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Future - H&M
Sean Combs - RICK OWENS
A$AP Rocky and Ashton Sanders - CALVIN KLEIN by Appointment
Wiz Khalifa - THOM BROWNE
Michael B. Jordan - RALPH LAUREN
Rami Malek - DIOR HOMME

Edward in school, 1918

His father, a successful lawyer, provided Edward with many advantages, including music lessons and the opportunity to attend private schoolEdward excelled at his studies and became an accomplished pianist.

Second Chance

Jung Hoseok x Reader

Summary: He would’ve done anything for a second chance, but what would that ‘anything’ be?

A/n: Inspired by my gal @h-obii

He missed you. He missed you so so much. With every smile came the thumping beating of his innocent heart. With every laugh came the inevitable feeling of love that rushed through his veins. It was an indescribable feeling - a feeling he could not even bear to understand, but it walked with him like a patch on his shoulder.

“Hobi! Let’s go already!” You cried out with a signature smile that made his mind go blank. Nothing really could make the captain of the dance team completely blank out other than the sweet sweet voice of you.

If only he could hear your voice once more. Just once more.

“Hobi? Hey, take off your headphones already!” You giggled and he scoffed, slipping his headphones off to let your sweet voice overcome his senses.

But why did this have to happen?

“Happy Birthday, Hoseok! I love you so much!” A large wrapped box was in your arms as you extended it towards him, giving nothing less than your million dollar smile.

Of all people, why was it you that suffered this fate?

“H-Hoseok, it really hurts.”

He wanted a second chance. He wanted you back.

“Hey, I think I might actually die, Hoseok.” You whispered, a weak smile plastered on your face. Tubes extending from your body and your weak body resting on the dove white hospital bed.

Anything… Anything to get you back in his life. Anything.

“We’re gathered today to mourn the death of a beautiful, beloved child: (F/n)-”

Anything to let you live the life you never got to live.

“Now, (F/n)’s family for their words.”

Anything to keep your smile alive.

“She was an amazing girl who always smiled.”

Anything to have your warmth in his once more.

“If only fate was kind enough.”


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Comfort (Bucky and Reader, plus Tony and Steve)

So this turned out a little longer than I expected it to be…

Words - 1533

H/L - Hair length

H/C - Hair color

Y/N - Your name 

It was just a normal day. Steve had left a few minutes ago to help Tony with some super smart sciencey thingy and Bucky was asleep in the room next door. You thought that since it was a quiet night you could get a normal shower and not have to rush to help around the apartment or with the boys. Then you heard it just as you were putting the shampoo into your hair,

“Steve? Steve where are you? Steve?”. Bucky. You could pinpoint his voice from anywhere. He was you best friend and after him being the winter soldier and going through hell, you never let him out of your sight ever again. That is why after the winter soldier scare you and you boyfriend of 10 months invited him to stay with you so he would never be alone again.

“Bucky, are you ok?” You tried to sound as comforting as you could, even though you were yelling loud enough for Buck to hear you.

“Yeah, Y/N, I am fine. I just needed to talk to Steve about… man stuff…”

You could tell that something was seriously wrong, then you heard him sniffle behind the closed door. He thought that you couldn’t hear him, but you always looked for the little noises and his hidden feelings and expressions.

“Sweetheart, I know you are not alright. Give me and minute and you can come on in and talk to me.”

You finished washing the remaining shampoo out of your hair and wrapped it in a towel, then wrapped another one tightly around your body. Stepping out of the shower you call out,

“Buck, you can open the door now, I am out of the shower.”

After a few seconds he opened the door slowly, like he didn’t know what, or who, was going to be on the other side of that closed door. When he opened the door fully you could definitely tell something was up. His hair was tangled and messy, like he had been tossing around in bed. He was wearing an old pair of junky sweatpants and was totally shirtless. His light blue eyes had turned red and puffy from cry, and were also full of distress and sadness. His face stained with tears and sweat glistened on his forehead. Sweat laid in beads on his torso and his arms sat by his side. You knew what had happened, he had had another nightmare, you had seen it many times before.

“I don’t need anything Y/N, I need someone.”

You opened up you arms to the large man and he knew exactly what it meant. He began to walk towards you and when he hit your body, he melted into your arms. You could feel his sobs, every single one of them tremored from his body into yours. You could feel his tears fall onto your shoulder and soak into your towel that was once the color of his beautiful eyes. The two of you stayed like that for a while, tangled in each others arms. Not knowing where one person starts and another begins. It was minutes before either one of you said anything, But you couldn’t stand the silence anymore. His light sobs were the only things that filled the stale air, even though they were muffled from his head being placed in the crook of your neck and shoulder.

“So are you going to tell me about his nightmare or are we going to stand here in each others arms all night?”

You could feel him chuckle lightly into your shoulder. Good, at least he wasn’t crying anymore.

Soon, he pulled away from your body, but still keeping you in his arms, like he was protecting you.

“You and Steve… I went into winter soldier mode and…” The tears began to roll down his face again as he pushed out those last few words. You couldn’t watch him be sad anymore. You had to stop all this sadness.

“You don’t need to say anymore, I know what you are trying to get at. But, you would never hurt either one of us. Even if you did go into winter soldier mode, you know us and love us, you would just snap out of it. Anyways, I am pretty sure we could protect ourselves. Steve is freaking Captain America for God’s sake. I have trained with all of the Avengers and taken self defence classes from Natasha, I think I will be ok.”

He looked like some stress was lifted off his shoulders, some.

“Thank you, Y/N. But, it still makes me so nervous, what if you can not protect yourselves. I just need to make sure Steve is alright, I can just stay up until he gets home.”

“Hun, he is just helping Tony, we can call him. Tony would love to hear from you.”

You broke one of your hands away from his, still holding on to the metal hand he hated so much since it reminded him of his dreaded past. After a sincere look to the scared looking man, you reached for your phone off of the bathroom counter and began to search for your boyfriend’s contact. Bucky watch you as you pressed the call button to his best friend, and a ringing began to play through the speakers. Very soon a deep voice replaced the ringing and played through the phone speakers.

“Hey Sweetheart, what do you need?”

“Hey babe, I am here with Bucky. He just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

You looked up to the soldier and he had a small smile on his face just from the voice of his eldest best friend’s voice.

“Hey Y/N, I am here too you know.”

“Yes, I know you are at your own home, Tony. We need to get together soon and start planning Cap’s 97th birthday bash coming up.”

You could hear a few small chuckles over the phone and a few right next to you before Tony said,

“I will have Pepper contact you sometime and we can all go out for lunch together, all five of us.”

All five of us. Who knew four little words could put such a large smile on Bucky’s face.

“Anyways, Bucky, I am perfectly fine. Tony and I are working on a new device for Some missions in the future. I will be home pretty soon and the three of us can watch t.v. or something. Just make sure to protect Y/N, we both desperately need her. I will see you both in a little bit, ok?”

“Ok, I will see you soon Steve. Thank you so much for this, and I will protect her. Nothing will happen to Y/N, ever.”

You hung up the phone and a large sigh escaped from the man who had his shoulder pressed against your and his left hand intertwined with your right. You placed the phone back down on the counter the turned to the large man.

“So, how about we go watch a movie. I will go grab some blankets and make some popcorn, plus get changed. You go queue up a movie for us to watch and we can wait for Steve to get home.”

Bucky thought and looked around the room for a second before looking back down at you and replying with a very happy and gentlemanly, “I would be honored.”

A smile grew on your face and you hugged the tall man for the last time, for the moment at least, and gave him a peck on the cheek before walking out of the bathroom door and straight into your bedroom.

A few minutes later you walked out of the room with you H/L H/C hair freshly combed and laying on your shoulders. You had also changed into and old athletic t-shirt from high school and some black sweatpants. You also had Steve and your’s bed duvet cover in your arms as you walked into the living room to find Bucky sitting on the couch scrolling through Netflix to find a movie to watch. You threw the large blanket on top of him and strutted into the kitchen. Once you got into the kitchen, you put a bag of popcorn in the microwave and walked over to the fridge to pour two glasses of lemonade. Once the popcorn was done you juggles the two glasses and the bowl of popcorn into the living room and placed them down on the table as you walked in. You looked up to the big tv to see Bucky had picked out a movie, Fantastic Four,

“Really? The superhero chose the superhero movie?”

You best friend chuckled a little bit before replying with,

“Yeah, one of the main characters really looks like Steve, so I thought why not?”

You gave him a little nod and a shrug before sitting down right next to him and throwing the comforter over both of your legs. Snuggling into his chest he wrapped his right arm around your shoulders and pulled you in closer to him. He pressed the play button and then settled back into the couch.

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