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Woodsmoke & Lavender

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,696 

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut! A/B/O Dynamics, masturbation, fingering, oral (female receiving), graphic language, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!). Not much plot, so much porn. A slight NSFW gif somewhere in the middle. I’m not sorry. 

A/N: I KNOW this isn’t completely accurate, but it’s my first time writing a/b/o so please cut me some slack! As always, enjoy! 

“I’m going to take this from you before you break it.”

Bucky looked up at Nat as she reached for the glass in his hand. She held it up for him to see the tiny crack in the side, little drops of the amber liquid seeping out.

He hadn’t realized that he was clutching it that hard. He flexed his metal hand, gaze traveling back to the bar.

Sam was leaning against the wood surface, head thrown back, laughing at something funny you must have said. Sam’s hand went to your waist, his thumb rubbing tiny circles.

Bucky growled and would have jumped up if Natasha wouldnt have put her hand out and stopped him.

“She’s an unmated Omega, Buck.” Nat said in a hushed tone. “She’s free to talk to anyone she wants.”

Fuck that, his Alpha instincts screamed at him.

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Look at Alpha accidentally bumping into Omega and then Omega squeezing/patting Alpha’s shoulder at the end :’) so! cute!


Samus Sketch Dump!

Tbh I’m still a little high off the release of Samus Returns so enjoy my over-doodling of my space mom

anonymous asked:

So... a/b/o one-shot idea. Y/n is an omega. Her boyfriend (maybe fionn?) Is a beta. She meets harry who is an alpha and there's instantly a lot of chemistry between them (maybe some soulmate thingy??). But y/n can't leave fionn just like that because she loves him. So harry wants to show her what she is missing so he starts "interferig" in their relationship. (At one point there could be a threesome maybe? Y/n loves them both so H as an alpha just wants to please her and ease her into it, ++

++ plus he wants her to know how an alpha can make her feel and fionn knows he cant really say no to an alpha unless he is ready for a fight).But then y/n’s heats start becoming more painful because her body knows harry is there and a beta can’t really satisfy her. So harry can’t see her in pain anymore and when her next heat comes he tells her to leave fionn already and ends up knotting her?(I LOVE KNOTTING SMUT)PLEASE I NEED THIS TO BECOME A REALITY PLEASEE NO ONE OTHER THAN U CAN PULL IT OFF!

And god, Y/N knows that she should be paying further attention to the film, that Fionn’s the bloody lead, after all, but she doesn’t think there’s any harm in putting her hand on Fionn’s thigh underneath the blanket, or for her to stare back at Harry in place of the screen.

They’re on the beach. There’s firing from overhead, and Y/N’s attention only startles back to the screen from the noise of the beach being bombed, like she’s been caught for making eye contact with Harry for too long. Harry, who smirks at Y/N knowingly.

Y/N buries herself further into Fionn’s side, for warmth and comfort, though all she’s thinking about is being fucked by an alpha and it’s gross and wrong — she shouldn’t be thinking this way about her boyfriend’s costar and, more importantly, best mate. It’s not something Y/N can control, not successfully, at least.

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Solar flare catch

A group of astronomers at ESA’s ESTEC were testing some solar observing equipment on 6 September and serendipitously captured a solar flare, which turned out to be one of the most powerful observed in the last decade.

The image shown here was taken with an iPhone through a special interference H-alpha filter (centred at the wavelength of hydrogen emission) mounted to a small dedicated solar telescope at 13:09:26 GMT. An X9.3 flare was observed to launch from the Sun by space telescopes at 12:02 GMT, meaning that this image was taken as the flare was in the gradual decay phase.

The flare is seen as the white cloudy feature with multiple ribbons towards the bottom right of the image. It appears as a lighter feature against the solar background average because of post-flare energy release visible in hydrogen emission from interconnected magnetic loops. North is up.

Credits: ESA/T.Baumann/B.Foing/J.Zender

{ ways to make you cry }

au: omegaverse

t/w: none

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a/n: thanks for reading guys!! to anyone i made cry, please forgive me i love u

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part one // part two // part three // part four

part four

Alex took your hand, squeezed it gently. “I missed hearing your voice.” 

You nodded, smiling a little. He shot you a glare.


You raised your eyebrows in a curious expression. What? What’s wrong? Your face seemed to say. Your smile was coy and playful, but Alex wasn’t having it. Alex shoved you, almost knocking you off of the couch. 

“Okay! Okay!” You giggled. “Here, I’m talking. I’m talking.”

“Don’t even joke like that.” Alex nuzzled his face against your neck. You wrapped your arms around him tightly as you cuddled on the couch. He had wiggled his way into your lap but you weren’t complaining. “You’re so good, you know.” 

“Hmm? What do you mean?” You frowned a little, resting your chin on his head.

“You could have given them hell.” Alex chuckled a little, looking up at you.

“Yeah,” You whispered, rubbing little circles into his back. “Maybe. I-It’s just -” You bit your lip and Alex sat up a little straighter, watching you carefully. “We’ve been together for years, Alex. And that bond…It would hurt so much to sever.” You looked down, nervously. Alex intertwined your hands, squeezed it gently. 

“You know what it is? You’re just too impulsive.” You chuckled. “You would have had a bag already packed.” 

“Probably.” He mumbled before he laughed a little. “It would have been a lot messier.” 

It was quiet between the two of you. Alex was finished talking and you were lost in thought. 

If you didn’t have such a tight bond, would you have severed it? Would you have really said goodbye to your alphas? Was the depth of your relationship the only thing stopping you? 

The TV played in the background, but neither of you are watching it. You buried your face into Alex’s hair, playing with the ends of it. You closed your eyes, found comfort in his scent as you thought. 

Alphas. Your alphas. Laf and Herc had been with you for years and even before you were their omega, they were nothing but kind to you. Was it naive for you to hope that they’d be good forever? Was it stupid for you to hold onto that part of them? Even if it wasn’t guaranteed? What if something like this happened again? What if all the promises they made to you were just to make you stay?

What if they weren’t really sorry?

“I can hear you thinking.” Alex mumbled against you. “What’s wrong?” He pulled away a little, looked into your eyes. 

You gave him a half truth. “Worried about reconnecting with the alphas,” You whispered. “I don’t know where to start.” 

“Little steps.” He said. “You know what they need and you know what you need.” 

You nodded, gave him a little smile. Alex always seemed to put things in perspective for you.

“And no matter what, me and John are here for you.” He kissed your cheek. When he pulled away, he took a good look at you. “You look tired.”

“Wow, thanks, Alex. You really know how to charm an omega.” 

“That’s not what I meant! I mean -” He laughed a little, knowing whatever he said next would probably make things worse. “Why don’t you take a nap or something? Everyone else will be home by the time you wake up.” 

You reluctantly do so. Alex got up from the couch and stretched a little. He got you a blanket and draped it over you before disappearing from your view. You sprawled out along the couch before falling asleep. 

You woke up and opened your eyes groggily. You blinked up, feeling yourself being moved. You looked up to see that it was Herc. He was walking with you upstairs, holding you close to his chest. 

It felt familiar. You could remember the nights where you’d collapse on the couch and Herc would be there to take you upstairs. The nights were he just held you to his chest making you feel like everything was right in the world. You missed that. You missed him. You missed your alpha. 

“H-Herc?” You whispered, voice low and full of sleep. 

“Hi, baby.” He said softly, giving you a comforting smile. “Figured you wanted to be in the bed.” 

“Oh.” You blinked. You nuzzled your face into Herc’s chest, picking up the faint scent of his pheromones. “Thank you.” You said softly, closing your eyes. 

He smiled at you. The victory was small but to see you snuggling up to him made him smile. 

“It’s no problem.” Herc walked into the bedroom with you. He gently set you down on the bed, got you tucked under the sheets. He gave you a little smile and started to walk outside. Alex’s words echoed in your head. 

Little steps. 


He quickly turned, standing in the doorway. “Yes, honey?” 

“Can you stay with me?” You spoke up a little. “I-If you’re not busy, that is.” 

Herc felt his heart race a little, felt a smile creep onto his face. A surge of warmth filled him, making him feel relieved after the fight you had. Now, he was wanted. Now, he felt needed. 

“Yeah.” He smiled and he crawled into bed with you. He too got under the covers, propped up his elbow as he looked down at you. “You’re going to be up late, aren’t you?” 

“Probably, yeah.” You laughed a little, knowing he was right. “But, I’m awake now. Figured I could spend some time with you.” You looked up at him, biting your lip. 

“I’d love to.” He wrapped his arm around your waist, came closer to you. “This okay?” 

You nodded, feeling all your worries melt away. He kissed your head, pulled you closer to his chest. 

“How was work?” You said softly, tracing little circles along his arm. He readjusted himself as you rested your head on his chest. He couldn’t help but smile. He missed holding you like this. He missed having you here. 

He nosed at your neck, smiling when it smelled so familiar. You smelled like honey and hibiscus. He tried to control himself, not wanting to overstep his boundaries. He didn’t want to hurt you again.

“Work was good.” He said softly. “It’s nice being able to do what you love. Not everybody gets to say that.” 

You smiled as he spoke, noticing how his expression lit up at the mention of what he was working on. His newest collection was almost ready for production. 

“Got some new designs that I’m finalizing. Maybe you could model them for me?” 

“Wait, really?” Your eyes widened in surprise. “I-I’d really like that. Your stuff is amazing, Herc. It’d be an honor.” You wrapped your arms around him tightly, pulling him in for a hug. You nosed at his scent, burrowing yourself deeper into his hold. He smelled like sandalwood and vanilla and his pheromones comforted you. 

“I’ll bring you in once they’re all finished. Even if I can’t get you fitted in one, you can see the stuff I’ve been working on.”

“You rarely ever bring stuff home anymore.” You pouted a little. “Everything’s a secret with you.” 

“Not true.” He chuckled. “And I do it so I can spend time with you, Alex, and John.”

“Not a lot of alphas are at home as much as you and Laf.” You whispered. You thought about your friends. Their alphas were rarely ever home hence why they went out so much. You started to wonder if it was really how their relationship worked or perhaps it was their way of rebelling. Either way, you found yourself a little more grateful that your alphas made time for you.

You looked up at him. “We appreciate it. I appreciate it.” 

“You’re my mate.” He said softly. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Show me what you’re working on then.” You grinned, nuzzling his nose against yours. 

“Alright, alright. You can come with me tomorrow.” Herc kissed your head. You smiled, his lips on your skin making you feel at ease.

You relaxed into his embrace. You closed your eyes, sunk back into his hold. You could do little steps. 

You tapped Laf’s shoulder, clearing your throat softly. 

“What do you need, love?” He looked at you, albeit it a little surprised. It wasn’t that you were ignoring him. It was just that moments with you were rare. You were warming up to Hercules. He figured it was only a matter of time until you warmed up to him. 

He wondered if this is where you were starting.

“It’s just us two tonight.” You said softly. Herc had taken Alex out on a date; John was working late at his job. You were the only two in the house. It felt daunting at first, but you could do this. Laf didn’t have to be a stranger to you. 

“Thought I could make you dinner or something.” 

“How about I make you dinner?” He countered, a little glint in his eye. 

“We can do it together.” You offered, leaning over the couch so you could look at him better. “Yeah?” 

Laf’s smile told you that meant yes. 

Little steps. You thought. Little steps.

You timidly leaned forward and kissed his temple. His eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly relaxed. He closed his eyes, relished the feeling of your lips on his, and let out a little sigh.

“Might have to go to the store.” You mumbled and quickly headed into your kitchen. Laf heard you go, your footsteps padding along the floor of the house.

You took one look inside your almost empty fridge and burst into laughter. Laf peeked in just behind you, wondering what was so funny. When he joined you and saw what you were looking at, he too cracked a smile. 

“I guess I’ll have to go to the store.” Laf chuckled, eyeing the few ingredients in the fridge. It certainly wasn’t enough to make a meal.

“I’ll come with you.”

“You’ll want to get a jacket,” Laf whispered as he shut the refrigerator door. “It’s cold out, ma chérie.”

“Okay, alpha.” You said nonchalantly, already rushing upstairs. Laf sort of smiled, felt his heart beat a little faster. Another little victory, another piece of you brought back to him. You were calling him alpha again.

After you had gotten a jacket from your closet, you rushed back down to meet him. You slipped your shoes on and grabbed your purse. Once you were ready to go, Laf and you headed to the store. 

You naturally stayed close to Laf as you walked through the store. You felt something twitch inside you, found yourself staring at Laf for longer than you should have. If he noticed it, he didn’t mention it. 

Eventually, you worked up the courage to reach for his hand. Very slowly, you intertwined your fingers with his and leaned into his side as you stood in the middle of the produce section. 

He looked down at you with a little smile. “Hi.” He said quietly. 

“Hi.” You whispered back, eyes sparkling a little.

He gently kissed the back of your hand and walked with you up and down the aisles. 

“Nothing fancy tonight,” You laughed a little, helping him check off things on the list. “I’m hungry.” 

He grinned, holding a basket in his other hand. “Don’t worry. It won’t take too long.” 

Your eyes flickered over to the section just ahead. You let go of Laf’s hand and quickly ran towards the end of the aisle. “Do you remember eating these?” You waved the packets of ramen to Laf’s view, a big smile on your face. 

“How could I forget?” Laf chuckled, coming closer to you. “John and Alex would eat these all the time before they met you. Even after.” He took one, flipping it over with a fond little smile. “Despite them having very little nutritional value,” He stressed, making you laugh. “We can have some tonight. If you’d like.”

“But the rest of the stuff.” You looked down at the list.

“I’ll come back tomorrow. Let’s get some of these and get home.” 

When you stepped back inside your place, you felt at ease. You didn’t feel like you couldn’t breathe. You didn’t feel like you were trapped in a home that wasn’t your own. You felt like you were at home.

Laf wrapped his arms around your waist as you stood at the stove. You stirred the noodles, watching as the block of noodles softened and filled the pot of warm water.

“Five star dining.” You laughed a little, adding in the seasoning. 

“Something like that,” Laf kissed your cheek and rubbed your side. “I remember how Herc showed you how to use chopsticks last time we had this. Feels like it was forever ago.” 

“We ate this after you and Herc marked me.” You whispered. “We were exhausted but it’s all you had time to make.” 

The two of you laughed. Laf rubbed your lower back. “Herc and I, ah, did not plan that heat well.” He smiled and he watched you as you stirred the noodles. “Seems this meal is more special than we thought.” 

You sat at the table together until it started to feel familiar. You sat beside Laf until you started to feel a little more like yourself, felt a little more like an omega just sitting with your alpha. Felt like you hadn’t fought. Felt like nothing was wrong. 

You blinked up at him, eyes growing heavy. You pulled him down by his sleeve, until his forehead was resting against yours. Maybe it was the warmth of the ramen or maybe the wine Laf insisted on pulling out, but Laf smelled so good. You just wanted him close. 

“Alpha,” You said softly, cupping his face. 

“Yes, my love?” He looked down at you with a little smile. “Think you had too much wine.” 

You shook your head fervently and he chuckled. For the third time that night, you surprised him. You crawled into his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck and resting your head on his shoulders. 

Laf tensed for a moment. He took a deep breath, relaxed as he felt you nuzzle closer to him. He wrapped his arms around your waist, stroked your hair. 

John came home first and when he saw the two of you, just sitting in the dining room, holding onto each other, he can’t help but feel relieved. The entire time he’d been telling himself and you and Alex that everything would be alright. In that moment, he finally started to believe it.

Within a week or two, you were getting used to interacting with your alphas. It was hard, but you did learn how to love them again. You remembered how kind they were to you, how thoughtful they truly were, and how before you had your fight, how much they cherished you.

They took little steps too. They made you dinner, helped you wash your hair, put a blanket over you if you had fallen asleep in some random place, kept you company when you had to run errands. All these acts of kindness reminded you that these were the alphas you had loved. These were your alphas.

You would ask them for help more often than you pushed them away. You might trust them to make small decisions for you, but they’d let you make big ones on your own.

Alex was especially happy to see you rekindling your relationship with them. The tension slowly slipped out of the house and you started to feel like a pack again. 

It was little things like holding Herc’s hand when you were out together in public or asking Laf to help you order something. They made him feel helpful and needed. As a result, you too felt cared for. That was enough for the three of you.

Despite Laf’s words occasionally echoing in your head, you didn’t stay stuck in that mindset. You felt yourself grow more at ease around him. You welcomed his hugs and kisses, weren’t afraid to cling to him when you were scared or unsure, weren’t afraid to share your heart with him. If anything, this situation brought you closer. 

On one night in particular, the three of you sat in the guest bedroom to talk. You leaned against the bed frame, you in between your alphas as you spoke. 

“I just need you to trust me,” You told them quietly. “Can you do that? And if not, can we agree to talk about certain things? Even if they’re awkward and uncomfortable?” You weakly laughed. 

Both of your alphas nodded. 

“Okay, well, I wanted to get dinner with Connor. I have for a while, but I kept pushing it back with everything that happened.” You said, looking up at the two of them. “Is that okay? My friend Adrian–oh, he’s a beta–will be there too.” 

Your alphas shifted a little so you started to expect the worst. Instead, you felt Laf lean down and kiss your head.

“Ready to hear something you probably knew already?” He prompted, giving you a little smile.


“Laf and I felt threatened by Connor for a while.” Herc said, rubbing your side. 

“Really?” You looked down at your feet, pulling your knees to your chest. “You don’t need to.” You mumbled. “I love you guys a lot more than I love him. I’ve just known Connor for a really long time. We’re good friends. That’s all.” 

“That’s good to hear.” Laf whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Didn’t seem important.” Herc laughed, but his laughter was quiet. Almost nervous. 

“Anything that bothers you is important to me.” You looked at him right away. “I wish you told me sooner.” 

“It wasn’t a big deal.” Herc kissed your cheek. “Now we know that we have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m bonded to you.” You laughed a little. “There was never anything to worry about in the first place.” 

“Well, you see, our instincts take over and we stop thinking logically.” Herc caressed your cheek, cracking a little smile. “All we see is potential threats and our first thought is how to get rid of them.

“Is that what happened on the night of his party?” You asked quietly. “Was that all instincts?” 

Laf and Herc felt guilty as they looked down at you. They shared a look. 

“Perhaps,” Laf cleared his throat a little. “But, it is still no excuse. We are still responsible for our actions.” 

“So I can go to dinner with them? And you won’t get upset?” You bit your lip a little, looking up at the two of your alphas. 

“We trust you.” Herc smiled and rubbed your shoulder. “And we love you. We want you to know that.” He pulled you into his side, kissed your head. Laf too gave you a kiss to your cheek, making your eyes water a little at their gestures. 

Your scent changed slightly. Laf and Herc retreated, looking at you in concern.

“Are you alright?” Laf asked, taking your hand. “What is it?” 

You bit your lip and shook your head. You closed your eyes, trying to keep the tears in, but you weren’t doing a very good job. It was too hard to try and withhold your scent.

“Honey,” Herc said softly. “Are you okay?” 

You cleared your throat, took a deep breath. “I was talking with Alex and for a moment, I thought about severing our bond.” You bit your lip, looking down. 

They didn’t know what to say. They couldn’t speak. Both of your alphas felt their hearts break at the fact that you even considered breaking your bond. 

Their scents changed to a putrid scent. They were sad, heartbroken even. As a result, your head pounded and your heart ached. You felt sick to your stomach and it was enough to make you speak up again.

“I-I don’t feel the same way now, of course, but being here…with you two just makes me glad I didn’t.” 

Laf quickly pulled you into his chest, startling you for a moment. You let out a little laugh and slowly wrapped your arms around him. You gently played with the hairs on the nape of his neck. He let out a shaky sigh. For a moment, you were comforting him. 

“M-My sweet omega,” Laf said softly, letting out a shaky breath. “I could not even imagine my life without you.” 

“You don’t have to, alpha.” You reassured him. 

You let him take in your scent, knowing that it would help him relax. You looked back at Herc and pulled him closer to you too. You could smell the anxiety on him. You lifted your neck a little so he could nose near your mark. You kissed his cheek, cupping the side of his face. You rested your forehead against his, feeling him slowly calm down. 

“I’m here. I’m not going to break our bond.” You said softly. You felt Herc nod against you. “You’re my alpha.” You said shakily, your eyes filling with tears. You gave him a smile, both of your eyes a little glassy. “You’re both my alphas and I’m your omega.” 

You timidly leaned forward and brought Herc into a kiss. You cupped his face, feeling the stubble along his jaw. It’s slow, tentative and sweet, like you’re taking your very first steps into the pool. You pulled away from Herc, hearing a soft growl rumble in his chest. You smiled a little, gave him one more peck to his lips to satisfy him. 

You turned to kiss Laf. You’re not as scared. It feels like you’re picking up a dance that you had forgotten, relearning the steps, but once you begin to move, it all comes back to you. You held him close for a moment before you pulled away. The two boxed you in, held you close. 

There was nowhere else you’d rather be.

“Have fun at dinner.” Laf said with a little hum. He kissed your cheek as you came downstairs in your heels and your dress. He wrapped you up into a hug and held you tight. “You look so beautiful, my darling.”

“All thanks to Herc.” You grinned, kissing him back.

“I always liked that dress on you.”

“Me too.” You rested your head against his chest, taking in his scent. He took the time to imprint his scent on you, letting his pheromones seep through the air. You didn’t mind one bit as you held him tighter.

“Sweetheart?” Herc said softly, coming down the stairs. “Don’t want you to forget this.”

He handed you your phone. You gave him a big kiss as thanks, wrapping your arms around his neck. He kissed your cheek and held you tight, rubbing your back. 

“Thanks, Herc.” You let him imprint his scent onto you too. You nosed at his neck before pulling away from him. “I’ll text you when I’m on my way back.” You promised, giving your alphas a little smile. You quickly rushed back to kiss Alex and John who were on the couch before heading out the door. “Bye! I love you!”

Laf’s heart softened a little once it was clear. Herc’s did too as the door shut behind you.

“She loves us.” Laf said dreamily, whole body filling up with warmth.

“I missed hearing her say that.” Herc mused. 

“Mm. I did too.”

Herc pulled Laf into a hug and they shared a tender kiss before Alex peeked into the kitchen.


“What is it, baby?” Herc turned right away, pulling away from Laf. Laf whined a little, leaned down to kiss Herc’s neck and his jaw while his attention was off of him. Herc gave Alex a sweet smile despite what Laf was doing to him. “What do you need?” 

“John wants to watch a scary movie and I’m gonna need all the protection I can get.” He said in one breath. 

“It’s not that scary, Lex!” John called from the living room, laughing a little.

“Don’t lie to me, Jack!” Alex snapped back before looking back up at his alphas. 

Laf smiled, lifted his head from Herc’s neck. He looked down at Alex and beckoned him closer. Alex eagerly came forward, slipped in between the two alphas. He hugged Hercules, wrapping his arms around the alpha’s torso.

“You can sit with me then.” Laf kissed the top of his head and ran a comforting hand through his hair. Alex smiled up at Laf. He quickly took both of their hands and dragged them over to the couch.

You made sure to text your alphas when you were on your way back home. You were coming back later than planned. 

When you finally arrived, John and Alex were asleep on the couch, curled up to one another as they were squished in between Laf and Herc. Your alphas were awake still, eyes on the TV. Reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air play in the background, but they looked up when they hear you come in.

“Hey, princess.” Herc smiled.

“Hi.” You lowered your voice as you kicked off your heels. You set your keys and your purse on the dining room table before you headed towards the living room. Your alphas’ scents hit you and you felt your body begin to relax. You sighed happily. “I really missed you.”

“Mm, what was that?” Laf teased, as you crawled over to sit in Herc’s lap. Laf smirked. He couldn’t move much with Alex leaning on him, but him wiggling his eyebrows was enough to make you laugh.

“I missed you, okay?” You ducked your head down a little, but smiled against Herc’s skin. You nosed at his neck, taking in his earthy scent. You hummed, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

“Mhmm.” Herc chuckled at how affectionate you were being. “Just glad you got home safe.”

“Me too.” You whispered. You wrapped your arms around Herc’s neck, letting out a gentle purr.

It’s enough for Alex to stir from where he leans on Laf. He weakly opened his eyes, but they grew heavy after a moment. He’s awake enough to realize the significance of this.

They hadn’t heard you purr in weeks. It sounded like music to his ears and to your alphas’. He couldn’t help, but smile in his sleep because you were finally happy. He snuggled back closer to Laf, feeling the alpha rub little circles onto his back

“I brought home some cheesecake.” You whispered, suddenly remembering. 

“We can eat it tomorrow.” Herc rubbed your side. “Gotta get these two upstairs.” He nodded in the direction of John and Alex. 

“Don’t go.” You pouted a little. “Need you for a minute.” You leaned into Herc, tightening your hold on him. 

He smiled, brushing a loose curl out of your eyes. “You don’t need to ask, love.”

“You too.” You wanted to pull Laf closer, but with Alex and John between the two of you, you realized this wouldn’t work. 

“Nest, please?” You blinked up at them.

They have you go wash up while they get Alex and John. They put them in the bed and John grinned when Laf told him the bed was theirs for the night. The first thing John does is pin Alex gently to the bed and catch him in a kiss. The two of them are practically inseparable. 

You’re in somebody else’s shirt. Maybe John’s, maybe Alex’s–you’re too tired to tell. You sat up with Herc, talking to him quietly before laying down next to him. Laf slipped in beside you in the nest, cuddled you from your other side.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, pressing a gentle kiss to your head as Herc draped an arm around your middle as well. You nosed at both of your alphas necks until you were sure you had their scents memorized. You relaxed, intertwining your fingers with Herc’s and managed to fall asleep.

When John woke up, he dragged Alex out of the bed with him. The two of them peeked into the guest bedroom to see you, Laf, and Herc in the nest, curled up and entangled within one another. You look so small compared to them, but most of all you look happy.

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emma, i wanna try reading an A/B/O larry fic. ive never read one before. any recs on what i should read first? thanks so much! :)

In order of length, here are the A/B/O fics that I recommend. I’ll tell you some good ones to start with at the end.

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Small Section Eta Carina Nebula NGC3372 by Ted Dobosz
Via Flickr:
A single 150 minute exposure of this segment of the nebula. Taken through 7nm filter and RC10 plus SBIG STL6303 camera.