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John Wayne and John Bradley in “Sands of Iwo Jima”

The movie recreates the flag raising on Mount Suribachi  on February 23, 1945. The three surviving members of the flag detail  make a cameo appearance. Rene A. Gagnon, Ira H. Hayes and John H. Bradley are seen with Wayne as he instructs them to raise the flag. He gives the flag to Gagnon. The actual flag raised on Mount Suribachi is used in the movie.

See You Soon {H.G}

requested//a Hayes imagine where you go to one of his motocross events and he gets hurt and you get worried

Your hands were sweating and you couldn’t stand it. Your hand was entwined with Hayes as you followed him to the place where the kept his bike for the motocross event. It was always a tradition of yours to give him a “see you soon” kiss right before he would go off and do his bike tricks. You were always nervous before his events, because there was always the possibility of him getting fatally hurt. But this one you were extra nervous. Hayes was the youngest out of all the guys that were competing, and the smallest. Most of the guys were legal, and he was only fifteen. So the dirt bike course was harder than most of the things he had ever done. So naturally, you had more anxiety about the situation. He knew this, and he begged you to stay calm because he hated the idea of you being worried sick while watching him go out there. So you did all that you could to make sure you didn’t worry too much.
“Hayes, I don’t want you to get hurt.” You whine. He sighs and turns around and grabs onto your shoulder. He looked slightly irritated. You could understand why, you were being that annoying clingy girlfriend you never wanted to be. But you didn’t want him hurt. You loved him a lot, and it’s hard to love someone so much at such a young age, and as he looked deep into your eyes, you knew he loved you just as much, even if he was irritated with you.
“Y/n, please, don’t worry. I don’t want you to be worried for me instead of cheering me on. I need the support of my favorite girl.” He says and pulls you close to him. You wrapped your thin arms around his torso and breathed in his scent of pine. He always smelt like pine, and it reminded you of Christmas. You didn’t know what you would do if you couldn’t smell that every day. You sighed and looked up at him.
“Just be careful please. I want to be able to give you a congratulations hug.” You say and go on your tip toes to plant a small kiss on his lips.
“Of course. Now come on, we have to continue the tradition.” He whispers and kisses you on the lips fast as he pulls away from the tight hug. He then gives you a reassuring smile as he laces his fingers that were covered by his gloves through your fingers. You both start walking down to where the bikes and other guys were. Each step felt agonizing as you got closer and closer to him getting on that bike. Each step causing your stomach to drop a little bit more each time. Your sneakers squeaked on the sleek concrete as his hard books make clunking sounds. The noises bothered you, but your heart skipped a beat when you thought about never hearing the annoying sound of his big boots hitting the ground. You shook the thought away as you walked into the starting area where his bike was waiting as well as all of the other guys. Some of them had girlfriends with them, giving them kisses and smiling as they wished them luck. One of the guys even had a boyfriend it seemed, since they were hugging and kissing. Most of the significant others of these guys seemed pretty nervous, so it made you feel a lot better that you weren’t the only one.
“Come with me to my bike?” He asked with a smile. You nodded and you walked over to his bike. He grabbed his helmet and locked it onto his head. He jumped onto his bike.
“You are gonna do great, and right after you do great-” he cuts you off.
“I’ll come and give you a big hug and a kiss, like I always do.” He says. You nod and take a step forward, wrapping your arms around his waist.
“I love you.” You say, taking in his scent.
“I love you too y/n.” He says and gives you a kiss, the “see you soon kiss.” It always lingers longer than the regular ones.
“See you soon.” You say and pull away, stepping back to where all the other visitors were standing. You always watched from there as they raced. The area made you nervous and you didn’t have anyone to talk to most of the time when you sat out there. You slowly walked back to the little sitting area, standing next to the boyfriend of one of the other competitors. Your legs were shaking and tapping, showing you were nervous. The guy looked at you with a weak smile.
“You nervous for your boyfriend?” He asked with a little laugh.
“Yeah he’s the youngest here.” You answer.
“Oh Hayes, heard he was really good. From what Derrick told me, you don’t have anything to worry about.” He gives you a warm smile that makes you feel a lot better.
“Thank you.” You sigh happily. You look up at Hayes, and he looks back, giving you a thumbs up.

I’m sorry if it was kind of short, but I thought it was cute and yeah I’m gonna go memorize lines


This photo of Ira Hayes was taken when the 19-year-old Pima Indian was getting ready to jump during Marine Corps Paratroop School in 1943. He qualified as a parachutist on November 30 and was promoted to private first class.

Another photograph of Ira Hayes was taken during World War II–this time by Joe Rosenthal on February 23, 1945. The Battle of Iwo Jima raged from February 19 to March 26. Hayes was one of the men captured in Rosenthal’s iconic photograph of the five Marines  and one Navy corpsman raising the flag on Iwo Jima. Now part of U.S. Navy records held in the National Archives, it is one of the most famous war photographs.

Photograph of Pfc. Ira H. Hayes, 1943. National Archives Identifier  519164      

Photograph of Flag Raising on Iwo Jima, National Archives Identifier  520748

When one lacks answers, so then do they lack peace. Questions conjure fear; what you don’t know scares you more than what you do. But there’s peace in knowing maybe you don’t NEED all the answers.
—  Hunter Hayes [May 5, 2009]