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Well, we share gossip, and laughs. I think I’m gonna miss having an actress who’s so good, as Jenna, who constantly surprises me. And sometimes I’ll be rather lazy and think, “oh I can just go in and say this in a Doctor Who-ish way and it’ll sort of work out.” And then Jenna will deliver some dazzling kind of truthful perfomance and I’ll have to go “oh, I better work a bit harder”, and try and at least match her. (x) (x)

All right, ignore the urge to giggle about the overt bondage themes of early Wonder Woman comics, and instead observe the subtle and clever use of the word balloon’s tail passing through the microphone head to illustrate that the imprisoned queen is broadcasting her speech. H.G.Peters is wildly underrated.

Wonder Woman vol.1 No.28, March-April 1948