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Interruptions || Peter Parker Imagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,274 words

Request:  Heyo! I was wondering if I could get an Steve rogers dad! X Peter Parker x reader. Where the reader and Peter Parker are dating and Steve finds them making out and he kinda gets angry. He then awkwardly gives them the talk and it’s just weird and awkward between all of them?

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Being the daughter of a ninety something year old super soldier wasn’t exactly easy for Y/N. She was born long after Steve had received the serum from Howard Stark, that gave him his abilities. Since the chemicals made an impact on his body’s natural chemistry, those same chemical alterations were passed on to his child. Y/N Rogers was raised on the outskirts of Queens, right by the border of Brooklyn. She grew up primarily raised by her mother, with her ‘aunts and uncles’ all being superheroes. Her father was very present in her live, but at times, he had missions that would last months. During her childhood, she moved closer and closer into the city, closer towards the Stark (eventually renamed for the Avengers) Tower.

Y/N knew Peter for a long time, since middle school in fact. He was on the floor, curled up into a small ball as a couple of upperclassmen stood above him, kicking and punching the living daylights out of him. No one deserved to be treated this way. Her father taught her better than that.

“Hey!” The small girl shouted, making the older boys turn towards her. “You have absolutely no right to treat that boy like this.” She was angry. One of the boys straightened his posture, letting out a breathless laugh, bumping his friend in the shoulder. “Yeah, what are you gonna do about it, huh?” The other boy teased, crossing his arms.

Pre-teen Y/N marched up to them, kneeing one of them in the groin. He leaned against the lockers, groaning in pain. She smirked, looking at the other boy with a raised brow, “You want some too?” He hurriedly shook his head, going to grab his friend before running down the hallway.

She walked up to the boy on the floor, picking up his glasses and going to sit on the floor next to him. He slowly sat up, wincing as he did so. He looked at her with his mouth opened slightly and wide eyes. Y/N smiled, handing the pair of dark glasses back to him. “T-thank you.” He mumbled, pulling his knees to his chest, avoiding eye contact. “No problem, kid.”

“Why….why did you help me?” He asked, looking into her eyes more confidently. Y/N shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from.” It was silent for a second before she giggled.

“Sorry. I got that from my dad. I’m Y/N by the way.” She said as she stood up, holding her hand out for him to grab. He took her hand, pulling himself up, “I’m Peter.”

Y/N laughed, now four years later, as her boyfriend took a bite of his takeout Chinese food. “Would you rather be invisible for a day, or be able to fly for a day?” She asked, taking a bite of her own food.

Y/N and Peter have both changed since that one day in sixth grade. He was now more confident in himself, due to his recently obtained abilities. And Y/N was still his guardian angel, helping him get through every day as Peter. She was also a hero, taking after her father.

Peter contemplated that thought for a second, placing the now empty takeout container onto the table from his spot on the floor. “Well, if I were invisible, you wouldn’t be able to see my hot bod.” He said, making a gesture towards his body. She giggled, “Well, you’re not wrong.”

Y/N then mimicked his previous movements, placing the cardboard takeout box onto the table. “Okay, would you rather…kiss me, or…” he placed his hand on his chin, pretending to be in deep thought, “kiss me?” She smiled at the smirk on his face.

“That’s a very difficult decision Peter Parker. What do you think I should do?” She smirked back. Peter leaned in closer to her, beginning to whisper seductively, “I have a few ideas.”

He placed his lips on hers, leaning over her form. She smiled into the kiss, wrapping her hands around his neck, while he kept his hands on her hips. His forehead was pressed against hers as he moved himself to rest between her legs. The air around them was getting hotter by each second, their skin heating up and forming sweat. Pulling away for air, Y/N kept her eyes clothed for a second. When they opened, she looked up into his warm chocolate eyes.

“You have no idea how much I love you, Peter Parker.” She breathlessly said, holding onto his cheeks. Peter chuckled, “And I love you Y/N. More than anything.” He engulfed her lips with his once again. Despite the fact that they both just ate Chinese food, her lips still tasted like cotton candy. Her hands brushed into his hair, the soft curls feeling like clouds.

A set of keys jingled and jammed into the front door, but went unnoticed by the two love struck teens. The blonde haired man, clad in a black baseball cap, a dark pair of sunglasses and a beard, was carrying a brown paper bag filled with groceries. Steve looked over at the couch, and saw a brown haired boy on top of….. on top of his daughter.

Steve placed the bag onto the counter before taking a couple of strides to loudly slam the door. Peter jumped off of his girlfriend, moving as far away from her as he could. “M-Mr. Rogers…. I-I was just, I was.” He was a stuttering mess as the super solider stepped closer and closer to the boy with an unpleasant look on his face.

“You were just doing what exactly?” Steve was now towering over Peter with crossed arms. The teen gulped, visually terrified. Y/N stood up from the floor, walking over to the pair. “Dad,” she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder gently, “you’re scaring him.”

His demeanor softened. He had a soft spot for his daughter. Steve sighed, grabbing both of the kids by their arms and sitting them on opposite ends of the couch, while he sat between them.

Steve cleared his throat, “Y/N, since you’re getting older, and your body is changin-”. Before he could complete his statement, Y/N interrupted, “Dad, please don-”.

“Trust me, I know what it’s like for that to happen.” He nervously chuckled while folding his hands together, as he ignored Y/N’s statement. “You are going to have these umm, these feelings…” He paused, looking at the kids on either side of him and seeing their beet red faces. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel embarrassed either.

“Jesus,” he shook his head and stood up from the couch, “I… this is as awkward for me as it is for you.”

“I highly doubt that sir.” Peter mumbled, not looking anywhere but at his lap. Steve pinched the bridge of his nose. “Just don’t do anything stupid alright? I don’t want a super-spidey running around.” He walked, more like ran, to get out of the uncomfortable airspace.  

The room was silent for a moment, Y/N and Peter not making eye contact. “So,” Peter said, clearing his throat, breaking the silence, and scooting closer towards her, “do you still want to make out?”

Y/N opened her mouth in shock, sharply turning her head to the side. “Seriously Peter? ” She couldn’t help but let out a laugh, making her boyfriend smile.

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Another aspect about how the fandom talks about a CO that worries me is the expectations some people have to a potential CO. If/when they decide to come out that does not mean we will necessarily get tons of intimate pictures or videos of private moments or even pda. The way I see it fanfics are where we, the fans, can enjoy playimg around with possibly scenarios and fantasies. Their actual lives are theirs and they don’t have to share the private stuff - not even if they do CO.

Hoooo boy yes. This worries me a lot too. I get scared that if/when they do come out, if they’re not like Miles and Zachary status, some larries will get bitter and lash out/feel “cheated” or like they’re owed something more. I think it’s really important to mentally separate fan fiction expectations/characterizations from whatever they end up choosing to do/how to act. 

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Why do people always say non straight artist have to come out? Like, do they really have to announce to everybody about your sexuality and about what you like? This is something that is private, and non straight people should do it just if they want. I don't really think Harry or Louis will come out. Maybe they will say WHO is their partner. Straight artist don't have to say what they like. They only say (if they want) who is their partner. The same for everybody. I don't really get it.

There are lots of reasons why people want LGBTQ artists to come out. Some are totally valid and understandable. For example, I felt so good and happy when Kirstin Stewart came out because I always felt this sameness with her, I always knew even though she hadn’t said anything…it was comforting, validating. 

Representation is important. The more out LGBTQ celebrities are open about their sexualities, the more normalized it becomes, and the most LGBTQ kids get to see their idols are just like them. That’s huge, important. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with LGBTQ fans wanting that.

What gets messy is when people expect it, or claim it’s not brave to choose not to. Like you said, straight people aren’t required to disclose info about their sex lives. It’s a weird double standard that LGBTQ people are expected to, and furthermore, act as martyrs for their community. 

What I take issue with is when straight people want LGBTQ artists to come out so they can feel “right” for knowing. OR when straight people want LGBTQ artists to come out so that they can consume their love/relationship in. fetishistic, “Oh this hot/cute gay couple!!!’ way. I hope that distinction makes sense!