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How about humans busting out expressions like, "oh my god I'm dying over here", or "four days in the shuttle? I'm gonna diiieeee.", and the poor aliens just freaking out? (And slowly growing to hate the concept of hyperbole.)



Checklist H.85

  1. Can you see actual manifestation of related danger?
    1. E.g. Flames, engaged or discharged weapons, etc.
  2. Does the human present features of distress?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.14 “Human Physical Expressions” and Pamphlet H.15 “Human Voice Modulation”
  3. Are other humans, especially humans-from-same-cultures, alarmed?
  4. Does the statement match any known physically- or mentally-detrimental causes?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.34 “Basic Human Health”
  5. Does the individual human have a history of similar socially-acceptable-untruths?

If one or more answers is AFFIRMATIVE, proceed to Checklist H.86.

What are the canon ages?

Some people will adamantly assert that Pidge is 14, Keith/Hunk/Lance are 16-17, and Shiro is 25; others will say that there are no canon ages and make personal inferences based on what’s happened in the canon of the show. Let’s look at a few things first. 

Canon: the events that occur directly in the the show/film/book (ex. Lance flirts with girls a lot or Shiro has PTSD)

Headcanon: a fandom based idea placed into the story or on a character that isn’t explicitly stated within the work; could be how an event could be interpreted, a characters gender id or sexual orientation, any disabilities/mental illnesses (ex. Lance is bi or viewing any of the characters as trans)

Word of God(WoG): bits of information that are sometimes revealed outside of canon by the creator(s) (ex. Lance is Cuban or Hunk is Samoan)

Sometimes WoG contradicts what happens in canon. It isn’t easy to keep track of every tiny detail of what a character is doing or the lore of a work, especially when there are multiple people involved with the creative process who have varying ideas on what is occurring within the work. 

So that being said, can WoG be trusted? To an extent, I would say that it could. It obviously came from the person creating the thing. However, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Things change, ideas change. Someone’s thoughts and ideas could be set on one thing but can become something different based on either new ideas/inspirations or things not flowing well and it needed a change up.

In the case of V:LD there are many people involved with creating,producing, and writing the show. Each person has their own individual thoughts on how the characters are and where the plot should go, sometimes they are in agreement, but not always. These are very important people when it comes to making sure the show keeps moving and continues to produce content. These people are WoG. It is assumed that because they are directly involved with the thought process that they all agree completely on everything that happens in the show and everything that will happen. While this can totally be true, anyone who has worked in a group for a project knows that everyone has different ideas and don’t always agree. So it is very possible that each person could contradict what another creator/producer/writer has said. It’s happened, many times actually. When it comes to the ages of the main characters, one WoG contradicted the other when asked to firm up on ages/age ranges. A solid range that was given, the ‘safe range’ as it was dubbed, is the youngest possible age a character could be would be 14 and the oldest would be 25. This was given via WoG in a video recorded at a con a year or so back. It has also been stated that the paladins minus Shiro are all late teens. This small bit of info given allows for people to have a general idea on how old the characters are. Obviously, not everyone agrees on where the ages should be.

Let’s throw out WoG for a second and look at just the canon of the show. In the very first episode a few things are made very clear:

  1. The paladins attend a Military institution/University and have for at least a year or two
    1. “Welp, we gave it the old college try” - Hunk S1E1
    2. In the year that Shiro was held captive Keith was kicked out of the Garrison, Lance and Hunk knew of Keith from previous interactions (most likely from being in the same class year)
    3. They are called Cadets and have superior officers
  2. Keith lives on his own/has his own place without guardians and owns a vehicle that he drives around
  3. The Garrison most likely runs on a chain/hierarchy of ranks and statuses and that Shiro was a higher rank than cadet

The location of the Garrison is never officially stated; however, based on most countries laws, an individual must be at least 18 years old (sometimes 17 with parent/guardian permission) in order to join any sort of military facility; whether it be a university or signing up for the army. So based on this and the fact that Keith is very much on his own, we can base the ages of at least Pidge/Hunk/Keith/Lance around them being 18 or so. (This fits perfectly in the safe zone and late teens range we were given, but WoG aside).

As for Shiro we don’t know what his rank is, only that he is not a cadet, based on the headshot they used on the news broadcast upon announcing the Kerberos faillier. We can however assume that because he is a higher rank that he is most likely a few years older than the other paladins.

Based solely on the canon setting and not including any WoG, it can be inferred that all the paladins are at least 18, with some maybe being slightly older.

Now, can you choose to continue to take WoG and base your headcanons on that large range? Totally, I’m not going to stop you. But I will say that what you headcanon the ages at are just that, headcanons and you shouldn’t attack others based on the fact that they hold different headcanons than you. There are technically no canon ages, there are headcanon ages that can be made based on canon, but there are no canon ages.

Italian Meals

Breakfast (7-11 h) is always a light meal, usually consisting of a cappuccino or coffee and brioche (like croissant) at home or at a bar (often standing up), or coffee and biscuits and possibly a piece of fruit or yogurt at home.The brioche can be plain (liscia), filled with jam (con marmellata), custard (con crema), or chocolate (con cioccolata). Note: For Italians, cappuccino is a breakfast drink. Most will not drink it later in the day. 

Lunch (12:30-14:00 h in the north, 12:30-14:30 in the south: 

Antipasti (starters) - light starters typically salumi (cold hams, salami)

Primo piatto (1st course) - usually risotto, pasta, or (rarely) soup

Secondo piatto (2nd course) - meat or fish

Contorni (side dish) - vegetables (vedure) or salad (insalata)

Dolce (dessert) - cakes, icecream or seasonal fruit (ordered separately)

Caffé espresso to finish the meal.

During the week most Italians will eat at least a primo + secondo and probably fruit. For a special lunch all of the above will be eaten. For a quick snack on the go, one might have a panino (filled roll) at a bar. Typical fillings are mozzarella & tomatoes, prosciutto cotto (cooked ham) or crudo (raw ham). 

Merenda (16:00 h): snack for children (usually bread, fruit, yogurt, or icecream)

Dinner (20:00-22:00 h): Depending on the person, it may be a lighter meal like salad or either primo or secondo as above. Many people (especially if eating out) will have the full works again. Going out for a pizza is also very popular. 

Bars: Bars are usually open from 7:30 h. They serve breakfast in the morning, panini at lunch, icecream mid afternoon, aperativi early evening, and coffee throughout the day. Many also sell cakes and pastries (pasticceria). If it’s also a tabaccheria, they will sell stamps, phone cards, bus tickets, parking, car tax, and lottery tickets. When ordering to eat at a busy bar, you usually have to pay for what you want at the till (cassa) first, then take the receipt and repeat your order to the barman. If it’s quiet and you are known, they may take your order and you’ll pay at the end.

Requests! (I guess)

I think its Thursday I dunno but Thursday is officially ship day

Y'all what is up I’m gonna (badly) dra your ships because ily

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Also please god no like,,,underage ships,,you know,, with like the young ass kids dating grown ass adults,pls

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