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I'm a really big fan of the series, especially with the entire Ale-Heather characters arcs. I was so happy when I found this blog. I'm super excited for the new season All Stars. Since Alejandro and Heather are on the same team, it's going to be chaos one way or another. So from one fan to another, do you have any predictions as to what's going to happen? Please and thank you!

Oh my god I am so bad with predictions but I’ll give it my best shot.

I think that Alejandro is still peeved at Heather and that the first half of the season will be them trying to forgive and forget. 

As for the second half? Well one can only hope that they will finally get together. 

Sally edit!:

Yeah I wasn’t sure how we’d do this either Gabby but this’ll work.

I’m not sure either, I’m usually just pumped for the new season, but I guess a small one would be that Alejandro isn’t holding any hard feelings toward Heather herself? He was holding her in the robot suit very happily, and she was still all >:I like ‘put me down’ attitude.

There was also like a leaked synopsis of an episode where apparently they were fighting about something and causing a big problem in their team?? It said something like ‘can their relationship survive this’—IDK if that was forreal or not but that’s always nice to hear ;)

Bunn-eh edit:

Predictions for season 5??? I’m not really sure, I have to watch season 4 first to catch up with these new characters.

I’m just hoping we get to see Heather’s soft side and apologize to Alejandro for kneeing his balls, and smacking him off the volcano and causing him to burn and ending up in a robot. But I doubt that’ll happen, even though I wish it would ;v;

If people think Alejandro and Heather are all gonna be lovey dovey cutesy couple, I’m gonna choke.They’re still gonna fight like….a  lot. Their relationship is like fire and fire unlike Duncney which is like water and fire. Those two are like the best villains. They double cross anyone and even each other. They’re just sooo manipulative. And of course, Heather always wants to win.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe there will be some cute moments of those two. Which would probably kill us all. But since they are on the same team, they’ll most likely help each other out in a ‘stragetic’ way to knock off the other teams and or get rid of someone in their team. So more badass moments for those two yay! Though Heather is always bossy so those two might go in her way often, or often enough. And we all know when Alejandro plans to get manipulative, he’ll mostly manipulate the girls. Soooo more jealous Heather hahaha omg.

Perhaps Chris will tease them more hehe. I’m just really excited for the season. Though I really doubt there will be musicals again. I just reaaaaally enjoy the musical numbers in season 3. My favourite season btw. That’s all I have to say. So now we wait…. ;w;


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1. What is your middle name? Anne.

2. What 3 words best describe you? Witty, patient, caring.

3. What is your favorite addiction? Watching seasons of TV shows in a short period of time and Tumblr.

4. Where is your favorite place to nap? I can’t sleep anywhere but in my own bed.

5. Funniest/weirdest habit? Smelling things before I eat them, I try to tone this down in public. Also, being to lazy to use my hands while eating, so I do the T-Rex.

6. What’s your schedule like for this week? Tomorrow I have Chemistry, History, Arts and then Ethics. Wednesday I have French, English, Physics and Math. Thursday I have French, Chemistry, History and Math. Friday I have Gym, French, English and Physics.

7. Best feeling in the world? Getting unexpected complements and wearing freshly washed sweaters.

8. Small things you cannot stand: People assuming that it’s okay to take my things without asking just because I’m not using them.

9. Little things that make you smile: My friends, cats, friends with cats.

10. What did you wish for most as a kid? To be a firetruck. I shit you not.

11. Advice you would give to past you? Punch that bitch in the face and dare her to say that again, motherfucker.


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I am so fucking excited for tomorrow. I’m going to be chilling with my best friends, laughing, eating and drinking. I’m excited cause this means I’m gonna see my family. I’ve needed to see them for awhile. It hurts that they’re so far away yet so near. I bought a new outfit yesterday and for awhile I might think that I’m pretty. With them… I will feel gorgeous


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1. Are you a girl or a boy? Girl

2. Favourite show? Hmmm…I watch a lot of shows so that’s a touch decision but currently it is Covert Affairs 

3. What’s the first letter of your name? A

4. Favourite book? Again I read so many books! but it’s probably Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

5. What’s the thing you are hoping the most to get for Christmas? Clothes from this really awesome store in England that I would buy online so i can get it in my far away home country 

6. Weird fact about you? I love to bake (like the really extravagant cakes and shit) but I don’t like to eat any of it!

7. Favourite food? Umm asian cuisine (like Thai and Chinese) and chocolate covered stuff :3 

8. Do you have a uniform at your school? Nope, college is awesome that way!

9. What’s your best subject in school? Physics

10. John or Sherlock? John cause he just has the best reactions to the weird shit sherlock pulls

11. Favourite marvel movie? Hands down, Thor


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Okay so I just wanted thank people for being so wonderful  me today. First of all to my wonderful Elise, thank you so much for the care package. It meant so much to me. To my lovely Meagan thank you for both the Facebook message and email, they raised my spirit. Same goes to my beautiful Jaria for the email. Also lots of love to Oli, Oliver, Paddy and others for all the hugs and who made what could have been a really bad day wonderful.  I love you all so much. Happy Valentine’s Day and may your dreams be visited by your favorite people/celebrities.