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Modern Magic AUs
  • “Our familiars seem really into each other huh you wanna go grab a coffee?”
  • “We’re in the same practice space and you are terrible at magic and you keep hurling stuff at my face STOP IT.”
  • “We are neighbors and you are terrible at magic and keep making noise and hurling stuff at my house/apartment walls STOP IT.”
  • “I do magic tattoos and you want something illegal. Like really illegal.”
  • “You’re a street artist who uses magic in their art and I see your work everyday on my commute.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of mages plotting to overthrow non-mages. Little do you know I’m a non-mage.”
  • “You drag me to an underground meeting of non-mages plotting to overthrow mages. Little do you know I’m a mage.”
  • “I’m in the science camp of mages who believe that everything can be boiled down to equations and formulas. You’re in the natural camp of mages who believe that magic comes from feeling, spirituality, passion, and other non-quantifiables. Something happens that prove us both wrong in some way.”
  • “My regular dealer of spell ingredients got raided the other day. Now I need a new source.”
  • “I have some disorder that makes magic emerge from me differently than others. Or at least, the doctors call it a disorder.”
  • “Wow, who cursed me in Klingon, can’t be that nerdy kid next door who bragged to me about his working phaser last year.“ *side-eye*
  • “My magical cosplay is better than your magical cosplay.”
  • “I’m the first non-mage in my family in generations and nobody understand how or why and it’s really awkward.”
  • “So this spell went wrong and my body disappeared into the aether and I’m now a disembodied voice please help.”
  • “So I summoned a demon, but it never appeared. Clearly didn’t work. So why are my dishes washed and my clothes put away and my doors opening when I’m about to walk through them?”
  • “I made a golem to mind my kid while I’m at work, but I think it’s doing more than I’m expecting. Do golems throw raves?”
  • “I’m a burglar who uses magic to do what I do, but then I try to break into your house and find out you’re a way more powerful mage than I am and I am screwed. Or am I?”
  • “Note to self: do not try to con a former mage-master.”

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