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It’s been a while posting here! <3 AND GUESS WHO FINALLY WATCHED SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMIIIIING jshfjahfhfs

All I can say is TOM HOLLAND FREAKKIN’ NAILED AS BOTH SPIDER-MAN AND PETER PARKER. Everything is SPECTACULAR especially Daddy Tony being a grumpy dad to Peter huhu.

Anyway! Hope to see more of Tom Holland’s performances in the future MCU!

Also BONUS (and spoiler-ish):


With infinity war steadily approaching and so is the end of RDJ’s Marvel contract I just want to make you all cry by giving you my rendition on death in Infinity War: Peter for Tony

Tony was protecting Peter. If there’s one death Tony can’t bear to see, it’s Peter’s.

Tony is glad Peter can’t see the fear behind the mask. Until it’s scattered across the floor because of a hard blow.

Peter watches the whole thing. He knows it’s his fault.

“No. No.” Peter is speechless as he sees Tony, lifeless on the ground.

Running over to him as fast as he can go, he drops to his knees as scars begin to form.

“Tony! Hey, Tony!”

Peter whips off his mask so that Tony can see his face. Tears well in both of their eyes.

Tony is in so much pain. He knows it will be okay. Soon.

There’s blood seeping out from under the suit, leaking out from crevice after crevice. Peter can’t find the source of the bleeding. He’s putting pressure anywhere he can see blood on the suit that he thinks will help Tony but he’s just fifteen he doesn’t know anything about this he’s not supposed to be doing this he’s so young and he can’t have another father figure leave him not again

Peter doesn’t see how the fight stops behind him.

How Steve watches Peter fruitlessly try to help Tony. Steve has been through this many times before. Steve forgets Peter is just a boy.

Rhodey watches his best friend, the man who rehabilitated him, who saved his life more than once, and realizes he can’t do anything to help him this time.

Bucky watches the man who’s parents he killed. The man Steve fought over him. The man he ruined everything for for. He can’t help but feel an ache in his chest to know how Peter feels. How Tony feels. How Steve feels. Hurt.

“Hey, Mr. Stark.” Peter says, painfully smiling, as cheerful as he can manage whilst on the verge of tears.

“Peter,” Tony breathes out. It’s obvious to Peter what’s happening. He’s already gone through this once.

“Mr. Stark, Tony, you’re gonna be okay, okay? You’re- you’re gonna be fine, they’re- The Avengers are gonna fix you right up, okay? You’re gonna be-”

“Peter…” Tony says once again. It’s getting harder to breathe. The pain is gone, and has been replaced by a warm glow. It’s comforting.

“No no no no no no, Tony, you’re gonna be okay, you have to be okay! You can’t leave me, please!”

Peter speaks softly, but aggressively. He tries to convey urgency in his voice. There’s a war going on, and he needs his mentor.

Peter sniffles.

“Peter, it’s going to be okay.” Tony says. He smiles for a brief second, and Peter gets more and more scared.

“Mr. Stark! You- you can’t go yet! Please! I need you! You have so much to teach me! I have so much to learn! Mr. Stark, please!”

Tony looks at Peter. He can barely see him now, but he can picture how he looks. Scared. Hurt. Betrayed. He tries to comfort him.

“You’re a good kid, Peter. Good kids grow up to be good people. You’ll do just fine.”

Peter is reliving everything. He doesn’t know if he can handle this again, on top of everything else.

“No, Mr.- Tony! Tony you can’t do this to me! Tony! Please! Tony! Mr. Stark!”

It just slips out when Peter says it. He means it wholeheartedly, but he didn’t mean to say it out loud.

“Tony! Tony! Dad!”

He cries out. He can’t feel Tony move or breathe or cry or do anything. Tony is gone.

Peter tries to hold him over his bulky armor, but he can’t, so he just settles for lying on the shoulder of his suit and crying into his neck. He reaches into the suit and carefully maneuvers Tony’s neck whilst he cries into it, so that if Tony were alive, Tony would have his head on Peter’s shoulder and would be holding him back. If Tony were alive, he’d be fighting this war with Peter. If Tony were alive, he’d be telling Peter what to do. If Tony were alive, Peter wouldn’t feel the way he’s feeling, like an anchor sunk in his chest. If Tony were alive, Peter would be dead.

Steve is the one who comes over to Peter and Tony. Peter is murmuring into Tony’s armor and shoulder and neck, saying repeatedly, “What do I do? What do I do now?”

Steve drags him away from Tony’s corpse.

Peter whimpers softly. He’s run out of actual tears to cry. His face is tear stained when Cap turns Peter to face him.

“What do I do now? What am I supposed to do?” Peter stresses, his breath shaky and his eyes wet.

Steve looks him in the eye with determination. He knows just what they have to do. Just want to say.

“You fight, Peter. You fight like hell. For Tony.”

Peter repeats it back to himself. He nods his head softly.

“For Tony.”

And fight they do.


1x05 // 1x08

“There is nothing so ruinous to good character as to idle away one’s time at some spectacle. Vices have a way of creeping in because of the feeling of pleasure that it brings. Why do you think that I say that I personally return from shows greedier, more ambitious and more given to luxury, and I might add, with thoughts of greater cruelty and less humanity, simply because I have been among humans?”


(Panel by William Moulton Marston, H G Peter et al, from All-Star Comics #8, 1942)


garden gnomes and group chats

Sirius to felons or falcons: im ready to pass or die

Remus: I literally sent you a study package two weeks ago 

Peter: i left u my notes from last semester what are you doing with your life? 

Sirius: not studying 

Sirius: I thought that was really obvious

Sirius: cmon guys get with the program 

James to Remus: i left snape a step by step instruction manual on how to properly wash his hair 

James: its in his locker 

James: what do u think are the odds that he’ll actually figure out how a shower works?

Remus: first of all: oh my god 

Remus: secondly: good job.

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Well, we share gossip, and laughs. I think I’m gonna miss having an actress who’s so good, as Jenna, who constantly surprises me. And sometimes I’ll be rather lazy and think, “oh I can just go in and say this in a Doctor Who-ish way and it’ll sort of work out.” And then Jenna will deliver some dazzling kind of truthful perfomance and I’ll have to go “oh, I better work a bit harder”, and try and at least match her. (x) (x)

Finished Veni, Vidi, Vici - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Romans but were afraid to ask the other day, it’s a great starter for people interested in Roman history and very readable.

I then started The Island of Doctor Moreau just because I needed something to read on the bus home and wound up sitting up that night to finish it. So good. So very messed up.