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angsty schmoop

so i saw a prompt on @taylor-tut​‘s blog that i really like and i took a crack at writing it.

im so sorry if it’s bad lmao i didnt proofread it fhaduf

warning: injury, lance whump, insecurity, bad writing, whatever lol

word count: 2.1k

(the working title for this fic is “don’t do drugs kids”)

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The Body | An Chorp


  • BODYcorp
  • HEADceann
  • NOSEsrón
  • HAND(S) / ARM(S)lámh(a)
  • FINGER(S)m(h)éar(a)
  • LEG / FOOTcos
  • EAR(S)cluas(a)
  • EYE(S)súil(e)
  • MOUTHbeal
  • STOMACHbolg
  • KNEEglúin
  • TOEméar coise (”foot finger”)
  • INDEX FINGER corrmhéar (”point finger”)
  • MIDDLE FINGERméar fhada (”long finger”)
  • RING FINGERméar fáinne
  • THUMBordóg
  • ARM PITascaill
  • BOTTOMtóin
  • ANKLEcaol cois (”narrow foot”)
  • BACKdrom
  • BACKBONE cnámh droim
  • BREASTcíoch
  • CHESTbrollach / ucht
  • BRIDGE OF NOSEcaol srón (”narrow nose”)
  • CHIN smig
  • EARLOBEbog cluaise (”soft ear”)
  • ELBOWuillinn
  • EYEBALLmeall súile
  • EYEBROWmala
  • EYELASHfabhra
  • EYELIDcaipín súile (”eye cap”)
  • HAIR gruaig
  • KNUCKLEalt
  • LIP  — liopa
  • NAIL ionga
  • NECKmuineál
  • NOSTRILpoll sroine (”nose hole”)
  • PALM bos
  • SHOULER gualainn
  • TONGUE teanga
  • TOOTH fiacail
  • WAISTcoim
  • WRISTcaol lamh (”narrow hand”)
  • LIVER ae
  • KIDNEYduán
  • APPENDIX aipindic
  • BLOOD VESSELfuileadán
  • BRAIN inchinn
  • HEARTcroi

My “I thought I had enough Calvin Klein stuff but it turns out I was wrong ft. other pretty things” haul✨✨✨

🌸Urb@n 0utfitters🌸
• Calvin Klein white cropped tee - £45.00
• Calvin Klein black triangle bra - £28.00
• Calvin Klein knickers x3 - £60.00
• Calvin Klein thong - £18.00
• Calvin Klein shorts - £30.00
• Pins & Needles black crop - £22.00
• Out From Under slipper socks - £12.00
• Photo clips - £12.00

• Broderie lace knickers x2 - £20.00
• Floral appliqué knickers x2 - £14.00
• Fabric nipple covers - £6.00

• Line+Dot sweater - £88.00
• Eloise rose slip - £48.00
• Deliah hoop earrings - £28.00
• Tauri crawler star earrings - £32.00
• Constellation crawler earrings - £44.00
• Agate pendant necklace - £64.00
• Mint canapé plate - £10.00
• Slivered geode coaster - £14.00

• Silver message teaspoon - 14.50

🌸Fr3nch Gr3y🌸
• Bamboo socks - £4.95
• Mirror tray - 24.95
• Ginger and Orchid perfume - £19.95

🌸B0dy Sh0p🌸
• Tea Tree targeted gel - £7.00
• Drops of Light brightening serum - £26.00
• Drops of Light eye cream - £20.00

• Volcano foot mask - £6.95
• Honey lip scrub - £5.75
I also got some art stuff that comes to £42.50
🌸Total: £767.55☺️🌸

I’m so happy I finally hit up Anthr0, I’ve always wanted stuff from there!! I’ve had my eye on that mirror tray for a while too.
Also, when I was in Lu$h one of the SAs came up next to me and scooped a gob of one of the tester lip scrubs up and just. Ate it. He ate it. And then he saw I saw and we kind of just stared at each other.

Dream Catcher

Preview of my quotev story

Chapter 1

Summary: Having strange dreams about floating red balloons and children in sewers; (Y/n) comes in terms that something strange is happening to her, as nights past and dreams getting stranger and stranger; how will this teenager cope with what’s happening to her life and not just with her life but all around her?

“Strange things has been happening.” mumbles (Y/n) to her friend Richie, the two teens had been standing at the arcade for a while now playing video games until (Y/n) had finally decided to call it the quits and order her and the smart mouth boy some food. 

“What’s wrong?” askes Richie as he bites down on his piece of pizza, the cheese stringing along from the delicious topping and into Richie mouth some occasionally dripping down onto his chin; but just before it could touch it, he slurps it up with his mouth making sure it got into its awaiting hole.

“I’ve seen having these dreams,” (y/n) says taking a sip of her soda through the plastic straw she had seated in his ice cold drink; lifting the straw up a bit she kept her glance down on the ice cubes floating around in the cup, “Let me guess it was me getting a blow job." joked the teen boy taking a large sip of his soda as well.

Looking up with her (e/c) eyes fixed on his figure with a heated glare the (h/c) haired female rolled her eyes; poking the straw down on the ice cube as if she was drowning it she replies, "No you dumbass.”

All Richie did was laugh off her response as smile up at her giving her a playful wink; he knew she wasn’t interested in him like that, but fuck was it amusing to get a rise out of the (h/n) foot (i/n) inch female. “Okay, okay I’m just joking around-” chuckled the dark haired boy. “But seriously what is this whole strange thing that your talking about.” Richie questions.

“I’ve been seeing things in my dreams; but not just in my dreams around town as well, it’s like its real but when I go to touch it or investigate it out. It just isn’t there anymore.” (Y/n) explains. Her (e/c) orbs dropping down back towards her pizza that day half eaten on her plate and she picked it up to take a bite out of it; her whiten teeth sinks down into the pizza before giving it a tug, half of the pizza was gone and was now being chewed in her mouth.

“What do you mean?” Richie askes confused, he had finished off with his pizza already and was now moving onto the crust; his teeth biting into the somewhat soft but hard crust that normally people would throw away, but now ol Richie here. Nope he liked the crust, almost as much as he liked making inappropriate jokes towards his friends.

“Well there’s this red balloon always floating around-” Richie cuts (Y/n) off; his eyes wide with disbelief almost as if he had just been told a lie that he knew the truth to already, “You’ve seen it too?!” he says.

His voice was raised but not loud enough to draw unwanted attention towards the pair, yet it was loud enough for (Y/n) to sush her friend up and tell him to lower his voice down a notch. “What do you mean by that?” she askes; ‘I thought was the only one who could see it!’, she thinks to herself.

“We’ve all seen it!” Richie exclaims, “The whole loser club.” eyebrows fluttered together in confusion; clearly showing how (Y/n) was not understanding where he was going with all of this, “The red balloon floating over town. We’ve seen it; at first we thought it was just the Bowers gang playing a trick on us to scare us with all the kids disappearing and stuff, but that’s until we’ve seen it.”

“It?” (Y/n) askes her eyes telling that she needed more answers then just a simple story that was being told to her, “The clown dude; at first we would catch small glimpses of him, but then he started showing up more and more until we could actually feel his breathe on our necks.” Richie says.

“We think the disappernce of the kids happening around Derry has to do with him; what ever he wants, it seems to have to do with kids.” Richie finishes talking before taking a rather large glup of his soda.

“I haven’t been seeing no clown.” (Y/n) whispers out softly her eyes moving to look around anywhere but at Richie; taking a look around the arcade she could see it’s nearly abandoned expect for a couple of teens and employees scattered around the place, that’s until her eyes lock on something.

There floating through walk ways which leads someone down to the path of the bathroom was a floating red balloon which read, 'I love Derry’ on it.

“Then what have you been seeing.” Richie askes gaining (y/n)’s attention away from the floating balloon that seemed to disappear just as fast a it had suddenly appear, “I’ve been seeing a sewer; with children’s toys and clothing, there was a nest like bed there too. Almost as if someone lived there.”

The Big Three just didn’t mingle well with the respective others’ realms. Jason and Percy weren’t overly fond of the dark and preferred to leave a light on at night (though not admitting that aloud), neither Jason nor Nico could swim before this road-trip (a scandal that Percy had fixed the first time they stopped at a lake) because they didn’t like being in the water for long and both Nico and Percy grew more than just uneasy during a thunder-storm.

“Jupiter Junior, scoot over”, growled Nico and nudged Jason with a foot.

“H—Holy Pluto, do not ever touch me again with those icy toes!”, squeaked Jason.

Percy, who had crawled up to Jason from the other side, snorted amused before slipping beneath Jason’s blanket and into Jason’s arms. Nico got comfortable behind Jason, snuggling up to the blonde’s back, both of them clinging onto Jason for dear life. Being close to the one who did belong to the realm they feared helped with the fears. Zeus wasn’t going to smite them while they were cuddled up to Jason, it was simple common sense to seek him out during a thunder storm.

(Aka: The story where Jason realizes that thunder storm gets him Nico-and-Percy-cuddles and suddenly it starts thundering every night)

im-awkward-but-social  asked:

A request for your roadtrip: Plant boy tech boy au where Shiro is a city kid (with a cyborg like arm) who finds himself lost in plant boy Lance's forest. Lance has never seen machines before, Shiro has never seen plants. They bond over mutual attraction and discovery

Alright! So sweet and cute! This is just going to be mostly fluff. If you don’t mind, I’m gonna take a little liberty with this one! I hope you enjoy it!


Shiro woke up with a killer headache. He could feel it pulsing just behind his eyes. He hasn’t one this bad since the accident.

He slowly tries to opens his eyes, shutting them close as soon as the brightness makes his headache so much worse. God, what happened to him?

Shiro tries to listen to the sounds of cars and running machinery to help him try and remember what happened. But the sounds aren’t there. It’s quiet. For all of his life, Shiro has never heard the city be quiet. Shiro tries again to open his eyes, flinching when the light berates his headache again, but he pushes forward and instead of looking at his roof or even the skyscrapers that litter the city or the grey clouds that hover just above them, he sees a blue sky. A bright blue clear sky, and instead of bricks and concrete surrounding him, it’s something that Shiro has only read about it books. Trees. Tall, towering trees. Shiro abruptly sits up, much to the displeasure of his head, and looks around himself frantically. He’s sitting on grass, another hung he’s never really had the chance to see up close before, let alone touch it. It’s supervising soft, not what he expected after that individual pieces of grass were called blades.

Shiro slowly sits up, his head throbbing with each movement he makes. He frowns as he finally stands up, wobbling to and fro, and presses the heel of his hand against his head, hoping the pressure will help alleviate the pain. That’s when he hears a twig snap and a whispered curse, and if he were in the city he never would have heard it, but with the odd silence that surrounds him, it was crystal clear.

“Hello?” Shiro does another look around, this catching some movement behind the trees surrounding him.

“Whose there?” Shiro calls out again, the pain in his head getting worse with each yelled word. The world tilting and swirling around him, he leans against the closest tree he can to keep him self from falling over.

“Can….can you help me? I don’t mean any harm, I’m just-god, my head-….I’m just a little lost.” Shiro slowly sinks back down to the ground, his vision swimming and his headache feels as if it’s trying to break his skull. “Please….” he whispers out, his eyes catching some sort of figure before blacking out.


The next time he wakes up, his head doesn’t nearly hurt as much as before. He opens his eyes and sees that he’s in some sort of apartment, but it’s oddly made of a weird concrete…….no it’s not called that, he thinks it’s called stone? He’s not exactly sure.

He lifts his human hand up and feels a cold cloth on his forehead and man does that feel really nice for his migraine. He can hear foot steps echoing off the floor and bouncing around the room.

Shiro wets his dry lips and tries to keep his voice calm as possible “h-hello?” The foot steps stop as soon as the word is out of his mouth. He didn’t just scare whatever it was off, did he? The silence is almost deafening, but soon the foot steps start again, and now that shiro is a bit more aware of the other being. In the room, he can tell that he isn’t just hearing one set of foot steps, but two. Is there another person here as well? Shiro doesn’t want to try and look or turn his head, fearing that his headache will spike once again. He doesn’t have to wait for long before he can feel a large something lean against his side and the cloth is taken from his forehead, much to Shiro’s disapproval. But now he can see who or what has helped him. He sees a man. Not much younger than him, with the bluest eyes he’s ever seen, they could rival the clear sky in beauty. He has dark brown hair that hangs a little in front of his eyes and his skin is a dark bronze something Shiro has never seen on another person before, and on top of his head are……antlers? Shiro takes the risk and lifts his head just enough to look at the rest of his company’s body, which has pretty much nothing covering his chest and his lower half is some sort of animal. What is Shiro exactly looking at right now.

“You are awake?”

The words shake Shiro out of his head and look back up to the….creature’s face. It takes that as a yes and asks “can you speak? Are you hurting? Do you need anything? What’s your name? I’ve never seen anyone like you before?” It rambles on and on, obviously excited that Shiro is awake. Shiro tries to answer, but becomes very aware of how thirsty he is, let alone starving.


“Oh! yes! Of course! You must be thirsty! Here, drink this.” The man/ Beast lifts Shiro’s head and presses a bowl to his lips, barely pouring water across his lips, shiro opens his mouth and drinks the water greedily, taking every drop he can. “slow down there, or else your gonna throw up.” He takes away the bowl, and replaces the cloth on Shiro’s head, the coolness to it helping to calm him down.

They sit in silence for a while, letting Shiro calm down and drink in everything around him. Finally, after Shiro is sure that he can keep his voice from cracking, he points to himself and says “Shiro.” Then he points to the other, “what…who are you?” That seems to please the other very much, as he beams when replying.
“I’m Lance. I’m a centaur, and sorta the guardian of this forest.” Shiro takes in Lance again and remembering about how his mother would tell him stories about mythical creatures when he was a child. He never thought they existed, let alone that he would meet one.

“What’s this thing?” Lance asks, pointing to Shiro’s metal arm, looking at it curiously and cautiously as if at any moment it will jump at him. Shiro slowly lifts it and turns it slowly for Lance, seeing how his eyes are practically glowing in amazement. Ok they might actually be glowing, but they only make his eyes that much more beautiful. Lance hesitantly touches the cool metal, flinching back from the smooth metal.

“It’s dead?”


“It doesn’t hold any life in it. It’s dead. Yet it moves as if it’s alive? Is it some kind of magic? Or curse?” Lance takes it into his hands again, holding it as gently as possible, as if it was going to break at the drop of a hat. “No. No, no magic or curse. It’s a machine. It doesn’t really ‘hold’ life, it just does what my old arm used to do.” Shiro explains, but only getting a confused look on Lance’s face. “Machine? What is a ‘machine’?”

“Um…..that’s kind of really hard too explain, and I don’t think I can give the explanation that your looking for. How about you tell me about where I am, because I’ve never seen a place like this.”

For the rest of the day, they talked about their lives, about how different they’ve been from each other, Lance would go on and on about all the best parts of the forest, promising that he’ll take Shiro when he felt better, and Shiro reluctantly promising to explain what machines and science was. They would take breaks to let Shiro rest and drink or eat. And before either of them know it, the sun has long since set and the moon watches over them as they fall asleep curled up around each other, Shiro laying across Lance’s torso and his legs somehow twining with Lance’s, and Lance cradling Shiro in his arms, tucking Shiro’s head underneath his. Finding comfort and a sense of belonging in each other’s arms.


Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! This was so much fun writing! I know it’s kinda short and stops pretty short as well into the story, but I’m very happy with it!!! Plus, centuar! Lance is such a great thing and I need so much more of it!


Lisani! 2010 Pamphlet - Kalafina Q&A 50 Translation

Hey! ( ・ω・)ノ Yesterday @mistress-of-the-obvious was kind enough to share her scans of the pamphlet and after quickly browsing through these questions, I thought it would be quite fun to translate them so you all know what’s going on ^_^. Of course we know a lot of this stuff already but all in all, the Q&A was quite insightful and there were a couple of new facts here and there.
Please enjoy!

1. What was the first CD you bought?
口マンスの神様/Romance no Kamisama” by Hirose Kōmi and “パラシューター/Parachuter” by Folder (W)
A Destiny’s Child album (H)

2. Which song do you have on repeat right now?
Kalafina’s new song (W)
Makihara Noriyuki’s ”SPY" (K)
Acid Black Cherry’s “Maria” (H)

3. Which artists do you look up to?
Celine Dion (W)
Ozaki Yutaka (K)

4. Who would you like to have a singing session with?

Celine Dion, Spitz, Joe Hisaishi (W)
DREAMS COME TRUE, Beyonce, Acid Black Cherry (H)

5. Who would you really like to meet?

Hayao Miyazaki (W)
Girls’ Generation (K)
Myself from a previous life (H)

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Dream Catcher

Preview of quotev story

Chapter 5

Staring into the clown known as Pennywise The Dancing Clown golden eyes the (h/c) haired female couldn’t help but think at that very moment, ‘Was this the clown Richie talked about seeing along with the rest of the loser club-’ her  (e/c) orbs searched over Pennywise form; the thing before her stood at the height of 6 foot 7 inches, taller then anyone she’s ever come across in her life, ‘Is this the monster that caused all those disappearances?' 

She wanted to speak, to ask if it was true. Mouth wide open same as those (dark/light) (e/c) orbs she called eyes. Not one word was exchanged for a few moments; both of them just taking in each other forms, Pennywise couldn’t help but droll at the (h/n) foot (i/n) inches teenager. He could smell it, that sweet smelling fear. It was practically radiating from her pores, it made the alien clown almost want to eat her. 

Almost. He wouldn’t do it; as strange as it was to him he wouldn’t, no he couldn’t being bring himself to do it. 'Stupid turtle, why her-’ Pennywise thought continuing his stare down with the younger female, 'Why her of all people!’ his mind screamed at him. Aside from the fear he smelt coming from off of the (h/c) haired female he could hear her, it was loud and clear and almost blocked his hearing off from all of the world surrounding them. It was her heart beat. “So loud,” Pennywise mutters to himself, “so healthy-” bending down into his knees Pennywise places his ear upon the female’s chest; he could smell the fear much clearer now, as well as the blood rushing through her veins. “So beautiful.”

Pulling back in a fit of rage Pennywise didn’t know why he was so suddenly filled with raged, 'What are you doing to me you stupid girl!’ he thought about shouting those words out into her face just so he could smell her fear more and so that she could see just how angry she was making him.

This wasn’t like him, to get so worked up over a human. His meal neverless, but things seemed to change he seemed to have forgotten why he even decided to show himself in te first place; shaking his head as if that would clear his mind of the thoughts of the female which stood before him Pennywise gave a small smile at the female a 'I Love Derry’ red ball on appearing in his white glove covered hand.

Ascending his hand outward Pennywise awaited for the girl to take the balloon, his begged but held curiosity as well, he truly wondered if she would take balloon from him outstretched hands; almost as if she heard his plead her (s/c) closed arm reached out, her hand wrapping up into a fist on the golden string that accompanied it. She now held the balloon in a tightly balled up fist, but so did he.

Letting his gloved hand fall freely down beside him Pennywise titled his head towards the side, he wondered 'Could it be?’. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts once more the alien clown turned around without so much as a goodbye and walked off swimmingly Pennywise seemed to have disappeared in thin air.

Still staring into the words that covered the red 'I Love Derry’ balloon (Y/n) seemed almost frozen in her steps alongside the sidewalk, night had already fallen upon her and the stars were out some shining brightly then others while others were a bit duller. 

Almost as if it wanted to stop being stared at the red balloon popped only it’s string still was being held in (Y/n)’s hand, the popping nose that erupted from the exploding balloon seemed to have snapped (Y/n) from her daze. Upon seeing herself alone standing on the side of Derry Maine’s sidewalk the (h/c) haired teen shook her head; (h/c) (long/short) hair flying everywhere before she realized what had just happened.

She met him, the thing, monster Richie was talking about. She met Pennywise, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, but he didn’t harm her, 'Why!’ her mind screams on panic and all she could do was run; run down the sidewalk to get to the safely of her house, to run into her bedroom lock all of her doors and window's and hope to never encounter that dreadful clown again.

But of course things never work out in Derry Maine.



Kallus wasn’t expected to be given a command, but Mothma and Bonteri had insisted. Lothals liberation was too important.

They hit the ground running. General Syndulla was providing air support, Sabine was leading the Mandelorians and Kanan had a command as well, with Bridger as his second in command.

Kallus hadn’t hesitated in requesting Orrellios being his.

The Lasat was beside him now, firing on an imperial convoy.

“I didn’t expect them to have such strong defenses!”

Kal smiles dryly, “They like to make things difficult.”

They fight their way toward the imperial headquarters.

“Spector 7, come in” Heras voice sounds in his ear. “


“Thrawns leading the defenses. We need to evacuate. Pull back…we can’t win.”

Kallus swears. “We can do this…give me an hour.”

“You have half an hour.”

“Zeb! Get me a transport.”

He knew where Thrawn was hiding.

The radio tower came into sight. How it was still standing baffled Kal.

He hadn’t told Zeb where he was going. No point in case this didn’t work out. The rebels would evacuate if this didn’t work out.

Kallus efficiently kills two death troopers. Before stepping inside.

“To think they’d send you…are you really that expendable to them.”

“No, just to myself.”

Kallus throws a knife at Thrawn, who comes at him.

Just like before the fight is fast and brutal. A test of skill.

Kallus takes a hit to the ribs, but delivers a returning blow to Thrawns stomach.

The chiss lands hard, but rolls onto is feet, relentless.

Kallus dodges the next few blows, trying to find an opening.

Thrawn goes for his bad leg…again.

Kallus braces and takes the hit. He supresses a scream as the bone cracks.

“Your beat.” Thrawn taunts, and holds Kallus close to him, repeatedly punching the Rebel.

He stops only when he feels the knife at his back.

Kallus forces Thrawn into an arm bar, and takes his blaster, holding it to his head.

“Kill me then, fulcrum.”

Kallus breathes.

“Then don’t hesitate…it’s bad strategy to give me time to think.” Thrawns drawls, as if bored.

“Tell your forces to surrender.” Kallus forces Thrawn toward the broadcasting equipment, wincing from the pain stabbing in his leg. “Do it.”

Thrawn laughs.

Kallus had been to distracted. Now a blade dug into his own back.


He lets go of Thrawn, hands in the air.

“Well done, Ruhk. Put him in the corner. I’d like him to listen.” Thrawn speaks into his comm, “Accept no surrenders. We will not loose Lothal…And be sure to exterminate any Lasat.”


Kallus doesn’t want to go through this again.

Ruhk holds Kallus’s wrist with vise like fingers, tapping against his skin.

Repeated tapping.

I-K-I-L-L- T-H-R-A-W-N

Kallus eyes widen. He begins to lightly tap his foot


Ruhk stare straight ahead.


Kallus nods, and Ruhk attacks Thrawn.

“Why yo-” Thrawn defends himself, as a few death troopers enter.

Kallus dives for a blaster, screaming as his moved. He fumbles for a moment but comes up, killing the troopers.

Thrawn has Ruhk in chokehold. “WHY!”


Thrawn tosses Ruhk on the ground, who writhes, gasping for air. “Your right…help was never coming for your people.”

Thrawn turns to Kallus, “Fighting is pointless for you. You can’t even run.”

Kallus readies himself. “Bring it you kriffing bastard.”

Thrawn attacks again, but this time Kallus takes the blow, again, so he can grab Thrawns shoulders, spin him around, so Ruhk can drive the knife into his chest.

The admiral drops the floor, glassy eyed.

Kallus follows suite, sliding to the floor, resting. He taps out the message to Hera, telling her to continue.

Ruhk is already gone. Disappearing to who knows where.

Kallus can’t fight. So he resigns himself to listening to the fighting. Rebels pushing forward. Suddenly it’s quiet. The firing ceases.

Ezra laughs. Loud and joyful. “We won!”

“Kal where are you?” Zeb asks.

“I’ll send my coordinates…Bridger will know.”

Kallus stares outside at a free Lothal. Twin moons rise over the Hiruzen, giving light to the planet.

Tangled fans! Mandy’s in the recording studio again! And we’ve got another preview of lines from an upcoming episode, called “The Brothers Hook”!

I typed all of it up, but because it’s cut off slightly, I’ve put what the word could be in [ ]! Enjoy!

“The Brothers Hook”


Hook Foot sleeps up against a tree…
Reveal: Cassandra fiddles with her…
… raise it when Eugene walks by and…

Cassandra: “Hey! That’s are last ap[ple?]”

Eugene: “Then why are you using… target practice?!”

Cassandra: “I have to relearn eve[ry?]… this hand. And I need… to stay sharp!”

Eugene: “Well, stay sharp wit[h?]…”

Hook Foot: “I’m sorry, but shoul[dn’t?]… here that be someon[e]… shoot an apple off…”

Cass and Eugene look at Foot… snags the apple from Eugene.

Eugene: “Lance, that’s our…”

Lance: “Then someone got…”

He lifts the apple to his… apple from his hand and ca[?]… fray. During the scuffle, …

Eugene: “Don’t think ‘c[ause?]… slobber all ov[er?]… eat it! It’s a…”

Hook [Foot?] “Hello?! Can w[e?]… using my head…”

hi cuties, i’m irene and i like to take pictures and create things some might call art, but i just call it a mess that hopefully makes people feel something. ghost videos and the smell of autumn air have a soft spot in my heart, and if you send me pictures of your pets then you will too. h: smolmasonjar


@blookity-bloke It’s hereeeeeee… idk how this turned out… and I had no idea what I was doing… but well…

Based on THIS


~Shintori Khazumi

Air abandoned Barbara’s lungs all too quickly, her timid gasp breaking the silence of the room as she came face to face with a disheveled partner, the poor blackette pinned down by a look that could only be labelled as “hungry”.

A shiver ran teasingly down her spine as her arms propped her up in an uncomfortable manner, her skirt riding up her thigh just a tad as she was pushed against the hard, cold study table of their room, eyes darting everywhere but never resting on one brunette’s face.

A hand took her chin, forcing her eyes onto deep, hazy hazel, a sweet nutty color. There was a compellingly deep shade to them, a shadow of darkness, dark thoughts.

Look at me.” The sultry voice commanded, and there was this huge swell in Barbara’s throat as she trailed after that hand that was pulling the uniform ribbon loose, her companion’s top becoming freer, more exposed, more… hot or anything that was certainly pushing Barbara’s buttons to an unbearable degree. She didn’t know how to describe this feeling.

It was almost alien, foreign to her… almost… somehow she felt it to be familiar, to actually be something she knew of. She just couldn’t quite put a finger on it-


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