that tight little pussy of yours. I want to hear you screaming my name, begging me to fuck you harder until you come.” His hands tugged me back against him as he took the glass from me and placed it on the counter. I stood silent, knowing if i opened my mouth the only thing that would come out is a whimper begging him to fuck me.

  “I wanna bury my face and taste you. I wanna fuck you so hard you wot even be able to walk three steps.” He began placing wet hot kisses along my neck and i couldn’t help but let out a small moan at his dirty words. Goddamn.

  “You like me talking dirty to you Princess?” He chuckled as his hands slid down my waist to my thighs. He ran his fingers along my panties.

  “Oh i think you do. You’re so fucking wet. And all this just from me talking to you? Imagine how wet you’re gonna be when i bury my cock deep inside you.” God, i could feel the smirk on his face as he sucked on my right collarbone, my back against his chest. The pulsing between my thighs was nearly unbearable. I need him to fuck me so badly. 

  My hand automatically went down to my panties, I was  so turned on i couldn’t help but touch myself right there in front of Stiles.

  “Tut,tut,tut, you don’t get to do that. You only get to scream my name and beg me to fuck you.” He laughed against my cheek, using his knee to spread open my legs for him. A mewl escaped my lips at the feeling of his thumb pressing down on my clit and the calloused pads of his fingers dipping into my soaking folds.

  “S-Stiles.” I managed to mumble before his thumb started rubbing my clit at a steady pace and i let out another moan, bucking my hips up in response. H e hummed in appreciation, rubbing faster and faster to hear more of my dirty moans. I yelped when he pushed a finger in me, letting myself hold onto him, my nails digging into his arm for support.

  “Did you think you could just pull that little stunt in the basement and i wouldn’t be horny as hell? Hmm?” He pushed a second finger in as he waited for my response, my knuckles turning white as i gripped his arm for support. My legs were trembling as i climbed higher and higher to my release.

  “I’m sorry.” I breathed out as the dirtiest sound followed after.

  “Oh you will be when i’m done with you.” A low chuckle left his lips as his fee hand turned my chin to him. This new side of him making me more wet by the minute.

  I looked into his eyes as he fingered my pussy, the intense eye contact making the coil in my stomach tighter and tighter.

  His fingers were moving at full speed, my legs trembling and barely being able to hold me. He licked his lips before crashing them down on mine. It was harsh and dirty but fucking hell i loved it and he did too as i heard a low groan from him. He was so turned on by my writhing mess, his erection digging into my lower back. He pushed a third finger in, stretching me, and i screamed his name as my thighs clamped shut and my head rolled back as i saw white. My body shook as his  fingers  continued pumping in and out of me slowly to carry out my orgasm, his lips meeting mine to swallow my moans.

  He pulled away and steadied me on my feet. I watched him with heavy lidded eyes as he sucked on his fingers and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

  I stood there as he walked out of the kitchen and down towards the basement. What the fuck? I fixed myself before gong back down.

  He was sitting on the couch, the joint hanging lazily in his mouth as he watched the rest of the game. He didn’t even flinch when i sat down next to him. His hand went up to remove the blunt from his mouth and he slowly turned to me.

  I steadily got up, took the blunt from his mouth to mine, and sat on his lap again. His erection deliciously hitting up against my pussy and i couldn’t help but grind my hips into his, a satisfied sigh leaving his lips. Now it was my turn.
Again i moved my hips up and down, both of us letting out small moans.

  “What do you think you’re doing princess?” His long-fingered hands gripped my waist to stop me from moving again.

  I smirked as i put the blunt out on the ashtray behind me before turning back to him. “Shh, relax baby.” My words were mumbles as i sucked red marks on his neck, my fingernails raking along his chest The way i had him moaning beneath me made the throbbing in between my thighs worse. I was pretty sure there was a wet spot on his sweatpants from me and the precum that had formed on his tip.

  He chuckled as his hands stopped me once again. “As much as i want your pretty lips around my dick, I would much rather fuck you into oblivion.”

  “Mm, then why don’t you?” I looked at him through my eyelashes, making my voice as innocent as possible. Before i knew it he had me flipped over on the couch with him on top of me. I couldn’t get a word out as he began attacking my body with wet hot kisses.

  “These are no longer needed.” He mumbled against my stomach as he grabbed my panties and completely ripped them apart. He lifted the t-shirt i was wearing over my head before proceeding to get rid of his clothes. A small gasp left my mouth at the sight of him and i licked my lips in hunger. He smirked when he saw my reaction. Cocky little shit.

  His lips found mine in a harsh kiss, tongues and teeth clashed as he dominated me. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, and you’re all mine.” He mumbled, pumping himself a few times before sliding along my dripping folds.

  “Don’t tease me.” I could barely speak. He groaned and a mewl left me as he slammed himself into me giving me no time to adjust before doing it again.

  “Fuck Stiles!” I screamed as his hand found my clit and began rubbing it at a furious pace.  The coil in my abdomen tightened as he thrusted, his fingers now gripping my waist tightly, bruising my flesh.

  “So fucking tight.” He panted, his hips snapping up to mine. I shuddered, the flames licking higher as i climbed closer to my second orgasm and he groaned loudly as his lips traveled to my collarbone.

  He lifted your leg over his shoulder, the slight change of movement allowing him to hit a new angle. His hand let go of your waist and snaked its way back up, reaching for your nipple.You let out a sharp breath as he pinched it between his fingers.

  “You like that?” He chuckled, another groan following after as your walls clenched around him.

  “Oh god yes. Fuck, I’m gonna come!” You moaned loudly as he rolled the other nipple between his fingers.

  “Come on baby, come for me. Come all over my dick like a good little girl.” His words sent you over the edge. Your legs shook as you let go, your body spasming with the force of your release. A loud growl ripped from his chest as his cock twitched inside you, both of your fluids filling you.

  The both of you were a pile of heaving panting messes as he collapsed on top of you. Placing a soft tender kiss on your lips.

  “Shit Stilinski.” You laughed as he got up and put his shorts back on, handing you his t-shirt to cover yourself.

 "You, Princess, are fucking amazing.“ He breathed out, a smiled planted on his face as he laid down beside you. He wrapped his arms around your torso, his face nuzzled in your neck.

*I’ll Be By Your Side* Newt x reader

Hey, guys! I’m gonna try and get a few stories out in the next two nights, so stay tuned for yours if you requested one! I’ve been trying to post two a night. So bear with me if you’re still waiting for yours! 

- - - -

◘ Anonymous asked:

Newt x reader. Its they night before their wedding and they are sleeping apart. The reader suffers from nigthmears if she is away from newt too long. When she wakes up screaming newt runs to comfort her. Only to be confronted by her pure blood parents who won’t let him stay in her room.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, you brushed your H/C hair while humming a tune along with your music box. Tomorrow was your wedding day and you were beyond excited. You were marrying your best friend, Newt Scamander. You had met while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and he was the one you knew you’d be with forever the day he sat beside you in the great hall after both being sorted in Hufflepuff.

Knock knock.


“Can I come in?”

Setting your brush down, you opened the door to reveal your Mother standing there with a smile on her face. Moving aside, she slid past you and sat on your bed. Closing the door, you walked over and sat beside her. Admiring you in your (favorite  color) night gown, she revealed a small box. 

“I wanted to give you something.” 

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locker room blues | archie andrews x reader

Originally posted by fuckyeahselenita


written by: maddy

edited by: rosie

anonymous said: okay 2 things. 1,my names rOSIE AS WELL. also can I request an archie fic where the reader is like veronica but she just moved from london and archie,betty,ronnie ,and kevin catch her singing in the locker room and are like amazed (preferably the song hate u love u by Olivia O'Brien it’s a great song) and they kiss or something. thanks!!

chapter song: ‘Your Song’ by Rita Ora!

I let out a deep breath, opening my E/C eyes. I rake my eyes up the tall and intimidating building. I straighten my back, lean my shoulders back and tilt my head up. I take a step towards the school building, knowing that after today this would be where I was to finish my schooling. Taking one step after another until I’m inside the building.

“Hello Miss,” An older voice calls out, I look around searching for the source of the voice. My eyes find a lady who appears to be in her late sixties, smiling at me, her red lipstick slightly smudged along her chin. She sits behind a large dark wood desk, complete with a telephone, a small computer and some books.

I smile back softly, “Hello, you wouldn’t happen to know where I’m supposed to go for my tour do you?” I ask.

The lady nods her head softly, “That’ll be Betty Cooper that you’re looking for, if you just wait here she should be here soon.” I nod my head softly, the smile falling from my lips. I run my hands down my front smoothing down the nonexistent wrinkles from my black dress that fell halfway up my thigh.

A few moments later, my thoughts are interrupted by a bouncy blonde pony tail. “Hi,” The girl, Betty, says cheerfully, “I’m here to guide you around for today.” She smiles widely gracing me with her perfect teeth.

“I’m Y/N,” I say holding my hand out for her to shake, her eyes dart down to my hand, then quickly back up to my face. I raise one eyebrow, encouraging her to shake my hand.

“Betty Cooper,” She smiles tossing her head to the side as we shake hands. She spins on her heel, throws her arms open in front of her and gestures outwards towards a doorway that I hadn’t noticed before. My eyes watch as students pass and enter rooms. “Welcome to Riverdale High School. Land of the unknown.” She giggles softly.

“Do you know where I get my schedule?” I ask ringing my fingers together. Betty’s jaw drops and her eyebrows raise. I furrow my brows together in confusion. “Did I do something wrong?” I ask quizzically.

“Wait! You’re English?” She says excitedly, clasping her hands together excitedly. 

I laugh a little, “Yeah, I am. I’m guessing my accent is a dead give away.” She laughs and continues the tour. 


The next day roles around, and I’m back in school. This time instead of having Betty show me around, I’m all on my own. I open my locker with ease and throw my bag inside it and pull out the books for my next subject.

“Hello there,” a sweet voice says from behind me. I spin around to meet a pair of gorgeous brown eyes. I move my eyes over the gorgeous person stood in front of me, his ginger hair, strong and masculine features, soft lips, down to his lean and muscular frame. I trail my eyes back up to his face, a soft smirk graces his lips. I smile cheekily at him. “Like what you see?” He asks chuckling softly.

“Possibly,” I say winking at him. I watch as his eyes widen. “Before you even ask, yes I am English.” I roll my eyes.

“I wasn’t going to ask,” He says winking back at me, “What classes do you have today?”

“I honestly don’t know,” I reply laughing a little. I pick up my schedule out of my locker and hand it to him.

“We have second, third and fourth period together,” He says after examining the piece of paper. “Your first class is English in the next hall over.”

“Great,” I say a smile on my face, “You can take care of me in those classes then,” I say softly leaning in a bit closer towards him.

He laughs, “I’m Archie Andrews.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” I say smiling. 

A deep and loud ringing can be heard echoing through the halls. “I guess that means it’s time for class.”

“Yeah, it is,” Archie replies a soft smile on his face. I close my locker and turn on my heel and begin walking in the direction I new my first class would be. I feel a hand touch my back, I turn my head to my left and see Archie falling into step beside me.

“What are you doing?” I ask laughing a little, “You’re not in this class.”

“No, but you are,” He says smiling softly eyes locked with mine. I smile back at him a light blush fanning across my cheeks. His fingers brush mine softly, i tilt my head down as I feel my cheeks heat up.

“This is your stop,” He says, I raise my gaze up to his face a soft smile on my lips.

“Thanks for walking me to class Jock,” I step onto my tip toes a press my lips to his cheek softly, before quickly pulling them away.

“It’s no problem,” He breathes out. I smile and walk inside the classroom.


A few weeks pass and I’m finally starting to get to know all of my teachers and my way around the school. I had met many new people thanks to Betty and Archie, who has made it their mission to make me feel welcomed at Riverdale. I throw my gym bag over my shoulder and take a few steps out of the gymnasium and into the locker rooms. I enter after everyone else had left, as I had stayed behind to fix some things up with the teacher. The empty locker room sent chills down my spine. I walk over to my new locker and open it placing my bag inside, I pull out the clothes I need to change into. I lift the sweaty shirt over my head.

“Feeling used, but I’m still missing you,” I sing softly, “And I can see the end of this.”

I pull my gym shorts down my legs, “Just wanna feel your kiss against my lips, and now all this time is passing by, but I still can’t seem to tell you why.”

I pull a pink crop top over my head, and short blue denim jean shorts over my hips, “it hurts me every time I see you, realize how much I need you. I hate you, I love you, I hate that I love you, don’t want to but I can’t put nobody else above you.” I allow my voice to project through the empty locker room.

“I hate you I love you, I hate that I want you, You want her you need her, and I will never be her,” I sing louder, running my fingers through my H/C hair. I hum the melody as I pick my belongings back up and make my way out of the locker room.

Soft applause can be heard as I push open the door. I jump slightly at the sound, my eyes move around and see Betty, Archie, a girl I learned to be Veronica and a boy named Jughead all stood outside the girls’ locker room door.
I smack my hand to my chest, “You guys scared me.”

“Girl you can sing!” Veronica exclaims excitedly. I laugh softly covering my face with my hands.

“You’re amazing,” Betty adds, each of their heads nodding in agreement. 

“Thank you guys,” I say blushing, I remove my hands from my face and wring them together in front of myself.

“Why is this the first time we’ve heard you sing?” Veronica asks tilting the head to one side confusedly. “I’ve only be here a week,” I say shrugging, i trail my eyes over to Archie a soft smile on my face. I let out a soft laugh at his dazed expression.

“Let’s go, guys,” Betty says encouraging Veronica and Jughead to leave with her. Archie stays where he was a sweet smile on his face as he looks at me. 

“What?” I ask tucking a piece of my H/C hair behind my ear, a small smile on my lips. He sakes his head, no, but continues to watch me.  A moment later, I take a step towards him and link my fingers with his, a sudden surge of confidence overcoming my body. His warm hand takes ahold of mine, our fingers link together. 

His eyes dart down to our now joined hands and back up to my face. His smile widens slightly as he brings our joined hands up to his face. He presses a soft tender kiss on the back of my hand, before dropping them back down to his side.

“Do you want to go out with me?” Archie asks, eyes locked with mine.

“Are you asking me out on a date Arch?” I ask teasingly.

“I sure hope so,” He says, letting out a cheerful chuckle.I nod my head softly,

“Yeah, i’ll go on a date with you.” I smile.

He smiles and pulls me to his side tucking me safely under his arm. He leans down and presses his lips to my forehead for a second.

“It feels like I’ve known you forever,” He says softly as we walk to class together. I wrap my arm around his torso.

“Yeah, it seems to be much longer than a week,” I say a laugh erupting from my chest.

“A week?” He says as if it’s a long time, making me giggle in response.

“Mhm a whole week,” I say teasingly, “I’m already so comfortable here with you, and your friends.”

tag list: @hauntedcherryblossombanana-blog  @sadbreakfastclb @jugandbettsdetectiveagency @kindfloweroflove @fragilefrances @mydelightfulcollectiontyphoon @onceuponagladerhead @natalieroseg @sardonic-jug @hiimalyssawriter @riverdalemami

flowers 🌺 || rilaya au fanfiction

Riley Matthews loved flowers almost as much as she loved staring at the back of her crush’s head in math class. It was a simpler time then, where the girl she liked didn’t even know her name. The initially innocent crush eventually became pining and Riley had no idea what do with her all of her emotions. So, like any other rational person, she dealt with it by sending Maya flowers each week.

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Prologue | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Tell Me by Johnny Jewel

Instagrams are here!

Word Count - 700+ (it’s a prologue….)

“Oh, H,” she hummed, “if only you were being serious.

“Did you know one in ten couples split before their wedding from stress?”

“No they don’t,” she rolled her eyes at his words, laughing.

“They do! If we’re both not keen on the big wedding thing then maybe we should get married and save the stress,” he giggled, causing Eden to laugh too. “Eden Woods, will you marry me?”

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★  Kiss

 Small Inquisitor shares love to everyone before February.

Chelle Trevelyan belongs to @thegillyfox
Ash Lavellan belongs to @saltyfrieddough
Rythlen Cousland belongs to @picchar
Eremes Lavellan belongs to @xfreischutz
Aerys & Arla Lavellan belongs to @niklisson
Al’Has & Vel’Ka Lavellan belongs to @shoddymoddy
Nira’sal Lavellan belongs to @just-dread-wolfing
Mavis belongs to @shoddymoddy

Out Run My Gun ~Jerome Valeska~

    // Hey! I already answered the ask, so here’s your request. I took my own sorta spin on it, and as I was writing I just thought of lyrics that sorta work with it, and I could see Jerome doing something like he does. Anyways, I hope you like it, hun.

Disclaimer!! Some lines are taken from a song! All credits of the song go to Foster The People. The song is Pumped up Kicks.


Title: Out Run My Gun

Rating: Fluff.

Warnings: Threats (not graphic, or bad), also, is whaddya a word because I don’t know it sounds like one. I use it as one, in case that bothers you. There might be some more words in here that are like, verbally accepted. Like, you can use them when talking, but they aren’t really a “word” that you would write in a paper or something, if that makes sense.

Need To Know: Things will be explained(a little bit) in Jerome talking. //


    Loud laughter fills the silence, startling everyone in the class. Something about it feels so familiar to y/n. The wild, varying pitches. She doesn’t have time to recognize who it belongs to though; the door bursts open and the loud, persistent banging of a machine gun fills elicits screams. Her eyes widen, yet she doesn’t scream. All the other kids get to the floor, hiding under their desks and screaming, some even sobbing. A flight or fight response kicks in, and y/n blindly launches herself at the door, making it through due to the incompetence of the lackey guarding the door. As she continues to run forward, out of the corner of her eyes she can just barely see someone walking towards her leisurely. He cackles light-heartedly, calling out in a sing-songy voice, “Darling, don’t run from me.” He pulls the safety on his gun, aiming it at her lazily. He laughs again, and begins to call out to her once more. 

All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks,” he pulls the trigger and the loud bang causes his laugh to become more wild. 

“They better run,” he pulls the trigger again. 

“Better run, outrun my gun,” he pulls the trigger as y/n turns a corner, her heart stopping when she sees no option but one. She rushes into the girls’ locker room, ducking into the nearest shower and pulling the curtain across. His footsteps seem unnaturally loud as he walks into the locker room, instantly seeing her shoes behind one of the curtains. 

“All the other kids with the pumped-up kicks,” He calls out, at this point just taunting y/n. 

“They better run,” he murmurs, his eyes growing dark as he fires another shot, this one at the ceiling, more to elicit a reaction from y/n. When she lets out a small cry, he smiles. He laughs maliciously, jumping up onto one of the benches and spinning, kicking a binder off in a flashy manner. He pounces forward, landing in front of the shower she’s hiding in. 

“Better run…” He reaches forward, his motions painstakingly slow as he grabs the curtain and pulls it back. Before he can get it over all the way, y/n bolts out in a futile attempt to get away he grabs her arm and throws her into the locker area, moving forward. He saunters forward and tilts his head. He snakes his arm around her waist, pulling her too him.

    He presses the gun to her temple. He tilts his head down, his lips only inches from her ear. “Faster than my bullet.” He whispers, his hot breath causing her to shudder. He pushes her forward. “Turn around,” he says, motioning his gun in a circle. She turns around slowly, trying to calm herself down. When her eyes meet his, everything clicks into place.

His laugh.

His voice.

“Jerome.” She whispers.

His face darkens slightly, and he points the gun at her, not faltering, his lips turning up in a cruel smile. Before she can say anything, he pulls the trigger. Her hands fly up to her face, although that wouldn’t protect her from a bullet.

But nothing happens. Jerome stares down at his gun, pulling the trigger again.

Nothing happens.

He moves forward, pulling the trigger aggressively, only stopping when he reaches her. He throws the gun, and it skids far away from them. Y/n smiles, opening her mouth to say something, but he cuts her off quickly, shoving her back. His pale hand wraps around her neck.

“Je-jerome,” she gasps. “Stop, please. I can explain,” her mind goes into panic mode as he pulls out a second gun, pressing it to her temple.

“Explain leaving me? Explain telling me you never loved me, never cared for me? It’s pretty obvious what ya meant, darling.” He growls, his eyes growing dangerous.

“It wasn’t like that!” She raises her voice as much as she can.

“Then what was it like, y/n!” He snaps viciously, his grip tightening slightly.

“It was a fight. I didn’t mean it.” She whispers. “I didn’t mean any of it, Jerome. I was angry…but…” Jerome pulls the safety.

“But what?”

“I…I love you, Jerome.” She says, daring to meet his gaze. A smile slips onto his face, and he steps back.

“That’s great, darling.” He holds the gun up, aiming it at her. “But tell me the truth.”

“I am! I am, I promise!”

“I don’t believe you!” Although he seems angry, it’s clear that his mood is fully playful, which only confuses y/n more. Before she can ask, or move, he pulls the trigger. She jumps back, staring at him with wide eyes. Jerome throws his arms up in an over exasperated shrug and sighs loudly. “Right, I forgot. This one has blanks.” He tosses it to the side and smiles, skipping forward. “But I scared ya, didn’t I?” She shakes slightly as he pulls her into a hug. “Did you think I’d hurt you? I mean, I was going to. Only because I thought cha’ hated me. I guess I was wrong though, huh?” He kisses her temple, tangling his hand in her h/c hair. He hums, swaying back and forth slightly.

Y/n pulls away from him harshly, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Whatever ginger.” She says, walking past him. Jerome’s eyebrows shoot up, and he laughs, his movements resembling a snake as he turns around. “Don’t be like that darlin’,” he says, skipping forward to throw his arm around her. He pulls her to his side, and stops her. “Or I might not make you my queen.” She turns her head to look at him, and he kisses her forward, turning his head to stare forward, motioning out widely with his free hand. “We could have it all.” He looks back at her, amusement twinkling in his eyes. “Whaddya say, darling?” She looks off to the left, pretending to consider this for a while before turning to him, and nodding. Jerome smiles, wrapping both arms around her and kissing her softly before pulling back. “Let’s go cause some trouble.”

( @rigbeta ; Laurie Strode , @anoldsoldier ; Bill Overbeck , @azarovsslayer ; The Wraith , @notthebasement ; Dwight Fairfield , @calmspirited ; Jake Park , @ofthantophobia ; The Nurse , @m-a-s-h-t-y-x ; Nea Karlsson , @bunnyhuntrxss ; The Huntress )

Topped (M) Pt. 2

Chapters: 1| 2| 3

Summary: All he wanted to be on top for one, and you happened to be there.

Genre: Smut, College AU

Word count: 2.1K

Tags: allusion to boyxboy, cheating, toys, anal.

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Look at me posting before I planned to :) Title is from Lorde’s song on Melodrama (which is amazing and gives such a vivid picture of a relationship after a breakup). This is the fluffier history of the relationship - next part will tell you allllll about the breakdown. Let me know what you think!


Biting her lip anxiously, she raised shaking hands to her keyboard before immediately putting them back in her lap. The blinking cursor mocked her and her inability to formulate her thoughts. How could she? In the last year, she lost more than she could ever imagine and dealing with the reality of that had been nearly insurmountable. Resting her head in her hand, she looked out her rain splattered window and finally let her mind drift to the box of memories in the back of her head that contained everything related to Harry Edward Styles.


“Bean!” Harry yelled up the stairs of his best friend’s house, “Hurry up! Everyone is waiting to take pictures. Your mum is about to have a cow if you don’t get down here!”

“Christ Almighty,” she muttered, coming down the stairs, “You all need to relax. A girl only goes to so many school formals in her life and maybe, just maybe, she’d like to look nice for them!”

As she descended the stairs in her navy chiffon dress, Harry froze as a wave of unfamiliar feelings washed over him. Had she always been this beautiful? Wasn’t she still the same girl who used to chase him around the backyard, playing tag? Certainly this princess standing in front of him couldn’t be the same human as his best friend.

“Well,” she said, giving a little twirl, “How do I look?”

Eyes wide, Harry hesitated before clearing his throat, “Uh, you look nice, I guess.”

She rolled her eyes and patted his cheek while she walked out the front door “Thanks for the confidence boost, Haz.”

Watching as she greeted the members of his and her families, Harry mentally kicked himself. He guessed? Of course she looked nice. She looked more beautiful than anything he had ever seen, he just didn’t know how to tell her.

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Golf wasn’t really Y/N’s sport. She thinks it to be unnecessarily complicated and quite dull, with the tiny holes and the long distances and, most of all, the walking. However, there is one thing she loves about the sport: The clothing style. More specifically, the clothing style on Harry, which (if she is to be completely honest) is the only reason she had tagged along with him today.

He looked drop dead gorgeous out and about on the bright green hills, with a light wind blowing at the curls that stick out along the rim of his grey Nike cap and the material of his loose, neon pink golf polo flapping against his toned back as he stands next to his father. Des holds a conversation with Harry about a business party coming up, keeping his focus as he lets his club swing against a tiny white ball, watching as it flies across the air and lands a couple of yards from the designated hole. Harry nods and makes comments every now and then, switching off with his dad for his turn.

Y/N stood off to the side, waiting for him to finish his current conversation so that he could help her with her swing, aim and things of the such. She had stared at him blatantly, trailing her sight from his crisp white, gold-detailed sneakers and up the brownish grey pants he is sporting, admiring how well they fit him. Harry was made to wear these clothes and nothing could convince her otherwise; how else could he look so fucking amazing if it wasn’t meant for him?

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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden ☆Translation☆ Shu Dark Prologue

The person who inherited Karlheinz-san’s power was……

None other than Shu-san–.


Karlheinz: Shu……Let me give you my power.

Yui: (Uh……! That’s……)

Shu: …………

……Anyway, no matter how much I hate it, you’re going to give me your power, right?

Then, do as you want. But……Don’t meddle with my business afterward.

Karlheinz: ……Fufu.

If you say you’re prepared for that, then accept the King’s power.

                                        ~End Flashback~

Place: Heroine’s room

Yui: (At that time……Karlheinz-san looked somehow happy.)

(But, that’s understandable. Shu-san didn’t refuse to inherit the power.)

(These two are father and child, so surely Karlheinz-san……)

(As a father, he might have felt something.)



Yui: Shu-san……Did you really inherit……?

Shu: Yeah, it looks like it.

I feel like there’s something strange lying in my body. It may be father’s power.

Yui: Is that so……


……Geez, to disappear like that right after pushing such a troublesome thing onto me……

He’s a selfish person, as usual……

Yui: (Saying such a thing……)

Shu: But……I knew it would come to this one day. So, right now, I don’t really think anything about it.

Yui: (That’s right……Shu-san is the eldest son, after all.)

(His mother, Beatrix-san, has been telling him this since he was a child.)

(So it was natural for him to be prepared for that……)


(Right now, Shu-san doesn’t seem pleased with that.)

(Rather, he looks like he has given up……)

Shu: ……Stop daydreaming, and let’s get going.

Yui: Eh……? Where are we……?

Shu: To the Human World’s mansion. We can’t stay here forever.

Yui: Eh? But……

(The fact that Shu-san inherited the power means that……)

(He succeeded Karlheinz-san and became the Vampire King, right?)

(In that case, wouldn’t it be better to stay in the Demon World……?)

Shu: ……What is it?

Yui: Hum……I was wondering if it was really a good idea to leave the Demon World……

Shu: ……Isn’t it alright? Rather, it’d be better to quickly get away from here.

Yui: Why is that……?

Shu: I already told you. It’s like there’s something strange lying in my body.

In other words, it’s proof that my body still isn’t used to father’s power.

I don’t feel like I’ll be able to control this power as it is. If it gets out of control, it’d be troublesome.

That’s why I want to go the Human World. If I do so, even if I don’t like it, my power will automatically be restrained.

(I see……In the Human World, you can’t use magical powers to the fullest. I heard it from someone before.)

(But……Is it really alright for Shu-san, as the King, to leave the Demon World as it is?)

Shu: …………If you don’t follow me, I’ll leave you here.

Yui: Uh……! W-Wait please……!

                                        ~End Flashback~

Shu: Fuah……So sleepy……

Yui: …………

(Some time has passed since then, but there hasn’t been any change in Shu-san’s condition.)

(It may be that a large amount of his power is being restricted in the Human World, as he told me last time.)

(Anyway, for Shu-san, living in the Human World seems much more easy……)

Shu: Hey. Come over here……

Yui: Eh?


Shu: ……You’ve been silent this whole time.

Don’t tell me you were thinking about something unnecessary again.

Yui: I-I wasn’t……

Shu: ……Really?

Yui: (Uh……What to do? I can’t really tell Shu-san I was thinking about him……)

(Uh……I must change the subject or……)

I was thinking about that mysterious shadow from earlier……

(Speaking of which, what was that, in the end……?)

Shu: Haa……That……But it doesn’t really matter, does it?

Yui: But when I think that someone broke in there……

Shu: You shouldn’t concern yourself with such a thing. If there are people who want to snoop in this house, then so be it.

Yui: …………

(It seems like something Shu-san would say. But……It still makes me uneasy……)

Shu: What? Do you want to complain about something?

Yui: It’s not a complaint……But, I’m really anxious, after all……

Shu: Eeh, is that so……

……Then how about you come sleeping in my room from today onward?

Yui: Eeh……!

Shu: You don’t have to be so surprised.

In the first place, up until now, you have been crawling into my bed time and time again.

Yui: S-Such a thing……!

Shu: Eeh, you haven’t done such a thing? I wonder. Just recently, you did……

Yui: D-Don’t tease me, please……

Shu: Kuku…….Well, I don’t really care, but how about you go with me obediently?

Just saying, the one who was anxious was you. Well then, I’m returning to my room.

Yui: (Eh? What was that, just now……?)

Yui: (That’s……)

Shu-san, wait, please. Your earphones……

Shu: Nn? Aah……I didn’t notice.


Yui: (Just now, he put his earphones in his pocket……?)

(Somehow, it’s unusual. Usually, they’re stuck in his ears or hanging around his neck……)

(Speaking of which, I feel like I haven’t seen Shu-san listening to music recently……)

(……Maybe since we came back here?)


(……I’m thinking too much.)

(My hair is dry, so I should go to bed for today……)

(……Footsteps? Who on earth is it……?)

(Uh……Could it be, the person from earlier……)

(H-He came into my room……! W-What should I do……!?)

(It’s too late to run away now……)

(For the time being, I have no choice but pretend to be asleep and see how it goes……–Uh!)

(I-In my bed……!)

Shu: ……Oi. Are you awake?

Yui: (Eh……?)

Shu: S-Shu-san!?

Yui: (W-Why……?)

Shu: ……Haa. Don’t yell in such a loud noise. Even though I came here because you were scared……

Yui: Uh……

(Then, he took the trouble to……?)

Hum……Thank you very much……

Shu: ……It’s nothing. That’s just a pretext.

Yui: Eh……?

Shu: Actually, it’s just that I can’t sleep.

Yui: (Shu-san couldn’t……?)

What happened……?

Shu: ……Nothing much. It’s just……Recently, I often have this strange dream.

Yui: Dream……?

Shu: I’m standing alone in a place I’ve never seen before……

There’s no water, plants or whatsoever over there, just a dry, desolated land.

In my dream, I’m thinking that it’s the place where I belong. It’s the world in which I should live……

I began to see that dream after having inherited father’s power.

Yui: Uh……

Shu: ……I think that, perhaps, I was able to catch a glimpse of what the future would be, due to the fact that I possess this power.

Yui: That’s……

(His power allows him to foreshadow the future……? Really……?)

(Besides, from what he told me, it doesn’t seem to be a very good dream.)

(……He’s thinking too much……Right……?)

(A lot of things happened recently, so he must surely be tired……)

……Hey, Shu-san. Would you like to listen to some music together, right now? If you take your mind off things, maybe……

Shu: Uh……No good.

Yui: Eh……?

Shu: Music is no good……Because when I listen to it, I get unnecessarily worked up.

Yui: (……? What does he……)

Shu: ……But you’re right. It may be important to take your mind off things.

……That’s why I want you to keep me company from now on.

Yui: Kyaa!

Shu: Don’t be so violent. You were the one who suggested that.

Until I’m so tired that I no longer have any difficulty to fall asleep, you’ll thoroughly entertain me, won’t you?

Yui: Uh……!

Shu: I’m looking forward to that. Nn……

Place: Sakamakis’ Living Room

Yui: (Yesterday, questions were left unanswered in the end……)

(Shu-san was definitely acting strange, after all……)

(Could it be that, the fact that he inherited Karlheinz-san’s power……)

(May be even more of a burden for Shu-san than I thought……)

Reiji: Did you happen to see Shu?

Yui: Ah, Reiji-san. If you’re looking for Shu-san……

(Uh……He might still be sleeping in his room……)

Reiji: ……? What is the matter? You suddenly turned red……

Yui: N-No! It’s nothing! H-Hum……Shu-san is……

Shu: ……What do you want from me?

Reiji: A familiar arrived from the Demon World. You should confirm yourself what he wants from you.

Shu: ……A letter, huh. Give it to me.


Yui: Shu-san……? What’s written in it?

Shu: ……Why don’t you try reading it? Here.

Yui: Eh, but……It’s written in the Demon World’s alphabet, I can’t……

Reiji: Give it to me, please.

……It is from the Vivoras? I see, it’s an invitation to a meeting between fellow leaders to discuss the future of the Demon World.

Shu: How bothersome……Throw this away.

Reiji: But they’re waiting to see what we’ll do. If you ignore them, it will likely be even more troublesome.

Shu: ……Haa. It can’t be helped……

I’ll write a reply. Are there any paper and pen?

Reiji: Yes, over here. That is a wise decision.

Shu: Take that to the Vivoras’ King.

Yui: Will you participate in the meeting?

Shu: I have no other choice.

Yui: (Then, will he go……?)

Shu: I’m going back to the Demon World. Tell that to the others as well.

Reiji: Yes, understood.

Yui: (No matter how you look at it, Shu-san doesn’t seem really eager.)

(It’d be good if the meeting was just bothersome……)

Place: Sakamakis’ House Exterior

???: Hmm. A familiar, huh……Apparently, he seems to be heading to the Demon World.

Hey, let’s chase after it. We absolutely mustn’t lose sight of it.

???: As you wish.

???: Somehow, it looks really interesting. I was just starting to get bored so that’s quite welcome. Fufu……

Well then……What should I do……?


Hi mina-san,  as you can see, I decided to start Shu’s route. I’m sorry for the people who wanted another one (especially Laito’s) but, well, I can only do one at a time and there were more people who wanted Shu’s. I’ll do the entire route myself even though it has already been translated by someone until dark 08, principally because there are some sentences I wouldn’t have translated the same way (at least in the prologue, I didn’t check the others). So you can choose to read either of them, as you prefer. Voila voila, that’s all for now~ (*^▽^*)

Do You Hear That

Okay, buddy, pal, kiki, my child, first off: HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY @coralreefskim​ !!!! I hope you had a GREAT ONE and it’s NOT OVER YET BECAUSE THERE IT’S YOUR BDAY GIFT! 

IS IT CRAP? PROBABLY! CAN YOU SAY IT THO? NO! So, I’m good, lmao. *Shoves it to your face* ENJOY! 


Alright so: Birthday gift for tiny baby Kim. Based on that OTP prompt thing that SHE wanted me to do so, like, if you cry blame it on her. I literally can NOT write something without mentioning Klance or Broganes and I’m so sorry….not really.

Essence of the Prompt:  Imagine Shallura slow-dancing to a love song, with Shiro quietly singing the words in Allura’s ear as everything around them is a fucking mess and everyone’s dead and in ruins and they saved the Universe but fuck it they ded anyways.  

Content: Death. Death. And yeah. Death. Oh, and Shallura. Faint???Shallura? BACKGROUND KLANCE.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Song “All About Us” belongs to He is We.

Shiro likes humming.

He usually does it for himself; when he’s feeling down, for when he just need a moment to take a breather. It does wonders to him. It keeps his senses sharp and yet his body relaxed.

That’s why Shiro hums as he takes Allura’s hand and pulls her close, not even bothering to wipe the fresh tears running down her face.

He doesn’t dare to stop humming because if he stops then that will mean that three people that he cared about were lost and trapped inside a black hole with no way out.

He doesn’t stop because then the two unmoving bodies with red and blue armor they left behind in the dying Balmera will become a reality.

Because then that will mean that the war is over, just like his team’s cause and lives.

That will mean that the only family he had left is dead.

It will mean that –

Shiro lets out a shuddered sigh as his head echoes with the terrified screams that had come from the Green Lion as the black hole kept pulling it deeper into its depths. His mind plays the scene over again and he can clearly see the way the Yellow Lion hadn’t even hesitated to dive in after Green. Shiro tries but there’s nothing he can do before he remembers the way Pidge and Hunk’s screams had filled the comms and Coran had tried his best to help them from his pod only to get sucked in along with them and then, in less than a tick, everything had gone silent.

Shiro shakes his head, trying in vain to push those memories away but then the image of Lance and Keith’s beaten up forms fill his head and he can see them right in front of him as they keep bleeding out from their broken armor, both of them close to each other and Shiro can’t breathe because Keith’s eyes are unfocused and glassy, their flame inside them dead and he tries.

Shiro tries to reach. He tries and tries to reach them both but they keep getting further away, they slip through his fingers and nothing he can do can change the fact that they are both de –

“Hey,” Allura’s soft voice snaps him out of his thoughts, squeezing their interlocked hands a little, “Breath. It’s…They…Just breath, p-please. It’s - It’s over –” Her breath hitched with a sob before she drops her head in defeat on Shiro’s chest. “It’s o-over. Stay w-with me and b-breath, p-please.”

Shiro picks up his humming and pulls her even closer, wrapping his arms around her waist before he starts gently dancing around the control room.

The castle it’s dead. The balmera crystal that gave it life and entire essence of it is long gone, leaving both Allura and Shiro in the middle of the dark grim room with just their breathing and Shiro’s humming to echo around. It takes a while before Shiro’s speaking, filling in the silence.

“Keith…” Shiro starts softly, “Keith was the reason I started humming.” He confesses quietly, a sad nostalgic smile twitching in the corner of his mouth, “He had been so small when my parents brought him for the first time and…He wouldn’t stop crying. He cried and cried but it wasn’t until I started humming that he stopped and looked up at me and –”

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Park Jihoon confessing to you

heyyy so this is my first ever writing so I hope you’ll like it and that it won’t be too bad lmao let’s gooo

  • I’m writing it in this way because I find it so much better idk
  • so you were a maroo ent. trainee
  • one day 3 guys entered the dance practice room
  • you never saw them before because they were new trainees so you greeted each other and they sit in a corner waiting for you and your friend to finish practice
  • when practicing you could see Jihoon looking at you in awe so you occasionnally smile at him and he become a blushing mess and avoided your eyes
  • you also watched their dance practice and they were pretty good 
  • so all of you decided to have lunch to introduce yourselves and just speak
  • “Hello I’m (y/n) and It’s been 2 years since I’m a trainee. Nice to meet you!”
  • Jihoon was just in front of you so he was super shy and tried not to look at you
  • “Hum- h-hello I’m 18-year-old Park Ji-HOoN hum nice to meet you”
  • he was so cute dujzhdducdnuyd
  • yeah anyway you started to be closer to Kwon Hyeob and Jongyeon but not Jihoon so you were a little sad because you once saw him having fun with the boys and he seemed funny
  • about 1 week after your first meeting you decided to go talk to Jihoon but you couldn’t do it right away without an excuse
  • you went to the coffee shop to buy some for you squad lol (Jongyeon, Kwon Hyeob, your friend, Jihoon and you)
  • you gave a coffee to each member and finished your distribution with Jihoon
  • you sat next to him
  • (1 meter away tbh lmao you don’t want this kid to have a heart attack)
  • you began to tell him how you become a trainee,etc. at first to make him comfortable because I think that if you ask him too much questions he is uncomfortable and start to suffocate lmao
  • so after a few minutes Jihoon started to reply to your sentences with “me too” “seriously??” and some things like this
  • you could see in his movements and attitude that he was more comfortable 
  • at the end of the day you laughed a lot together and exchange phone numbers 
  • you daily talked to each other by texts or just at the company
  • he once texted you and asked you if you wanted to go shopping with him (you accepted and you were like so happy because you too had a little crush on him oops)
  • you two went shopping a sunday afternoon for about 3 hours and then went for a walk at the park
  • it was near 8PM and you sat on a bench to watch the sunset
  • you felt something warm covering your shoulders
  • “It’s pretty cold. Here, take my jacket”
  • a little tint of pink was on your cheeks as you smiled at Jihoon
  • “mhh (y/n) I-I wanted to tell you something”
  • “sure what is it?”
  • “I mean- I don’t know if I am able to say it now”
  • your eyes were fixed on Jihoon’s, looking to the floor
  • he finally look into your eyes, cheeks bright red
  • “I like–”
  • he wasn’t able to say it and was nearly crying because he’s frustrated
  • “Me too” you nearly yelled cuz you don’t want him to cry
  • Jihoon looking like a lost puppy hihi
  • “Really? I mean I haven’t really confessed but yeah I like you since the day I saw you and I just loved the way I feel when you speak and smile to me and- just when you’re around me I-I love you (y/n)”
  • Jihoon smiled at you with cheeks bright red and heart eyes
  • you hugged under the stars with your hearts both full of love
  • “So I guess we are a couple now?”
  • “Yeah I think so…”

sOOoo that’s pretty long im proud of myself hehe hope you enjoyed and please send me some requests!!