warriorqueenofsarcasm  asked:

I'm a really big fan of the series, especially with the entire Ale-Heather characters arcs. I was so happy when I found this blog. I'm super excited for the new season All Stars. Since Alejandro and Heather are on the same team, it's going to be chaos one way or another. So from one fan to another, do you have any predictions as to what's going to happen? Please and thank you!

Oh my god I am so bad with predictions but I’ll give it my best shot.

I think that Alejandro is still peeved at Heather and that the first half of the season will be them trying to forgive and forget. 

As for the second half? Well one can only hope that they will finally get together. 

Sally edit!:

Yeah I wasn’t sure how we’d do this either Gabby but this’ll work.

I’m not sure either, I’m usually just pumped for the new season, but I guess a small one would be that Alejandro isn’t holding any hard feelings toward Heather herself? He was holding her in the robot suit very happily, and she was still all >:I like ‘put me down’ attitude.

There was also like a leaked synopsis of an episode where apparently they were fighting about something and causing a big problem in their team?? It said something like ‘can their relationship survive this’—IDK if that was forreal or not but that’s always nice to hear ;)

Bunn-eh edit:

Predictions for season 5??? I’m not really sure, I have to watch season 4 first to catch up with these new characters.

I’m just hoping we get to see Heather’s soft side and apologize to Alejandro for kneeing his balls, and smacking him off the volcano and causing him to burn and ending up in a robot. But I doubt that’ll happen, even though I wish it would ;v;

If people think Alejandro and Heather are all gonna be lovey dovey cutesy couple, I’m gonna choke.They’re still gonna fight like….a  lot. Their relationship is like fire and fire unlike Duncney which is like water and fire. Those two are like the best villains. They double cross anyone and even each other. They’re just sooo manipulative. And of course, Heather always wants to win.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe there will be some cute moments of those two. Which would probably kill us all. But since they are on the same team, they’ll most likely help each other out in a ‘stragetic’ way to knock off the other teams and or get rid of someone in their team. So more badass moments for those two yay! Though Heather is always bossy so those two might go in her way often, or often enough. And we all know when Alejandro plans to get manipulative, he’ll mostly manipulate the girls. Soooo more jealous Heather hahaha omg.

Perhaps Chris will tease them more hehe. I’m just really excited for the season. Though I really doubt there will be musicals again. I just reaaaaally enjoy the musical numbers in season 3. My favourite season btw. That’s all I have to say. So now we wait…. ;w;