30 Day Kpop Challenge: Day 2: Your favorite k-pop girl group

Your favorite k-pop girl group: Kara

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Kara is the first kpop girl band i knew. They let me love kpop.

I like people that are cute. Kara are cute even when they are promoting in a sexy concept.

Maybe they are not fresh enough like apink, maybe they are not that vocally talented like 2nel, maybe they are not as famous and beautiful as snsd ……

I still LOVE kara.

Because they have stories. They stories that make you feel how much effort they put into their career, the effort they put into kara.

Each member is attractive. Godness, cool, pretty, innocent, cute… They are like girl next door and you can feel the warmness when watching them performing.

They’ve changed a lot after debut.

But i hope they can have cute and fresh concepts and stop wearing smoky makeups.

They are doing well in japan. I’m glad. Kamilias are glad.

Gyuri’s dog Kkingkkang passed away. Everyone pray for her~

Thank you for worrying. I already back at home. My parents took me home.. I have a schedule tomorrow so I need to let her soon.. My baby have departed even before I arrived.. I’ve tried to see you this afternoon but I can’t see you.. you even already got medicines

It was only around 1 year but so sorry and so sorry.. i even thought if i didn’t bring her home she would be alright.. i can’t cry because of my throat so i just feels so so sorry.. kkingkkangie still open her eyes and it feels warm… she is so pretty… but now she is cold and i don’t want to let her go…

Tomorrow I have a shooting whole day long so I’ve promised i will bury her the day after tomorrow. I really love and cherish her. please pray for her.. I’m so sorry to make you worried and thank you. She was a cute baby who already feels like family and always there besides me during hard times

You already went away before you hear my voice. I thought if you heard my voice then you woke up saying “annng!” I repeated calling your name but lay there silently with your eyes open…Your body still warm but I’m sorry for not being able to keep you and I love you so so much. See you the day after tomorrow my baby. I`m so sorry and love you

KARA‘s Gyuri offered a word of advice to a hater who sent her a malicious tweet.

On January 24th, Gyuri used the retweet function to share a block of hateful messages with her followers.

The malicious tweets read, “Park Gyuri, take care of it. My friends, who are fans of Ki Sung Yong, said they’re going to hit you. Writing hateful replies and making you commit suicide. My friends are huge fans of Ki Sung Yong, and they said they’re not going to leave you alone. Plastic surgery addict and loner. Pitiful.”

The hater appears to be responding to Gyuri’s video message for soccer player Ki Sung Yong during MBC‘s ‘Lululala’, where she stated, “I love you Sung Yong.”

After retweeting the malicious comment, Gyuri wrote, “There are all sorts of ways to express an inferiority complex, but I’m going to just go my way in 2012. For the new year, why don’t we use the time it took to create comments like these to learn new English words instead.”

She added shortly after, “Oh yeah, just in case there is a misunderstanding about the word, ‘inferiority complex’. That word is not something that applies to many people. It’s a word that refers to people who express their thoughts in such a rash manner.”

Source: Gyuri’s Twitter