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Semi-Automatic (Cover)
twenty one pilots
Semi-Automatic (Cover)

this is very possibly the first twenty one pilots song i’ve ever heard; and now i’m still just as in love with it than i was back then. i hope it sounds okay. 

also, don’t mind the rap. i can’t rap. tyler joseph wouldn’t approve of this rap.

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Watch Our Bridges Burn

I chose to walk away,

Preferred not to stay.

Not after the way that I was treated

All those words you said.

Believe no other reason,

It was after your treason,

I packed my bags, hit the road,

Faced this frozen season.

I’ll still think of you,

All the lessons learned,

Set the fires to remember

To watch our bridges burn.

You can say it’s me,

I drove you away,

But it was me that was searching

For a reason to stay.

You said I didn’t try,

Begged me all the time,

Yet it was you cheating on me

With every other guy.

We tried to make it work,

So many spoken words,

While you were saying something else

To other lovers, girl.

Now I won’t hold no anger,

We’ve ended it as strangers,

I set the spark on our past

Watched as our bridges burned.

I’ll still think of you,

All the lessons learned,

Set the fires to remember,

While I watched our bridges burn.

Easier to escape your blame,

Simply walk away,

But the match was lit

When I found you

Alone with him.

I’ll still think of you,

All the lessons learned,

I’ll strike the match,

Stoke the fire,

Walk away as our bridges burn.

-H. Murcia. 8:34AM. 11/11/2017


A/N: This was a lyric request that was sent in! Pls keep sending these because I absolutely love them! Thank you!

Prompt: @supernatural-pants: “Say you’ll be my love don’t be a liar” song: higher by Lemaitre

You stood on the bridge looking down at the water. The wind was beating against your face and blowing your hair in every direction. Cars drove past you, sending even more wind. You looked down at the water below, wondering what was stopping you from jumping. The water swayed beneath you and you knew the height would probably kill you.

You didn’t necessarily want to kill yourself. You didn’t walk to the bridge at midnight just to kill yourself. In fact, you walked to the bridge to clear your head. It felt clear here. You sighed and ran a hand through your hair. Despite not wanting to kill yourself, truly, you didn’t really want to walk away from the bridge either.

“Hey there, ma’am,” a voice spoke next to you. You jumped, nearly losing your footing, but the stranger gripped your wrist. “Woah, be careful.”

You turned to look at this stranger. You recognized the man next to you from the news. The Winter Soldier, or Bucky Barnes, had been on the news for almost a year after the events of the Sokovia Accords. His arm reflected the headlights of the passing cars on the bridge. You had always had a fascination for Captain America and his best friend. You couldn’t believe that he was standing next to you on the edge of the bridge. “H-hi,” you stammered.

“What’re you doing on the bridge?” You looked down at the water. The waves were calming and you hoped it would help you think of an answer to give to him. “Are you going to kill yourself?” Your head whipped up to look at him. You stared up at the look of understanding on his face. His blue eyes scanned your face. “I’ve been here so many times in the last three years. There’s been times were I even let my foot slip. I convinced myself that if my foot slipped, it was fate to jump.”

You looked down at the water and shook your head. “I don’t want to kill myself,” you rasped. “I just wanted to clear my head and now I’m here.”

Bucky nodded. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else, okay?”

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San Francisco to Seattle

I love road trips for a number of reasons. My family took at least one a year when we were younger and the sound of the road passing beneath and the sight of trees whipping by makes me feel at home. Reading makes me sick in the car and my phone bores me after a few minutes so I often find my self sitting silently and *gasp* actually thinking deeply. I’ll even have the time to sit for a few hours and listen to the music that I’d forgotten existed but at one time made me feel alive. But what I love about them most is the people sitting in the car with me.

There is something about being stuck in a car with someone for 7 days that makes you love them more then you did in the first place. Sure, the term “I want to punch you in the face right now”, may fly around a few times but you always come back around to laughing about it. It’s like a greenhouse for relationships. 

I once went on a month long road trip with eight very different human beings. We drove each other insane. But we also laughed, forgave and learned to love each other in spite of all of our differences. It may sound a bit profound but in that month I honestly felt like I got a glimpse of what it looks like to love one another unconditionally. 

But that’s getting a little too lofty for what this blog post is really about. My husband and I got to drive from San Francisco to Seattle with our two very best married friends a few weeks back and had an insanely good time. If your married then you know how hard it is to find a “couple friend” that both you and your spouse can stand (like seriously almost impossible) but Hunter and I lucked out big time with our friends Tyler and Jill. 

We started out in San Francisco and took three days to camp along the California and Oregon coast. We then spent four days split between Portland and Seattle. There was so much to love about every place we went and such a variety of experiences but there was one place that I wanted to put up a tent and stay forever. The Seattle Public Library. Weird, I know. But if you’ve been in there then you probably know what I am talking about. The light, the books, the shadows, the quiet, it was my happy place. 

This being a blog about food I can’t really not talk about where we ate. Which is good because we ate, like, a lot. A lot, a lot.

So to finish off here was our top ten favorite eateries in no particular order: 

  1. Quinn’s (Seattle) 
  2. Olympic Provisions (Portland)
  3. Blue Star Doughnuts (Portland)
  4. Blue Bottle (Seattle )
  5. Lola (Seattle)
  6. Salt & Straw (Portland)
  7. Bi-Rite Creamery(San Francisco) 
  8. Lola (Seattle) 
  9. Tasty N Alder (Portland) 
  10. Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Portland)