h e was on the ground like in tears but he was still yelling

Right on Time

Henry Turner

Attraction, fluff

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: "Henry Turner imagine where reader saves Henry’s life and they fall in love, make it all fluffy plz I love your writing! Thank you:)“

Word count: 1000

gif is not mine.

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Before He Cheats

Hey! This was for the Break the Zone Challenge. This was supposed to be female angst ballads so… mine was Before He Cheats. Hope you like it! If you want to be tagged, not tagged, removed, added to a list let me know! I love feed back that is what keeps me goin’. 

Warnings: Language, destructions of property, threats. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader no smut

The son of a bitch had done it for the last time. You had caught him red handed. You had gone out for drinks last night with the girls because he was working late, for the third time this week, and there the bastard was. He was in a corner booth wrapped up in a little blonde, he had not been taught never to put his back to the door. You had turned and gone home, a complete loss for what to do. Until you pulled in the drive, there sat his pretty lifted souped up 4-wheel drive.

Little did he know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

You smiled and played the good girlfriend tonight when he called and apologized for working late yet again. You hung up and got ready to go out.

You finished curling your hair and smoothed on your red lipstick, you were on the warpath. You slipped on your red high heels and snagged your black leather jacket on your way through the bedroom. The last thing you grabbed was your Louisville Slugger from its spot behind the front door.

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Thanks @talesfromthecreed for requesting this one and I hope you enjoy and like it  and I hope it helps you feel a bit better. :)

Request. Say, maybe, reader meets a cute boy during their time-traveling adventures, said boy breaks her heart, and the legends make him regret it? 

Serie: Part1  Part2

When the team ended stuck in the 70s you pleaded Rip and Len to let you go investigate.  After pleading and pleading they allowed you to go to a small party in a bar. You hugged them hard, making the other members of the Waverider jealous. Your moment was ruined as Jax and Ray who asked Rip to show them what needed some fixing, you smiled at them and gave each one kiss on the cheek before running away towards Sara’s room.

The guys looked at you fondly.

You were their little angel.


“Can you help me?” You asked Kendra and Sara, the tree of you were in Sara’s room with a lot of clothes that you dragged from you room, in the ground.

“You want us to cover you so Rip, Snart or Rory don’t see you when you are going?” Sara asked.


“Why?” Kendra asked.” They gave you permission to go”

“They did, but I know Len and Mick, and they get… a bit overprotective. It was bad when Lisa was with us but now that she is in Central city they only got me, and after Savage kidnapped me it got worse. And they don’t like when I go partying with dresses or skirts”

“But for what you are wearing? C’mon I don’t think-“

*In other room, Mick found your black skirt you were going to wear to that party*



“You were saying?”

“We’ll help you”

“Thanks!” You smiled.


The night came and with the help of the girls you escaped your overprotective family.

Like a pro.

You wore a (f/c) dress, black boots and a black leather jacket. Your hair pulled in a high pigtail and a set of earrings Len bought you.

Like, actually bought you.

You entered the bar, the old music and the dance moves made you laugh. You went towards the bar to ask for a (f/d) when a tall guy with gelled (h/c) and (e/c) eyes. A leather jacket hugged his frame and a smug grin slipped on his face.

“Hey, doll.” He smirked and you blushed, his 70s charm making you weak in the knees.

“Hello.” You said shyly.

“What’s your name, doll?”

“I’m (y/n), you?”

“(e/n)” He said as his hand bought your hand to his face, kissing it.

You blushed and the guys smirk widened.

“What are you having?” The gruff voice of one of the bartenders asked him.

“Whatever she is having” The bartender looked at you before sighing and shaking his head, and then he went to get your drinks. The bartender’s behavior seemed off but you ignored it. Your attention drawn toward this really attractive guy who wanted to meet you.

It’s been months since you found a guy who wasn’t an asshole and was cute and interested.

“So, where are you from? I’ve never seen you ‘round here.”

“oh, em, I-I’m traveling!, yeah! Traveling with my family! When won’t be here for long.” You smiled highfiving yourself for your lie.

“Then, I gotta show you lots of things” He smirked as he grabbed your hand and pulled you off. Dragging you to the door and towards his motorcycle.

“Wait! I don’t have a helmet!.”

“Put mine”

“But you-“

“I’ll be fine, baby” He smirked and the bike roared in its awakening.

You sat behind him, your arms hugging his waist so you don’t fall.

“Ready baby?” He said looking at you. You pulled the glass of the helmet down, smirking at him and winking.

“Ready” He speed the bike and you laughed as the two of you speed toward the night.

He showed you the most iconic places, you laughed and you felt your heart speeding like his bike.


The two of you got off of the bike in the highest point of the city where you could see all the lights. The quietness and the trees bought the two of you a feeling of intimacy. He sat in the ground and you sat next to him, the two of you contemplating the lights. His hand made its way towards yours.

When they touched, the two of you looked at each other, bewitched by the eyes of the other.

(e/c) meet (h/e/c).

Plump pink lips meet chapped ones as you sank in the warm heat that was the other’s arms.


You would be stuck here for a few days, and each one of them you slipped out of the Waverider without anyone noticing and hanging out with (e/n).

The team saw that you were happier lately but didn’t say anything in hopes of you staying like that.

When I say “they” didn’t say anything I mean that the girls dragged Mick and Len away from you, that way they couldn’t act like the overprotective assholes they are.

What you didn’t know was that Ray, worried about you, shrank and hided himself in your purse.


You walked toward (e/n), who was talking with a girl, clearly flirting with her. Your heart stopped.

(E/n) saw you and came up to you, grabbed your hand and smiled falsely sad.

“Sorry (y/n), but I found someone better, prettier and that doesn’t look like a freak. So I’m breaking up with you, you know, (b/n) and I have been together before I meet you. It was a bet between us. And how you are going away I’ll never see your hideous face again. So is a win-win. At least for me.”

“Good riddance, ugly!” Yelled (b/n)

He went toward the other girl who was laughing loudly, he laughed too as your heart had been shattered to million pieces.

Your tears clouded and scalding hot tears fell from your eyes, your shoulders trembling from the broken sob you tried to hide.

Their cackle could be heard from miles.

Tears flooded from your eyes as you ran away.

Their laugh as a background.

What no one was aware of was of the shirked Atom who broke one of your earbuds in his rampaging rage. He engraved the face of those two in his mind with fire.

Ray smirked evilly.

They had no f*cking idea of what was coming for them.


The crew was chilling together. Mick, Len and Sara were playing cards meanwhile Jax was looking at them play. Stein was reading as Kendra and Carter were talking with Rip when you stormed in the room, sobbing miserably. You through your purse to the ground and your hands came to your eyes, covering the big tears falling to the ground.

“(Y/N)-“ Rip said but before he could say anything the most broken sob escaped your lips before you ran to your room.

Kendra and Sara darted from their spots and ran behind you, worried.  Leonard and Mick got up and we’re about to run after you too, but were hold up by Jax, who shook his head, no.  

Suddenly Ray returned to his actual height surprising his teammates, who looked at his flushed angry face, red with rage.

“What happened.” Len said cold as an iceberg. Mick’s shoulders tensed, making him look broader.

“She meets a guy. Guy made her happy. Guy was bich and broke her heart.”

“What did he do.” Carter said, eyes narrowing.

“He said she was just a bet he had with his girlfriend, that she was ugly and a freak. That he was breaking up with her. And they mocked her in front of everybody.”


Mick had broken the chair he was sitting on, his knuckles red from the hit in the hard surface.

“I know of someone who got a free pass to the icicle’s collection.” Len mean smirk was so terrifying cold.

“Revenge?” Jax asked.

“Oh yeah” Mick smirked pulling his Heatwave glasses on. “Kid just lost his prick.”

“I know who they are” Ray walked towards Len. “Let’s get them”

“Stop.”  Said Kendra, Sara behind her.

“You weren’t thinking of going to avenge (y/n)” Sara said looking at the members of the crew disappointed before an evil smirk appeared on her face.

“Not without us” Sara and Kendra’s aura was frecking terrifying. The guy’s smirked minus Rip, whose eyes reflexed his anger.

“Let’s go” Len ordered.

“I’ll follow you, soon. I have to cheek on (y/n).”


You were cuddled in your bed, tissues making a halo around your head. Eyes red with fresh tears and a red nose.

Rip entered the room and sat next to you, his hand brushed your hair back. Your teary eyes looked at Rip, breaking his heart. A fresh set of tears fell from your eyes as you asked Rip:

“I-It’s –hic- som-something wrong wi-hic-th mee??” You broke down again as Rip shushed you. Kissing your head again and again.

“NO, darling, no. You’re perfect, I love you, We love you.” Rip’s hands wiped your tears away.

He stayed with you until you fell asleep. Kissing your head and reassuring your self-esteem.

“He doesn’t deserve you,(y/n). If he tries to change you, if he betrays you, if he abuses you have to stand up. Said enough, leave him. You deserve so much better, there will be someone who will love you with all their hearts, who will see your flaws as virtues. Who will understand you, who will see you as the light that completes them, as you will feel the same.

So don’t worry, my darling (y/n).

You won’t ever be alone, you will always have us.

We love you, (y/n)

I love you (y/n).”

Your tears stopped as you fell asleep, a peaceful smile on your face.

You feel loved again.

Even though they never stop loving you.


Rip arrived before the fun began. Sara had knocked up the two cheaters as Kendra tied them up. Len, parka, glasses and gun sat before them a threatening smile on his face, Mick behind him was lowly growling and the rest of the team glared at them.

The two tied up teens groggily searched for something familiar when their eyes meet Captain Cold’s gun, proceeding to screech and try and broke the ties. Sara came toward the two ear-piercing yelling teens and hit them, softly (but still hard as hell).

“W-who a-are you?” The girl asked.

“Your worst nightmare.” Snart’s smile was al teeth. Dangerous.

“A-aaaahhhhhhhh” The girl shouted until Jax knocked her out. The team looked at him surprised.

“What?” He asked.

“Well done, kid.” Len smirked.

“I’m proud” Mick smirked.

Jax smiled at the team who were giving him a thumps up.

“Let’s put our plan in motion. Nothing fatal.”

“Aye Aye cap’tain”

Kendra and Carter flied with them and hanged them from a lamp post, their clothes changed to the most horrible of clothing, Jax had given them a makeup, and Mick had glued a sign that said:

On the girl, who was given a Joker makeup:


On the asshole that broke your heart, who had his lips painted red and make up as if an unicorn had vomited a rainbow on his face.


Len freeze their bounds so they only could be put down in the morning sun, so as many people as possible see them.

Sara took as many photos as possible, which anonymously ended in their high school.


But what can I say?

Some of them are villains or morally ambiguous.

“Let’s go back. They’re meaningless. This won’t change a thing.” Rip said cold as ice.

“I need to talk to my lil’ sis.” Len said. Mick agreed, weapons safely keep away of  sight. The team returned to the Waverider.


When you wake up, Carter and Kendra were asleep on your bedside. As you sit they stirred, they saw that you were  awake and hugged you like an octopus.

“Are you ok? Do you need anything?? I-” Kendra said.

“Ken, I’m okay. Really, It doesn’t hurt as much as before. Because I know I’ll have you and the team. You are my family, and I love you unconditionally.”

Tears clouded their eyes.

“We will love you unconditionally too.” They kissed your eyelids as you hugged them both.

“(Y/N)!” Jax and Stein entered your room and hugged you. Asking how you were feeling. You laughed at their actions.

Sara then entered the room, kissed your head and showed you the photos. Your eyes widened. You felt a bit bad but also good because your team did all of that for you.

Leonard suddenly broke in the room and hugged you, even though he wasn’t fond of showing emotions in front of others, but you had him worried sick.

“The next one that breaks your heart, I will freeze his dick off and then Mick will burn it and then I will cut it.” He whispered. You hugged him hard and kissed his cheek.

“Thanks, big brother.” You smiled

“(y/n), never let a guy like that say those things to you! If any dare I’ll burn him slowly! Grr” Mick’s big frame enveloped you in his warm.

“Thanks.” You smiled.

You looked for Rip but he was nowhere to be seen.

After a few hours everyone leaved.

Well, you had to shoo Len and Mick away.

Their overprotectiveness overwhelmed you.

Really, why never is anyone just whelmed?

A few hour later, you waked up to Rip brushing your hair.

“Hey…” You smiled.

“Hello” Rip smiled back.

“Thanks you for what you said before Rip” You smiled at him

Rip hugged you hard and you surprised hugged back.

“I took care of them.” Rip whispered in your hair.

“I know.” You smiled “I love you, dad Rip”

“I love you too, darling”

Never forget you will always have somebody that will support you, that loves you, be it your family, your friends or people on internet…

You are never alone, my darling lil’ wing.


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The Maze Runner Preference: Tour

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(Y/n) felt a weight on her back and looked back to see a boy with dark hair sitting on top of her. He stood up and pulled her up as well. She stepped away from the boy who looked worried. 
“I’m Thomas… What’s your name? If you remember”
“Its nice to meet you (Y/n). Welcome to the Glade”
“Umm… Thomas, what’s in there?”
“That’s the maze. Don’t ever go in there. Its very very dangerous”
“Would you like me to show you around?”
“Yes please…”
Thomas and (Y/n) walked around the Glade talking. (Y/n) learned a lot about Thomas. He was caring and brave. She admired his strength even with the current situation. Thomas spoke about his friends, Newt, Chuck, and Minho. He also talked about Alby. To (Y/n) it seemed like Thomas thought highly of Alby, but everyone probably did considering he was the leader. 
“Um… Where am I going to sleep?”
“I guess near me and Chuck”
(Y/n) and Thomas walked around some more. They enjoyed each other’s company. When it was time they got dinner together. They sat with Chuck, Newt, and Minho. (Y/n) became friends with them quickly. Thomas knew then that (Y/n) was going to be special.

When (Y/n) realized what happened, she was on her back. She realized that who ever had tackled her had come from inside the gap in the wall she was running towards. The weight lifted off of her and (Y/n) was able to breath again. She saw the boy named Newt jog over. He was slow because of a limp he had.
“Hey Minho, back from the maze?”
“Yeah, is this the greenie?”
“What’s your name?”
“Why were you going into the maze?”
“I felt overwhelmed by how many people were crowding me over there so I thought if I went in there I wouldn’t get bothered.”
“You wouldn’t get bothered… But you can’t go in there…”
“It is very dangerous”
(Y/n) didn’t ask any more questions thinking she would annoy the boy. She looked down feeling all her emotions crash down on her. She started shaking, but successfully held back the tears. She felt a hand on her shoulder but didn’t look up. She didn’t want either of the two boys to see her on the verge of tears. A hand gently tilted her face up. She was face to face with the boy named Minho as Newt called him. She averted her eyes and looked everywhere but at him.
“You can cry if you want. It won’t make either of us think any less of you. Its okay to cry”
“Its not okay… I’ll get over it soon”
Minho and Newt just stared at (Y/n). Minho let go of (Y/n)’s chin. He looked at the girl in front of him with curious eyes. She was a very beautiful girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes. The more Minho looked at her the more intrigued he became. He decided he wanted to spend some more time with her to figure out who she was.
“I’ll give you the tour if you want”
(Y/n) hated how she stuttered. She didn’t want to seem weak in his eyes. Minho thought that her stuttering was cute. It didn’t quite match how strong she was on the inside but it showed that she was afraid. That was a start on getting to know her. They walked around and talked about the jobs. Minho explained every job and described how he was a runner and what he did. The whole time Minho talked (Y/n) just listened quietly and asking questions when she had them. Minho seemed quite happy to be around her and didn’t seem like he was going to get annoyed with her. So she asked the question that had been on her mind,
“Where am I going to sleep? Do I have to sleep out here by all of these guys?”
“I’m not sure where you are going to sleep… We can go ask Alby, I don’t think that he will want you to sleep out here with all these guys… He will probably want you protected”
“Oh… Can we go ask him?”
Minho and (Y/n) walked around trying to find Alby. When they found him Minho immediately asked,
“Um… Alby, where is (Y/n) going to sleep? I don’t think it is a good idea if she sleeps out here with all of the other guys…”
“I don’t think it is a good idea either… Well… I guess it would be okay if she had a protector… I don’t know who would want to do that and it would have to be somebody who wouldn’t be inappropriate with her”
“I’ll do it Alby”
“I don’t think that is a good idea Minho… You are in the maze all day… Maybe Newt would be a better choice”
“I can stay with her at night and he can watch her while I’m in the maze, I think she trusts Newt… Do you (Y/n)?”
“I don’t know… I don’t know him very well… Do you trust him Minho?”
“Then I guess I can trust him as well”
“Then its decided, Minho you take care of her after you get back from the maze and Newt will take care of her while you are in the maze”
“(Y/n) did you have a question?”
“No… I was just thinking you should probably tell Newt about it”
“I will”
Minho and (Y/n) got their dinner and sat with their backs against a tree stump. They ate in a comfortable silence and watched the others mess around with each other. The doors started to close. (Y/n) whimpered. Minho had explained that the maze doors would close but she didn’t expect it to be that loud. Minho heard her whimper and put an arm around her shoulder trying to calm her down. She calmed down quickly and Minho removed his arm form her shoulders. They continued eating.  After they finished (Y/n) looked at Minho.
“Um… Where am I going to sleep?”
“Well… I can set up a hammock next to mine so that I can keep an eye on you”
“Come on, I’ll show you where it is”
They walked over to Minho’s hammock. (Y/n) looked at him. Minho smiled and started setting up (Y/n)’s hammock. When he had it set up he laid down on it to make sure it wouldn’t fall when (Y/n) was on it. Nothing bad happened so Minho got up and motioned for (Y/n) to lie down. She laid down on the hammock and smiled at Minho.
“Thank you”
“No problem. You should get some sleep. After all it was a very overwhelming day for you”
“Yeah… Good night Minho”
“Good night (Y/n)”
(Y/n) closed her eyes and was asleep within seconds. Minho smiled at the girl in front of him. He knew that it was going to be entertaining keeping an eye on her. 

(Y/n) hit the ground hard. All of the air in her body was knocked out. She felt a weight on her. Whoever it was, was very heavy and (Y/n) was having an even harder time breathing. She started to panic.
“Please get off of me!!”
She didn’t try to keep the panic and desperation out of her voice.
“Oh, sorry”
The weight was removed and the boy pulled her up. (Y/n) got her breathing under control.They boy was looking at her, concern laced his features. (Y/n) started shaking like a leaf. She was trying to hold back her tears.
“Its okay, you can let it out”
(Y/n) broke down and started crying. The boy stood there with a strange look on his face. He had no idea how to help in the situation. He had never dealt with a girl before. He had no idea how to calm her down. He just held his arms out to her. She walked into them and laid her head on his chest. He rubbed her back soothingly. He felt her tears soaking his shirt. He felt bad for the poor girl, she was in a totally new place, and she probably couldn’t remember anything. She was lucky to even remember her name at this point. He had heard her say it when she was in the box. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and beautiful (e/c) eyes. He kept trying to calm the small girl in his arms down. He was a little awkward about it but he guessed that it was helping because her sobs were slowing down and her shaking had almost stopped. When she had finished crying she pulled out of his arms and looked at him. He felt the need to introduce himself so he did.
“I’m Gally”
“Sorry bout that, I can’t let you go in there.”
“Why not?”
“Its very dangerous in there”
(Y/n) didn’t question it anymore. She saw the rest of the boys running over. She whimpered and scooted away from them. Gally noticed and stepped in front of her in a protective manner. Then he yelled out to the other boys.
“Don’t come any closer!”
They all jerked to a stop. (Y/n) noticed that they all seemed afraid of Gally. She wondered why. But at the same time she figured that she would find out soon why everyone was afraid of him. Gally also seemed like he was in a somewhat higher position. Like he was a leader of sorts. The boys looked at Gally confused.
“The reason she ran is because she felt boxed in by you! You need to give her some space! She just got here for goodness sake!”
All of the boys looked at Gally then nodded and started to walk away. (Y/n) heard one boy say,
“I think Gally is going soft”
She chuckled at that. Gally turned to her and smiled.
“I guess that I’m in charge of showing you around.”
“Okay. Thanks”
Gally and (Y/n) were walking around the Glade. Gally was explaining to (Y/n) how everything worked in the Glade. Who did what job, what the jobs were, so on and so fourth. By the end of the day (Y/n) had a grasp on what  was going on and how everything worked. But when the doors started closing for the night (Y/n) still was startled. She didn’t think that they were going to be that loud. Gally seemed to notice and put his arm around her in attempt to calm her down. She looked at him and smiled. Gally smiled back, he realized that he was going soft. What was this girl doing to him?

(Y/n) looked up to see the boy who helped her out of the box straddling her. He got up quickly and held out his hand for her to take. She looked at his hand before taking it. He studied her, she had (h/l) (h/c) hair and beautiful (e/c) eyes. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. (Not to mention the only one that he could remember anyway). She looked at him as well. She noticed that he was very cute. (Y/n) looked down as her emotions crashed down on her. She sunk to her knees and put her hands up to cover her face. Newt looked down at the girl who was now crying and knelt down and pulled her into a hug. He felt her move her hands to grab his shirt. He was rubbing her back and whispering in her ear. Her tears were soaking his shirt but he didn’t care. (Y/n)’s sobs died down. She looked up at Newt.
“Thanks… Sorry I’ve caused you trouble haven’t I?”
“Its okay" 
Newt pulled (Y/n) up and he guided her back by Alby and Gally. They cast concerned glances at Newt but he paid them no attention. He just waited for them to talk to (Y/n). Instead he was instructed to explain the current situation and show her around.
"Newt since you have bonded with (Y/n) a little bit, why don’t you take her around the Glade”
“Okay. (Y/n) come with me”
(Y/n) started to follow Newt. She saw him limping. She wondered if he had done something to it while he was chasing her. If that was the case (Y/n) felt guilty for it. Newt showed (Y/n) around the Glade, explaining the jobs. He also told her what he did and who the leaders were. Newt saw that (Y/n) had become more comfortable, and started telling her about the maze. She took the news pretty well. She didn’t freak out like some of the other guys that had come up in the box. (Y/n) was stronger than some of the boys, maybe not physically but mentally. She wondered where she was going to sleep. She hoped that she wouldn’t have to sleep near all of the other guys in the Glade. She wasn’t quite comfortable with anyone other than Newt. She figured Alby was somebody she could trust according to Newt, she thought she could trust Newt’s judgement.
“Hey Newt?”
“Um… Where am I going to sleep?”
“Well… If you are comfortable with it you could sleep near me so that nobody tries anything funny”
“Okay. That would be great if its okay with you”
“Its perfectly fine with me”
“Okay. Thank you”
“Its no problem”
Newt and (Y/n) went to go eat dinner. Newt introduced (Y/n) to Thomas, Minho, and Chuck. (Y/n) and Chuck became friends quickly. They had the same friendly personality. Thomas and Minho were both shocked to see that the greenie was a girl but accepted it quickly. (Y/n) knew that she would be okay at the Glade.

Under Pressure // Teen Wolf Pack x Reader

Requests are open!

Requested by Two anons:

“Could you write something where the reader is a really nice girl but everyone pushes her around until one day she wolfs out.”

“Could you make an image where the reader is a sad person and people push her around and she tries to commit suicide but stiles saves her?”

If you honestly hate this just dm me or ask me to redo it and I’ll do it again!


”(Y/n) stop trying,“ (Y/n)’s bully sneered, pushing the girl against the wall,” You are worthless and can’t do anything. Why do you force Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Isaac, and Allison to be with you? They don’t even like you, they’re using you.“

“Thanks but I’m fine with them ‘using’ me,” (Y/n) made quotation marks, smiling sweetly,“ Because they’re not. They’re my friends.”

“No they’re not,” The bully smirked,“ Why are they spreading rumors and talking about you?”

“They’re not?” (Y/n) questioned herself.

“Hey believe what you want,” the bully pushed past her,“ I’m the one telling the truth.”

(Y/n) stood still,’ They wouldn’t do that to me, right?’ She shook her head and walked past.

“Stiles,” (Y/n) smiled and waved at the awkward teen.

“Ohh (Y/n)!” Stiles exclaimed, avoiding making eye contact with the girl,“ What are you doing here?”

“I go to school here?” (Y/n) tilted her head in confusion,“ What’s going on? Are you okay?”

“Uh yeah I feel amazing,” Stiles looked past her,“ Uh research why wolves hunt in packs?”

“Stiles we already know th-” (Y/n) started to talk when Stiles pushed past her in a hurry.

“Sorry (Y/n)!” He yelled out.

“Weird,” (Y/n) muttered, staring helplessly at her hands,“ Did I do something again?”

In class (Y/n) leaned forward and whispered to Isaac who sat in front of her,“ Why is everyone acting weird today?”

“Huh?” The boy raised an eye,“ No ones acting weird you’re just being stupid and annoying.”

“Oh,” (Y/n) sat back with a frown on her face. She replaced it with a forced smile and started to take notes. Isaac looked back at her, then continued to stare out the window.

As soon as the bell rang, (Y/n) stood up and shoved everything into her (f/c) colored backpack. She sped out of the room, furiously wiping away a few tears that had fell down her face.

“(Y/n),” Scott called out to the girl.

(Y/n) looked at him, with eyes puffy and her cheeks red. She forced a smile,“ Yeah Scotty?”

He frowned at the nickname,“ There’s an emergency meeting at Stiles’ house today. Go there after school.”

“Okay?” (Y/n) nodded,“ I can’t go I have (f/a) after school that’s why we agreed to not to have me-”

“Then you’re out of the pack,” Scott whispered, knowing she could fully hear him.

“What do you mean?” (Y/n) asked, the forced smile leaving her face,“ You know I can’t skip it I was ‘sick’ too many times for the pack. I can’t miss any more please Scott just an hour you guys can wait, right?”

“(Y/n) it’s an emergency,” Lydia spat out,“ E m e r g e n c y, get it together you’re dragging us down, you’re out of the pack don’t try and worm yourself back in.”

“Lydia…” The (H/c) haired girl trailed off, looking at the ground.

“Lydia be nice,” Allison scolded,“ The weakling might kill herself over this.” The two laughed and Scott tried to hide his laughter.

“What’s wrong with you guys?” (Y/n) asked, backing away from them,“ You- Did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, you’re just annoying,” Isaac muttered from behind her.

“Isaac,” (Y/n) looked at her best friend,“ Guys stop joking around what did I do?”

Her voice cracked and tears spilt down her face,“ Why did I mess up again?”

She started to growl, her fangs growing and her eyes turned yellow,“ What did I do?” She roared and her claws grew.

Before she could hurt anyone, a force pulled her back. She hit someone’s chest.

“(Y/n) wake up,” Isaac’s voice cut through her thought, he was standing next to himself,“ This is all fake.”

“I-Isaac?” She looked at him, touching his face gently,“ Is it really you? Am I imagining things?”

“No (Y/n) I’m getting you out of this you were touched and kidnapped by a Djinn. The bastard is sucking all of your blood out and killing you slowly. It’s supposed to give you a good life but this one decided to be a little prick and give you nightmares,” Isaac held her hand,“ They’re killing it for hurting you and I volunteered to come and get you. So let’s go.”

Isaac started to pull the girl away from the others who had started to turn into gross looking monsters, with their skin falling off.

“Isaac we need to get out and fast,” (Y/n) shrieked, dodging the fake Stiles who had tried to hit her.

“That’s what I’m trying to do at the moment,” Isaac bit his lip and held onto (Y/n).

With a flash they reappeared in an abandoned warehouse. Isaac closed his eyes trying to focus on the problem. He looked, with blurry vision, at the rest of the group.

“Save (Y/n),” he whispered, falling down to the ground.

Allison nodded and rushed the the girl who’s eyes had opened.

“Allison,” (Y/n) rasped out,“ I think- I think I won’t survive.”

“You will survive damnit,” Lydia muttered, holding the girl up as Allison ripped out the wires that had be sucking out (Y/n)’s blood.

“I really think I’m dying,” (Y/n) muttered, her vision was failing her and she knew it was her time.

“(Y/n) don’t you dare close your eyes,” Stoles muttered to her,“ Get her to the Jeep we’ll take her to Scott’s mom.”

“Stop,” (Y/n) whispered, her head was bobbing,“ The Djinn took too much blood. I can’t handle it and the-”

(Y/n)’s sentence was cut off as a spear flew through the air and hit her chest perfectly.

“I’m sorry she had to die,” the Djinn stepped out of the shadows,“ She was in the way. Too bad she made a great snack.” He smiled,“ Ah reminds me of the Winchesters.”

“You were dead,” Scott growled,“ I will kill you,” His eyes turned a vibrant red and he sprinted towards the supernatural creature.

“Too bad the only thing that kills me isn’t what you are,” He sneered in amusement.

“Son of a bitch,” a man with a gun glared at the pack,“ A bunch of fudging teenagers got mixed up with a djinn.”

A man with longer hair frowned,“ Dean I think she’s dead.”

“She’s fucking dead,” Stiles yelled out in anger,“ Who the hell are you anyway?”

“The ones who are gonna kill the Djinn,” Dean, the first man, answered while pursing his lips,“ Who are you?”

“Stiles,” the teen muttered, loud enough for them to hear.

“You teens get out of here,” Sam ordered,“ Let the adults handle this.”

“What about (Y/n)?” Lydia asked the males.

“Take her to the hospital, don’t say anything about the Djinn. They’ll lock you up in a mental hospital.”

The teens rushed out, Scott holding (Y/n) as they rushed to the hospital.

“What exactly happened?” A suited man asked them.

“She was kidnapped and we were looking for her and she was lying in a pool of her own blood,” Isaac lied smoothly, hiding a bruise he had gotten from falling before.

“You all need to stay here as my partner and I go over this. You will be asked a series of questions but don’t be scared. You didn’t do anything wrong,” the man nodded and walked off.

“Excuse me may I talk to the family of (Y/n) (L/n)?” A nurse walked out of two doors that lead further into the hospital.

“Her family isn’t here but I’m her best friend,” Lydia spoke up,“ We’re all her best friends. We’re her family.”

“Well,” the short nurse paused,“ (Y/n)’s state… She won’t live to see tomorrow her pulse is barley there and she won’t be able to have a surgery without it killing her instantly. She can talk, barley though. She is a strong girl, she hasn’t cried a single tear when she was told this news.”

“She’s kinda like a wolf, she’s definitely as strong as one,” Isaac muttered,“ Anyway can we see her?”

“Only for a bit,” the nurse lead them to a room,“ I’ll come back and get you when you guys have to leave.” She walked away silently.

“(Y/n),” Stiles whispered out, slowly walking towards the girl.

She looked at them and just smiled softly,“ Hey…”

“Don’t talk,” Scott whispered,“ Why aren’t you healing? You’re a werewolf…”

“He- The spear… It was silver laced with wolfsbane- It was a trap from the start,” (Y/n) muttered, laying her head back,“ Call my friends, Dean and Sam Winchester. Make sure-”

“The monster is dead,” Isaac whispered to her.

“Hmm,” (Y/n) hummed in content,“ Hey guys? Thank you… For being my family.” She slid down and closed her eyes, releasing her last breath of air.

“(Y/n)?” Allison breathed out, being pulled back by Scott. The only sound the pack could hear was long beep of the heart monitor.

“Get out all of you,” the same nurse pushed them all out,“ Everyone clear.”

“Excuse me, friends of (Y/n) (L/n)?” Another nurse walked out, a clipboard in hand.

“That’s us,” Lydia walked up to the woman, the groups right behind her.

“I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news,” the woman whispered,“ But, your friend has passed away in the emergency room. We have found a trace of wolfsbane in her blood which had poisoned her, making her death even faster. I’m sorry we couldn’t save her.” She walked away, giving the clipboard to Isaac.


Jerome Valeska- Homework

An: i put this on wattpad but i wasn’t getting teh views so it came to tumblr woo

Jerome Valeska x reader

mild fluff.

The high school that was in Gotham(which had the original name of Gotham High), had a football tournament with a neighbouring school.

(Y/N) wasn’t exactly what you’d call ‘athletic’, she didn’t participate in any sort of sports clubs of any kind. But she had a keen eye for journalism. She did help to run the school’s newspapers and, every year, she, with along a couple other people, designed the yearbooks and other offical stuff like that.

(Y/N) was frequently asked by the head of year to go along to one of the matches to really get a detailed overview of what happened. She never did, because she figured she could ask  her friend, Angie, who was a star cheerleader, what went down. But sometimes Angie wasn’t very reliable. So she eventually decided to tag along to a game.

“(Y/N), wanna come sit with us on the bus?” Angie asked as her and the football team started to board the iconic yellow school bus. (Y/N) shook her head.

“Thanks, but i need to catch up on some homework. Gotta have some peace and quiet.” She said while pointing to her dark red backpack.

Angie looked a little disappointed, but flipped her beach blonde hair back and gave Julia a little smile.

“Ok, see ya around. Can’t wait for you to see my amazing cheerleading skills!” She joked.

“Yes, yes Angie, i’ll write something about the cheerleaders.” She assured her friend.


“And i’ll comment on how excellent your kicks are.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes while smiling.

“Thanks boo!” Angie nuzzled (Y/N) into a hug, (Y/N) looking a little surprised, but patted her back gently. Angie then hopped into the bus to sit with the other cheerleaders.

(Y/N) was just about to walk in as well until the footballers of the school shoved pass her, almost knocking her over. She grumbled, pondering whether to make a big deal out of it, but decided against it.

She plodded to the back of the bus, and slumped in the uncomfortable chair, sighing, and then pulling out a green textbook.


(Y/N) was so caught up in her work that she couldn’t notice the bus being hijacked by the recently let out psychopaths. To be fair, her black beats headphones blasted music in her ear to the maximum, which probably wasn’t very smart.

Just as she was about to write the word ‘the’, the book was yanked from her hands and thrown randomly, hitting the head of one of the team.

She abruptly looked up, to be met with an unexpected view.

Jerome Valeska.

One of the murderous psychos that was busted out of Arkham Asylum. 

He was a redhead, around the age of (Y/N) , and green/blue eyes, the same ones staring at her paired with a sinister smile.

(An: you’re around 17 in this story sorry not sorry)

Jerome was scarily close; you could see the freckles dotted around his cheeks.

‘Gingers’, she thought rudely.

“Well that’s just unfortunate, you missed out on the big show.” He mumbled eerily. (Y/N) couldn’t comprehend what he was saying; she paid more attention to the fact that she could probably die. Sweat fell down her forehead in pearls.

His smile then changed into a frown, and his eyebrows arched. Jerome then got up from his crouched position and threw his hands back.

“What, are you not gonna say anything? Come on,” he growled, glaring at her like she was a piece of meat,“speak, i dare you.”

(Y/N) was doing that thing where her throat was spasming, barely being able to breathe. She could almost cry. The way he saw death as if it was nothing. Sickening even.

Jerome was starting to get impatient, tapping the tops of the crappy chairs with his fingers, slapping his thighs in a rhythmic way, running a hand through his gelled hair.

“You’re boring. I think i’m just gonna kill you.” He said lightheartedly while pulling out his pistol.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock and she almost screamed “Wait!” To which Jerome had her at gunpoint, with a scowl.

It was just then she realised all the cheerleaders and footballers that were handcuffed to the seats with duct tape on their mouths, soaked in gasoline, but with interest in their eyes, were looking at them.

How the hell did she miss getting covered in gasoline? And why was she still intact? That’s what she’d ask Jerome, even if it did kill her.

“Uh… Um, h-how come e-veryone is handcuffed a-and,” she paused to regain her composure, “has duct tape over their mouths, but i’m fine?” She breathed heavily. Like getting your exam results back.

He smiled a coy smile. Not exactly what she expected. He relaxed his eyebrows, which sent an all-clear sign to (Y/N). He loosened his grip on the pistol.

Jerome was about to reply, but then the distinctive sound of police sirens rose as cop cars came into sight on the right. He groaned and muttered in annoyance. But a glint of a good idea sparkled through his eyes.

He looked back at (Y/N), grin as wide as the Cheshire Cat, “who knows? You’re coming with me.” He demanded.

(Y/N) shook her head skittishly but he grabbed her arm and dragged her along.

Before she was out of the bus she caught a glimpse of her friend Angie, in the same state as the rest of the people on that bus. (Y/N) saw the worry that filled her eyes.

As soon as she was out of the bus, the sound of a gun cocking was heard and the feeling of a cool gun was harsh on her temple.

She felt a presence behind her grip her by the shoulders and her back touching a chest, which she could only assume it was Jerome’s.

(Y/N) could feel his breathing on her neck. ‘Oh, so he is alive. Thought he was a vampire or something.’

“He looks like a male prostitute, what with his suit having black fabric around his crotch looking like a thong.” (Y/N) spoke aloud, without realising.

“Excuse me?” Jerome pulled her hair to bend her head to the side more and aimed the pistol by her neck. He was even closer than before. (Y/N) cursed.

“Did i s-say that out loud?” She squeaked at him, to which he nodded slowly, smirking. She gulped, looking ahead to see GCPD cars.

No surprise that the men that stepped out of the central car were Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. They displayed a look of determination while ironically walking uncertainly.

Harvey nudged Jim and he said something inaudible for the Maniax and (Y/N) to him. Jim nodded. And Jim looked to the little fiasco with steady hands.

“Jerome, release the hostage and the bus now. If you all willingly do so, we can arrange to shorten all of your stays at Arkham. We’re only telling you this once.” He offered to the Maniax, Jerome scowling.

He shuffled around a bit which made (Y/N)’s position more unbearably painful than before. It had now come that he had his right arm clutched tightly around her, his nails digging into her forearm. The pistol was still pointed at her neck though.

“By how much?” Jerome asked with a sharp intake of breath before. (Y/N)’s face grew flustered, but she couldn’t pinpoint the reason why.

It wasn’t because she thought he was attractive, did she? No!


He was a murderous, crazy ginger. That isn’t the best combination that a girl could want.

But, he had charisma and charm. That’s what any girl would want.

“I’m sorry?” Harvey yelled because there was a distance between the sides.

Jerome lowered his head and glared daggers.

“I said, by how much!” He shouted at them. She could feel the tension growing. (Y/N) was almost certain that some people were going to die today. She felt tears brimming at the thought of possible events.

Jim Gordon stared at them for a bit, then quickly conversed with Harvey before looking back. Harvey stopped him and pushed him gently to the car because he knew that someone was going to fire a gun.

He eventually yelled, “six months!” (Y/N) knew that wouldn’t have been satisfactory for Jerome, or the rest of the Maniax for that matter.

“Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Are you kidding me? Six months off a life sentence? Ha!” He bawled, the other three escapees joining in, “you’re a joker, Jimbo! Boys?” He looked to them again, halting their chuckles,

“Shoot to kill” he orders, and they fire their guns. Jim and Harvey sprint to opposite sides.

As (Y/N) witnessed the shattering of a car window, and the outing of a nameless cop, she couldn’t bear the situation, couldn’t bear the pistol by her jugular, couldn’t bear the firm arm wrapped around her.

And she lost it.

She started to sob and wail and bawl and cry, and Jerome stopped chuckling and gazed at her.

“Hey, what’s wrong (Y/N)?” He asked. If she hadn’t been crying, she would’ve realised that he used her name, even though he never asked.

“J-just leave me be! I want to go home! I don’t want to die!” She choked out.

He slowly took away the pistol from her neck and pulled her back to the doors of the coach. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked at her sincerely.

“Hey, don’t cry now. Life’s a joke and i’m the jester. It doesn’t help to be down all the time. Lighten up!” He groveled while (Y/N) just stared at the ground.

He looked out into the distance in frustration. 'It was going to take a bit more effort to calm down a wailing woman’ he thought.

And thought. He didn’t quite mind her, even if she was a little nervous.

Jerome did admire how her flowing ink black hair contrasted with the depth of (Y/N)’s forest-y green eyes. Maybe if she would smile like he did she’d look out-of-this-world pretty. He came up with an idea.

(An: and you have black hair and green eyes as well. It’s because i actually made a person but tumblr prefers to be the person :3)

“Hey!” He exclaimed while moving his hands to her upper arms, “why don’t you help me set your school bus in a flame? It could look real gorgeous.” Jerome added.

(Y/N) stared at him in horror. She could never do such a thing. Burning her friend alight. It was unmentionable, disgraceful, prepost-

'It sounds kinda awesome.’ She inwardly thought.

“No! I can’t and i won’t. Im not a killer!” She told Jerome and herself.

“Suit yourself. But you’re still my hostage, so you can come and watch.” He told her as he dragged her again by the forearm to a little corner where the trail of gasoline started.

He pulled a lighter out of his back pocket, smirking in her direction, and ignited it.

Well he tried.

It was out of fuel.

“Ugh, this is embarassing. Anyone got a light?” He called to the rest of the team. And one of them ran up to him eagerly.

He looked harmless, but (Y/N) knew that he was anything but that. He was just shooting the cops.

He passed Jerome a ready lighter.

She glued her eyes to the flame; when it sparked out of the lighter, when it reacted to the gasoline, making a jaggedy line slowly leading to the bus where Angie and the team were trapped.

She saw how Jim Gordon sprinted to the bus.

Jerome threw the lighter to the side, and took her hand.

“We’re going!” He said excitedly, rushing to the van he came in, she assumed.

“But-but I can’t leave! My friend’s in there!” She cried to Jerome as she was pushed in the seat of the van.

He merely slammed the door in her pleading face. She tried to escape but he had thought one step ahead and locked the car until he could get in. She bashed the door helplessly.

“Wow, you should maybe put your seatbelt on. Wouldn’t want to break your beautiful face, would we?” He climbed in while she rested her head on the door.

“Didn’t even let me finish my homework.” She spat at him.

He cackled loudly and placed a kiss on her cheek as she sat back up.

And she blushed.

An: Yeah it’s not very fluffy or smutty sorry. I just felt like a retake if somebody was there that Jerome fancied.

Ha i think im a good writer 😒

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Lust and Love

Logan Howlett (Wolverine) x Reader

Warnings: Smut

Words: 2,040

Request: A part of my wants to read ravenous and rough Logan x reader smut and another part of me wants fluffy. Could you maybe write a Logan smut where it’s super fluffy? Or you can do some rough sex. I’m such a hopeless romantic how embarrassing. Thank youuuuuu :-)

A/N: Ah, I got really sappy during the ending. Okay, well I didn’t add fluffy smut per say, and I’m sorry about that, but I did add loads of fluff at the end. I hope you enjoy!

Of all the bad days you’ve had in your life, mind you there have been a lot; this had to take the cake. Your wrists were aching from the constant chuff of the too-tight chains rubbing up against them. The constant clank of chain hitting concrete was the only sound breaking the silence that had fallen over the cell. If looks could kill, Logan would be playing poker with the devil right now. His eyes stayed steadfastly forward, ignoring your seething. You watched his stiff form in the moonlight, almost as if you were trying to mentally send him your anger. Finally, fed up with keeping your anger inside, exhausted with constantly getting the shit end of the stick, and hopelessly annoyed with the man who had landed you here in the first place, you spoke up.

“(Y/N), trust me, I know what I’m doing. (Y/N), what will they do, chain us up and leave us to die? (Y/N), I’m the one with fighting experience. (Y/N), I ca-,”

“Enough,” Logan growled, interrupting your ranting. You didn’t even flinch, your anger outweighing any other emotion.

“If you would’ve listened to me, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” You hissed, your hands shaking against the chains in show. You couldn’t even care that the loud banging hurt your ears or the metal scraping your skin was aching, too busy trying to prove a point to care.

“If I would’ve listened to you, we would be dead.” He snarled back at you.

“If your plan is as solid as you think, how do you suggest we get out of here, captain?” You mocked, attempting to salute as best you could from your position. Your legs were aching with the strain of keeping yourself up high enough so your arms weren’t pulled from their sockets, your muscles groaning in protest. You were frustrated and you needed somebody to blame it on. Considering there was only one other person in the room, you vented all your hate out on him.

“Are you trying to say you can’t get out of these chains?” He raised a brow. You scowled at him, your eyes burning with anger.

“Because I’m the one that got us into this mess so obviously I’m the one that has to get us out,” you muttered sarcastically, your entire body morphing into a cat, causing the chains to thud to the ground. Your hypersensitive ears were ringing, a hiss making its way past your bared teeth.

“Relax,” Logan shushed, removing his own chains from his wrist. You stretched your muscles, returning to human form in the process. “A cat? Out of everything?” You shrugged.

“Don’t act like you’re any better there kitty claws,” you gave his retracted claws a pointed look, prompting him to return them to their natural place.

“Let’s go.” He stated, cutting his way through the barred window. “Do you have anything big enough to fl-,” he was cut off, your oversized talons digging into his shoulders as you lifted him off the ground. “Just great,” he muffled, an annoyed glower marring his features. You flapped your wide wings, loving the feeling of the cool wind rustling your auburn feathers. Flying was one of your favorite things to do; it had a way of making you feel alive. Your beady eyes looked down at Logan, gauging his expression. He was annoyed. You could live with that. You’d been angry at him for hours. Your relationship with Logan had always been, to put it simply, complicated. The two of you were normally overly flirty with each other, stealing every chance you can to just put your hands on the other. However, when the two of you got angry, World War Three was about to start. The both of you had flaring tempers, causing everyone to leave the two of you alone when you were fighting. You couldn’t help it; sometimes he could just be so frustrating. Of course, whenever you went down that alley you’d always been torn between wanting to strangle the man to death and wanting to jump on top of him and fuck him. Your mind always betrayed your angry thoughts, providing you with little facts about how kissable his lips looked or how he might feel with his strong arms wrapped around you, his body thrusting into you. The heated feeling of arousal that you’d become used to pooled in the bottom of your belly, infuriating you to no end. You felt like your body and your mind were betraying you. With a howl, you dropped yourself and Logan by one of the many warehouses that Charles had kept around the world. Logan wasted no time, heading for the door as soon as he was back on his feet. You spread your wings one more time, letting the breeze cool down your heated body, before morphing back into your normal self.

“How bad is it?” You asked, walking into the small, one-bedroomed warehouse. After you and Logan had started your mission to take down the anti-mutant groups, he’d been adamant about buying places to keep the two of you safe once you’d finish a task.

“Not terrible.” Logan replied curtly. You nodded stiffly, hating this part of the fights. It would always either get super awkward or the two of you would just end up blowing up at each other again. “Your wrists are injured,” he stated, his eyes catching on to the red skin covering your wrists.

“Yeah,” you answered, “from the cuffs.”

“Obviously,” Logan muttered. You looked at him unimpressed, your (Y/E/C) eyes shining in something akin to annoyance. It wasn’t nearly as bad as you had been staring at him earlier but it seemed enough to push his exhausted mind over the edge. “Don’t even try blaming that on me. We escaped out of there no problem.”

“We shouldn’t have got caught in the first place,” you pointed out moodily, your sleep-deprived mind causing everything to be much more infuriating.

“No, we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Your eyes widened.

“Are you suggesting we left that little girl to die?”

“I’m saying we should have made a plan before diving in blind like that.” You took a step towards him, Logan taking his own step forward.

“Oh, the one time you actually want to use your head before jumping into a fight,” you argued.

“I know which fights actually require thought and which ones don’t,” Logan sneered, his body moving ever closer to your own.

“You are so frustrating.” You yelled, your hands pulling at your (Y/H/C) locks.

“And you’re so maddening.” He yelled back, his body practically pressed against your own.

“Dick.” You muttered, your eyes narrowing at him. There was a second of silence; no breathing, no speaking, no movement. And then, with the speed of a cheetah, Logan was pulling you into his muscular body, his tongue invading your mouth. You wrapped your legs tightly around him, your anger flaring into arousal. One hand gripped your ass while the other was tugging your hair mercilessly. He all but threw you on the edge of the bed, pulling you back towards his center with a bruising grip on your thighs. You knew this wasn’t going to be loving, wasn’t going to be sweet. No, this was going to be rough, animalistic, and feral. With a low snarl in your throat, you ripped Logan’s suit off his chest, not caring where it landed. He returned the favor, a single claw retracting just long enough to tear the fabric of your outfit, leaving your chest bare to him. He let out an animalistic growl, his teeth biting all over your exposed chest. A throaty yowl worked its way out of your throat, your hands dropping to Logan’s pants in a blinding surge of want. His bites faltered when your hands brushed over his confined erection, a pant coming from his open mouth. You were trying, and failing, to remove his pants. He seemed to notice your struggle, shredding them off his body with a smug ease. He did a similar action to your own pants, only feeling satisfied once the two of you were completely bare. The need came slamming back down, causing your vision to spin for a second. Nothing else in your life could ever be as important as having him right this instant. With a ferocious roar, you dug your teeth into his neck. He howled, his hands gripping your thighs roughly. Without so much as a second thought, he pushed his hardened length into your awaiting heat. You dug your teeth in his neck further, inflicting as much pain on his neck as his hands were on your thighs. He didn’t give you time to adjust to his size, slamming his body into your own over and over again. You met him thrust for thrust, your nails raking over his back and your mouth still attached to his neck, drawing blood. Inhuman noises were being torn from his throat, his entire body pushing into your own with a speed too fast to be human. You could feel the pleasure building deep within your stomach, your own lunges speeding up. Your insides clenched impossibly tight, the feeling so, so close. He lifted your leg just a little bit higher, sending his full length careening even further into your slick warmth. Stars exploded, the sun expanded, and the world came crashing down. Your orgasm wracked your entire body, a scream sounding so feral you almost couldn’t believe it was coming from you. Logan’s thrusts sped up for a few more seconds, his body pounding ruthlessly into yours. With a savage howl, he came, his seed warming your insides. His head dropped to your shoulder, his heavy pants heating your skin. You were both too exhausted to care, your bodies dropping back onto the bed effortlessly. Logan pulled you closer to him, your head resting on his chest as your eyes drifted shut. You closed off reality, calling it a day.

Your mind seemed to register the slight tickling sensation on your forehead before anything. You groaned, willing it to go away with your mind. Growling to yourself, you opened your eyes. The second thing your mind noticed was that you were sore in places you didn’t even know you had. Finally, your brain caught on to the fact that you were snuggled into a certain someone’s chest.

“Uh, Logan.” You greeted awkwardly, pulling out of his arms. Now that your head was free of lust and your mind was clear, you felt awkward.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” his lips lifted up in a half smile. You watched him uncertainly for a moment. “(Y/N)?” He asked softly.

“Logan,” you repeated, not entirely sure what to do with yourself. He leaned himself on his elbows, watching you curiously.

“Something the matter?” He inquired.

“We…” You breathed. “You and I… We… Last night… This morning…” You quirked an eyebrow, an amused little smile gracing his face.

“We did,” he confirmed what you already knew.

“So what do we do now?” You asked, fidgeting under the blankets. He lifted his hand, hesitating for a moment before placing it on your bare knee.

“We do what you want,” he replied, his eyes searching your own.

“What do you want?”

“You,” his answer was soft as he watched you. “I,” he paused, “I love you.” Your mouth fell open, gaping at him. “(Y/N)?” He asked tentatively after the silence stretched on for a moment. A blanket at warmth cocooned you at his words.

“I love you too.” You replied, moving closer to his side. He pulled you down on top of him, kissing your lips with a sweetness that had not been present last night. As you moved against his rapidly-hardening erection, you realized you needed this just as much. This time when he kissed you, there was a promise behind it. When he entered you with slow strokes, there was a meaning to it. And when he finally came, the whisper of your name on his lips, there was a devotion to it. The two of you were lustful creatures by nature, but sometimes lust wasn’t enough. Sometimes you needed love to feel whole again.

Met your match (Yondu x Reader)

Hearing scuffling Yondu furrowed his brows and made his way towards the holding room. It was late at night and most of the crew were sleeping making him wonder who would be messing around with their gear. Peeking around the corner he saw a person dressed in all black with a mask over their face going through their latest loot. Looking towards the door he saw the airlock to be open and a small ship attached to it. He felt his lip twitch in anger when he realized it was a thief. Going over to them he grabbed their shoulder with his hand, “You mus’ be stupid to try and steal from a ravager ship.” he said alerting the stranger. Before a word could be said the person had grabbed his arm and twisted him to the ground. With angry eyes Yondu kicked the person away from him and jumper up. Swinging at them they dodged most of his punches and managed to land a few of their own. 

Yondu watched as some of the crew came running at the noise and were shocked when they saw the stranger matching their Captain. Feeling the need to prove a point he signaled them to stay back while he fought the thief. When the person managed to pin him to the ground he heard his crew gasp and let out a loud growl. Having enough Yondu swung his leg and flipped them over so that he was straddling the person. Giving a whistle he flew his arrow to hover in front of the person’s face making them still. 

“Now let’s see what kind of man tried to steal from me?” he snarled as he ripped off the person’s mask. The room seemed to fall quiet when they all saw the stranger that had went tow to toe with the great Yondu Udonta was in fact not a man at all.

“A woman?” Yondu gawked with wide eyes. There underneath of him was a small woman. Her long h/c hair now laying in a halo around her on the metal grate floor. Her e/c eyes were filled with anger and staring daggers at him. Trailing his eyes down he now noticed the mounds of breasts on her chest where her shirt was pulled tighter by his knees.

“See something you like handsome?” You mocked as the blue male looked at your chest. He was a strong man. You would say Kree but then there was the fin on his head, not Kree. He wore a dark red pair of leather pants and a black shirt with short sleeves. When his eyes snapped back to yours you saw they were red and actually very beautiful.

Hearing her soft but mocking voice Yondu cut his eyes at the female and moved off of her but kept his arrow pointed at her still. Watching her stand he looked towards the crew to see them eyeing the female with both lust and amazement. She was one of the only people that had came that close to besting him in a long time. It both impressed him and infuriated him. Grabbing her arm he pulled her along to the brig. 

“You can’t lock me in here!” you yelled going to pull away from the man’s strong grasp.

“Now now sweet cheeks you the one that hopped aboard my ship and tried to steal from me.” Yondu said as he patted her down for any weapon. Finding a knife he tucked it into his pocket making her growl. Before he knew it she was trying to push past him and make a run for it. Wrapping his arm around her waist he carried her over to the bed and threw her on it. Before she could attack again he slammed the door shut and locked in on her whipping the blood from his lip where she had hit him. “Maybe stayin’ in here a few days will help ya learn some manners girl.” he smiled. 

Standing you ran back over to the door and grabbed his coat. Tears flowed down your cheeks as you looked up at him. “No please. You can’t leave me here…Please.” you begged, clenching his jacket through the bars. 

“Sorry baby, I’ll pay ya a visit soon…Don’t miss me too much.” Yondu said with a wink before walking away.

Once he was out of sight you turned on heel and held up the key he had in his pocket, “Sucker.” you smiled whipping the fake tears from your cheeks.

Waiting a good two hours you finally thought it had been long enough for everyone to go back to sleep. When one of the crew walked by to check on you you had laid on the bed and pretended to be asleep. As soon as you heard his footsteps far down the hall you jumped up and went to the door. Reaching around the bars you pushed the key into the lock and opened the door, giving a small smile. Making your way through the halls you saw a door at the end and gave a wicked smile at the words carved into the metal, “Captain’s Quarters”. 

Opening the door as quietly as possible you looked around the dark room until you saw the huge bed in the corner. Even in the dark room you could make out the sleeping form on the bed. Tip toeing over to it you looked around for your knife. If it had been any other knife you would not have cared but that was the only thing you had left of your father and you would risk your life to get it back. Seeing it on the far side of the bed you bit your bottom lip and looked back down at the sleeping blue man. He layed on the bed on his back with nothing but the sheet covering his lower half. He looked peaceful like this, with one arm thrown over his head and the other one by his side. Taking a deep breath you threw one leg over his body and gently leaned over to grab the knife. Brushing the hilt with your fingertips you felt a hand grab your wrist.

Flipping her over he pinned her under him with his upper body on top of her smaller one. Holding her hands down by her head in one hand and the knife by her throat with the other he looked down at her and smiled, “Ugh ugh ugh.” he said with a shake of his head. “Darlin’ ya are becoming a pain in by side. Now how did ya get out of that cell?” he asked when she finally stopped squirming. 

“May want to check your pockets next time.” you said with a huff, laying back on his bed. 

“Why you sly little minx. Tell me what makes this knife so important that you would risk coming back to get it when you could have just escaped?” He asked, looking the blade over. It wasn’t anything special, sharp blade with a carved wooden handle. 

You sighed not really having any choice but answering his questions. “It was my fathers." 

Hearing the sadness in her voice Yondu let out a deep breath before removing the blade from her throat and rolling over off of her to lay beside her. Leaning his head up on his elbow he looked her over. Flipping the knife in his hand he handed it back to her. "What you tryin’ ta steal anyway?” he asked and saw her look down.

“…food.” you whispered, hoping he wouldn’t hear. When his face tuned into one of concern you shook your head. “No, don’t do that. Don’t pity me.” you said. 

“Ain’t pitying ya darlin’. Just… thinkin’.” he said with a click of his tongue. “What ya got goin’ for ya girl?” he asked as he fittled with the sheet. 

Looking up you furrowed your brows. “As much as anyone I guess. Why do you ask?" 

"Well was thinkin’, How’s bout you come and join me. Come be a ravager. You good at sneakin’ around and I ain’t had somebody give me that good a fight in a long time.” He said with a smirk.

“I had a lot of brothers.” you smiled before biting your lip. “Where would I sleep?” you asked looking up at him from under your lashes. 

Raising his brows Yondu grinned and licked his lip, “Got myself a pretty big bed here, could make some room fur ya. May have ta cuddle up a little bit." 

"Then scoot over some Captain.” You said, rolling to lay in his side.

Flyin high: part 2

A/n: yep, there’s a part two. This is probably going to suck so please don’t kill me. Also, PLEASE REQUEST STUFF THE ENTIRE REASON IM WRITING THIS IS BECAUSE NO ONE REQUESTED SO I HAVE TO COME UP WITH MY OWN STUFF AND IT SUCKS. Sorry, if I came off as too aggressive but people tend to actually read the stuff in all caps.

What surprised the men were your beautiful white/gold wings.

“What the hell?!” Damian shouted as you hovered above them. You slowly started to float down, your wings flapping gently. Your feet touched the ground and you stood there ready to run.

Damian looked at his father. “Did you know about this?!” He shouted. Bruce shook his head while walking over to you. You backed away and were getting closer to the cave exits.

“Stay away from me B! I know I’m a freak but I’m not letting you send me back there! I’m not going back!” You shouted. Bruce stopped walking and looked at you.

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The Battle of Hogwarts- Draco x Reader

“I’m going to take you to Hogsmeade one day.” Draco Malfoy said laying on the lap of his girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N. The two met every night in the astronomy tower. She, a muggleborn Hufflepuff and he a pureblood prince. Y/N looked up from her book laughing. “ Oh could you imagine the scandal? I can hear it now ‘ Pureblood prince spotted with mudblood girl. His father will hear of this!’” Draco bursted into laughter. “ I can’t believe I ever said that!” Y/N wiped tears from her eyes. “ You did and you a hundred percent meant it.” He looked up at her gentle eyes. “ You and I will go hand and hand and we won’t care who’s watching.” Y/N smiled and kissed him gently. “ Deal.”

That was years ago. The two were standing in Hogsmeade but, not as a happy couple. The cobblestone streets full of happy childhood memories was empty of all life. The dementor’s black aura hung in the streets. Y/N steadied Draco’s quivering hands. The two ducked inside Honeydukes. They headed swiftly towards the passageway. This was how Y/N smuggled supplies to Dumbledore’s Army.

Y/N and Draco watched as tired and terrified students shuffled down the hallways. “ Clear.” Y/N whispered opening the statue. Draco grew nervous knowing his old classmates would be here. He was the traitor of Hogwarts. The room of requirements opened slowly. Students were scattered around the room in makeshift cots. “ Y/N!” A familiar of Y/N’s best friend Neville Longbottom welcomed her. But, once students caught the gaze of Draco was the calm was gone. The entire room lifted and pointed their wands at Draco. “ Stop! Stop! He’s with me!” Y/N yelled running in front of Draco. “ Why the hell should we trust this bloody traitor?!” Seamus Finnigan yelled covered in cuts and bruises. Draco’s heart sunk. He’s right. Why would these people trust him? He helped make all of this possible. “ He is with me! If you want my help you will at least give him a chance!” Y/N uncharacteristically spat back at Seamus. Neville turned to the students. “ You heard her! Wands down! We got more important things to do then bicker amongst ourselves.”

Draco sunk down the wall watching Y/N mending other students. This was it. He couldn’t avoid the fighting anymore. He wanted peace. Peace from war and peace of mind. Y/N laid a soft hand on his cheek. “ Are you alright?” Y/N asked with a weak smile. “Promise you’ll stay with me? I can’t stand the thought of you getting hurt.” Y/N sat beside him. “ We’ll be together…are you sure you’re going to be able to fight…them?” At once Draco knew what she meant. He knew these death eaters. Some of them were his own family. “ If it’s between my life and theirs i’ll choose my own.” Y/N nodded. She laid her head on Draco’s shoulder. Both of them enjoying the last moments of peace.

BANG! The sound of old stone walls crumbling. The corridor where Y/N and Draco first met was full of crumbled stone. Y/N brushed plaster and stone out of Draco’s now disheveled platinum hair. “ Are you alright Lovely?” Draco asked inspecting Y/N for signs she was hurt. “ I’m alright-” BANG! A spell cast sent the ceiling crashing down.

Draco slowly opened his eyes. Feeling a warm wetness he placed his hand on his pale forehead. Blood. He looked around still in shock. Stones piled high covered the corridor. The only thing Draco could hear was the ringing sound in his ears. Then a moment of clarity. Y/N. He scanned the hallways. Through blurred vision he couldn’t make out another person. “ Y/N?! Y/N!” Draco staggered upright. “ Draco! I’m on the other side!” Draco looked through a small opening to the other side of the wall of debris. Y/N beautiful H/C hair was now stained with blood. “ Listen to me Draco, we’ll meet near the grand hall.” Y/N said with noticeable fear in her shaking voice. “ No, you’ll be sent into the heat of this mess. I’ll just pull out some rocks-” “ No! What if it collapses and kills us both. I’ll be okay. I promise.” Draco knew he had no choice. “ You better live! I’ll have no one to go down the aisle with!” He said in a joking tone hating to see Y/N so distressed. “ You won’t have to! See you on the other side.”

Draco weaved in a out of terrified students heading to the brunt of the fighting at the grand hall. Death eaters hurled their spells at him. Nothing could phase him. Get to Y/N and get there alive. Finally after an unexpected duel ended in his favour he arrived at the Grand Hall. Draco scoured the grand hall occupants.Y/N was nowhere to be found. Fear gripped his heart. I knew I should have just destroyed the rubble or made her wait there while I went around. Draco thought panicking. Suddenly a flash of H/C hair grabbed his attention. “ Draco!” She yelled. Her usually comforting E/C eyes full to the brim with tears. For once in his life Draco didn’t care what the world expected of him. She was alive. She was here.

Y/N nearly knocked the air out of Draco when she ran into his arms. “ Are you alright?! Does anything hurt?!” Y/N nodded burying her head in his chest. She was okay. A blur of black appeared behind Y/N. The unwelcome face of Bellatrix Lestrange stared back of Draco. He flashed back to the moment to where he found Y/N being tortured in his family home. “My, Mr Malfoy. The mudblood you stole from me eh?” Bellatrix asked in a mocking skrill voice. Draco pulled Y/N behind him and drew his wand. “ Oh you’re brave now I see. Wanting to hurt your auntie because I played with your toy without asking? How childish.” Bellatrix laughed. Y/N shivered at the laugh. “ Leave us alone.” Draco said staying firm arms up shaking. Bellatrix began to laugh then catching the two off the guard with a curse to the their feet. Narrowly dodging Y/N managed to stun Bellatrix. She grabbed Draco’s hand. “ Run!”

The two managed to catch their breathe hiding in a empty classroom. “ Are you alright?”Y/N asked gently touching his warm cheek. “ I’m as good as I can be.” Y/N nodded. The two sat under a desk. “ This was our history of magic class. Do you remember passing notes to one another?” Draco smiled slightly. “ I do. When no one was watching I passed you love letters. It was the only class we sat near one another.” Y/N smiled remembering the shy boy passing her a letter in class not being able to wait till night fell where they could meet to talk to her. “ Lovely…if the opportunity arises that you can be spared and I can’t. Please promise me you’ll take it.” “Draco-” “Please. Promise me. I just need to hear you promise.” Y/N looked at the ground. “ I promise. But, you have to promise you’ll live so we can get married like you promised.” Y/N could barely finish her sentence without choking on tears. “I promise. Now lets save our school.”

“ Harry Potter is dead!” Those words made Y/N shake and shake even harder hearing the gut wrenching cries of those who loved him. She stood watching Draco a few paces in front of her. She could feel his fear. Draco stared at the group of death eaters. There stood his parents. He could feel his mother’s heartbreak through her expressive eyes. Voldemort asked if anyone would like to change sides and join him. His eyes fell to Draco. Draco’s heart froze as the piercing eyes looked right through him. “ Mr Malfoy. You are free to join us. I know your parents would love to have you back by their side.” Y/N could feel Draco’s hesitation. “Draco!” His mother cried. The pain in her voice broke Y/N’s heart. In that moment Narcissa wasn’t begging as a death eater but, begging as a mother who would do anything to keep her son safe. Draco felt his heart tear into two. A part of him wanted to please his parents whom he had admired and loved his whole life. The other half wanted Y/N and himself to live together in peace free from the Malfoy family expectations. “ Well?” Voldemort asked impatiently. Draco looked back at Y/N. Her beautiful Y/E/C eyes begged him to stay.

He walked to Y/N’s side, Draco defiantly held Y/N’s hand not taking his eyes off of Voldemort. Y/N gripped Draco’s hand back and tried her best to be as brave as Draco was. “Draco-!” His mother begged before being cut off by her husband pulling her back into line with the other death eaters. “ Mr Malfoy has made his decision and the rest of you?” Voldemort asked frustrated at Draco’s betrayal. The students and teachers stood strong. Draco saw Harry breathe from the corner of his eye. He was alive. Draco made his way to the front of the crowd. Get Harry a wand. Y/N and the student boy watched as Harry began to sprint. Draco and Harry made eye contact. He threw Harry a wand and grabbed Y/N’s hand and began to run inside the school.

Draco was exhausted from fighting all night. He just wanted to go home. Y/N sat Draco down in the half destroyed classroom. “ Sit down you look faint. I’ll find you some water-” “ No. just please stay with me.” Y/N nodded and sat beside him. She gently prayed Harry would end this fighting. Her ears rang from the sound of curses hitting walls and people screaming. Then seemly out of nowhere. Silence. Y/N didn’t know whether to trust this silence. “ Voldemort is dead!” She heard a group of students down the hall. Y/N eyes grew wide. Was it over? Draco pulled Y/N and heading down the hall. Their they saw people crying tears of happiness and tears of grief. It was over. The fighting was over.

Y/N and Draco stood in the rubble that was the astronomy tower. Where the two secretly met every night, where they fell in love, where they shared their first kiss, where they laughed until they cried and, where for the first time in his life Draco felt truly happy. It was sad to see it gone. The two knew this would be the last time they would be at the tower together. Y/N reached out to hold Draco’s hand. “Are you ready to say good bye?” Draco asked. Y/N smiled. “ Yes, this place will always hold a special place in my heart. This is where we fell in love after all.” Draco laughed a little. “Where we broke about a thousand rules.” Y/N lay her head on Draco’s shoulder. “Now what?” Draco sighed. “ We go home. We help rebuild. We rest ,and most importantly we get married. But, first I wanna take you somewhere.”

Draco lifted his hands covering Y/N’s eyes. The two stood in the mostly empty streets of Hogsmeade. Y/N turned around giving Draco a confused look. “ Do you remember years ago I promised we would go to Hogsmeade together? We wouldn’t have a care in the world and we wouldn’t care who watched us. Well, I don’t know the next time we’ll be here so.” Draco extended his hand. Y/N giggled and grabbed his hand. The two walked down the streets of Hogsmeade together. The pureblood prince and his muggle born princess, without a care in the world. They didn’t care who was watching as long as they were together.

Heart (Sherlock x sister!reader)

Based on a song by Meg Myers, Heart Heart Head

(So I ended up writing a fanfic anyway! And I am so happy about it!) Reader is basically Eurus, I never know is it really Euros or Eurus, but never mind that, but just this time you as Sherlock’s sister, are no a secret. Sherlock is well aware of your present, but what he doesn’t know is that you have been transferred to Sherrinford because of mental illness, depression mostly. He hears from Mycroft, when he is finally ready to tell him, that you have been there, locked down for a year or so. Sherlock of course wants to visit you. ALSO reader is the youngest, unlike Eurus. AND sorry, Mycroft is a bit of an ass in this, not intendedly, maybe. (forgot the tags here like in every other ones…) @dekahg

Warnings: Angst, depression

He was furious. How could Mycroft hide something like this from him? How could he be so heatless, no, he could, but this was their sister. Their sister! Both of them were related to her and still Mycroft took it upon himself to be the only one to know, the only one to carry such weight on his shoulders. And he had kept this to himself by a year. If it hadn’t been Sherlock himself that had started to pester Mycroft on how he couldn’t get a hold of their sister, how he hadn’t heard of her and asked for the big brother to track her down, and no, not just a note would do it, he’d need to see their sister, that she was okay and in one piece. This led to Mycroft finally coming clean, informing that their sister, their baby sister, (Y/n) Holmes, had been turned in for a mental hospital that Mycroft had her transferred to. To Sherrinford.

Sherlock had insisted meeting his sister right there and then after their loud argument, which Mycroft had tried to decline, but of course, if Sherlock wanted in, he would just go. It was much easier to just let him instead of fighting him further on. Mycroft would only waste his time and end with the same solution with just letting him go. He did warn his little brother nonetheless, of how unstable and messed up their sister was and that she was still resisting the treatment she got. Sherlock would be to face something that would break his nonexistent heart.

To Sherrinford was a long way to go. Only a plain or a ship would go there, over the ocean in middle of nowhere. Sherlock didn’t care how long the trip would take, he only wanted to get there and see his sister. He didn’t believe there could be any way to bring his sister down so bad that she’d need to be hospitalized and medicated. A girl born to the Holmes family wouldn’t be to quit on life and flight. No, that wasn’t the (Y/n) Sherlock knew. Mycroft was just overreacting. Had to be.

The building was just as Mycroft described. Almost entirely hidden under a rocky mountain and miles deep. It seemed secure, but more than just bit too much to keep away just one girl, their sister to be exact.

The stairs down took ages and so did the elevators. Sherlock had to go through countless of locked and secured doors, being examined many times to be clean of all weapons or objects that could harm anyone. He started to grow fed up by this constant checking and became eager to see just how bad you were if it was this well secured place. There were nurses passing by, two doctors by far and countless of guards. To keep an eye on a Holmes this had to be a way to do it.

As if the last door, the finale door that stood in Sherlock’s way separating him from his beloved sister wasn’t enough to make Sherlock anxious, the nurse that had escorted him to the door would make sure to do it. She held her keycard next to the door, not yet opening it, and turned to Sherlock with a serious but calm look. Her hair had been pulled to a tight bun, no loose strands hanging to shield her tired face, her pale lips turned to a frown that was easy to spot even if she fought against it. ”Just be calm, she doesn’t take it well even when Mycroft visits her and it is a bit of a struggle to calm her down after that.” She explained but did nothing to yet open the door. As if she didn’t want to let anyone in there. ”She doesn’t much care about visitors.” Was the last thing she said as she sighed and let the keycard hit the machine. When the door started ringing, informing it was unlocked, the nurse pushed it open and let Sherlock in.

The room was huge. It was lit with white lights and the walls were neutral grey, matching the floor that didn’t give away colors. The way how depressingly dead the room looked, just a bed in the center of the room aside of a toilet, all surrounded by thick glass walls, and in there, right beside the bed, was (h/l) (h/c) haired girl in a white gown.

By the sound of the door closing and locking again the girl lifted her gaze, those  wide, fearful but alert (e/c) eyes found Sherlock’s in a second. She was sitting on the floor, her legs crossed, but when she saw Sherlock she moved to get up right instant and Sherlock could make out from the raspy whisper she let out that she said his name, in awe. She took careful and slow steps closer to the glass and so did Sherlock. He still couldn’t put two and two together, not really wanting to believe his little sister was here, in an awful place like this.

”You came?” She whispered with a cracking voice, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she approached him. She couldn’t believe Sherlock was there, finally. She had pleaded to see him from Mycroft so many times that the older brother had declined to even visit her himself. For some reason he insisted on Sherlock keeping away from her when she was still recovering. How stupid was that?

Sherlock didn’t know what to say, he was speechless as he stared at the mess of a sister in front of him. The hair was a mess, she looked tired and not well. She looked nothing like the innocent and happy (Y/n) he once knew.

”I thought you would come for me.” She snapped sadly as she didn’t get an answer. ”You are so alike. You and Mycroft.” Her voice dripped of venom and her expression changed to anger. ”You come here to watch me, like a goldfish in a fish tank, just to see me and keep me here locked down. Am I such a disappointment that I had to be caged in here so no one could see me?” There was no sense on what she was saying by now. Where did her bad self-esteem come from?

”I thought you, from all the people, would come and see me! I thought you would understand, Sherlock! I was always on your side and I always held your back and I waited for you! I thought you would come and get me out of here! Mycroft locked me in and I thought you had the heart to see through him, that he is lying, I am kept here for nothing!” She was yelling, she was still approaching ever so slowly, the glass, but now her movement resembled of a predator. ”Say something, Sherlock!”

”I didn’t know.” He finally got out. He was lost for words and he couldn’t comprehend with what was going on. ”I didn’t know you were here until now.” He tried convincing, but his words didn’t reach you, not in a way he intended.

”You had all the time in the world to come and get me and you did, but here you are, just like Mycroft, staring at me! I let you in! I cared for you and I, from all the people, counted on you! I let you in my heart! In my heart! In my heart! In my head!” The scream that erupted from her was deafening. She pulled at her hair, maniacally screaming bloody murder until her legs gave in, only half way through her room and almost right in front of Sherlock. The scream would hunt Sherlock forever.

”(Y/n).” Sherlock whispered and almost shocked by holding in all the pain inside. ”(Y/n), please, calm down.” He tried and took a step closer to the glass. ”Please, I’m here now. I will get you out. I promise.” But she didn’t listen. She turned around and curled up, her hands on either side of her head, her back facing Sherlock. She took in a deep breath and screamed again, a long howl echoing in the room, but it was starting to mute in Sherlock’s head as he started to realize how unstable you really were.

”(Y/n) please.” He begged, his hand placed on the glass as he stood right beside it. ”I would never leave you here.” He couldn’t help the tears that started falling. His voice was cracking and becoming raspy, his talk turning into whispers that were barely heard by himself and doubtfully able to catch his sisters ears.

Under the chaos that slowed everything around Sherlock he was unable to realize that the door on the other side of the glass wall had opened and numerous of nurses rushed in. (Y/n) only screamed louder and this time it was pure panic. She moved on the floor uncomfortably and tried to dodge the hands of the nurses as they took hold of her, she cried and screamed. The distress she was going through made Sherlock’s heart break, and he found himself yelling and begging the nurses to let go, that it was okay.

”Please, she’s just confused! Can’t you see she is terrified?” He yelled but they wouldn’t listen to him. One of the nurses pulled out a needle and the screams only became worse. ”Stop! Let her go, she is fine!” Sherlock kept trying, but nothing he said had effect on what was happening on the other side of the see through glass. When the screams died down, now only there was to hear (Y/n)’s sobbing and crying as she was taken away from her room and Sherlock found himself leaning against the wall, taking support from it as his legs gave in. ”Don’t take her away…” Sherlock cried.

He cried where his knees had given in, leaning against the glass, doubled over. He didn’t even move when the door behind him opened, not caring to turn and see Mycroft walking in and stopping couple feet away from him.

”She doesn’t trust us anymore, Sherlock.” Mycroft said with a sad frown, unseen by Sherlock but still existing. ”She blames us for her situation.” His eyes drifted to the ground in shame, he did blame himself for not being there for (Y/n) too, and it pained him how he couldn’t bring himself to see her anymore. The screaming was too much for him. He tried to savor the memory of you he held dear to his heart. Those childhood memories that he shared with Sherlock of (Y/n).

”We should have been there.” Sherlock mumbled. ”We could have stopped this from happening. She needed us, and we weren’t there.”

”We had our reasons. She knows it.” Mycroft said but only for his composure. He really didn’t feel like it, but for his pride was too high to let his emotions show and so he instinctively went by hiding his true meaning. ”It has always been up to us each and our own to keep sanity, pity she had to come down from us three. I always thought it would be you though.” Mycroft said and turned to leave.

”You are going to keep her here?” Sherlock asked which made Mycroft stop.

”Yes.” The older brother nodded. ”It is the safest place for her, she is a Holmes after all.” And he continued leaving, only at the door he stopped to look over his shoulder, ”And Sherlock, please don’t come visit her again. I don’t want to risk her healing progress by our sentiment and pity on her by coming over here only so we can live in peace knowing she is alive. It is better for her too if we stay away.” And he waited for the door to start ringing before adding, ”She doesn’t need us anymore.”

*Washed Away* Newt x reader

Originally posted by nonmugglegal

You watched as Newt apparated from the top of the building you stood on to the next. Tina, holding his case of creatures, yelled out his name but with no luck he continued to apparate further trying to keep up with the obscurus.

“Queenie, take Y/N and Jacob somewhere safe” Tina ordered before whipping out her wand and disappearing. In shock, you turned to face Jacob and Queenie, fear in your eyes.

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The Fight That Began us - Ethan

Warning : Swearing, mentions of rape.




I looked around and sighed. Class was going to begin soon. I closed my locker after grabbing my notebook. I flipped my hood over my head to cover my h/c h/l hair. I shoved my phone into my hoodie pocket after pulling my headphones through the other side so no one will see them and started to play my playlist. It’s called favorites, so original I know. I walked into the class and walked to the back watching out so the foot that tripped me almost everyday.

Kaylen Smock. The school’s it girl. The girl every guy wants to get with. Even the gay ones. She tripped me everyday when I walked to the back of the room. Everyday I landed on my face and the whole class laughing at me. This time I made sure to take a long leap over her foot that laid out. I thankfully made it past and sunk into my seat. I had pulled out one earbud to hear what the teacher was going to say.

“Today we are going to begin working on a project. You will be working in groups of two.” The teacher started. Everyone started looking at their friends and doing that hand motion meaning ‘me and you?’ “But I will be picking your partners because when working with your friends you get nothing done.” She said with the smirk of the devil on her. Groans filled the room as she pulled out he clipboard.

Please don’t pair me with Kaylen, gosh please don’t.

“Kaylen and Dylan.” The teacher read off first. “What?! No he is disgusting anyone else please!” She begged flipping her blond hair to the side. “I agree with her Mrs Juan.” Dylan said. “Y/n and Ethan.” My teacher said ignoring them. My eyes widen at that name. Everything around me seemed to get smaller and more widen out. I saw Ethan turn around and looked at me.

Ethan was the schools it boy if you couldn’t tell. His devilish handsome looks. His strong muscular body. His amazingling soft hair. Every girl is crushing on him. And if they weren’t they were crushing on his twin brother Grayson. The other it boy in the school.

I had truly forgot to breath until Ethan sat down besides me. I let out a long breath from holding it in and stared down at my desk. “So what do you want to do our topic on?” He asked. I turned to look at him and tilted my head to the side. “Weren’t you paying attention?” He asked laughing. I shook my head. “Well first it’s history and we have to pick and old dude that made a great difference in the world. One everyone should know.” He smiled. “Thurgood Marshall.” I answered. “You want to do him?” Ethan asked. I nodded.

“Alright, I’ll go tell her.” He nodded getting up and heading towards the teacher’s desk where I watched her nod. He came back and threw his backpack over his shoulder. “Come on we’re going outside.” He smiled. “What why?” I asked not really wanting to go outside. “Well first this is our last period meaning we could be the firsts ones out of the school parking lot.” He explained. “I don’t want to.” I simply said. “And you rather stay in here and watch Kaylen turn her head to look at us every second and send daggers your way.” He asked. I groaned but got up and grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder.

We made our way outside and I sat down at the table. “What are we even suppose to be doing for the project?” I asked. “Just explaining what the person did and how he made an impact on the world.” He explained. I nodded and grabbed out my phone and notebook. I opened my notebook to a blank page. “I’ll do everything.” I mumbled. “No I can do the poster.” Ethan answered. “There’s a poster now? Fine whatever, but I’m doing everything. You can just stay here and let girls stare at you cause they already are.” I said pointing to the girls that currently had gym right now and we’re playing lacrosse.

“Why do you insist in doing all the work?” He asked. “So you don’t have to hang out with a loser like me.” I answered. “What makes you think I don’t want to hang out with you?” He asked. I closed my notebook in frustration and let out a breath. “Because this is the first time you talked to me. Probably thinking I was new.” I said through anger. “Oh really? I knew you’ve been in my history class every year in high school and through middle school!” He slightly shouted at me. I rolled my eyes.

“You need to keep your popular stance and I’m letting you go! I’ll do the work and out your name on everything.” I yelled standing up. “You making this such a big deal Y/m/n!” He said standing up as well. “You know my middle name?” I asked. He nodded. “Your birthday is on d/o/b. You’re sixteen years old. Have beautiful e/c and beautiful h/c h/l hair. You lost your dad well he was fighting for our country and have a little brother name Anthony.” He said. Everything he said was right. Everything.

I grabbed my phone and bag and rushed out to the parking lot to my car. I didn’t care if I would get in trouble but I didn’t want to stand back there. I got into my car and pulled out and rushed to my house. Thankfully my mom was still at work and my brother was at daycare. I pulled into my driveway and got out just as so did Ethan.

“Why did you follow me.” I asked. “Because you’re worth following.” He said starting to walk towards me. “Stop!” I yelled backing away. Memories from my ex started to come back and they weren’t good. “Just go!” I yelled turning to run towards my house but ended up tripping and falling to the ground as tears started to fall from my eyes.

“Y/n.” Ethan said helping me up. “Don’t touch me!” I hissed. I never wanted anyone touching me again unless they were family. Y/ex/n messed me up pretty bad. “Y/n I’m not going to hurt you. I want to marry you.” He breathed out. “What.” I asked confused as tears still fell from my face.

“Y/n your everything. I know I nevered talk to you before but that was because I was scared. I didn’t want you to push me away. But than Y/ex/n came in the way through highschool and I saw my chance since we were paired together I would confess my love for you.” He smiled at me. I shook my head. My hands landing on my head. “You’re just saying that.” I whispered. “Am I?” He asked and held out his arm. On his arm laid my the first letter in my first, middle, and last name. A heart laid on the side.

“When did you get that?” I asked tracing it. “Two, one year ago?” He said in a questioning form. “Why?” I asked. “Because I fell hard for the girl with the hood over her head.” He smiled pulling my hood down from my head. He kissed my cheek and I felt my cheeks hit up. “How about I take you out right now?” He asked. I nodded and he wiped my tears and smiled. He kissed my cheek and lead me to his car where he helped me in.

If I didn’t go with him I wouldn’t be in this relationship right now with him. He is my everything.

I love you Ethan Grant Dolan.

Kind Eyes, Kind Smiles, Kind Understanding

Summary: You find Credence after the subway incident and take him to safety. Part 1/? (Check out part two here!!) (And part three here) (And part four here)

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 1,567

You ran through the streets like everyone else the day that the angry black smoke obliterated the sky. Your feet couldn’t keep up with your mind as you considered what you’d heard circulating the magical world in New York, that everything happening lately could be attributed to an obscurus. This must have been that obscurus, tearing through the city, unapologetic in its destruction. Your heart was pounding too hard, but you followed anyway, trying to gather as much information as you could. Eventually the smoke swept down and away toward the subway, and you couldn’t see anymore, since there was a magical ward keeping everyone out of the subway where the smoke had disappeared.

Most of the time you stood there after the obscurus had disappeared was spent worrying, before all sound stopped coming from the subway and the rain obliviated everyone around you. No wizard coming out afterward would give you an answer as to what had happened when you asked. You stood there for hours, still wondering what had happened (if you would ever know what happened). But you couldn’t stand there forever, so you started to make your way home. You were so wrapped up in your confusion and worry that you almost missed the whimpering coming from the alley as you passed. Luckily, it was just loud enough that you did notice, and you stopped, peering closely down into the darkness.

A flash of pale flesh was enough to tell you that it was a person in there and that you had, in fact, heard crying. Your heart began to pound again as you stepped cautiously toward the figure, clutching your bag tightly to your chest. As you got closer, you saw familiar raven-black hair and petrified honey-brown eyes. “Credence.” Your voice ripped from you as soon as you recognized him, the fearful boy that cowered and avoided eye contact as he passed out flyers during NSPS rallies. You had seen him a few times and had learned his name after yelling at someone who had been rude to him. You’d been sure to attend every meeting afterward so that you could look after him as much as you could.

His head jerked at your voice, and his limbs were all sharp turns tangled together. Your heart lurched when you took in his tear-stained face, the fear radiating from him, the uncertainty. “H-Help me.” His voice was even softer than usual, even more uncertain, and his eyes kept flashing white and then returning to normal, wisps of black cloud swirling around him. You realized with some surprise that he was the obscurus, that he had been the one ripping through the city. He tried to free his arm from underneath him, and without a second thought, you leapt toward him and took his hand, helping him up. “Y-Y/N, help me.” Desperation was leaking into his voice, and you knew you couldn’t leave him.

You lifted him with some effort, and he clung to you. He knew that he should be more cautious, especially after Mr. Graves’ betrayal, but he just didn’t have that luxury, not when it was so, so cold outside and when he was alone, and not when you were so, so warm holding onto him, not letting him go, not when there was so much worry in your eyes. “We’ll go home. We’ll go to my apartment. I’ll take care of you, Credence, I’ll take care of you.” His eyes fluttered closed and he held on so tightly as he nodded, yes yes yes.

You apparated straight to your home, revealing yourself immediately as a witch. He wasn’t surprised, not really, but he was certainly thankful that you were able to get him somewhere safer than an alley quickly. He let you guide him to your couch and put him there gently, wrapping a blanket gently around his shoulders. He was thankful for this foreign warmth, the softness of the cloth as it touched his shoulders. Some part of him warned him to be careful, that this could be a trap, that you could hurt him, but he just couldn’t muster up the caution. He was just so warm and he felt so safe, and he couldn’t feel this safe if he wasn’t, right? He had never felt safe before. But your Y/E/C eyes held something in them, and he couldn’t fight the safety he saw there. You had protected him on more than one occasion, and this was just another instance of your wish to protect him. He followed your movements when you came into the room holding a bowl. “It’s soup. Are you hungry, Credence?”

He nodded softly, looking to the ground, regaining some kind of control. He took the bowl from your hands and nearly dropped it when you trailed your hands against his in the process. You noticed, of course, and let your hand rest there a little longer before sitting next to him on the couch. “They-They tried to kill me. For what I am.” Credence couldn’t really say the words out loud, fearing what admitting it aloud would mean.

“An obscurus.” You looked at him steadily, gently taking his hand. He met your eyes briefly and nodded. “Does anyone know that you survived?” He shook his head. “Is that why you were alone, Credence?” A quick glance and a nod. You furrowed your eyebrows and took him in again: wet, muddy clothes and broken face, scarred hands clutching the blanket tightly, eyes fearful but cautiously trusting. You noted that he was so beautiful, sitting there next to you, and that he deserved so much more than what he was being given. “Well, I’m not going to leave you alone anywhere, Credence. Please, stay here as long as you need to be safe.”

He couldn’t help the tears that filled his eyes, and he couldn’t help but lean into your hand as you swept them out of his eyes. He knew that you were doing this out of kindness, and that just made him cry harder. After all, you didn’t know him too well, merely chatted with him at his Ma’s rallies, and now you knew how dangerous he was, seeing what he’d done to the city. Still, you offered kindness unabashedly. You kept your hands on his face, seeing how much he seemed to crave the touch. “Let me get you some clean clothes. My ex left a few things here that might fit you, and those clothes aren’t doing you any favors. You must have been so cold out there. You can come with me to fetch them, if you like, or I could bring them to you.”

He silently stood as you got up to leave. You sent a kind smile his way and grabbed his hand as you made your way to your room. The clothes did, in fact, fit, and he was glad to have the wet clothes off of his body. He was so tired, and his limbs felt so heavy; he didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to carry those heavy clothes around. You noticed his eyelids drooping and offered, “Why don’t you lie down, Credence? You can have my bed.”

He met your eyes as he unhunched his shoulders. “I-I couldn’t possibly.” You shook your head and gestured toward the bed, eyes conveying a silent ‘Please’ as you ushered him softly toward it. “T-Thank you,” he said quietly, shyly.

Your smile was so impossibly gentle as you said, “You deserve a good sleep, Credence.” He didn’t know what he believed in, but for a moment, he thought you were an angel. He berated himself for that, knowing what his Ma would have said of his blasphemy, what she would have done—“Credence?” You looked very concerned having seen the panic cross his face, the fear taking his features over so suddenly. You loosely grasped his wrist, stroking the inside as you asked, “Is something wrong?”

He tried to push down the fear; his mother was gone, after all. But the fear remained as he looped his fingers loosely around your wrist that gripped his. “W-Will you stay?” He didn’t know why, but he needed you close, needed the comfort you radiated. You nodded softly, and he said nothing about the scars he saw on your body when you changed quickly in front of him before lying down next to him under the sheets.

You saw him notice them though. “Life really can be unkind to the kindest people, can’t it, Credence?” You offered.

He lowered his eyes and felt your hands tracing his neck lightly. “Y-Yes, it can be.” He met your gaze timidly before saying, “Thank you—for this, for taking me somewhere s-safe.”

Your smile was radiant, and he felt wilted and dark next to it. “You’re welcome.” Your voice was so bold in the darkness, and he wondered how you could be so bold and kind after whatever unkindness you may have been dealt. “And Credence?” He looked up again, taken away from his train of thought. “I also hope you know that you are not an obscurus.” His eyebrows furrowed as curiosity won him over as he continued your eye-contact. “You’re Credence. Over everything, you are Credence.”

He was thankful to hear that, but he couldn’t figure out why as he drifted off to sleep with your hand against his face.

Perfect Fit (Part I)

Description: Y/n matched a victim profile perfectly.

Warnings: mentions of torture, mild language

“He seems to target women between 19-23, with y/h/c hair and y/e/c eyes, and with a job in government or law enforcement” Hotch said, pinning pictures from crime scenes on the board.

“That seems awfully specific,” Morgan commented, taking a closer look at the pictures.

“Well, shit.”  The team turned around to see you had just walked into the room, only to hear the victim profile matched you perfectly.  Realization dawned on your team members faces as they looked you up and down, realizing you were a perfect fit.

“Y/n! You’re late!” JJ said, nervously.

“Looks like I showed up just in time,” you said, placing the bagels and coffee you had brought in for your team members on the table.

“Well, umm…” Hotch continued. “The women seem to disappear for at least a week before their bodies are found, somewhere near where they were last seen.”

“So, he probably doesn’t take them far.  He might want to keep them close to where they were taken, perhaps some kind of guilt?”  You chimed in, casually sitting down next to Reid, who flashed you an odd look.  You just shrugged and looked back at Hotch.

“Possibly.  Or he may not have the resources to take them any farther away.”  Emily said.

It had been two days since you had started the case, and you hadn’t found any new leads.  From what you could tell, the unsub was definitely a sadist, causing excessive amounts of bodily damage to his victims prior to death.  There was no sign of sexual assault, leaving many members of the team searching for a motive.

You and Spencer had planned a late night snack at a local cafe that night to try and get away from the case for a bit.  You sat at a booth, sipping the coffee you had ordered, which was slowly losing it’s heat.  He had said to meet him there at ten, and it was nearly eleven.  

Hey, I’m at the cafe. You coming?  You texted, sighing and gulping down the last bit of coffee left in your mug.

“Hey, sorry, but we have to close up,” a waitress said, placing your check in front of you.  You smiled at her and left money on the table, slowly gathering your things and walking out of the cafe.

You had walked, since your hotel was only a few blocks away, so you steadily made your way down the street, unable to shake an uneasy feeling that you were being watched.

Out of nowhere a hand covered in a damp cloth covered your mouth and nose.  You struggled, until your limbs seemed to go limp and your vision slowly faded.

Spencer sat, sifting through various case files, on the edge of a breakthrough.  Just then, his phone buzzed, pulling him from his concentration.  He ignored it, rummaging through boxes of papers, describing several similar crimes.  It had been almost ten minutes when he finally checked his phone, and saw your message on his screen.

“Shit,” he muttered, scrambling for his coat and nearly sprinting out of his hotel room.  He texted you on the way there, saying So, so sorry.  I’ll be there in five.  By the time he made it to the cafe, the lights were off, and a closed sign hung on the door.  He let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair, knowing you would be mad at him tomorrow.

He trudged back to the hotel, kicking at pebbles on the sidewalk.  Suddenly, he saw the light from a lamp reflected off something shiny laying on the ground.  He approached it, curious.  When he picked it up, he realized it was a phone, and looked around seeing if it’s owner was anywhere around.  He accidentally clicked the home button and the screen lit up.  His gasped at the sight.

On the screen, there was a notification.

Spencer Reid: So, so sorry.  I’ll be there in five.

He looked around, hoping you were just playing a prank on him, but when you were nowhere to be found, he sprinted back to the hotel.

“Hotch! Open up! Hotch! Hotch, open the door, goddammit!”  Spencer yelled while pounding on the agent’s door.

“What do you want, Reid?” Hotch asked as he opened the door, still yawning.

“She’s gone.  Y/n is missing.”  Reid said frantically, letting himself into Hotch’s room.  “I was supposed to meet her at a cafe, but I was too late and on the walk back home I found her phone on the sidewalk and I checked she’s not in her room.” Reid spat out, pacing anxiously.

“Okay, okay, calm down.  Are you sure she couldn’t be anywhere else?” Hotch asked.

“I know she isn’t, Hotch.  Her phone is one of her most treasured possessions, she would never just leave it on the sidewalk.”

“Okay, you’re right.  I’ll get the team together,” Hotch agreed, now fully awake.

The entire team was now in Hotch’s room, each showing their own signs of anxiety.

“She matched the victim profile perfectly,” Morgan said.  “We should have kept a closer eye on her.”

“That doesn’t matter now, we just need to find her.  We know we have at least a week, before…” JJ couldn’t seem to finish the sentence when she heard Reid let out a whimper from the other side of the room.  

“Before he kills her,” Reid mumbled, eyes brimming with tears.  “This is all my fault.  I should have been there.  I was supposed to be there.  And I wasn’t.”

“Reid, blaming yourself isn’t going to doing any good in finding y/n.  For all we know this could just be some crazy misunderstanding,” Prentiss said, placing a comforting hand on Reid’s shoulder.

“I just want to find her,” Reid whimpered,

“We all do,” Morgan said sympathetically.

Four hours.  Four hours since you had been abducted, and your body was already covered in cuts and bruises.  You had never been in worse pain in your life.  Every fifteen minutes, your captor would come in and torture you, leaving non-fatal injuries all over you body, so he could come back and do again fifteen minutes later.  

You lay broken and bruised on the floor.  You could hear footsteps approaching the room you were in and you let out a soft whimper.  The door opened and he stepped through it, a dagger in one of his hands.

“Please,” you whispered in a hoarse voice.  But before you could say anything else, he kicked you in the abdomen, causing you to wretch up the contents of your stomach.

“Reid we will investigate the place you found the phone in the morning,” Morgan said, trying to comfort his panicking friend.

“No, we need to go now! You said he tortures his victims right?” Reid asked, looking at Hotch.  Hotch simply nodded.  “He could be…” He voice cracked and broke off.  “We need to leave now, okay?”

“We won’t be able to find much at 3:30 in the morning, Reid,” JJ said, rubbing her temple.

“I don’t care.  I can’t stand the thought of her being in pain for one more second.”

And with that, the team left out a collective sigh, each panicking just as much as Reid, only showing it less.  Eventually, they convinced Reid to look over case files during the night and investigate the scene in the morning.

Hope you enjoyed.  I will trying to put up Part II later this week.

Perfect [Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 4227 words

Genre: FLUFF

AU: HamilTime

TW: Domestic Abuse / Spousal Abuse

You nervously knocked on the door of your friend, hoping he would open. It was almost dark out, and you didn’t want to walk home alone at this point, because it would mean passing by the bar again where your courter would have been.   

“Y/N?” he asked, finally opening the door. “What are you doing here so late?“ 

You appreciated his concern despite it not being too late by anyone else’s standard. “S-Sorry, Th-Thomas, b-but-“ You cursed at your inability to stop shaking.   

“Is everything alright?” he gingerly put a hand on your upper arm, making you flinch. “Y/N?" 

“I-I’m s-sorry,” you stuttered, regretting your decision to come to him.   

“Come in, Y/N.” He side steps in the doorway, letting you in the house. “Do you want some tea?" 

You nodded, sitting down on the couch in his huge living room. “I’m s-sorry, T-Thomas.” For someone who was being courted by such an eloquent man, you yourself were not. It was strange, you were always the quiet one, barely speaking up because of your inability to speak. You never spoke unless you had to- besides you didn’t feel like you had much to say anyways. But your courter, Alexander Hamilton, was a fiery passion of volcano- his words erupting from his mouth at the speed of light.   

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Four Hours

A Spencer x Reader where the reader and spencer have been dating for a couple of years and the reader gets kidnapped.


Warnings:Abuse Violence

You woke up to the sound of Spencer phone vibrating on the bedside table. You had always been a light sleeper which was fortunate for Spencer because he was not.

“Spencer.” You said rolling over. Easier said then done since Spencer’s arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Spencer.” You said forcefully this time elbowing him in the stomach.

“I’m up.” He yells shooting up out of bed and grabbing his phone. You can only hear his side of the conversation but you know what it is. “I’m sorry.” He said.

“You can’t leave you just got back last night.” You protested. You knew you sounded selfish but you didn’t care. Last time he had been gone for three weeks.

“I know I know I wish I could stay but they really need me.” He says “I swear when we get back I will take some vacation time and spend some time just the two of us.”

“No it’s ok you go, the people need you.” You say jokingly. “Just be safe promise you’ll come back to me, preferably in one piece.” He leans down to kiss you and goes and gets dressed.

“I love you baby don’t you forget that.” He kisses you goodby and walks out the door. When you look over at the alarm clock and see it’s only 6:30 you roll back over and go to sleep.


“The unsub in targeting females that are shorter and have (Y/H/C) and (Y/E/C) in Virginia. They are usually by themselves in a secluded street or parking lot.” At first Spencer couldn’t figure out why all these girls looked familiar but then it hit you all at once. They looked just like (Y/N). He stood up and announced he was making a phone call no one questioned him knowing exactly why.

“Hey (Y/N) what are you doing right now.” He asked. “I was sleeping.” Was your groggy and not so pleasant reply. “Ok well when you wake up again later please don’t take your morning run today just to give me some peace of mind.”. You were drifting in and out of consciousness but managed to reply with a “Sure no problem.” Be falling back asleep.

Spencer laughed quietly when he heard your soft snoring through the phone “I love you” he said before hanging up.


You woke up again at around 11:30 you vaguely remember talking to Spencer on the phone at around 7:30 but didn’t remember any of the conversation. You apparently fell asleep still on the phone because it was still in your hand. You got up and dressed and went for your morning jog. It was more of a lunchtime jog though since you never got up earlier then 11.

You were running on your usual path when something just didn’t feel right. You shook it off and kept running and someone grabbed you from behind. The last thing you remember was getting something put over your mouth and nose before blacking out.


Spencer decided to call you again at around twelve to make sure you were ok but you weren’t picking up. Each voicemail he made was more and more panicky than the last.

“Garcia find the last place where (Y/N) phone last pinged.” He said. He was sitting on her office mostly so the rest of the team wouldn’t see him so freaked out and also because she was your best friend.

“Oh no.” Was all she said. “What” He demanded “What do you mean by oh no.” Spencer yelled his voice breaking. “ It seems that her phone last pinged in a fairly secluded neighborhood by your apartment.” She said sadly.

When the words came out of her mouth Spencer new exactly what they meant. “No.” Was all he said before the tears said before the tears came out one by one. He dried them up before going out to tell the team.

They were all siting around the table talking about the case when Spencer walked in. “(Y/N) has been taken by the unsub.” He said.

“We know buddy.” Morgan said standing up. “A video came in a couple minutes ago from the unsub.” He said pulling a video up on the screen.

You were sitting tied up in a chair in just your underwear with a gag in your mouth. You were awake but not showing any emotion. That was good since as Spencer always told you the unsub gets off when you show him emotions.

“I finally found her.” Said a voice from off screen. “It took a few tries for the idiots with me to find the right one but we did. You have four hours to find her Dr. Reid, or should I say Spencer, before punishment begins for her as well as you. You locked me away, you dragged my name through the mud and now I’m going to pay you back. Tick Tock.” He said before the video ended.

“(Y/N).” Spencer said quietly, his voice cracking. “Garcia.” JJ called out “Get me a list of any escaped criminals in the area.”

“There are three that match the profile. An Adam Laxly, a Sidney Gray, and a Jacob Smith. Do any of those names ring a bell Reid?” She said.

“Yes the first one Adam Laxly he was arrested a few years ago for the murder of four people. We need to find his base of operations fast.” Spencer ordered.


It had almost been four hours by now and they couldn’t find anything there were a lot of abandoned buildings around and could not narrow it down just as they finally the place that you could be they got a incoming video.

“It’s been four hours” said that haunting voice over the video “You know what that means.” The man walked into view and over to (Y/N) he drew a knife and dug it into your arm. You let out a blood curdling scream that caused Spencer to let loose the tears he’d been so des pretty keeping in.

“We need to go now.” Spencer yelled. “Alright.” Hotch said your screams in the background “JJ Morgan and I will go get her. Rossi you stay back and keep an eye on Spencer and(Y/N)

“What about me ?” Spencer asked “She’s my girlfriend I have to go get her. I can’t just sit here and wait on you.”

“You are emotionally compromised and will stay here. The longer you argue the longer (Y/N) is in his hands. Let’s go.”

Spencer sat there not looking away from the screen. Every smack or cut brought out another sob from Spencer. Just as Adam grabbed you by the thighs and and spread your legs apart Spencer could hear Morgan’s voice yelling as the team ran down the stairs.

“Ahh just in time.” Adam said. “Drop the weapon” Morgan yelled holding a gun “Maybe I will” Adam said plunging the knife right into your stomach as a gun went off.

“NO!” Spencer yelled “NO! DAMNIT.” He screamed slamming his fist on the table. “(Y/N)” He yelled again picking up whatever was in his reach and throwing it. Rossi tried to restrain him telling Spencer that the ambulance was right there and you were going to be ok. “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, SHE WAS PREGNANT DAMNIT.” He yelled falling of the ground sobbing.


By the time Spencer and Rossi got to the hospital you were in surgery. The nurse said that you should be fine but we’re going to stay here for a little while.

Spencer was the first to see you. You were still asleep when he went in but he sat at your bedside the whole time holding your hand and crying.

It was four hours later when you finally came to. “Hey” you said your voice still raspy.

“Your awake.” He exclaimed. “Oh my god. I was so scared please don’t ever scare me like that again.” He sobbed.

“I’ll try. I’m so sorry Spencer. The baby..” You started breaking off crying. “I know.” He said “I thought that after two miscarriages this would be the one that stuck. I’m so sorry sweetheart.” You both sat there crying for the loss of your baby and the stress of the past day and also for the fact that (Y/N) was home and safe once again.

Darth Vader: Anakin Imagine

She loved him more then anything. He was everything to her, as she was to him. But there was something going on with Anakin. (Y/n) could sense it, there was something he was trying to hide from her.

Finding out that Anakin turned to the dark side was heart breaking. She didn’t understand why. He was the chosen one. He was the best Jedi there was.
(Y/n) was in tears and they stood on the fiery planet. Anakin stood feet away from her, having a contradicting conflict.

“Please my love, join me.” He asked her desperately. (Y/n) was all he wanted. He wanted her safe. He wanted her all for himself. He noticed the clear tears slowly ran down her cheeks. It broke his heart to see her cry. It was the one thing he hated most.

“Ani, I can’t. I won’t join the Dark.” She whispered as more tears broke out. Her heart breaking by the second. She could feel the dark consume him.

“If you loved me, you would come with me!” He yelled with betrayal laced in his words. The light was rapidly disappearing from him. He didn’t feel it anymore. All he felt was the heart break. The misery of losing the one you truly and deeply loved.

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Becoming Me (Avengers x Reader) Part 2/?

Originally posted by guitarplayermrs

Warnings: Swearing, disturbing scenes, maybe a trigger?

Ft: Fury

Summary: Now that you are captured by the Avengers, you have to face a certain someone who wants to know what made you into the Villian you are. 

A/N: Thank you for all the support on Becoming Me. Now here is part 2, and I hope you all enjoy it! This is not my GIF and other parts will be done soon. Enjoy reading! If you have any request messenge me or ask me in my ask box.

You feel the heaviness of your body as you stretch out. Opening your eyes you wake up still a little groggy as you look around. Your vision is a little blurry, but you can still tell the room has a white cushion look alike wall. Rubbing your eyes slightly you look at yourself and around the room. 

You are on a twin white bed that at the far end of the room. On the opposite wall is a mirrored window. There is a bathroom looking place in an open corner, a small mirror above a sink and on the wall in front of you is a tv screen displaying a peaceful beach. Along with the same material that lines the walls cover the door, and the only sign it’s a door is by a silver lining on the edge of it. 

Looking down at your body you see you are wearing a white pantsuit thing that didn’t looking flattering on you at all. You swing your legs over the bed and let your bare feet touch the white, cold, tiled floor. You walk to the mirror window on the opposite wall. Looking at your appearance to see a healing black eye still in progress. You push your loose Y/H/C behind your ears before examining your left eye. Your Y/E/C is a contrast compared to the purple bruise forming around your eye. You smile putting your hands on your hips before looking straight into the mirror.

“This room has adaptive material to absorb my powers, right? Also the two way glass, nice touch. Who changed my clothes? I am not comfortable enough for any of you to look at me in my lovely underwear.“ You state smirking before walking back to the bed. “Imprisonment was the choice. I deserve this.” You state trying to conjure up a fireball, but nothing. “Boredom with imprisonment. Great.” You state before laying back onto the bed looking at the ceiling and thinking.

It felt as if hours have passed, but you knew it has only been about 45 minutes. Finally the door opens, but you turn away facing the wall. “Y/L/N, you have caused a lot of trouble.” You instantly recognize the voice, but don’t show any emotion.

“Yes, well I am very good at it.” You state before looking over at Fury, the man who has tried to capture you for years. You’ve been running around with any group that would take you besides HYDRA because they are just too damn serious for you.

“Yes, I’ve seen.” Fury has a tablet in hand and begins swiping through the screen. “You’ve had a tough childhood Y/N. Your parents both were addicts to various narcotics and very poor because of their addiction. Your parents were very verbally abusive to you, each other and your young sister.”

“YOU STUPID BITCH!” Your father yelled at you as you came home with a C on your finale from your Chemistry class. “You are worthless and talent less piece of shit!” Your father’s words cut you like knives.

“You’ll never be able to amount to anything you bitch!” Your mom yells at you with a bottle of cheap vodka in hand. You slouch looking down at your feet.

“What does that have to do with anything? Trying to figure out why I am who I am. Good luck.” You state with as much sass as you could before looking down at your shaky hands as memories come rushing in. 

“Despite that you had a 4.0 GPA. You got a full ride to Harvard for science engineering. You went, but before you got your degree you disappeared. Rumor has it that you were kidnapped by HYDRA to build a machine for them.”

“I am not building a machine that will create monsters for you.” You yell at the HYDRA commander who has you handcuffed to a table in a room that looks like one from those cop shows you watch. 

“Well you either build us those machines or your sister dies.” the HYDRA commander states as a guard comes in with your sister held against his chest and a gun pointed to her head.

“Y/N!” You sister yells trying to run towards you, but the guard holds her tighter to his chest and holds the barrel of the gun tighter to your sister’s head.

“NO!” You yell getting up and pulling against the handcuffs on the table. “Let her go! I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t hurt her.

“One of the HYDRA agents we’ve kidnapped said you refused to build the machine, but they motivated you with the kidnapping of your sister. Is this correct?” Fury asks you with no emotion. 

“Yes that is true, so what?” You ask him trying to seem unemotional, but your hands still are shaking violently. 

“You built them the machine, but then you sabotaged it. There were consequences for that.”

“You little bitch!” the HYDRA commander yells at you as the HYDRA base starts to shake. Sparks are flying from machines that are malfunctioning. You had your sister behind your back as you back away from the HYDRA commander.

“You won’t be able to hurt anyone! I can’t let you!” You yell at him, and he scoffs at you before firing a gun at your leg. You fall to the ground in pain as the commander runs away.

“Y/N! Are you okay?” Y/S/N asks you as you look at your leg.

“You need to leave Y/S/N. The machine is going to blow up the base. You need to go.”

“Not without you.” Y/S/N states determined to stay by your side.

“Please go! There are too many chemicals and radiation, you’ll die within seconds.”

“You’ll die too. I’m not letting you go. I love you.” Your sister says wiping a tear from your eyes.

“I love you too, but go! I have a better chance at surviving than you do.” You state, but it was too late the machine explodes sending waves of radiation and chemicals in the air and before you know it a blast is heard. You both are thrown across the perimeter, never seeing each other again.

“The machine gave you powers from the blast, but your sister didn’t make it. She died from the rubble making her chest cave in.”

“Stop!” you command looking at Fury angrily as the memories of you finding your sister come back. 

“You wanted revenge on the HYDRA commander, so you went on a man hunt.”

“I’m warning you, STOP!” you command as you feel your blood boiling and the tears threatening to leave.

“You tortured that man for weeks, but he never apologized for killing your sister. You eventually killed him from the lack of food and water, exhaustion and pain though.”

“STOP!” You yell standing up. Fury looks at you surprised, but you take a deep breath before you lay down and turn facing the wall to hide your face as tears came out. Fury’s feet are heard walking towards the door. “I didn’t mean to.” You whisper out loud enough for Fury to hear. This causes Fury’s footsteps to stop. “I didn’t mean to kill him. I didn’t want to kill him. I’m sorry I took him from his family.” You whisper at the same volume and then the silence in the air falls down on you two. You hear his footsteps start again after a moment and then the door opening and closing. You let the tears fall freely as the memories of the man’s screams, blood and then his last plea of him living for his little girl and wife. 


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