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Svt as Demigods

Scoups, Son of Zeus

Zeus: Leader of the Olympic gods, and god of lightning, thunder, and the heavens.

First of all, Seungcheol is an amazing leader, it’s not doubt he would take after Zeus when it comes to leading. Around camp, everyone knows he has an insane amount of power but he just doesn’t flaunt it off. Although if you cross him or even worse, hurt his members in any way, you’ll feel his wrath for days; a constant lightning storm above your head for weeks on end. He’d live his life simply tho, the only time you’d ever really see proof he was a child of Zeus would be when he’s practising his swordsmanship. When he gets really into it, when his sword clashes with another it sounds like thunder. The whole camp knows when Cheolie’s practising.

Jeonghan, Son of Hypnos

Hypnos: God of sleep

Whenever Jeonghan gets a chance, he takes a nap, and that’s why Hypnos is so fitting. Around camp, the first place to look for Jeonghan is in his cabin, because there is a high chance he will be in his bunk taking a nap. If you have a nightmare, Jeonghan will be the first one to calm you down. Not only could he calm you down, but he’ll interpret the dream for you and help you relax. His motherly tendencies would really come in handy whenever anyone burst into his cabin asking about a dream they had. On top of all this, his voice is like honey and would lull you into a beautiful dream, leaving you well rested and ready to start the new day at camp. His help is greatly appreciated around camp, its just a matter of if you can wake him up to get the help or not.

Joshua, Son of Demeter 

Demeter: The goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest

Demeter is one of the quieter goddess, so like mother, like son. Joshua is good natured, good looking, and of course, good with plants. Everything you’d expect from a child of Demeter. Only his close friends know how much of a prankster he really is though. The amounts of times Jeonghan has woken up to a bunch of vines growing over him, or tree branches just happen to bend down right as Mingyu walks past them and smack him in the head. If someone is having a tussle with a plant, you can usually see Joshua giggling not far away. Joshua is always outside, whether it’s basking in the sun at the strawberry fields, or riding his bike he brought from home around the camp, he’s always out in the beautiful nature.

Jun, Son of Hecate

Hecate: Goddess of magic, witchcraft, and ghosts

Every demigod can use a bit of magic to a certain extent, but as a child of Hecate, Jun can truly use the magic at its full capability. Just because he is a child of Hecate doesn’t mean he knows how to do all the magic automatically. Naturally he has to study, but out of all the children of Hecate, Jun is the most talented and fast learning. Similar to Joshua, Jun usually uses his powers to prank others than for actual helpful things. His tricks have gone wrong a few times in the past, which resulted with Seungkwan crying and Vernon cursing up a storm, but let’s not bring that up again. When it comes to sword fights, Jun may not be the strongest member, but he sure does know how to use his magic to his advantage. The other members call it cheating but he just rolls his eyes and continues on his way, impressed by his amazing talent yet again.  

Hoshi, Son of Nike

Nike: Goddess of victory

Hoshi is one of the more toned down children of Nike for sure. He’s not out there trying to show everyone up and being super competitive like his siblings, but competitiveness is still there. Rather than trying to fight everyone and prove that he is the best, Hoshi has the biggest drive and one of the hardest workers in the entire camp. He’ll never back down from any challenge and give it 110% until the end. Of course he isn’t happy when he doesn’t come out on top but he isn’t going to sulk about it for the entire day. The only thing you should never challenge Hoshi in, is a dance competition, you will fail within the first 5 seconds. Not a single person has beaten him, even the children of Apollo, whose dad was given the title ‘The Dancer’ at one point can’t beat Hoshi.

Wonwoo, Son of Athena 

Athena: Goddess of wisdom, poetry, art, and the strategic side of war

Wonwoo is Cabin 6′s prize member. Never once has any camper seen Wonwoo around the camp without a book in his hands, and most of the time he’s reading it. How he can walk down for dinner and never once take his eyes off the page has boggled the minds of many campers, even some athena kids have asked him how he does it. He’s always so quiet because he is usually thinking really hard about something, but his dry, witty humor always gets delivered at the perfect time. Just because Wonwoo’s nose is buried in a book, and his circle rimmed glasses are sliding down his nose a bit doesn’t mean he isn’t listening, so never talk behind his back. He has hearing like an owl.

Woozi, Son of Apollo

Apollo: God of the sun, music, healing, and herding

The perfect child of Apollo, and everyone knows it. By far one of the quietists kids in Apollo cabin, but also one of the most respected. No one can create the beautiful melodies and amazing lyrics quite like he can. He tends to keep to himself around camp, but is friendly to everyone, although if you make him mad watch out, he is one of the best archers in camp too. He’s one of the more moody kids of Apollo for sure, not always sunshine for jihoon, so a lot of people tend to give him space, but he doesn’t mind because it gives him more time to work on his music. He is very loyal to his friends, probably one of the most loyal campers. If you ever need him, he’s either in his cabin or down by the lake.

Dk, Son of Hermes

Hermes: God of commerce and travel, and messenger of the gods

Totally the life of the party. Half the reason Hermes cabin is still so populated these days is because of Seokmin. He seriously knows everyone at camp, whether they’re shy or not, Seokmin has talked to them long enough to know their name and what cabin they are in. Will always be able to but a smile on your face, even during the worst days. He loves pulling pranks around camp with his fellow half-siblings and is never in the same spot for a long time. You don’t find Seokmin, he finds you. He’s always having some kind of adventure. Whether it’s exploring other cabins, or taking a journey into the woods. The place he visits the most though, would be the stables. He bounded with the pegasi so fast a few people were suspicious that he was actually a son of Poseidon.  

Mingyu, Son of Hephaestus

Hephaestus: God of fire and blacksmithing who created weapons for the gods

Aside from the fact Mingyu’s dripping with good looks, he is almost the exact copy of Hephaestus. He is a well respected craftsmen in camp, and has created some of the best weapons in camp. Mingyu can almost always be found in Cabin 9, tinkering away at his next big invention. Usually Mingyu emerges from the cabin for each meal covered in grease or soot from the forges, but that doesn’t keep people from commenting on how attractive he is especially for a child of Hephaestus. Even the children of Aphrodite have fallen from him at one point or another. Mingyu tends to focus on his projects more in the end, and is usually pretty oblivious to the people who flirt with him. Mingyu tends to make most his things for the other members. He’s given made all the armor and weapons that the members have, and made improvements on the things they already had. To receive an invention from Mingyu is like getting a handful of diamonds.

The8, Son of Nemesis 

Nemesis: Goddess of divine retribution and revenge 

One of the more chill kids of Nemesis for sure, and probably one of the nicer ones as well. He usually spends his time with Jun, as they are both kid’s of minor gods, they got along really well. On some occasions (when Minghao’s half siblings were being particularly annoying) he’s slept over in the Hecate cabin and it was a great time. Minghao spends most of his time out of Cabin 16. He can usually be found at the arena, practising his swordsmanship. Minghao won’t hesitate to tell you off for being to prideful, and if you cheat during capture the flag, or any game around camp, Minghao is the first one to come after you. With Jun by his side, you better be scared. Minghao is all about revenge, so if you do something wrong and he knows, he’s coming for you, and with magic Jun by your side, you just might make up with a missing leg and panic until you realize it’s just an illusion, but you’d learn your lesson. While Minghao may be all about revenge, he is also about balance. If one of the members are focusing too much on something, he’s quick to snap them out of it. There have been times when he’s butted heads with Hoshi, as hoshi is very prideful and basically always claims to be the best. Minghao was quick to put him in his place though.

Seungkwan, Son of Aphrodite 

Aphrodite: Goddess of love and beauty

While he may be the child of Aphrodite, you could never guess it when you first meet him. It’s only after a while that you start to notice little similarities between him and his half siblings. He is far more put together than many of his siblings, and not a totally ditz, but be careful not to bring out his inner diva, you will be roasted faster than you can say ‘Hercules.’ Also if you really bother him or any of the other members you better fear for your life. Seungkwan has more connections than you could ever dream of having, and don’t forget, his mother was the one who started the Trojan War. While he may be concerned with his appearance every now and then, it’s not something he voices very often, and when he does, his members are quick to assure him nothing is wrong. Loves his half siblings more than anything ever, and will make one of the best friends at camp you could ever have. He’ll always be there for you, and hey, if you ever have a crush, he’ll totally set you two up whether you like it or not.

Vernon, Son of Poseidon

Poseidon: God of the sea and earthquakes

When you meet Vernon, your first thought is not ‘Son of Poseidon’ at all. He was just as shocked to find out Poseidon was his dad as much as every other person. Sure he had some run-ins with a few fish and some weird acting water, but nothing else pointed to Poseidon. Once spending some time around camp though, it becomes quite clear that he is the son of poseidon. He is very similar to the ocean. At one point he can be calm and easy going, but then put him in the arena or get him mad and he is the human representation of a raging sea. The more upset and mad he gets, the more powerful he becomes. That rarely happens though. He’s usually a go with the flow type of guy, and always hanging out with Seungkwan and other kids from the Hermes cabin, usually pulling jokes on random people. He can almost always be found sitting by the lake with Seungkwan, or walking in the waves of the Long Island Sound.

Dino, Son of Hebe

Hebe: Goddess of youth

Chan was always getting teased about being the youngest of the group, and also being the child of the goddess of youth, especially by Jeonghan, but the jokes pretty much stopped after his glow up after a year at camp. Chan reflects his godly parent in many ways, from being the people person, to always getting joy from making others happy. Even just hearing his laugh makes the other members happier. Chan’s always helping out when it comes to planning feasts and parties around camp, and helping the kids in Aphrodite cabin keep a nice youthful appearance. Probably one of the greatests people to team up with, whether it’s for capture the flag or an actual quest, Chan will always have your back. You can pretty much find him at any of the main attractions around camp, from arts and crafts to hanging out with Joshua in the strawberry fields, he can always be found with a friend.

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jihOON YOU CANT SMIRK NO NO NO THAT KILLS ME ?????? and nO NO SOONYOUNG NO TOO i am a klutz i dont want you laughing & yALL ARE ENOUGH TO MAKE ME STRESSED ?????? and yes cheol i will yall should toO PLS EAT ENOUGH LIKE ???? anD YALL stop i want to talk to the other members i love jun & hao btw but i also love shua & hannie & wonwOO & gyu & seokminnie & chAN & my verkwan i love yall very much bye 😭💖 -stressedanon

Seungcheol: Awwwww we will take care of ourselves so you take care too!

Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Wonwoo, Seokmin, Mingyu, Minghao, Seungkwan, Hansol, Chan: WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOOOOOO AYYYY <3

Jihoon: //smirks// //innocent laughing// I wouldn’t want you too die, stressedanon, how about a hug instead?

Soonyoung: I’d gladly teach you even if you step on my toes I won’t mind //winks//

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Make It Work (Pt.4) // Wonwoo

The next few days passed by fast, you didn’t even notice that it was already the second week of school. All traces of awkwardness have dissolved and vanished from you and Soeun, all thanks to Wooshin’s noisy self. Hanging out with them from morning, lunch, and even after school has been a natural thing by now that you’d catch yourself looking forward to meeting them every day. 

Of course, you still miss your old friends. But being with new people, it was like being on an adventure every day, especially since there were less unnecessary attention and more freedom to breathe and actually enjoy school.

Well, that could’ve happened more if not for the amount of homework the teachers have been giving everyone. Because of this, there wasn’t even enough time to meet and play with Wonwoo and the others. Still, it wasn’t that bad. Once you get through this, you’re going to play to your heart’s content.

“So we’ll continue this after school then?” Soeun asked.

“Sure!” Your attention shifted to your phone when it rang, Wonwoo’s name flashing on the screen. “Hello, Mr. Jeon. What’s up?”

You heard him scoff. “Jun, Gyu, Sol, and Chan are coming over tonight. Do you want us to stop by later? We’re buying food before going to my house.”

“Oh, it’s that time already?”

“…you forgot didn’t you?”

“Hey. There were no fixed dates!” you protested. “Anyway, no, it’s fine. I have this thing later with my groupmates.”

“You do? …so, you’re not coming over?”

“Y/N, let’s go! They just refilled the sweet bread section!” Wonwoo heard a guy’s voice calling you.

“Really?” you asked before going back to Wonwoo. “I am, I am. Hey, I have to go before the bread vanishes! See you later!” and the line went off.

Wonwoo stared at your name on his phone before the screen went dark. Attending the same school and classes together and having the same circle of friends for years, he was used to having you beside him most of the time. Quite literally, the only people that talks and hangs out with you at school are him and his friends. And so having that conversation made him feel strange. Really strange.

“Wonwoo, you coming?”

Wonwoo looked up and nodded, making his way back to the room with his classmate. Well, at least you’re still going. After days of barely having time to see each other, today was finally the day he’ll be spending time with you and his friends.

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hello! just wanted to say thank you SO much for scanlating JKJK. it honestly means the world to people like me who fall in love with these manghwas but the fandom is so small that there's rarely any content on the internet for them (in english, anyway!). i know you're super busy but please keep it up when you can! i am so grateful and you do such a great job ^-^ (i am desp. to see what happens between gwon and chan gyu!!) ♡

Awwwww, so happy to see this message! You’re so sweet ;; Yeah, it’s hard to be in a small fandom *SIGH* but nevertheless, we’re not planning to drop this series!

So sorry about the slow releases though m(__)m Yeah, Gwon and Chan-gyu’s relationship is definitely developing ;-)

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Shiren who would you rather bang, switch bodies with for eternity, and marry out of Kimi-chan, Gyu-chan, and Michi-chan?

Shiren: Anon-chan, why would you ask me something like this… You’re evil…

Shiren: Hmm… I would bang Kimi-chan since we already do that anyway… Marry Michi-chan since he’s cute and he doesn’t annoy me… And switch bodies with Gyu-nii. 

Shiren: Switching bodies with Gyu-nii means I can ruin his entire life. That should be fun~