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From Adventure to Savers, Ken Ichijouji is the only human antagonist that doesnt have a canine type digimon. 

Dont belive me? 

Digimon Adventure, Yamato + Gabumon 

Digimon Aventure 02, Ichiouji Ken + Wormmon

Digimon Tamers, Makino Ruki + Renamon

Digmon Frontier, Minamoto Kouji + Wolfmon(Lobomon in USA dub)

Digimon Savers, Thomas H. Norstein + Gaomon (this guy has a cows name wtf)

Moreover, all of this digidestined share a very depressing thing in common and that is that all of them have family issues

  •  Yamato’s parents divorced and his mother took Takeru to live with her leaving him with his father that works until late. 
  • Ken’s big Brother Osamu, died in a car accident when he was about 8 years old, Ken had previously wished that Osamu wasnt aroud so he could get his parents attention and when he really died Ken felt guilty leading him to become cold hearted and a perfect host for the evil spore. 
  • Ruki doesnt really have a relationship with her mother who is a model and doesnt have a father figure, she remembers him in the Digimon Tamers movie and its understandable that he left both Ruki and her mother.
  •  Kouji was separated at birth from his twin brother, Kouchi - that he later finds out, is Duskmon - and lives with his father and stepmother who he doesnt like at the start of the series. 
  • Thomas is a child genius that lost his mother in a car accident when young, moreover he’s considered an impure child because his mother wasnt from a prominent family like his father he has a younger sister, Relena who is very sick and is used by Kurata to make him work with him. 

Also, the only one that doesnt have a sibling, is Ruki. 

See, i told you so. 

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Már távolról hallom
Lomha lépteid
Ahogy közeledsz,
Feléd fordulok.
Szemem megtelik újra
Azzal a csalfa, vak reménnyel,
Mit olyan régóta,
Űznék el, ha lehetne,
De nem megy.
Nem megy innen sehová,
Marad örökre,
S ki tudja mikor mondja,
Hogy na, most, végre.
Sosem volt még így,
Hogy végre beteljesül, a valami.
Mert mindig csak a mézesmadzag,
Hogy amúgy hé, tudnálak
Szeretni, vagy valami,
Aztán ja, bocsi,
Inkább mégse.
Mert velem mindig ez van:
Még mindig nem.
Nem állok készen,
Nem áll készen,
Senki nincs készen,
Vagyis de, én,
De én már kurvára.




Triple H got me thinking about old farts winning the world title or at least the “other” world title in WWE history so I pointlessly spent time doing something I probably could have looked up instead.

(* denotes “world heavyweight title,” the big gold belt)

  1. Vince McMahon, 54 (9-14-99)
  2. Hulk Hogan, 49 (4-21-02)
  3. Triple H, 46 (1-24-16)
  4. Bob Backlund, 45 (11-23-94)
  5. The Undertaker, 44 (10-4-09)*
  6. Ric Flair, 43 (9-1-92)
  7. Kane, 43 (7-10-10)*
  8. The Undertaker, 43 (3-30-08)*
  9. Ric Flair, 42 (1-19-92)
  10. The Undertaker, 42 (4-1-07)*
  11. Sgt. Slaughter, 42 (1-19-91)
  12. Buddy Rogers, 42 (4-25-63)
  13. The Iron Sheik, 41 (12-26-83)
  14. Andre the Giant, 41 (2-5-88)
  15. King Booker, 41 (7-23-06)*
  16. Batista, 41 (2-21-10)
  17. The Rock, 40 (1-27-13)
  18. Batista, 40 (6-7-09)
  19. Mark Henry, 40 (9-18-11)*
  20. Bret Hart, 40 (8-3-97)
Bagaimanapun dewasanya seorang laki-laki, ada saat dimana dia akan berperilaku seperti anak kecil. Dan itu hanya akan terlihat saat dia bersama orang yang dicintainya.

~Musthafa Shadiq Al-Rofi'i~

Jeddah 29-02-1437 H
ACT El-Gharantaly