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Diverging Paths

Fourth Prompt for @nalu-week2017.
Second Day: Tarot; where Natsu and Lucy meet in a different time under MUCH different circumstances.

As Princess of the Realm, Lucy had many obligations. Her father, King Jude of Heartfilia had his fair share as well, hence why his only daughter was currently packed into a carriage on her way to meet her future husband. In order to preserve peace between their two nations, her father had promised her hand in marriage to Prince Dan in the neighboring country to the South. Unfortunately, she was used to feeling like a bargaining chip.

Sitting in the ornately decorated, wood cart, Lucy stared out the window at the passing landscape, sighing to herself quietly. Her Royal Guards, Erza and Gray, sat on the bench opposing her, bickering about their responsibilities once they arrived in their new home. She’d been lucky when Dan had allowed her to bring two of her closest loved ones with her. Even the fact that he’d allowed her to do anything made her want to scoff. All that did was set the tone for what she knew would be the rest of her miserable days.

“Cheer up, Lucy,” Erza remarked warmly, drawing the princess’s attention her friends. “I’ve been assured that the King’s castle has a beautifully maintained garden. Perhaps we could take a walk through it after we’ve settled in our quarters.”

“If my new jailer permits,” Lucy grumbled, crossing her arms delicately over her chest, as much as the tightly laced bodice would allow of course. All she’d done was move from one prison to the next. At least she wouldn’t be completely alone. Sighing, she dropped her shoulders and attempted to relax. “Sorry, Erza,” she said, her royally influenced smile etching on her lips. “You’re right. I’m sure they’re beautiful.”

Gray was the next one to voice his opinion. “I don’t get why your Father picked this guy, apparently he’s a royal pain in the ar–.” He didn’t get to finish his thought before Erza punched him in the arm, hard. His steely gaze turned on his ally quickly. “Was that really necessary?!”

The two soldiers were bickering before Lucy knew it, causing the blonde to laugh at the familiarity of it all. It felt like she was home again, easing the ache in her heart for a moment. All before disaster struck.

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ID #50916

Name: Forrestt
Age: 23
Country: USA

I am a certified emt looking to go into law enforcement and i would like to get to know people so i can learn about diffrent cultures and how people live. Im a full time gypsy and i enjoy helping others. I wanting to learn how to better my community by learning about the world around it. I live in a diverse town and think by learning about the places people come from i might be of better help to them.

Preferences: 17 and up no particular age. And sex or race is not anything i worry about i try to get along with just about anyone. I dont have any preferences on who i talk to due to the fact every story has two sides, and every person has a story.

The gypsies’ spheres
Speak not in riddles
Nor fiddle the sad
or phantasticus tunes

Do not be decieved
By the thwartz of clear quartz
An amathyst force
Come only as cold
As the rocky shellings
In which they’re enclosed

An unwashed crystals devious glow
Is an unfit medius
for your manibus’ mould

This glass of mine will shine
As genuine as uncrystaline
And of grandeous granulars
Of sand form my truths
As bold & as unbland
As the delicacies of your hand

For the deeply solemn
Might I grant reassurance
For the times you’ve bled
May soon come
To an end

For the pompusly sanguine
Might I share you the vexes
All you’ve discouted
Have left subsequent times
Eerily neglected

Tis it best to ignore the vast
Truths which you seek?
With one touch of me
Mark an end
To your ignorancies
And from them,
Be free

I’ll be the pocket world
Your manibus hath seeked

Touch me once
And feel compelled
To touch me twice
For enlightened flights,
Touch me thrice
& be the gypsy sphere teller,
All mortals beg to seek

#writerscreedchallenge #poem #crystalball

anonymous asked:

I've been bothered by something. Azusa speaks very slowly and takes long pauses to finish a sentence and to me it doesn't look like the cause could be mainly from his past right? It has to be something genetic? Could you give a thought of Azusa and his slow speech ><

I have a few ideas as to why Azusa has his problems with speech and my main theory is he: 

1) has a speech impediment 

2) can’t get passed the language barrier since English/Japanese isn’t his native language.

3) he’s probably dyslexic and has other learning disabilities which makes it harder for him to read and become fluent in the other languages he does know.

His wiki mentions that he travelled with Gypsies and might have been one himself, I go with that theory that Azusa is a Gypsy and speaks Romani. He probably already had a speech impediment when he was a child and spoke slowly, however after his mother died and the rest of his family abandoned him he was stuck living in an English speaking country (I believe the Mukami brothers originated in England my original theory about it is here. I need to update it though since my timeline is off) and had a hard time learning how to speak English but he had to in order to communicate since no one understood Romani. 

The combination of his speech impediment and his inability to speak English causes him to speak really slowly and in incomplete sentences because he doesn’t know which words he’s supposed to use and how to say them. Then when Karlheinz took them in and had them learn Japanese, he had an even more difficult time understanding it and learning it causing him to speak even slower because Japanese is a freaking hard language to learn.  He will occasionally slip back into speaking Romani from time to time and when he does his speech is still slow but it’s not as broken up and he can form proper sentences.

That’s just what I think though. Hope this answers your question and thanks for sending it in! 

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What are all the concerts u have been to in order

these are probably not going to be in order lol

britney spears, the cheetah girls, high school musical: the concert, hannah montana, taylor swift (fearless), jonas brothers, miley cyrus (wonder world), justin bieber (my world), selena gomez (we own the night), miley cyrus (gypsy heart), taylor swift (speak now), justin bieber (believe), taylor swift (red), selena gomez (stars dance), sam smith, miley cyrus (bangerz), ariana grande (honeymoon), britney spears, beyoncé (formation), selena gomez (revival), justin bieber (purpose), shawn mendes, dnce, ariana grande (dangerous woman), the 1975 & i have tickets to justin bieber (purpose stadium), bruno mars, niall horan, the weeknd & harry styles lolol

i love concerts i actually think that was in order haha

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Hi. Different anon here. So I saw the discussion about the word gypsy. And I thought I could offer some input after researching the word on google. What I came across were two different definitions. First one was a member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia. The second one was a nomadic or free-spirited person.

While doing my research, I also happened to stumble on the term gypsy soul and the definition for that is a person in need of change or an adventure. A gypsy soul seeks for the next best thing in any situation. They can be very passionate and inspired by different ideas, attitudes and experiences. I haven’t come across anything yet mentioning the term being offensive, but I am looking more into it and seeing what else I can find. I’m not trying to offend anyone, just telling you what I found.

Really? Cause I literally just googled the word “gypsy” and there are results talking about the offensiveness of the word on the first page even though half the first page results are about that Netflix show. 


“It’s impossible to replace [homesickness] by daily phone calls to the man who brought him to hockey and worries about him more than anyone else. Artemi’s grandfather, Vladmir Il’ich, didn’t want to let him go overseas.”

Artemi and his Grandfather for @eberbae who also provided me with the quote and pointed out how artemi and his grandpa were like kaner and his grandpa, which made me really emotional, so thanks for that ;)