h bridge driver

ROHM realizes and inputs efficient H bridge driver LSI that PWM drives with the direct-current volts

H bridge driver used for brush motor that ROHM develops this time, contains and can realize low power consumption and efficient electrical machinery driving circuit inside, have, can satisfied with the intersection of AV and apparatus, the intersection of PC and the intersection of circumference and apparatus, the intersection of OA and apparatus reach electrical home appliances products,etc. demand amount to 33 series of product on a large scale. This new series are from ’ BD6221F ’ (begin batch productino in October of 2006) facing AV with more demand, PC relevant apparatus Get up, begin batch productino progressively, it is estimated that can realize the production systems of 1 million of monthly output. Dishes of project produce in the intersection of ROHM and loose Bang ago ’ Shizuoka county of Japan) , the postchannel project is in ROHM INTEGRATED SYSTEMS (THAILAND) CO., LTD. (Thailand) Go on.

In various AV such as DVD CD writer and camera, OA apparatus, have it in numerous fields of electrical home appliances products such as refrigerators,etc., there is application of the brush motor, and this kind of application is expanding constantly. However, design alterations done take time and energy deeply while carrying on the alteration to technical condition and control function of the electrical machinery, will cause the huge burden of system development. H bridge driver series LSI used for brush motor that ROHM develops is on condition that input before changing this time, adopted the new VREF variable system driven in low power consumption, enabled in the past while the substitution of the products can be simplified, rely on PWM to drive and realize low power consumption, high-efficient, can realize in the minimum zone inner design alteration, develop the most appropriate electrical machinery driving circuit. In addition, are correspondent to 3V the jumbo power voltage range of 36V
,Output current maximum is corresponded to to 2A.. Moreover, the circuit of built-in electric-saving, make the circuit electric current while having no load reduce to 1/10~1/20 compared with products of before, having also reduced the circuit electric current while awaiting the opportune moment, the contribution to some extent in saving the circuit design of the energy too.

1) Adopt the new VREF variable system, realize low consumption