• Me: *enthusiastically gesturing* You know those books that you just love? That you can reread over and over, and wallow in every word?
  • Book club friend: no, I don't. What's one book you love like that? Can you recommend a title?
  • Me: *thinks of fanfictions*
  • Me: *sweats*
  • Me: *thinks hard, comes up with fanfic authors, can't think of a non-fanfic title*
  • Me: umm... *changes topic*

For gyzym, who wanted something lighthearted about Bucky leaving things for Steve.

It’s not her fault this is not quite what she asked for. 

[Also on AO3]

Steve’s coffee is hot.

This is not to say that this taken on its own is an earth-shattering observation, except, he’s not sure when or if he made it.

“Hey,” Steve asks Sam, when he comes back from the bathroom, “did you make coffee?”

Sam gives him a strange, searching kind of look. “No,” he says slowly, as if waiting for Steve to contradict him and give him enough evidence to form a diagnosis of insanity.

“Right.” Steve is still, in fact, standing in his running gear. The only thing that has changed since they walked in the door and Sam called dibs on the first shower is that Steve is holding his favourite mug in his hand, and it is mysteriously full of hot coffee he doesn’t remember making.

He takes an experimental sip. It tastes fine, not noticeably different from how he usually takes it.

“Did you sleep okay?” Sam asks, eyeing him carefully. 

Steve shrugs. There isn’t really an easy answer to that question. “Not too badly.”

“Well, if you ran hard enough to forget making coffee then I guess I feel a little better about you lapping me six times. Did you make enough for me?” Sam looks around the kitchen, spots the pot steaming on the counter, and grins. “Thanks.” He claps a hand on Steve’s shoulder, leaves it there for a second before going to pour himself a cup.

Steve looks at the mug in his hand, wondering if they left the window open on the way out too.

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gyzym  asked:

LEVERAGE FIC PROMPT: PARKER, ELIOT, AND HARDISON ON A JOB THAT'S ON A CRUISE SHIP. Who gets seasick? Who convinces half the boat they're actually the captain? Who gorges themselves on the buffets I have heard are expansive but not actually very good? Who keeps bringing up that time all those people got trapped on a cruise ship and started flinging their own feces? Who is concealing their secret deep fear of the ocean? THESE ARE THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS.

 Okay okay okay this is all VERY IMPORTANT YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT

  • nobody gets seasick, thank god, but it takes approximately 2.4 seconds for Parker to go ABSOLUTELY STIR CRAZY.  Cabin fever is real, oh god it’s so real, and god forbid the cruise they’re on is somewhere chilly like Alaska because she is already going to get hella sunburned at some point but getting frostbite/windburn too may also be in the cards if they don’t keep an eye on her.
  • All Eliot has to do is wear a well-pressed white shirt and pull his hair back and people already start mistaking him for the captain.  He can just exude an air of authority when he wants to, and since the con hinges on them taking over control of certain bits of the ships operations, Hardison actually put together a remarkable forgery of the actual cruise line’s officer jackets and Parker steals the actual captain’s hat for him.  After that, it’s all smooth sailing.  He knows enough about being at sea the talk comes easily to him, and he has tons of natural leadership qualities.  He respects everyone who works there.  Except the head chef, who has clearly stopped trying.  No excuse for that.
  • SPEAKING OF THE HEAD CHEF this food is totally catering to the american-on-vacation-junk-food diet, and no it is not good but it is sweet and rich.  THIS MEANS THAT HARDISON IS SO ON BOARD WITH ALL OF IT.  Forget about the meals, you should see the appetizer buffets! If it’s not fried, it has a cream center.  Or possibly it is put on tortilla chips. Eliot keeps warning Hardison what not to eat, so he never actually gets sick, but he sure as hell gives it the old college try.  He wanders past the buffets all the time, with his pockets lined in tin foil so he can fill them with appetizers and deserts.  Also: Parker discovers the bar on the pool deck will make her a really yummy virgin mudslide and she manages to down six of them one day and then not sleep for almost 24 hours.  She is no longer allowed on the pool deck without supervision.
  • Hardison definitely brings up the poo-flinging, especially after they deliberately stall the engines and get everyone stuck out there for almost two days so they can complete the heist.  Hardison is a delicate creature who has to practically be hauled bodily out of the cabin they’ve taken over by Eliot after they’ve been stalled for a day.  Mmm mmm, nuh uh, he knows people are about to go crazy and he is not gonna get caught up in any kind of poo flinging nonsense.  Hell no.
  • Eliot’s not afraid of the ocean, exactly.  He can swim, he can dive, he loves to fish, even deep sea fishing.  He will not be going down in a submarine, though.  He trusts the engineers that built the submarines. He trusts the pilots and the sailors he’d be down there with.  But he has been down deep.  Way down.  He has seen what is down there.  This is not some irrational fear of the unknown.  This is a completely rational fear of the known.


  • Parker is excited by the promise of a ‘climbing wall’ until she realizes it is two stories tall at its height. And it’s covered in things that anyone can grab onto.  At regular intervals. At least she can rappel down the sides of the boat when she gets itchy and nosily peek into everyone’s cabin. (Parker no, don’t go down the… damn it.)
  • Most of the crew knows what the Captain looks like.  They also know he’s a smug sonuvabitch who they do not like and cuts corners constantly.  Consequently while they do not rat Eliot out and actually start calling him ‘other Captain’, eventually he becomes ‘good Captain’ to the ‘evil Captain’.  Hardison is delighted to discover ‘evil Captain’ has a goatee.
  • Hardison gets so irritated by the lack of decent data signal he retasks a satellite.  When a couple of bored kids notice him streaming the latest season of Orphan Black in HD they wheedle him into opening up a second network for them (not his network, he’s not an idiot, but he’s got the equipment on him for an entirely different network) and eventually the cabin also becomes a one-stop shop for quasi-legal music-and-media.
  • The (surprisingly decent) illusionist doing the show in the nightclub makes Parker nostalgic and she sends Sophie and Nate an honest to god hand-written postcard and an incredibly tacky snow globe, which gets a place of honor in Nate’s home office, over his objections.

Eames is standing in the middle of the living room. The news is on, playing low, and there must have been a story on that he wanted to watch; he’s staring at the television, his head slightly cocked. He’s still in the stupid soccer shorts, but he’s put on a cleaner tank top, and there’s an eight inch santoku knife hanging almost idly from his hand. He’s dirty—his hair is sticking up everywhere and there’s a streak of grease across his cheek, right above the scar he’d brought home with him from Poland.

And, see, this isn’t the first time Arthur has been stopped dead by the sight of Eames standing in the middle of the living room. He does actually remember coming home soaking wet and staring at him like this, tracing the contours of his arms as he stared down at an M-24. But the thing is, that had been years ago, and…

And it had been Arthur’s living room then, Arthur’s house that Eames had quietly moved into while neither of them was paying much attention. It had been Eames in the middle of Arthur’s things, Eames in the middle of Arthur’s life, and the staring had been as much about realizing how much he fucking wanted that as anything else. But this time—this time there are shitty dogeared paperbacks Arthur wouldn’t be caught dead reading piled on the coffee table, and half-finished crosswords tucked into the bookshelves, and the far wall is hung with that tapestry they’d bought in a shit part of London on a whim. This time they’ve spent all day fixing their sink and there’s a mug of yesterday’s tea sitting on top of the television and it’s not just Arthur’s living room at all.

Eames hasn’t seen Arthur, possibly because Arthur is standing stock-still in the doorframe. He taps the knife against his leg absently and mutters “Bloody Americans,” under his breath, and Arthur can’t even move. He knows the pattern of every tattoo and he knows every fucking line of Eames’ body, still thinner than it should be, and he never, ever wants to be anywhere else.

Eames shakes his head at the television and wanders back into the kitchen. Arthur follows, transfixed, dropping the towel to the floor, and arrives just in time to see Eames toss a lemon up in the air. He follows the trajectory of it with his eyes, and in the process he catches sight of Arthur, and smiles.

“Hello, love,” he says, grabbing the lemon as it falls and driving the knife into the rind, “that was fast. I didn’t even hear the shower go off.”

“Eames,” Arthur chokes out, “Eames, Jesus Christ, I am so fucking in love with you.”

Eames’ jaw drops, and he slices his damn hand open.
Five Times Sirius Walked in on James and Lily (And One Time It Was Remus)

Five Times Sirius Walked in on James and Lily (And one Time It Was Remus) by gyzym
Status: One Shot
Rating: M
Count: 2k+
Summary: In which Sirius Black knows more than he ever wanted to.

FAVORITE FICS: Curving Like the Ocean Toward You, by gyzym (+19k)

If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway.

“It’s not about the house,” Danny says, trying it out on his tongue. He can’t tear his eyes away from the screen, because–because they’ve put the last coat on the living room trim four times already, the living room trim is fucking drowning in paint, and Danny’s supposed to pick up beer. He’s supposed to pick up beer, because they’re out of beer, because Danny drank the last one in the guest bedroom last night, trying to stifle the urge to wander down the hall and slide under Steve’s sheets.

They’re out of beer, and they’re both idiots, and it’s never been about the damn house.

Steve/Tony kidficlet: Jaime's Uncle

Disclaimer: Jaime is an original character created by gyzym. This is merely a fic based on her wonderful Bedtime Stories/Shortcut Stories series that you should go read (a fanwork based on a fanwork, FANCEPTION).

Also, the other characters are owned by Marvel.

Universe: Based on Movieverse.

Rating: G

Wordcount: 984

Summary: Jaime Stark-Rogers, Bruce Banner, and fluff.

Edited by: sarimia

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And the professor wants to dialogue about how the language and communication of a place like tumblr comes to be a thing, being massively multimedia and the rest.

The language itself, as far as notes I can write:

- We may be some pedantic assholes, more so when the “*you’re” thing was going on, but we more readily accept that informal speech can yield worthwhile thoughts. For example: gyzym. Everything is lowercase, so you drop that level of standardized grammar reading her work. She has brilliant informal essays on abuse, feminism, being Jewish, fandoms, and much more. And no one asks for citations because we accept first person perspective. Also, well-phrased and communicated rebuttals at their height call back to Roman orators. (And the fact that she has written [hundreds of?] thousands of words of fan fiction does not damage her credibility in the least. It rather provides a basis to say “This person has PRACTICED writing and there is proof to say she writes well.)

- The profanity: Simply, we are free here to communicate. We have our mothers and old school acquaintances and possible future employers looking at our Facebooks. Here? Connect it to an email people don’t know (cough cough possible mistake number 1), don’t link it elsewhere (cough mistake number 2), and don’t attach your name to it (cough how many Victorias are around here COUGH COUGH mistake number 3) and you are effectively anonymous. You aren’t likely to be called on your language for taking the Lord’s name in vain or just saying words that are highly, highly innappropriate. We see profanity, and there aren’t the traditional holds to keep us from using it ourselves. Also, due to this informal environment where we more or less accept one another’s modes of communication, we more readily accept that profanity is a communicational tool instead of just a taboo of things to say when the hammer is dropped on our toes.

So. Notes on communication. Because if there’s one thing to distract me from the knowledge that my teacher knows about my blog, it’s by diverting to analyzing the situation.

gyzym  asked:

ugh I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST POSTED. and also the thing about them for me is that sometimes i think jim touches bones almost like lightening touches a ground, you know? like when he's buzzing with nerves (the maru) or adrenaline ("buckle up bones" / "it's gonna be fun," in all probably) and he slaps bones on the shoulder to calm HIMSELF down, like KNOWING BONES IS THERE LETS HIM KEEP FUNCTIONING, fuck i have so many feelings don't look at me


Author: gyzym

Summary: In which Stiles learns to Stalk That Stalk. (Or, how to accidentally woo your unfriendly neighborhood alpha in roughly five hundred handwritten steps.)

Info: 31k | Teen and Up

Notes: It’s gyzym, so what can I say, she has her own category and nothing else fits there. It was amazing, funny and has this thing, which made it special.  - K.

Sneak Peek:

“What are you doing out here?”

“It’s a new exercise regime,” Stiles says brightly, turning the taser off again. It occurs to him, kind of distantly, that this is the first time he and Derek have been alone together since Stiles started with his little epistolary campaign—maybe Derek’s lack of axe-murdering plans is a disappointment. “What you do, right, is deposit yourself in the center of the woods, cover yourself in mud, take a quick dip in some rain water, and then walk until you see something vaguely resembling civilization. Very cutting-edge. All the celebrities are doing it.”

“Ha ha,” Derek says, dry. He’s scowling now, all the humor gone. “And the real reason? You’re soaking wet. It’s the middle of the night.”

“Is it really?” Stiles says before he can help himself. “My god, is that what all the darkness is about?”

anonymous asked:

I JUST READ THROUGH ALL OF THE AU FICS YOU REC'D OH MY GOD AND YOU SAID YOU HAVE MORE. more please? I am shipping a/e so much harder now oh my lord. I regret not being in the fandom sooner

Aha, isn’t Inception fandom wonderful?? :D There are SO many fabulous podfics, and the sheer selection of alternate universe stories just boggles my mind! I miss being in that fandom so much, actually. :( I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!!

Since I’m not sure if you want exclusively AUs, I’ll include mostly AUs as well as a couple of my other all-time faves.  Most of my ABSOLUTE favourite AUs are located in the last rec page. :3


You’re Waiting for a Stranger by mixtapestar:  College AU. Arthur’s plans for his life are very detailed and predictable, just the way he likes it… until Eames comes along. A very cute, very multi-platform fic! 

A Fool From Any Direction by syllic: Medieval AU. Arthur as a stableboy, Eames as a lord. I LOVE the role that the rest of the team plays in this story, and I shan’t say too much about it so that I don’t spoil the surprise. ;) Very worth the read!

We Were Once Cinema Gods in the Night by gyzym: Hollywood AU. Harsh at times, but another beautiful story by this author. Based around the idea of the Inception team as a filmmaking crew; Cobb as the director, Eames as the actor, Arthur as the producer, etc. 

Breathe Into It by rageprufrock: Yoga AU!! :D Eames as a corporate higher-up and Arthur as the no-nonsense yoga instructor who’s unamused to have Eames in his class. All the time. Hitting on him.

Also, though, keep in mind that a lot of these authors have gone on to write more AUs after I left the fandom that look really good! I can’t rec them personally, but the Werewolf AU and Pornstar AU from Whiskyrunner look super interesting! :D

Non-AU Faves

The Waking Years by weatherfront: After Inception, Arthur and Eames work together on their next job. The examination of the boys’ heads in this is just stunning and heartbreaking as they begin to find each other. With a podfic from pennyplainknits.

Et Haute et en Bas by weatherfront: This is a small story. Not all of it is true. This story… god. This story breaks my heart. At the centre of this story of Mal’s death; everything else circles around it. I actually reccommend listening to the podfic by calliglad the first time you experience this story, because she reads every word with so much emotion that it always hits me about a million times harder that way. An absolute fandom necessity, and one of the most beautiful stories about loss I’ve ever read. 

When Two Suns Are Shining (Battle Becomes Blinding) by knowmydark: This is the very first Inception story I ever read, and I just love it. It’s so wonderfully fun and meaningful and I LOVE the way it handles Eames and Arthur’s relationship. With a podfic by me. :)

Broken Toy and Bad Dream by whiskyrunner: Dream technology is discovered by the heavyweights in prostitution rings – and what they need is a forger. Oh my god. This… It’s technically within the Inception canon, so it doesn’t count as an AU, but it goes in such a radically different direction. There is no actual non-con in this story, but it heavily relies on the understanding that non-con has happened in the past. The reconstruction of Eames’ psyche in this story just breaks my heart. (Broken Toy specifically also has a podfic recorded by me.)

Wherever You’ll Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home) by gyzym: My absolute favourite Inception fic, ever. For all time ever forever EVER. Called the Domestic Verse, this series has the single most believable version of Eames and Arthur in a long-term relationship that I have ever seen. Completely wonderful and stunning and comfortable and JUST READ IT IT IS AMAZING.

I hope that helps!! There are LOADS of incredible fics in this fandom, and this is just another small smattering. Enjoy, anon!! :D

gyzym  asked:

i return to your askbox, the place i put all my westallen feelings, to say: is there ANY PERSON barry has EVER MET other than iris herself who didn't know he was in love with her? i mean, at this point the list of people who have canonically said so is hilar, so i'm just wondering -- how far does this rabbit hole go? are we talking to acquaintances, or even further? is the guy at the local burrito place turning to his coworker when barry leaves & saying "that guy? he's in love with iris west." ?

Literally not a single one.

All throughout school, every teacher, every classmate, the administrative staff, the janitor.

When he went to college, his roommate, his professors, his academic advisor, his RA.

When he returned to Central, all the delivery people, his dentist, the landlord, the mailman.


I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York) (19867 words) by gyzym [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception)

Arthur’s a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.

800th re-read. Was feeling a little puny and needed something to make me smile. Perfect fic is perfect.

one of those days where i’m painfully reminded that i’d never have written more than a few thousand words if it wasn’t for gyzym

i don’t really think that i’m a writer, but if anyone made me one, it’s her

so yeah i know you’re busy this week, baby, but i love you so much

i don’t know what you see in me but i’m so glad that you do

The Cactopus is a peaceful creature, native to the Great Barrier Desert. As they mature, all cactopi develop a flower; no two are exactly alike, and the sheer variety has puzzled researchers for many years. The purpose remains unknown, but most experts privately think they exist for the sheer joy of having a pretty flower.

gyzym  asked:

i just want you to know that i was scrolling and the first thing i saw of that post about kirk fighting batman was "kirk vs. bats," and before i actually read the post and realized what was being talked about I WAS HIT WITH THE MENTAL IMAGE OF JAMES TIBERIUS KIRK FIGHTING OFF AN ENTIRE COLONY OF BATS OH GOD. i know he doesn't believe in no-win scenarios but i think it is possible he did not consider the scenario of being covered in angry bats??? i felt i needed to let you know.