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x6-88 psa ✌ ✌

I see a lot of people saying that because they’ve never sided with the institute/have no interest doing so, they can’t have or keep X6-88 as a companion (and basically, get to know him as a character.)

But if you side with the Railroad you most certainly can.

I think its because when doing Underground Undercover you never actually become “enemies” with the Institute? (x6 lovin pro tip;;; either way in the course of doing that quest you unlock him as a companion after Mankind-Redefined, just go to the SRB………… i’ve literally seen people who sided with the railroad say they never unlocked him and its like……bruh but u have)

& being able to keep him is clearly intentional, considering he can help you during the Railroad’s The Nuclear Option and then has dialogue about you destroying the Institute (only if you take him with you i think), but it is lazily done? Like, he still has all of his Institute related dialogue and basically continues in a similar way to Danse still acting like he’s in the Brotherhood. (and tbh he should have had a whole conversation about it…. and not just a single line of dialogue, wtf……….but whatever….)

So yeah, anyone who didn’t know this and sides/is planning to side with the Railroad now has no excuse not to love, cherish, and protect get to know X6    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Watch: IU Takes 10th Win For "Palette" On "Music Bank," Performances by VIXX, TWICE, Roy Kim, EXO-CBX, And More

Watch: IU Takes 10th Win For “Palette” On “Music Bank,” Performances by VIXX, TWICE, Roy Kim, EXO-CBX, And More

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The May 19 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” featured IU’s “Palette” and SECHSKIES’s “Be Well” as contenders for first place again. “Palette” came in on top with 4,303 points!

IU did not perform on “Music Bank” this week, so she was not able to receive the award in person. This marks IU’s 10th music show win for “Palette” and her 12th music show win for her latest album as her pre-release track…

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Scars Of Love, ayahina fanfic

Summary: After escaping Cochlea, Hinami takes care of an injured Ayato. 

Rating: K, super fluff and romantic | Words: 1,583 | If you like it, please reblog! ♥

A/N: This is super short and dumb but I really wanted to write something about Hinami very worried about Ayato after they escaped Cochlea. And this is also some kind of tribute to that Hermione/Ron scene when he’s at the hospital. I’m not sure if I’m gonna post this on AO3 considering it’s very short, but maybe I’ll do it eventually. Btw, I recommend you to listen to Lee Hi - My Love while reading this because gfjkhfdgkjfjsgdfh the feels! Besides, I’m sorry to that anon that told me to write ayahina smut *cries* sorry for this fluffy thing, I’ll post smut very soon I promise 🙏

Her hands gently rest against her chest; she feels her heartbeats pump against the delicate flesh of her fingertips.

Ba-dump. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

Everything is going to be okay, she says to herself.

Banjou is here, everything will be okay, she repeats.

Banjou is here. Banjou is here. He’s gonna be okay.

But Ayato shudders; his lips whisper a broken moan and his brows frown in between a silence that engulfs the lonely room whilst Banjou leans over him, gently healing his wounds. And Hinami could find a thousand reasons to free the tears she’s been holding on for hours, a thousand reasons to hate him for being so risky and a thousand reasons to question the infinity of questions she’s afraid to ask herself.

She used to think that every smile of hers would be strong enough to heal every mark on his body, every ugly bruise, every broken heart. She used to think that every nice word would vanish eyes that have seen too much, hands that have killed too many, a soul that is tired of running from one place to another, tired of not being able to find a home.

Let’s go home.

If she could only give one of her heartbeats to all the people she has lost, just to guarantee their safety, one heartbeat for all the people who risked their lives for her, at least once.

All of her heartbeats to him, the one who saved her countless times.

She forgives him, every nasty word and dark past, she always will, and when Banjou sits up and cleans his sweaty forehead, when Touka’s eyes dwell absently on the silhouette of her little brother, when the world seems to stop for a moment and fear engulfs her sheepish eyes…

“He’ll be fine,” he looks at Touka, sighing. “He’s strong as an oak, you know?”

And when all that Hinami wants is to cry, to let herself fall against the floor and finally breathe, Touka frowns, as if what Banjou is suggesting is extremely insulting.

She huffs, amused.

“Of course I know. He’s just like me.”

Hinami’s eyes fall shut, almost smiling, almost dying.

Then, they hear it.

She hears it.

His voice, broken and shattered, muttering something in the air.


Eyes travel to Ayato, gently covered by some blankets, the light of a weak lamp illuminating his pale face inside the room. Banjou approaches, scared that something might have gone wrong with his healing process, but little he knows that Ayato’s wounds are completely cured. He’s safe when his lips mutter traces of her name.

“Ayato? What’s wrong?” Banjou asks, and Touka takes a few steps, trying to listen.

Hinami doesn’t find the courage to breathe.





Banjou sighs with relief.

She doesn’t even ask for his permission. Hinami gently moves away Banjou’s arm that gets in her way, dodges his body and her knees find a place on the floor, right beside the couch in where Ayato is resting. He’s sweating and weak, but his lips keep on praising her name, he knows he’s hurt, he knows he’s injured, and like in moments of despair a believer claims the name of their god, Ayato mutters the only name he knows it can save him, the only name that brings him back home.



“Shhh, don’t speak, I’m here, I’m here,” she says, brushing away the hair out of his forehead. Bars deteriorate, her fingertips trace the pale skin of his head with the most delicate touches, and he stops calling out her name once she’s there.

And Touka knows there’s nothing else to do in there. Not anymore.

“Let’s go with the others,” she whispers to Banjou with glossy eyes.

He looks at her, still confused by the weird situation.


She sighs, placing a hand on his shoulder, her eyes still dwelling on Ayato and Hinami.

“He’s more than fine now, believe me. Let’s leave them alone for a while.”

Touka stares at them one more time before abandoning the room, leaving her baby brother under the protection of Hinami’s wings, and she knows he’s safe when Hinami doesn’t even notice that they’re leaving, when her eyes travel to Ayato’s scars and her lips whisper his name like singing a lullaby. The door closes shut and Hinami’s eyes tear up a little, but just a little, she doesn’t want to worry onii-chan about it.

Ayato weakly opens his eyelids, he stammers at the sight of her.

She’s alive.

She’s okay.

“Are you…” he swallows, voice sounding thicker than ever. “A-Are you okay?”

Hinami bites back a giggle, but a tear falls from her cheek. And Ayato possesses the strength to raise his bloody hand and place a couple fingers on her skin, trying to wipe her tears away. Hinami holds his wrist with one hand, the other placed on Ayato’s forehead.

“Why did you do it?” she says, and she can’t contain the tears anymore. “I was doing it just fine by myself, you don’t have to put yourself in danger like that to save me. Look at you, you’re so injured because of me…”

Ayato smiles a bit. He huffs, swallowing and closing his eyes.

“T-That’s nonsense…” he murmurs. “I-I’m not a pathetic g-guy who risks his life b-because of a girl.”

His hand slowly loses his grip on her cheek, his fingertips can feel every one of her breaths, and his wounds gently heal.

“I’m being serious,” Hinami bites her lower lip, and she can tell that her face is burning with tears. “What am I that you would put your life on the line for me like that? Don’t do that, you could have died…”

He sighs, his voice barely audible.

“It’s not m-my fault that you’re a slippery t-troublemaker…” he says, and Hinami can’t help but smirk a bit. “Y-You’re a bad girl now… getting hunted by the CCG, f-fighting against evil investigators… A-Aogiri got the w-worst of you, huh…”

She gasps, almost a giggle, caressing the hair on his forehead. She doesn’t want him to speak that much, but the sound of his voice despite its weakness is something that fills her heart with relief. Ayato looks at the tears coming down from her eyes, and he’s not smiling anymore. His brows frown a little, his hands tremble and he lacks the strength to raise both hands and hold her cheeks in between.


“Just don’t be reckless, listen to Banjou and do everything he says… you need to rest now, you’re not fully recovered yet. Take some sleep, I’ll stay here with you.”

His lips part in protest when Hinami rises up from the floor to walk towards the other couch and take some pillows and blankets. His eyes are tired and swollen, but he can see her silhouette walking towards the lamp to turn off the lights, opening the door a little to allow some lighting inside the room, a small gap of light staining the walls in a light yellow.

But for Ayato, there’s no brighter light than Hinami’s presence.

She places the pillows and the blankets on the floor, right beside him.

“What are y-you—“

“I said that I’m staying here with you,” and with her last reply, she sits on the ground, using the empty part of the couch as a pillow, resting her head against her arms. The position is not extremely comfortable, but she can deal with it. She can deal anything. “Goodnight.”

During an instant Ayato thinks she has fallen asleep right away, and the only sounds he hears are the voices of everyone else in the other room. The voice of his sister stands out notoriously, and the fact that she’s only a few steps away from him brings a foreign feeling to his chest. The feeling of being home.

But then he feels Hinami’s hand against his.

He blinks, confused and tired, when the touch of her hand traces a firm grip on his fingers that slowly loop around hers. And her skin is cold, shattered and lonely, her hand feels tiny and delicate and Ayato knows that it was worth it. Every scar, every bruise, every mark on his body because of her is worth it. His skin has always been a map traced with war scars; but now his body is filled with scars of love, the firsts of many, and he knows it’s worth it.

Hinami’s worth it.

Ayato can hear the sound of her nose making small noises, her poor soul trying to contain the tears. She’s happy, she’s at peace, she’s home again with the people she loves, onii-chan is back, but still she wants to cry. Months of being locked up inside a cell made her too weak, but the grip of Ayato’s hand is giving her the strength she needs to pick up the pieces of her heart. Ayato is giving her the last drop of his power, and she’s taking all of it.

They fall asleep almost immediately, and the morning after when Touka opens the door to check on her brother, she finds them with their hands still united, unbreakable, two lonely kids finding comfort in each other.

Both are home.

‘and i love your cheeks,’ phil said as he pinched them with his left hand, his right hand massaging the vanilla shampoo into his boyfriend’s brown strands. 'and your neck,’ peppering a trail of kisses across it as he talked; dan’s back pressing deeper against his chest. 'and your eyes,’ his fingers descended to his jawline, cupping his face to lift it upwards until he was able to kiss his closed eyelids. 'and your nose,’ it scrunched as phil left another light kiss, and the kiss turned into a smile. 'also your lips,’ he pecked at them, falling in love even more as he noticed dan’s red cheeks. 'also your tummy,’ he continued and started tickling him, leaving dan in a bundle of giggles; then they kissed again, but they could’ve sworn that everything else was idle around them as they did.

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