h e r o i n

3/3 - p e r f o r m a n c e - unit. ver

2/3 - h i p h o p - unit. ver —> (x)

1/3 - v o c a l - unit. ver —> (x)


  • the a little overboard boyfriend
  • he goes past the expectations and gets you tons of roses, chocolates, teddy bears… yeah cliché I know
  • “is there a celebration I forgotten?”
  • “OH I know. I must have forgotten the celebration to tell you how strong you are to overcome any challenges you are faced with.
  • then he would suggest you two go out on a date but you insisted to stay home and call for pizza which he agreed
  • if he catches you crying alone… he probably would walk up to you and flick you on the forehead
  • "yah, pabo. what are you crying about? tell me.”
  • this boy is all tough on the outside but squishy on the inside


  • the cute gentleman
  • don’t let his usual chirpy derpy acts fool you my dear cause when he’s serious, trust me he is
  • he would be willing to listen to you whenever even if he’s exhausted after late night practices
  • while he convinces you that he is not at all tired
  • "are you listening? you know what soonyoung? we can talk about it tomorrow…”
  • "…huh? OH ANIYA I’m fine I’m good, so what happened next???”
  • you might think he isn’t paying attention but he is.. he heard everything
  • he knows just the way to cheer up… be it getting you starbucks or tickets to that musical you wanted to watch so badly
  • this boy is practical and just loves you the right way


  • the 50% cinnamon roll and 50% savage
  • if he sees you being all moody and not talking much, he probably won’t hesitate for a moment to approach you to ask what the hell is going on
  • a very very good listener in fact
  • after listening to you he will probably give comments like…
  • "they are so fake even Barbie is jealous of them”
  • but he will just tell you to ignore the haters cause mr minghao doesn’t give a shit about haters
  • gives you lots of hugs and kisses with hints of aegyo gaaaah
  • this boy is just too cute but surprises you with his savage words oh my


  • the manly baby
  • he may be jeonghan’s baby but with you he tries to man up
  • he sits beside you the couch and grabs your hand
  • "you can tell me, what’s wrong???”
  • when you are talking his eyes are focused on you with his eyes slowly travelling to your lips blushes
  • if you cry he goes from being calm to panicky…his manly act is out of the window now
  • if its something he can help he will do his best to help you
  • wants to be a source of comfort for you
  • this boy may act manly but he’s just a delicate one

a/n: this marks the end of ‘how seventeen comforts you’ series!

i’m totally up for any suggestion in the next series i should make :)

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S: Stigma by BTS (Taehyung)
U: Up & Down by EXID
N: NO F.U.N by SVT
F: Fantasy by VIXX
L: Loser by Big Bang
O: Overdose by EXO-K
W: Where did you come from? by BTS
E: Everybody by SHINee
H: Hey Mama! by EXO-CBX
B: BODY by Mino
I: I like it by BTS

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