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How about humans busting out expressions like, "oh my god I'm dying over here", or "four days in the shuttle? I'm gonna diiieeee.", and the poor aliens just freaking out? (And slowly growing to hate the concept of hyperbole.)



Checklist H.85

  1. Can you see actual manifestation of related danger?
    1. E.g. Flames, engaged or discharged weapons, etc.
  2. Does the human present features of distress?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.14 “Human Physical Expressions” and Pamphlet H.15 “Human Voice Modulation”
  3. Are other humans, especially humans-from-same-cultures, alarmed?
  4. Does the statement match any known physically- or mentally-detrimental causes?
    1. Refer to Pamphlet H.34 “Basic Human Health”
  5. Does the individual human have a history of similar socially-acceptable-untruths?

If one or more answers is AFFIRMATIVE, proceed to Checklist H.86.

Always|H.Styles Blurb

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#14: “You gotta stop doing that!” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you!”

Harry and Y/N had a strange dynamic, but it worked and it was them. Neither complained about getting less, and it just worked. It was almost a mutual agreement that whatever they had would never cross the line, and they both knew, They knew their drink number and never pasted it when alone, been there done that, but sometimes Harry made it a tiny bit difficult and today was one of those days.

Y/N had just thrown herself onto his sofa as she finished telling him what was perhaps the most horrific date she’s ever gone on. Harry’s laugh had filled up his flat, as he walked to his kitchen turning to kettle on to make them both a cup of tea. He kept her favorite tea at hand when things like this happen, though he’d never admit, the awful taste was starting to grow on him and he more than once found himself buying more to the horrid flavor. But then again who’s even counting. Once the teas were ready and sweeten to perfection he walked out handing her a mug.

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad..” He stated with a soft look as she sat up holding the mug close to her chest. The heat radiating off calming her swirling mind from the horrid events of the night.

“But it was Harry..” She whined as she throw one hand up in the air making him hide his smirk from behind his cup. He’d never say it aloud but at this moment she looked breathe taken. Her hair was slightly disheveled, and her eyes were wide.

“Babe, I’ve told ya..” He started about to say the words she hears everytime she comes back to his place after one of dates. “Dating sites, just aren’t your type..” He stated as she raised an eyebrow at his choice of words.

Type?” She chuckled as he rolled his eyes and a cheeky grin appeared on his face, causing her insides to turn to mush. This man before her was her best friend and she had no idea what she’d do without him in herself.

“You get what I mean love.” He mumbled before taken a sip and continuing his point of reason. “I just think you aren’t meant for that sorta thing. I feel like you deserve someone who’s willing to do so much more for you then possible. Someone who’d be so blown away by you at first site that they wouldn’t want you to leave them after a few short hours at some shitty bar, with cheap wine..” He stated as her cheeks flushed.

“You gotta stop doing that.”


“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you…” She chuckled as he joined along and sent her a kiss.

“You know I’m right..” He winked as she nodded her head.

“Aren’t always?”


Gossip Girl & Wine| H.Styles Blurb

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#14: “You gotta stop doing that!” “What?” “Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.”
#15: “Oh my God, you’re in love!”

Fridays called for cheap wine and movies at either Harry’s flat or hers, and tonight it was at his place. The week had been ghastly and she had been looking forward to this night. Harry had gone out of his way to make sure everything was perfect, not that he’d admit but he hoped she viewed these nights as dates. Though he knew the topic of romantic feelings were never discussed between the two of them, they did share something special that was hard not to notice when around the pair.

She sighed deeply as she feel face first into the mountain of pillows on his bed. She had brought a overnight bag incase she had a little too much to drink. Harry chuckled as he stood behind her, two wine glasses in hand. Smiling up at him she took a glass from his hand and took a huge sip smiling in content as she placed it on the bed side table besides her.

“That bad?” He asked as he watched her nod her head and shiver as he ran a hand down her back putting a bit of pressure in certain places.

“Horrid..” She mumbled as he nodded his head not having to say anything but he go it. Laying down besides her, he took her into his arms placing soft kiss on her forehead. She smiled in content as she looked back at the screen that was on a random ‘Gossip Girl’ episode. “How’d you know I wanted to watch this?”

With a soft smile on his face he looked back down at her. “You always watch this when you had a particularly hard week..”

“You notice that?”

“I notice everything about you…”

You gotta stop doing that..”  She whined as he smiled a bit confused.

What?” He breathed out a laugh slightly confused.

Saying things that make me wanna kiss you.” His heart started to beat fast as he just went for it placing his lips softly over hers, in a light yet passionate kiss.

“You said that?!” Mel laughed as her cheeks flushed from embarrassment. Sure that wasn’t how things were suppose to do but she did leave his house early this morning with a date set for the evening. Progress right?

“It just came out like- God I’m a mess Mel..” She laughed as her best friend shook her head but yet feeling giddy inside that her friend finally got a date with the guy she’s been obsessing over.

“It’s cute though…” She shrugged.

“What do I wear? I need this to be perfect..” She mumbled as Mel smiled and a huge realization came upon her.


Mel watched as her cheeks light up giving her the answer she needed.