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did you witness any more cute ts moments during the after party?im dying to know

I witnessed so many microscopic cute moments. I am so bummed that my battery was depleted, because they were in front of me most of the time, I would have been able to film them without being intrusive. The funny thing is that I did not take any pictures when they were less than a meter away from me (at one point I was literally standing next to one of the security guys, if I had extended an arm, I would have touched them, but I’m not that crazy 😃), because the only way to get a clear shot was to use the flash on my phone camera, and they were looking at each other, Tessa was touching Scott’s upper back, it felt way too intrusive to start clicking, I just looked at them, entranced. I’ll tell you this: Marina was right about Scott being in charge on the ice, and about Tessa being in charge off the ice. Last year, I had noticed that Scott kept leading Tessa, even when he wasn’t touching her. This year, you’ll notice (once I get all my videos uploaded, my connection is gratingly slow, and a few of them are quite long) that, on the ice, Tessa moved according to the direction that Scott set, especially when the attention was not on them, and he was the most demonstrative out of the two. Off the ice, however, Tessa dominated: she always walked in front of Scott, she was much chattier and looked more at ease than he did, he looked like he felt a bit awkward at times, I just wanted to go over and hug that shy puppy! His hands and arms were almost always joined together, as if he wanted to shield himself (to be fair, he was holding his jacket, but he only held it with one arm for a short time, the rest of the time with both)… it was surprising to me, because on the ice Scott looks so confident! Even during the brief moments I spent with them, I noticed that Tessa was more down-to-business and direct, whereas Scott was shy and sweet. She looked at fans while they spoke, he often looked down. Scott was very happy to fetch Tessa’s drinks though, he did it multiple times and he smiled at Tessa when he delivered them 😊 Whenever they were in close proximity they touched. At one point, they were talking to a bunch of old people, and Scott casually held Tessa’s left elbow and looked at her, as if he were reassured that she was doing all the talking (Scott talked when approached, he didn’t start conversations). At another point, Tessa quickly stroked Scott’s right arm from shoulder to fingertips. I think Scott did the same to Tessa (maybe a couple of times even?), I’m not 100% sure because in that moment I only had a crystal clear view of Tessa, but his arm moved in a similar motion and Tessa was the one next to him, and really close at that, so he could have only done something of the sort to her 😃 When they were afforded moments alone (it didn’t happen that often) they whispered in each other’s ear and gave each other faint, discrete smiles. I think Tessa knew that Scott wasn’t feeling completely comfortable among those European hipsters, which is why she patted then stroked then rested her left hand on his upper back while looking at him with heart eyes and smiling sweetly at him (I will never be able to delete this particular moment from my memory, just so you know, I remember it so well I could paint every detail… it was just too much for my heart 💕 She had giant bangles - the H&B pearls - and her wrist is tiny, so her hand was always flat on Scott’s back, it must have been one hell of a massage for Scott, he got Tessa’s whole hand 😂). Thank you for stopping by! 😊