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I feel like if we get a Reylo kiss, Kylo’s gonna be the one to instigate it. One of my headcanons is that he becomes one of Rey’s most encouraging friends. Someone who can pump her up when she’s deflated. I headcanon that at some point during episode 9, Rey hits her lowest point and feels worthless. Kylo, being the perfect timer that he is, takes the chance to tell her how he feels and how she helped him see the light. Then he leans in. What are your thoughts on a Reylo kiss?

Nahhhh I think Rey will instigate it. Kylo hates himself. Kylo thinks he is garbage and worthless and not worthy of love because Snoke has been whispering that in his ear for his entire life. 

Rey, garbage picker that she is, is gonna pick him up, dust him off, and give him a big ol’ kiss, and he is going to be like, “W T F I S H A P P E N I N G shouldn’t you H A T E me??????? I AM GARBAGE?”

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G I R L S A R E R E A L L Y C U T E , A N D G U Y S A R E C U T E T O O. A L S O M Y M O M I S B I , S O I K N O W S H E W I L L B E C O O L W I T H I T


I Made A Mistake

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PAIRING: Bill Denbrough x reader

PROMPT: “I made a mistake, but I still love you and I refuse to give up on us.”

“H-how could you d-do this?!”

Bill continued to yell at you. You were supposed to be watching Georgie and now he’s missing.

“Bill! I told you! I got distracted! I didn’t mean to!”

“W-well he’s gone now! A-and it’s a-all your f-fault! I h-hate you!”

You gasped and stepped back.

“What? You-you hate me?”

You felt a tear slip down your cheek.

Bill realized what he had said and regretted it immediately.

“Y/N wait! Don’t g-go I-”

“Save it Bill! I’m done!” And with that you stormed out of the house and into the pouring rain.


It had been a week since you had fought with Bill, and you weren’t taking it well. You hadn’t left your room, except to take showers and use the bathroom. Your mom had brought you food but you wouldn’t eat it. It would sit on its plate untouched for your mom to pick it up later.

There was a knock on your door.

“I’m not hungry mom.”

“I-I’m pretty sure I’m not y-your m-mom.”

The door opened and Bill stood there.


He laughed and walked towards you.

“G-gosh you’re starting to s-sound like me n-now.”

You wanted to smile but you couldn’t, cause if you did you would start crying again.

He sighed and sat down at the end of your bed.

“Listen Y/N, I know I made a mistake, but I still love you and I refuse to give up on us. You mean everything to me, and I don’t blame you for Georgie going missing. It wasn’t your fault. I definitely do not hate you, only person I hate is myself for making you think that I didn’t care about you.”

You stared at him wide eyed.


“Y-you didn’t stutter once.”

He smiled and for the first time this week you did too. He moved up the bed and laid down beside you.

“I l-love you Y/N.”

You smiled again and snuggled farther into his chest.

“I love you too Bill.”


Hope you guys like this one!!

N I G H T. C H A N G E S. P T 2.

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I T H I N K I A M B I S E X U A L , B U T W H A T I F I ' M N O T ? B U T A L S O G I R L S A R E H O T S O I M E A N