You’ve been challenged by Archeologist Aradia!!!

A little something I’ve been wanting to draw for awhile. I think Aradia would love to be a Pokemon trainer; particularly that of ghost and fairy types!!!

And hey!!! If you’re interested of an art piece similar to this one (a trainer and six Pokemon of your choice), then I’m commissioning them for $50! My email is jo.nolting.9@gmail.com if you’re interested, and my inbox and chatbox is always open!!

Dear Markiplier.

(i blame you @dogiplier)

I’ve told story so many times that I’m sure it’s starting to sound like a broken record by now.

My friend was spending the night at my house one night and she told me that since I was watching Cry a lot, I should check out “this dude named Markiplier” because his videos seemed like something I’d enjoy. I remember watching 7 Days to Die #2 a few days after it was uploaded and, welp…I guess you could say the rest is history lmao.

Over time your videos became something I could go to when I was crying, when I was dealing with anxiety, and when I was generally feeling like crap. You made me feel less alone when I felt like I was in a void.

I fell out of watching his videos for a bit because of school and stuff, but in December of 2015 I suffered the worst anxiety attack I’ve ever had. Nothing was helping me and I didn’t know what I could do to help. I actually almost woke my mom up so she could take me to the hospital or something. On a whim I decided to check your channel and watch the first video I saw (Markiplier Opens Your Presents) and within like…Minutes, my anxiety attack was over. I didn’t feel like I was suffocating, and I think that was the turning point for me. You truly helped get me through the hardest point in my life.

I made my first official post in the tag in February and, well, it’s been wonderful not being just a silent watcher. I’ve met amazing friends and, while I have my down days, I’ve become a happier, kinder person. I don’t think things would be the same if I hadn’t started watching you.

I ended up getting a tattoo on my wrist and, funny enough, Sunday marks one year since I got it.

This ended up being way longer than I anticipated but oH WELL. Thank you for helping me be a little bit happier, and thank you for building a community that loves and accepts everyone.


New project alert! For his next film, Jim Sheridan is seizing upon a true story about the Maze Prison escape, which was known as the Great Escape when the story unfolded in Northern Ireland. The three-time Oscar-nominated writer-director has just cast Cillian Murphy (Dunkirk, Inception) and Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan to lead the cast, with Pierce Brosnan in talks to also join H-Block.

The story is about an escape from the maximum-security prison that became a source of propaganda used by the IRA. Thirty-eight prisoners escaped from H-Block with only 19 recaptured. In the escape, one officer died of a heart attack after being stabbed (one of four injured that way). In all, 20 were injured including being stabbed or shot; one prison officer was shot in the head but survived. The escape was a violent breakout that included hostage taking and ended up being the biggest in both British and Irish history.

Murphy stars as the head of the ring of IRA prisoners who has earned the respect of the prison guards but now just wants a life of peace.The gritty role for Dornan is a decided turn from what the actor has been doing and gives him a chance to really let loose and show his acting chops as an IRA prisoner and orderly who starts discovering weaknesses in the prison. He also is one of the last IRA prisoners to agree to the escape — but leave he does and with a vengeance on the way out.The role for Brosnan would be a good one for him for the same reasons as he would play the antagonist — warden of the Maze Prison who is pitted against the escapees.

H/D Career Fair 2017

H/D Career Fair is Back! This is the fourth time H/D Career Fair will be running!

(banner by Heathen)

The following professions are not allowed in this year’s H/D Career Fair:
Harry: Auror, Professor, Healer, Curse-breaker, Quidditch Player
Draco: Auror, Professor, Healer, Unspeakable, Potions Master

Fest Timeline:
Prompting: June 5 (Draco’s birthday) – June 19
Claiming: June 24 – July 14
Submissions due: September 9
Posting starts: September 30
Big Reveal: November 4

Check out our previous fair here!

We’ll post more detailed Rules & Guidelines this Sunday.