gypsy's catch

A (brief) masterpost of musicals!

(I don’t own/ didn’t record these!) Also, they’re all on YouTube!(it’s unfinished so far!) (I really love brackets, but if any don’t work, I can probably get a different video for you from somewhere else, just send a message. I have a heck of a lot of links)

Tony Awards (full show)

Ursa is still taking Viola’s death hard too. 4 more hours and she’ll be a distant memory.

Didn’t matter long, Ursa chases the mail lady every morning to cope with her depression. Poor mail lady :/ she must really hate my house.

Doing some neighborhood clean up and making things look pretty, I ran across this. Police catch the gypsy lady being a fraud or something? Hmmm.

Some more Moonlight Falls scenery. 

Floyd tries to cheer Ursa up, and that doesn’t happen…

this world will remember us → historical events and people as told by musicals

01. la prise de la bastille - 1789 les amants de la bastille // 02. i have confidence - the sound of music // 03. brooklyn’s here - newsies // 04. on the balcony of the casa rosada/don’t cry for me argentina - evita // 05. this world will remember us - bonnie and clyde // 06. people - funny girl // 07. where will you stand when the flood comes? - parade // 08. he plays the violin - 1776 // 09. how did they build titanic - titanic // 10. the strip - gypsy // 11. goodbye - catch me if you can // 12. you can’t get a man with a gun - annie get your gun // 13. nichts ist schwer - elisabeth das musical // 14. the crime of the century - ragtime // 15. sh'ma/the old red hills of home - parade