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With rings on her fingers
And bells on her toes
She shall have music
Wherever she goes …..
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Selenite Necklace w/ Amethyst, Labradorite & Fluorite - Labradorite Jewelry - Bohemian Jewelry Boho Chic Festival Fashion - Wiccan Necklace
Selenite Necklace w/ Amethyst, Labradorite & Fluorite - Labradorite Jewelry - Bohemian Jewelry Boho Chic Festival Fashion - Wiccan Necklace This selenite crystal has been attached to a crushed pyrite bail with an amethyst point & 2 petite light green fluorite stones *securely* resting on top and an extremely flashy labradorite set on the front. The selenite comes on a bronze chain and the total length of the of the selenite necklace is 22.5 inches. *Selenite measures 2 long x 1 across x 1/4 wide; total length from the top of the amethyst point to the bottom of the selenite is 2.5 inches. Please take a look at all 8 photos to get a better idea of the true size and beauty of this piece! You will receive your labradorite jewelry in a lace gift bag, wrapped and ready for gift giving! Your Wiccan necklace should arrive to you within 5-7 business days (going to the US mainland). Made with love! Find more boho chic festival fashion, selenite necklaces and other bohemian jewelry by Mermaid Tears Hawaii:
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*cracks knuckles* Alright! Lets do this! I think i’ll make this post like an introduction of how this AU works and how i imagined it! My theme for this AU is Supernatural/ Dark/ Crime-investigation and i really wanna have fun with it <:D

But yeah lets get started!!:


Supernatural adventures of Detective Lewis, a tall brooding figure that solves the case with his powers against simple criminals or other evil forces. But his main agenda is to find his murderer. Whatever it takes.

Lewis: Detective

Picking off from the first post i made: Lewis hasn’t been happy in months after that incident so he lets it out on thugs & crooks, cracking the case on his accord and rules. Luckily the police gives him leeway but they warned him that he’s going too deep in the cases he has.. “stop making it so personal” but the buff ruffian doesn’t care…

He’s rough, mean-spirited, VERY EMOTIONAL when it comes to missions and always angry. He doesn’t trust alot of people, just a few including the chief, Arthur, Vivi (to some content), and Shiro (who i’ll talk about another time)
He knows he’s ‘come back to life’ but he hasn’t told anyone but Arthur, and later on, Vivi too. He know he was murdered and is on the war path to find the one who did it.

His relationship with Arthur is a ‘buddy cop’ kinda friendship. He helps him out with his car and gives him ammo and weponds that synchronizes with his ghostly powers. As for keeping his ghost form in check,  a certain gypsy gifted him with masking that helped controlling the outbursts without revealing his ghastly self. 

Vivi: Journalist | Arthur:Mechanic

Arthur: Mechanic

Arthur, heir to the Kingsmen Garage and a master at fixing faulty least, that’s his front. Under the simple fixing is an inventor who had his hands full when he learned his long time friend, Lewis got wrapped up into the supernatural. Unfortunately it was his fault as well.

Low income and fear of his family line business going down, he made the hard choice for offering help to the biggest mafia in the city, Sakura. All he has to do was assist them to his inventions: not without a test first. They gave him a gun, and told him to shoot the brooding fellow spying at their lair…Arthur immediately gives in and was about to protest- but took the shot with a slip of his fingers….He accidentally killed him anyway.

Sooner or later he found out his best friend was dead. After a month of distraught, fear and gloom to the service to the Sakuras, his best friend came back, tattered and confused. Arthur was overjoyed to tears! Finally something miraculous happened in his nasty life! But as soon as Lewis explained he was shot in cold blood whilst investing at the infamous Sakura home base, Arthur immediately went white. He killed his best friend that night…now he’s back for revenge.. Lewis will never know its him….

Thus Arthur decided to quit the mafia life and help Lewis in his cases, aiding him with the best of his efforts..hopefully to atone for his terrible deeds…

Vivi: Journalist

Vivi is a local journalist who never gives up on a case. She may be a bit clumsy on the sneaking part and bit quick tongued..but always gets what she wants!!

Fun-loving, always on the move & gets to the case first before Lewis does: She always find her way of catching her scoop..even if she become a damsel in distress or a bad ass at times with her camera and equipment.

She and Lewis actually have a rivalry feud against each other: Full of banter, mockery and loud arguments…it becomes a problem when they both get caught in a crime scene.She sometimes takes her dog, Mystery, when she needs her backup..but Lewis isn’t cruel and saves her in a huge pinch. 

Well there you have it! Every info outta me…*flops* I still need to work on Mystery and Shiro but at least i got the trio down *faints*

You Charge For Your Readings?!

So, somebody on my Instagram told me, “I always wondered.. If you truly have clarity and vision, why charge people for your blessings? Why not have faith that the creator will provide for you as long as you provide for others?

Having had this conversation many times (and this type of information below is already in my Tarot Book), I responded with light humor, “I have always wondered, if you truly have cranial clarity and hand-eye vision, why charge customers at your job for your products? Why not have faith that the creator will provide money for food in your belly and bills as long as you do your job at work for free for others?

They then said, “When you truly have a gift, you share it. Because money seems to be the motive, your vision will always be blurred.

Well, I truly do have a psychic awareness and psychic discipline, and I do share it, that was true… but saying money is my motive because I ask for it as an equivalent exchange? Hardly. My motivation to read for people derives from my altruism to heal the planet, humanity, and in turn, I heal myself because I know that we are all innately bonded as one collective soul. Helping you is helping me in the long-run.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard these uninformed opinions. I pretty much told that person, “If it’s your mission to impose your silly religious and superstitious beliefs unto others, then please do such misinformed advocacy on your page instead. This is a page of love, unity, humanitarianism, spiritual consulting, education, common sense, and the light of the cosmos. I understand your concerns and I have heard them many times, so please open your mind and listen to me for a few minutes:

  1. Being psychic and having “clarity and vision” of the mind is [not] a “gift.” I did not fabulously walk out of the womb with a package of Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot cards in my hands spitting out fortunes. Being psychic is not a “gift,” it is a “sixth sense,” it’s not a super power, it’s nothing special, and divine creator did not give it to anyone. It is a natural function of the mind [which all people share]. This function comes from the Third Eye Chakra, or the physical Pineal Gland in the brain. Being psychic is not a “gift,” it’s a sixth sense, which means, it’s a physical sense in the body which must be disciplined like any skill. It took me a decade of education and self-education to train, study, study, study, learn, study, train, study, learn, and study Tarot, Augury, the occult, divination, symbolism, metaphysics, sacred geoemtry, and so on. By this logic, all pianists, musicians, artists, authors, carpenters, auto mechanics, and service people should perform their work for free. So should pastors be poor and broke, too, since they’re a spiritual person. How dare they get paid by the church to pay their bills and eat food off the spiritual consulting they do at Church. Therapists and Psychologists should also charge for free, too, since it’s a gift they were so smart to learn that skill.

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etsyfindoftheday | unique gifts | 12.2.15

indie designer jewelry pieces by paulaelainebarnett

another collection of unique giftable pieces comes from jewelry designer paulaelainebarnett — how COOL are these minimal, geometric rings and studs?! love the mix-and-match earrings and all of the earthy-inspired baubles here.