The Clothes Chest

Hey, you two, get up! I have a surprise for you!


I found this little chest and thought it would be a perfect storage for your clothes.

Yes, this means you will be able to take care of all the tidying and folding and clothing yourself, instead of having to ask me to fetch you something.

See? It’s nice and roomy on the inside.

Well, let’s start. Here are your clothes.

I recommend doing the larger pieces first.

Exactly like that. Now you can add the shirts.

It all fits. Good, I wasn’t sure since I couldn’t test it beforehand.

There you go. Now you only need to close it.

Where will you put it?

I’d say keep it close, but outside the house. It takes away too much space on the inside. 

Yeah, good idea.

That looks like the ideal place for it. Nice and accessible.

I’m glad you like it, little ones!