To anyone and everyone

Okay I am resetting my town! Everything I want is out of my town, I’m putting everything else in my town I have random items, street pass items, coffee items, tools, clothes, tons of flowers, hybrids and non, gems, food items, birthday items, and gyroid items( the Brewster ones), island items, lots of stuff all over my town, and beach and lots of fruit, if you want to come get things message me your fc, and add me first mine is 4441-9870-6423. First come first serve you can take as many things as you’d like.

Date is may 28, this will start now and I will reset tomorrow(may 29)at 5pm central time, I will let people in till then

anonymous asked:

The whole point to work at the roost cafe is to get the Brewster gyroid right? Do you still get to work there after you get it?

There is actually 4 brewtoids that you can get: brewstoid, tall brewstoid, mega brewstoid and mini brewstoid! Plus a coffee cup, siphon, coffee maker, coffee grinder, cream and sugar and an expresso maker! And each time you work you can get 3 different kinds of coffee beans depending on how well you do; normal, good or superb! And one of the last things you get is the cafe tee that you wear each time you work behind the counter!


Animal Crossing fans, it’s time to make your very own real life Gyroids! Be sure to share this tutorial with friends so everybody can finally embrace the creepy awesomeness of Gyroids!


I am sharing this for all the Animal Crossing fans and think this is awesome. Credit to this guy for sharing his idea on making real life gyroids.

THESE ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!



some signs this time (specifically for the museum…), and markers for things you may put on the ground, like bushes and who knows what else, hence the transparency pattern. plus a (may i say improved) flower crown for light brown hair.

now that i’m getting at pixel art (i think?????) if you have a request, i can try to tackle it! or maybe i’ll make a sign tutorial or something idk

anyway, here are some qr codes!