h 57

Bokuto: “You’re getting 19 kisses each!! How many is that???”

Akaashi: “57”

Bokuto: “WW OA H 57!!!”

Kenma: *is planning on stealing all the kisses for himself*

Happy Birthday Kuroo!!  I hope everyone showers you with kisses today!  (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥  おめでとう~ ♪!!

5 h 57 min (477.9 km) away from Kabul.
Photo © Mehlum S. Sadriwala 15’

“Pakistan hosts almost 1.5 million registered Afghan refugees - still the largest protracted refugee population globally. The first wave of Afghan migration into Pakistan began during the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan. As of December 2012, approximately 1.7 million Afghan nationals were reported to be living in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and northwestern Balochistan, which sits next to Afghanistan. Afghans who migrated to Pakistan in the aftermath of the Soviet invasion have now become permanently settled in the country and would face numerous socio-economic constraints in moving back to Afghanistan, including the prospects of finding shelter and jobs. There are furthermore second and third generation Afghans who have been born and brought up in Pakistan their entire life and would not be able to easily assimilate back in Afghanistan.”

Congrats To The Winners of The Tokyo Ghoul Fanart Contest!
  1. monviva (22.81%)
  2. aivymn (13.80%)
  3. acetier (13.67%)
  4. skullmei (11.87%)
  5. grumpybets (11.59%)
  6. ludozerkaa (11.38%)
  7. aquacrown (11.35%)
  8. atrayaulait (11.27%)
  9. neves0 (11.14%)
  10. orenji–kun (10.80%)
  11. ameri-h (10.57%)
  12. seiracchi (10.39%)
  13. konveeart (8.25%)
  14. vina-chan (8.07%)
  15. yuu0 (7.58%)
  16. chibimoka (7.39%)
  17. kokenra (7.16%)
  18. zombeezle (6.77%)
  19. seizethesubsea (6.27%)
  20. rosaraeee (6.09%)

Why are there 20 artists listed when I originally said there would be 10 winners? Well, I’ve found a cheaper place to print the book, so not only will the cost be cheaper, there can be more pages! 

To the 20 artists listed above, Congratulations! I will be contacting you within the next day with the details.

Thank you to everyone who participated!